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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight inside the united states the battle over abortion erupts again women's rights advocates in the u.s. state of alabama condemning a new law that makes of borsch and a crown supporters say this is just the beginning designed to overturn women's productive rights of cross the entire country to hear from one of the bill's
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supporters also coming up tonight tackling extremism on social media the french and new zealand leaders urging tech giants to do more they're meeting in paris 2 months after an attack or a massacre dozens in christ church and live streamed on facebook and sudan's army and the opposition agree to a 3 year transition to democracy a civilian government has been one of the protesters she demands after the galston of former president omar al bashir last month also coming up with a pregnancy for hire to make ends meet looks as ukraine's seriously business where women are paid thousands of euros to give birth for couples in western europe.
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i burnt off it's good to have you with us pro-choice groups in the united states are protesting after lawmakers in the state of alabama approved the country's toughest of all the state senate voted 25 to 6 to outlaw abortion at any point and under any circumstances including in the case of rape and incest the only exception will be if the mother's life is in danger the controversial bill will go to the state governor to be signed into law all. emotions were running high both outside the alabama legislature with pro-choice activists rallying against the bill and inside the state senate where lawmakers in gauged in fierce debate why you all want to control our bodies. i would never ever know and i know that many of you have daughters mr wagner republican senators say this isn't
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a by alabama's abortion law they want to see abortion banned nation white. what this bill is designed to do is to go to the supreme court and challenge particular precedents that say in 1703 that abortion is a legal. essential anytime anywhere for any reason the bill bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy unless a woman's life is in danger an amendment to allow exceptions in cases of rape and incest was about to die doctors performing procedure could face up to 99 years in jail it's the latest in a wave of attempts by states to impose new abortion restrictions last week georgia governor brian kemp followed kentucky mississippi and ohio signing a bill that criminalizes abortions after 6 weeks. with republicans in control of most state legislatures and an increasingly conservative judiciary pro-choice
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activists face an uphill battle to maintain abortion rights one nearly 50 years ago . this is the president is times in the united states let's go now to our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena she's following this story for us good evening to you alexandra i mean you have been talking to pro wife campaigners this law in alabama is in direct violation of federal law how are they justified. well there are saying that they strongly believe that life begins and ends at conception and that this life the life of an unborn baby has to be protected and they say that even it is considered a constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion they believe that an abortion is murder and for there are convinced doctors performing this procedure have to be charged with felony and that even the women who wants to have an abortion have to be prosecuted so that's
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their position and now they are hoping and seeing this bill and alabama as huge win for their position hoping that that eventually the supreme court has to deal with that and that the supreme court eventually will overturn the law and tomorrow karole v wade decision that's made abortion across the united states legal. alabama soon to be for women for female senators old voted against this all of these senators who voted for. the governor of alabama who is a woman will she saw in this bill into law. well she's a woman that's true but she's also known as a very conservative republican she's been known as a. outspoken supporter for the off the pro-life movement she has
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said that she wants to see the final version of the bill and then she will decide however she is likely to sign this bill into law but we have to say that even then it is unlikely that this legislation will become a political because human rights activist activist groups have already announced that they are going to challenge this legislation in the courts and we heard today from the sponsors of this legislation in the end it for it to trigger a legal battle that will go all the way to the supreme court to overturn roe v wade can it succeed. that's certainly what they hope for they feel emboldened by the president president strums anti-abortion and gend by the fact that he has appointed 2 very conservative judges at the supreme court cover not it's one of them and when he pos writings before being appointed he
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suggested that he would permit the government to more strictly regular regulate abortion so the pro-life activists are hoping that this conservatism a jury of this core will play to their advantage however we have to say that remains to be seen whether the supreme court is going to take this case and tell all of the justices are going to decide it you mentioned human rights groups and their reactions does this what about pro-choice. how are they reacting to what's happening in alabama. they condemning the bill of course they are saying that this bill is constitutional because every women women women and you asked half the constitutional rights to have an abortion talking about that that that is an issue of personal freedom and that it is a very personal and private decision to end a pregnancy and of course saying that they are going to challenge such
