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this is. from berlin tonight inside the united states the battle over abortion erupting again women's rights advocates in the u.s. state of alabama condemning a new law that makes abortions a crime supporters say it's just the beginning designed to overturn women's reproductive rights across the entire country also coming up tackling extremism on social media the leaders of france and new zealand urging tech giants to do more 2 months after a white supremacist massacred dozens in christ church and live streamed it on
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facebook. and sudan's army and the opposition agree to a 3 year transition period to democracy a civilian government has been one of the protesters key demands after the ousting of former president omar al bashir last month. off it's good to have you with us tonight pro-choice groups in the united states are protesting after lawmakers in the state of alabama approved the country's toughest abortion law the state senate voted $25.00 to $6.00 to outlaw abortion at any point and under any circumstances including rape and incest the only exception will be if the mother's life is in danger the controversial bill will now go to the state's governor to be signed into law all. i. and
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motions were running high both outside the alabama legislature with pro abortion activists rallying against the bill and inside the state senate where lawmakers in gauged in fierce debate. why you all want to control our bodies our will never ever know. and i know that many of you have daughters mr wagner conservative legislators say this is about more than the law in alabama they want to see abortion banned and why and so the focus of this bill certainly is on the child will make its way hopefully up to the supreme court where we can revisit the way and place a wall places in jurisprudence of the united states understanding that science and technology has been clear about that there is in fact a life in the womb that life ought to be protected the alabama bill bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy unless
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a woman's life is in danger an amendment to allow exceptions in cases of rape and incest was voted down by doctors who perform the procedure could face up to 1009 years in prison it's the latest in a wave of attempts by states to impose new abortion restrictions last week georgia governor brian kemp followed kentucky mississippi and ohio in signing a bill that criminalizes abortions performed after 6 weeks with republicans in control of most state legislatures and in increasingly conservative judiciary pro-choice activists face an uphill battle to maintain abortion rights one nearly 50 years ago. this is the president is times in the united states let's go now to washington bureau chief alexander phenomena she's following the story for us good evening to you alexandra i mean you have been talking to pro wife campaigners amid this law in alabama is in direct violation of federal law how are they justified. well
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there are saying that they strongly believe that life begins and cuts at conception and that this life the life of an unborn baby has to be protected and they say that even it is considered a constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion they believe that an abortion is murder and for there are convinced doctors performing this procedure have to be charged with felony and that even the women who wants to have an abortion have to be prosecuted so that's their position and now they are hoping and seeing this bill and alabama as a huge win for their position hoping that that eventually the supreme court has to deal with that and that the supreme court eventually will overturn the law and tomorrow karole v wade decision that made abortion across the united states' legal oh xander. alabama soon to the 4 women the 4
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female senators all voted against this all of the senators who voted for it were minute it now goes to the governor of alabama who is a woman will she saw in this bill into law. well she's a woman that's true but she's also known as a very conservative republican she's been known as a. outspoken supporter for the off the pro-life movement she has said that she wants to see the final version of the bill and then she will decide however she is likely to sign this bill into law but we have to say that even then it is unlikely that this legislation will become a play couple because human rights activist activist groups have already announced that they are going to challenge this legislation in the courts and we heard today from the sponsors of this legislation to end it for it to trigger
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a legal battle that will go all the way to the supreme court to overturn roe v wade can it succeed. that's certainly what they hope for they feel emboldened by the president president strums anti-abortion agenda by the fact that he has appointed to a very conservative judges at the supreme court were to cover not if one of them in he pos writings before being appointed he suggested that he would permit the governments to more strictly regulated regulate abortion so the pro-life activists are hoping that this conservative majority of the supreme court will play to their advantage however we have to say that remains to be seen whether the supreme court is going to take this case and how the justices are going to decide it alexander phenomenon the story forced to not only center thank you. as to june's with
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iran the u.s. state department is ordering all non-emergency government staff in iraq to leave the u.s. pull out covers and staff at the embassy in baghdad and at the consulate in your bill that's the capital of iraq's kurdish region normal visa processing of both parties will be temporarily suspended by sweet washington said that it has detected substantive threats from iran and its proxy forces targeting u.s. interests in both areas germany is also suspending a military training mission in iraq though the german government says it's not a response to any specific threat. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world clashes have broken out between palestinian demonstrators and israeli soldiers along the border of the gaza strip in israel the skirmishes took place at rallies for not by day that's the arab word for catastrophe it's used by palestinians to refer to the day that the state of
