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tv   Faith Matters  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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i want to become a catholic priest i feel it's my calling since i was a teenager i felt a fire within me in my heart in my whole body i should be standing at the altar and be there for the people to serve them and to guard that because i'm a woman i'm not allowed to mention deen that latin iterative of the. child who is german is 28 she studied catholic theology in switzerland where she now lives she's given a number of sermons at the same nikolaus church and gotten even though that's not really connected to the parish priest says women need to take the initiative. as long as women hold back there won't be any progress for them in the church i don't think men will simply make way for them. thousands of women post comments on child's blog to inspire her to keep fighting she's also written lots of letters to the vatican the answer is always friendly but thank you for your commitment but the
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priesthood is reserved for men. i don't know what it's called and i can't go to the bishop and tell him i have a calling i can say review my case and if you think my calling is genuine then make me a priest that's not an option at least had to have you still got it in his spare time styled likes to box she's learned how to focus closely on her opponent and not back down the authority of this into verse that the catholic church is bigger than me it's quite a sparring partner but i'm not alone i have lots of women and men all over the world on my side who are pushing for reforms in the church who want to give it a kick and wake it up here for some cool market move on to our obsession a won't be pulling her punches even if her opponent is far more powerful than she is. returning now to our top story the leader of germany's social democrats is stepping down after just 14 months in the job and ennahda says she also plans to give up her seat in the german parliament her announcement comes as her posse
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agonizes over its future following a double election defeat and not as it was under pressure off of german votes as the social democrats their worst ever result in last month's european elections the s.p.d. also lost a regional election in the state of braman for the 1st time in more than 70 years. there's been a huge wave of reaction on social media to the novice's announcement of her resignation from germany's political leader is fellow social democrat and minister of state for europe tweeted dear andrea it is shameful how you were treated some in the s.p.d. should be ashamed of themselves you tried your best to heal past wounds thank you and i respect your decision. whose head of germany's business friendly for democrats also said how not us was treated should make everyone in politics and the media reflect her resignation is no on such of the problems of the s.p.d.
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but it only brings up an unstable government that is referring back to the car current government governing grand coalition between chancellor merkel's posse the c.d.u. and the social democrats now other s.p.d. members are being frank about the party's challenges member of parliament hit him outsized throat novices' decision is consistent and courageous but anyone who thinks this souls all of our problems is wrong we need credible people who stand for strong ideas simply switching personnel is not enough and finally some reaction from the biggest opposition party the far right f.t. who's co-leader alice fido tweeted not only is the s.p.d. in disarray but the grand coalition is all but a husky on the political stage every day more and more members a falling away. and we are going live now to listen to unexplained car. ahead of the cd year i will be taking bringing her to you if. you have committed to
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the grand coalition we want to serve our country with good policy this you do you. is committed to remain incapable to act for germany the grand coalition is not amused in itself the coalition agreement sets the course for the decisions of germany in terms of policy in germany and abroad this you do you will continue to contribution to a stable functioning government thank you very much. from what we're going to see so that's all all right so that was a very brief statement from be head of the c.d.u. . for some analysis now i'm going to be speaking to a political correspondent kate brady. short sweet. i think.
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what i mean what what what are we expecting from the c.d.u. obviously the any problems with the s.p.d. directly affect the grand coalition with the c.d.u. and what impact is this going to have on the on the ground coalition well it certainly does have an impact but as we heard there from and i put. the cd you know conservative party leader the seedier is very much keen to push on with this so-called grand coalition but of course right now looking especially at the opinion polls as anything but grand about it that was the title given previously to these 2 main parties germany's big tent centrist party the social democrats and the conservatives both who have suffered huge losses especially last week in the e.u. elections and so right now of course this is yet another the decision of nonis the social democrat party leader is yet another blow to this coalition of course that really brings into question the credibility of the social democrats they don't
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really know where they stand for themselves so it does beg the question how if you don't know exactly how and where you stand as a party yourself why do you position yourself within a coalition and of course that is something that the social democrats have suffered from in previous coalitions with merkel's conservatives as well where they've lost a lot of credit for some of their main proposals and main bills that has all gone to in the favor of really of angela merkel and her conservatives whether that's about the minimum wage. equal rights the equal marriage rights ory. and so this is really going to have an effect on that coalition exactly to what extent will have to say but of course as you mentioned just before some of the criticism that we were hearing about this decision of this is to stand down a social democrat party leader that really isn't going to change the fundamental flaws in the social democrats right now by swapping in new personnel what they
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really need to do right now is rethink as was the question again after the general election back in 2017 what is it that the social democrats actually stand for and what do they want to achieve as a party which voters do they want to appeal for in 2019 as you say i mean they really did lose a huge amount of voters but of course this applies to the c.d.u. as well who also lost voters what does this mean for the c.d.u. did they also need to dramatically change course now they certainly do and the cd i was actually meeting today already prior to this announcement from this to really reassess and see where things went wrong in the e.u. elections of course they suffered huge losses as well and there were polls out this week as well that actually saw them in 2nd position now the 2nd strongest party behind the green party of course both the social democrats and the conservative c.d.u. both lost over