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a bill is in the courts but they're all for it. for the washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon the story for us tonight alexandra thank you hugh. other news tonight as tensions with iran the u.s. state department is ordering all non-emergency government staff in iraq to leave germany is also suspending a military training mission in iraq though the german government says it's not a response to any specific threat the u.s. pullout covers staff at the embassy in baghdad and the consulate in your bill that's the capital of iraq's kurdish region normal visa processing of both posts will be temporarily suspended last week washington said that it had detected substantive threats from iran and its proxy forces targeting u.s. interest in the region. turkey and russia have agreed to bring
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together a working group on the situation in northwestern syria another government offensive in provinces displaced around $200000.00 people as forces loyal to bashar al assad the president pound rebel held positions damascus says the rebels there are jihad to sleet to al qaida and it has the right to ignore a previously agreed upon cease fire. government forces attacked villages west of hama almost daily from the air and on the ground advancing ever deeper into the last rebel held region in syria. they've already taken a number of local communities. the rebels are fighting back but they're no match for bashar al assad's forces. or the regime has already attacked 35 villages and many people in northern syria have died trying to escape the regime is shooting at civilians. the regime has recently stepped up its attacks despite
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a cease fire agreement the army says it only targets positions of militias affiliated with al qaeda and they're the ones that control the province the commander of the militant group abu mohammed al giuliani says assad has broken all agreements and he wants to continue what he calls a holy war. we call on everybody who is able to bear arms to do is duty and join the battle. observers say $300.00 civilians have been killed since the start of the government offensive. several hospitals have been destroyed including this one income from. the united nations is calling for the warring parties to observe the cease fire and to protect civilians. for the past couple of weeks we have 18 health facilities
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who have been hit which is illegal according to international humanitarian law we also have at least 16 schools who have been hit so these are these are facilities where either children should be able to have an education people who are sick or wounded should be able to access medical help almost 200000 people have fled since the latest round of fighting began many of them had earlier been displaced from other parts of the country many head towards the turkish border. they have no shelter no electricity and no medical cat. at least they aren't under attack here. we were shot at from helicopters bombs destroyed our homes here we sleep on the ground we don't have a tent or food we have nothing at all what. these displaced people are not allowed to cross into turkey that stuck and in need of
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help. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world clashes have broken out between palestinian demonstrators and israeli soldiers along the border of the gaza strip and israel the skirmishes have taken place at rallies for not by day when palestinians mark the creation of the state of israel back in 1988 migrant children have joined pope francis for a wide around st peter's square in his famous hope the children who arrived in italy recently are being hosted in a catholic shelter near rome the pontiff is an outspoken advocate for solidarity towards migrants and those societies marge says. tech giants are under pressure to stop the abuse of their platforms to spread hate or broadcast terror attacks the leaders of france and new zealand are holding a special summit in paris to tackle this issue of the meeting comes 2 months after
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a white supremacist killed $51.00 people in the city of christ church and live streamed the massacre on facebook. when the right wing extremist in new zealand shot and killed 51 people in 2 mosques in christ church he live streamed the act on facebook. the footage went viral. now new zealand's prime minister just in the are done and french president and manuel mccrum are taking a stand against hatred and violence online the end of the christ church call for action is to prevent the spread of extremist content on social media. what happened in christ church was not merely an unacceptable abject terrorist attack it was a transformation of the internet into a full on propaganda machine that aims to destroy any form of cohesion in our societies but it's a question it's called action an action plan for change it's a global response to a tragedy. on the shores of my country but we're also met liefeld around the
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world fundamentally it ultimately commits us all to build a more humane internet. which cannot be misused by terrorists for their hate for purposes of facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced new restrictions for the online platform if users break certain rules they will be blocked from transmitting live material in addition a research project aims to improve the analysis of images which is especially important in recognising videos with terror related or other violence content if these measures had already been in place the perpetrator would not have been able to broadcast it live participants say this is only a starting point they want to gainst overly optimistic expectations of the christ church call. what are the realistic expectations of talk about that now i'm joined by technology journalist david meier david it's good to see you again let's talk