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israel was founded in 19888 migrant children have joined pope francis for a ride around st peter's square in his famous hope. the children who arrived in italy only recently are being hosted in a catholic shelter near rome the pontiff is an outspoken advocate for solidarity towards migrants and those on the margins of society. we've got breaking news coming in the u.s. president has just signed an executive order barring u.s. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms posing a security risk now the move is seen as aimed at keeping the chinese company who way out of the u.s. market who way you may recall wants to provide the infrastructure for those high speed 5 g. networks in that order that state of emergency national emergency trump does not
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name any specific company who was not named there will have more on that and business coming up in just a few moments what tech giants they are under pressure to stop the abuse of their platforms to spread hate or broadcast terror attacks the leaders of france and he zealand are holding a special summit in paris to tackle this issue the meeting comes 2 months after a white supremacist killed $51.00 people in the city of christ church and live streamed that massacre on facebook. when the right wing extremist in new zealand shot and killed 51 people in 2 mosques in christ church he live streamed the act on facebook. the footage went viral. now a new zealand's prime minister just in the are done and french president and manuel mccrum are taking a stand against hatred and violence online the end of the christ church call for action is to prevent the spread of extremist content on social media. what happened
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in christ church was not merely an unacceptable object terrorist attack it was a transformation of the internet into a full on propaganda machine that aims to destroy any form of cohesion in our societies it's a crisis huge call to action an action plan for change it's a global response to a trade you did it. on the shores of my country but we're also met liefeld around the world fundamentally it ultimately commits us all to build a more humane internee. which cannot be misused by terrorists for busy the hate for purposes of facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced new restrictions for the online platform if users break certain rules they will be blocked from transmitting live material in addition a research project aims to improve the analysis of images which is especially important in recognising videos with terror related or other violent content if these measures had already been in place the perpetrator would not have been able
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to broadcast it live participants say this is only a starting point they want to gainst overly optimistic expectations of the christ church call. you're watching live from berlin still to come liverpool. has been chosen as the german football ambassador for 2019 the award is given to a german coach whose social involvement abroad contributes to a positive image of germany. to africa sudan's military leaders have agreed on a 3 year transition period to democracy with opposition leaders but after violence in khartoum they suspended talks on the details of that agreement the military seize power last month after toppling the long time president omar al bashir over the protests that led to his downfall they have continued with demonstrators demanding that the generals give power to the people. a step toward civilian government yes or a member of the military council announced
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a power sharing agreement with civil society groups foremost among them the declaration of freedom and change forces or d f c f an opposition bloc headed by madani us. there will be 3 power structures and executive council shaped in agreement with the military council and the d f c f a ministerial council and a legislative council. make nice the human. both sides agreed that nearly 70 percent of the parliamentary seats would go to the d f c f. the rest to other political groups. it has also been agreed that the transitional period should last 3 years. after that the agreement foresees a lections for a parliament and government building blocks towards
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a civil society. every year the german football world selects a coach use social involvement has contributed to a positive image of germany the award comes with a cash prize that is given to the charity of the winner's choice this year's winner the man you see behind me liverpool coach you're going to up. a crowd of football luminaries gathered at the foreign ministry in berlin all to congratulate germany's football ambassador for 29 tain yogen club the former dorman's and current liverpool coach could not attend the ceremony but sent his thanks 5 video message. thank you for the prize. i'm proud to be german proud to be european and i'm enjoying living here in england. busy preparing his little odd for the champions league final exploits on the field off the field sealed the decision for the panel. getting them to you to avoid all in england i tell people that germans
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are not only punctual but also funny sometimes and that they sends out with this sauna i didn't expect it but i'm happy nevertheless. thank you once again and don't do anything i wouldn't do. then schuster was also awarded an honorary prize for his role as both a player and coach across a career spanning more than 40 years which included spells with spanish joints real madrid and barcelona. it makes me proud it makes me happy many years of pasta my job as a footballer and coach so to receive this recognition is great. great to stay consent he's gratings from boss alona he won a fan award given to active play is over. you're watching t w news coming up next in business san francisco was the 1st u.s. city to ban the use of facial recognition software by local government agencies
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what does that mean for the burgeoning technology. my colleague stephen beard for have the answer to that question plus the latest on the u.s. president declaring an emergency over i t threads in the country stick around for that. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn street. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word.


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