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a 1000000 voters each in those elections last week it to the green party and both the conservatives and the s.p.d. have come out very quickly as well over the past week to say ok the issue that we missed here was climate change and climate protection and so we are expecting of the back of this meeting today for the for the conservatives to come out with a new plan when it comes to climate protection but we'll really have to see over these coming months now when the rest of this term really until 2021. whether the conservatives and the social democrats are going to be able to really turn things around because as things stand if germany was to go to the polls right now if these opinion polls are anything to go by then by the social democrats and the conservatives would suffer huge losses so of course amid all of this disruption of andrea nala stand down a social democrats party leader the last thing on anyone's mind especially the
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social democrats and the conservatives right now is fresh elections because as i say if these polls are anything to go by both parties would do dismally right and i believe we're going to be crossing to william no group blue cross to is a political reporter standing by at all parliamentary studios william some political analysts have basically said the s.p.d. made a huge mistake when they entered into a grand coalition with the c.d.u. was it was it their own doing. i mean it certainly looks that way and this is not a new question moxon schultz who was the s.p.d. as chancellor candidate in the 2017 national election said we will not go into a grand coalition again we will not be in this government we will be in the minority we will redefine ourselves as an opposition party that's what he said right after the election in 20176 months later after i got america and her conservatives were unable to form
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a coalition with other parties there was the s.p.d. coming in and going back on that statement and then again finding themselves in a grand coalition exactly where they don't want to be on the criticism today is exactly the criticism then they have lost their way the c.d.u. has sucked up their main talking points the greens have dominated the issue of climate change and the more extreme parties on both the left and the right have the more disgruntled voters in germany so it really begs the question where does the s.p.d. the social democrats fit into the german political spectrum today which is amazing when you think that germany is seen from both within with and without as a social democracy and this is the social democrats who are having a really hard time figuring out where they exist and where they should go in germany in german politics today and it's really part of a trend isn't it i mean the establishment parties across the e.u. have seen extremely disappointing results could we say that that essentially facing an existential crisis i mean because that could this be the end of the s.p.d.
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as we know it. i mean i think that's a bit extreme to say we saw for example in comparison the the dutch social democrats did dismally in their national election in 2017 and now they did very well in the european elections so parties come parties go parties can redefine themselves things can look very different in a very short amount of time but it is true that establishment parties whether on the center left or the center right they have they stand for establishment they stand for business as usual for not changing things too much and what we're seeing in both the european elections last weekend as well as national elections all across the e.u. over the last couple of years voters are hungry for change whether it's climate change whether it's workers' rights whether it's same sex marriage voters want change and parties are not able to deliver it or at least not seen as being able to deliver it and so voters are going either further to the right or more to the left parties like the greens that are promising climate change which is the number one issue polls show for voters right now and potentially
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a very large opportunity for the green policy kate just turning to you you know this is obviously domestic politics there's a lot of infighting here but how does this affect germany's affect and effectiveness as a global political player i mean we're going to have to see how things play out in the coming weeks when it comes to how stable this coalition government radiates but of course this does have a huge effect from outside looking in the it seems that germany once again it just seems to be getting going on of course we had this migration crisis last year when the government also almost came to a halt and was crumbling under the strain of that dispute between the interior minister and. so this really does have a huge effect of course right now the european union is trying to figure out exactly how it goes for woods given the results of last week's. elections and of course everyone is also looking to germany as
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a leading figure particularly along. i had friends when it comes to matters of the european union and that will become also important especially with the with brics it the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. on the horizon and right now it's this question that keeps recurring and it all comes back down to this really quite cursed coalition many have described it as a loveless marriage a marriage of convenience and it seems right now that it's one that just isn't working and it seems they keep just in themselves getting back up again and then yet again a few weeks sometimes if they look a few months later there's yet another barrier and that when of the obstacle that is stopping this coalition from really pushing through what it should be doing and reading also giving the parties a chance to redefine their profiles as well which is something that both the conservatives and social democrats have vowed to do going into this coalition but it is also worth noting as well that this was actually written into the coalition
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deal that this coalition would be put into the microscope by the end of this year to the kind of take the temperature see how well it was actually working so we could in fact of course see that being brought forward whether or not we'll make it to that point that's also another question but right now of course while germany is fiddling around with these domestic issues is of course have been an effect on how the rest of the world and all the world leaders are really seeing germany and seeing how much they can rely on germany as a world leader which of course germany's seen as a country of stability and steadiness and i think that's what's happening at the moment all right when i believe kate brady thanks so much i believe that we will now be able to listen to some of what an eclipse combo of the head of the c.d.u. had to say a little earlier. ladies and gentleman i'd like to extend to one welcome to all of you i have come to speak about the resignation of.