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about what facebook says that it will do it will limit access to its light stream function but it's not going to delay a live stream will this prevent terrorists from wide streaming attacks in the future so what they're going to do is institutional one strike policy for people who've been caught out sharing things they shouldn't be sharing and so on. i think somebody who's most of us had to pick up a bunch of guns and gun kill people is motivated to find a way to get around this the source of block but it will i think hamper their ability to share the live stream to the networks that they have built on the social networks that's because the time they will allow condit editors to block it right so it's well it's because if they've been caught out before you know it's unlikely to be what somebody does their 1st you're not going to be the 1st sign that something's wrong in all likelihood that they've gone out to kill him if they're suspicious that's what you're saying ok right i mean they could obviously set up
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another account and go into or through through that but then they probably wouldn't have all the networks of people to share it with the special how responsible are these are platforms like facebook and twitter for the spread of this extremism in violence and b. are they culpable i. i i think they they they do need to do whatever they can to to to stop these problems i think there is culpable as and as people who maintain highways awful for all of the road accidents that have happened of them. with his words have to be made so that you don't have accidents exactly i mean they're obviously loads of good things happen on facebook and twitter and you chew and they're responsible for those in the same way that they're responsible for this but obviously they are in a position. it is a it is a sea change for them because they have spent the you know the better part of the past decade trying to say that we were planned for we are not responsible for the
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clinton on that platform so this is a big change that's absolutely right this long standing rules and the u.s. and the e.u. and elsewhere to say that they are not liable for what people applauded and that is changing not just because of the issue of extremist content but we're also seeing it's a change happening because of a crackdown a copyright violations as well technology journalist david myers always david we appreciate your insights thank you my pleasure sudan's military leaders have reached a power sharing agreement with opposition groups the deal allows for a fully civilian government after a 3 year transition period now the military seized power last month after toppling longtime president omar al bashir but the protests that led to his downfall they have continued with demonstrators demanding that the generals give power to the people step toward civilian government yasser the member of the military council announced
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a power sharing agreement with civil society groups foremost among them the declaration of freedom and change forces or d f c f an opposition bloc headed by madani us. and. there will be 3 power structures and executive council shaped in an agreement with the military council and the d f c f a ministerial council and a legislative council. make nice. both sides agreed that nearly 70 percent of the parliamentary seats would go to the d f c f. the rest to other political groups. it has also been agreed that the transitional period should last 3 years. after that the agreement foresees elections for a parliament and government building blocks towards a civil society. through ukraine now where the country's struggling
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economy and weak rule of law have led to an increase in women becoming paid sarah get mothers practice is being outlawed in an increasing number of countries but ukraine is one of a dwindling number where it is legal for foreign couples to pay women to carry implanted in barrios he wus nick connelly reports. whenever the baby moves i speak to it at night when i read my children stories it's for the baby to the. cause of. the talia is 8 months pregnant it's ago but it's not hers the tahlia is a surrogate the baby's parents live in germany. it's such a happy moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the 1st time i'll be happy for them. to tell his own children only with her for the day for the final months
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of the pregnancy she's moved to be closer to the clinic and to. natalia took the decision to become a surrogate to help family finances so that her kids would have it better she tells us her partner earns just 200 euros a month working full time. this clinic on the outskirts of hyde give attracts childless couples from around the world among them the german couple whose daughter an italian is carrying they were unwilling to be interviewed even anonymously the fear of being recognised is just too great. it's a different story with this woman from germany we're calling her and she's in her early forty's and has 6 failed attempts to get pregnant by i.v.'s behind her adoption wasn't something she has been willing to consider so sorry to see an egg donation was the only option remaining
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a procedure that's illegal in germany ana says that is pure hypocrisy. surrogacy is illegal in germany but you see celebrities and those who can afford it doing it all the same it's when you get back to germany that social services treat you like a criminal. surrogacy is big business and one that's growing in this clinic inside a queue of couples pay upwards of 30000 euros for a package think ludes the surrogacy and egg cell donation there are no official statistics but insiders estimate that many hundreds of children are born to surrogates every year in ukraine. it's a month since we last met natalia now she's back with her partner and children the child she carried for the past 9 months has been with its new german family since it was born. it was a bit confusing emotionally after the baby was born on the one hand you understand
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that it's not your baby but you still want to know everything about it you've carried that child for 9 months but i wouldn't call it a maternal instinct you feel very clearly that it's not yours the baby's new parents say they want to stay in touch with the talia but what does natalia take from it would she do it again for now she won't rule it out but one thing is clear the demand is there and it's growing. now to grease the island of delegates is home to some of the best preserved archaeological sites in the ancient world mainly because it's been largely uninhabited for thousands of years well now greece's contemporary arts organization eon has commissioned the british a sculptor antony gormley and the 1st sculptures ever to sit aside the existing ancient ones take a look. in greek mythology telos was the birthplace of the days he's apollo and
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artemus now sketches of ruins and sculptures stand. face an expression by antony gormley it is called sight and it's being developed across the island of the lost so we have $29.00 sculptures. the new commission specially made to correspond with the history of specific sites and locations on the island and the 1st time since 5000 years ago but an artist takes up with a new narrative on the island. who won the prestigious premium imperialist in 2013 is known for among other things he's an outdoor sculpture they encouraged us to focus on the surroundings rather than distracting from them the project has been a special one well it's extraordinary privilege but also responsibility
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to be the 1st artist living artists being on this island for over $2000.00. but at the same time what an extraordinary place. to think about the human project in general. and then a way. for me. this isn't. a conversation about. the project is what convinced authorities at the local department of antiquities was the right person to entrust with the commission. is a world famous sign where the visitors come to the island and it's like time travel . was through this artistic creation of. a
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new way of reading the past. but it. is of an exchange reaching across the millennia between the modern and ancient. to take part in the conversation. boxer who suddenly kissed her on the lips during an interview has been suspended from fighting in california i. attended a special hearing today where further allegations against. so this was the moment in march which shamed boxing. just won a fight and then did this. reporter jennifer of said she had not given consent 2 months later it was all done before the california state athletics commission. rivaldo was there too and she detailed over allegations against the bulgarian.
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my backpack he reached and grabbed my buttocks and laughed. then how did that make you feel this humiliated and scrubbed my stuff and left. bulgarian pop star girlfriend watching on their lives punishment was handed down suspended until late july and has to attend a sexual harassment prevention class a 2nd incident with will prompt a life in california he is sorry for any upset that he calls and he certainly acknowledges that he made a mistake but he never meant any harm and in the context of this very informal interview just minutes after a huge fight a very important victory and he said he was euphoric he didn't have his wits about him he now has to wait to see if his ban is extended worldwide. we don't make it up it's real. the top stories we're following for you republican lawmakers
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in alabama have passed the united states strictest abortion law is the practice in almost all sorghum stances including in cases of rape and incest i do somebody in paris the french and new zealand leaders have called on social media giants to do more to tackle the extremism 2 months ago massive dozens of christ church in white stream get on facebook. with more news followed by the day of dispute it.
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the fucking. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the trial of countless separatist leaders over their failed independence food has laid bare some stuff to
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visions in spanish society my guest this week here in madrid is sprains foreign minister matthews have found out how does he answer the charge that the trials how fundamentally on the fast. conflict the full. detail of the form of. her 1st day of school in the jungle. 1st cleveland. band doris granuloma tom arrives. joint direct attack on her journey back to freedom to you know our interactive documentary. returns home on e.w. dot com or good things. what's the connection between brett powell and the european
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union the no guild the to do correspondent at the baker can stretch this can live with the rules set by the team. monitoring recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d w. the for. the trial of cattle and separatist leaders over their failed independence has laid bare some stock divisions in spanish society not least over the justice system my guest this week here in madrid is sprains foreign minister burrell how does he on so the charge that the trials are fundamentally unfair.


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