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the party leader of the social democrats and informs me this morning about her plan to resign as original democrat party leader and parliamentary group leader. i have a great deal of respect for the decision she has made i would like to express my gratitude. for our good cooperation so far i've always experienced her in the coalition negotiations and as party leader of the social democrats as a person with a strong character an honest and reliable partner. i am working on the assumption that the social democrats will quickly make personnel related decisions and ensure that the grand coalition remains. capable of acting for the c.d.u. it remains clear that this is not a time for party tactics we remain committed to the grand coalition with good
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policy we aim to serve our country so you do you will contribute to the reliability and capacity of germany to act the grand coalition for us is not a means in itself the coalition agreement forms the basis for setting the political course of germany and representing german interests in europe and in the world do you will continue to contribution to working towards a strong functioning government in germany thank you. all right kate calling the s.p.d. a. honest and reliable partner but also calling for some fast decisions and clarity what did you take from that. i mean it is clear of course that the c.d.u. does want to push on with this so-called grand coalition of course if they were if things were to escalate and we were to see fresh elections here in germany neither
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of the social democrats nor the conservatives would benefit from that right now they're both they've both been plummeting down the polls in recent weeks by flagging behind in the green party right now who have seen surge here in germany in recent months and so there's going to be interesting to see exactly how the plans to go forward here but i think it was also interesting that she mentioned that it wasn't a time for party tactics and she went off their assumption that there would be a quick personnel decision in the s.p.d. but of course i think this is it will be interesting to see how the s.p.d. tackles this person this question of personnel now because of course they already put so much hope into the new leadership of knowledge just over again and that simply hasn't being fulfilled. there was this hope behind andrea knowledge that she would move the posse away from germany's center ground the center of
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germany's political spectrum and she has clearly failed to do that she fails to mobilize voters to vote for the s.p.d. in the e.u. elections as well and so i think it's going to be interesting to now to see whether the social democrats really take the time to reassess how do we go about redefining . the social democrats and what kind of social democrats do we want to be because there's already been some names being thrown around the vice chancellor and finance minister off schultz is one of them and even martin shultz whose name you might remember who actually led the social democrats into the german elections back in 27 tane and that turned out to be a huge fail for him as well and he passed the s.p.d. torch on then to andrei analysis and even he has there's been rumors at least that he might throw his hat into the ring as well eventually so it will be interesting to see how this goes forward but of course the so the conservatives as well having
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their own issues as well at the moment we saw and a great career karrenbauer known much easily as a k.-k. thank goodness here in germany she's been facing issues as well in recent weeks particularly when it comes to her attempts to redefine the conservatives as well of course it's worth noting that the conservatives and the americans conservatives have to have a change in leadership angela merkel announced earlier this year that she would be standing down as conservative party leader but staying on as chancellor and things haven't been going to plan for the conservatives even a.k.k. has come under a lot of criticism in recent weeks she pandered a lot to the more right wing side of the conservative party in the e.u. elections which turned out to be the wrong decision for them as well so. there's a lot of soul searching to do not only on the social democrat side but on the conservative side so be really interesting to see how things develop in the coming
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days a lot of soul searching a lot of change of that correspondent kate brady will be speaking to you later of course as we continue to follow this story. and just to remind you that within the next hour we're expecting a statement from german chancellor angela merkel and we will be carrying that live here on new so stay tuned for that but 1st to the u.s. state of new mexico where a controversial armed vigilante group is causing a stir the so-called guardian patriots are trying to apprehend migrants crossing the border and hand them over to u.s. authorities now they say they're harmless citizen defense group but human rights organizations insist that dangerous and that they're breaking the law our reporter met members of the militia at the border with mexico. these are members of one of the most notorious armed vigilante groups in the u.s. operating in new mexico they try to apprehend people crossing the border and hand
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them over to u.s. border patrol the united constitutional patriots were accused of pointing assault rifles or people with their leader was arrested for alleged unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition. so now they have a new name the guardian patriots spokesman jim venditti says they are common citizens defense groups but that anyone has the same to stop migrants at the border . he says he goes out on patrol to save his country to save it from illegal immigrants and what he considers dangerous people coming into the u.s. from mexico. every day he meets other members of the guardian patriots they meet in the desert not far from parcel
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. the militia has been described in the u.s. media as being close to the far right. the members deny this nevertheless many of them do not want to show their faces as they try to move on a ghost is going to meet up with you later older than he was in contact me when he's coming in ok perfect awesome this is car blanche this is an open border and with border patrol being strained it's an unprotected border so we need to be here we need to back up the border patrol they need our help they need more americans helps. there's a border fence here at some length park in new mexico the 5 and a half meter high structure was erected 2 years ago it's not as if anyone can climb bits but jim ben b. says the problem is that it is finite right here we've got lots of wall all the way down and right here sadly is where the wall ends and as a result of that i can literally cross in and out of mexico with absolutely no
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problem and so there's nothing here to stop anybody if i want to come in with drugs if i want to come in with kids or human traffickers sex trafficking is wide open right here in the u.s. border patrol does not patrol here very often so the spot draws more people attempting to cross. we got crosses repond you right behind you. a group of young people suddenly appears and is able to cross into the u.s. on hampered. live on. the i. can't make it up. well right now we're watching them. we can't detain them. we can try to get them to stop what he's going to jan do you want to try to get them to stop. or close a call he's calling border patrol so border patrol is all we have eyes on him i just called over to right now tell him that they're heading down to the port.
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they're saying that especially you know right now. if the guardian patriots were to use their weapon to detain the migrants they could be accused of kidnapping they listen to you they're not happy about this. was about 10 of them. it's very frustrating to be honest with you as you have a certain to set and watch this and know that that if we do anything to try to stop this that we're the bad guys and and and we have to watch this. now they're going up over the tracks so now they're going to make it more difficult for border patrol to go up but chan why don't you go down there and keep an eye on them so border patrol gets there. the next day they go out on patrol again chin thinks he's seen as human traffic or so he's raised the alarm there are 30 active members in the militia many of them
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are u.s. army veterans they support us president donald trump's immigration policies and his campaign to build a wall i call false alarm it's going to take strong action it's going to take a lot of angry americans but the only way americans are going to get angry is if they see the truth so us a group of americans made up of all different backgrounds we call ourselves patriots guardian patriots were down here fighting to document the crisis on the border but the group has run into legal problems they're accused of detaining migrants at gunpoint this video shows a group of young men taken into custody. it's . weird they're just getting ready for shift in the. game and they came into camp liberty. we got.
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the guardian patriots acquired of dubious notoriety across the country as they united constitutional patriots the leader larry hopkins a convicted felon was arrested and accused of unlawful possession of firearms. is the mayor of sunland park he feels powerless because the law in new mexico allows people to carry arms openly if they're pointing a gun at somebody of them back can be considered an assault or if they are detaining individuals illegally then that back could be a violation of. that individual's constitutional rights so i mean unless we see that actually happening it's. we can't take much action if the monument though there is little concrete proof that the militia is acting illegally there are many accusations. we knew we had an instant about an individual saying that why did why don't we line them up and shoot them this is an allegation at this
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point we can't prove any of that but i don't know what the mental condition of those individuals are whereas you have law enforcement individuals who have background checks who know how to handle the situations like this. jim bentley sees himself as the victim of biased media and liberal politicians he says that the guardian patriots all volunteers who adhere to the law and help the authorities. were not enforcing the law or helping them observe illegal activity were reporting the illegal activity and therefore able to we're asking people to stop and sit down and that's what the border patrol needs right now that's what they want we're not arresting people we're not involved in the law enforcement process and that's a lie that's out there from the media and that's all i can say about it. many of president trump supporters use the same argument against those who contradict their worldview they denounce reports and facts as lies and fake news rougher and tougher
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than we ever did the american people have just as much of a right to carry a gun out here because whenever border patrol guy came up and talked to us when we 1st got here right sitting next to him was the same rifle that i think why is it ok for them to carry a need not to carry well you know what we do we still carry on in our trucks but yet for the sake of allowing the fake news media to continue their narrative of i just don't care not were not given i mean we're not given the optics. are they come here all right we got to ok so i say here at night the guardian patriots lie in wait on the water that soon as a group of migrant touches u.s. soil they strike hey guys speak english anybody speak english. most people here are from honduras they're exhausted they haven't eaten or drunk
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anything for hours. and you're bullshitting there's poverty and crime. but if that's why we left you. went to the long have you been gone. in one month. what were the last hours like. terrible. where hungry as i called him were scared. to go. right some people as tried to escape by crossing the rio grande they get in on. a
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plan which in himself is the son of undocumented immigrants from mexico but he doesn't sympathize with people trying to get here today back in the day you had to pay for your education you have to. speak english you have to know the president's you know yeah it's hard but that's a legal way to do it when they just do it legal this way it cost the taxpayer money more i mean me every american has to pay more for someone who wants to come in for free and get free everything i mean i never get nothing for. the members of the militia seem to have a confused idea of all what's fair and right. in the end the us border patrol takes over the migrants will now be taken to register .
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another alarm apparently there's a human traffic close by a u.s. border patrol helicopter tries to find him from the air.


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