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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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the. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels to light. for the really soon to reconcile. card. june 17th w. . the party is over and it's back to business u.s. presidents don't have to trump needs with british business leaders to discuss a potential u.k. u.s. trade deal after the brics. also coming up back and speaks to the captains of german industry one hope people will support from her government we're going live to the scene. business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us now then it's a day 2 of us president donald trump visits to the u.k.
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and after all the pomp and circumstance of buckingham palace it's time to get down to business now trump is set to that he will join a prime minister to resign may for a meeting of corporate executives from the 2 countries with uncertainty about britain's future outside of the e.u. business is hoping to be able to cement transatlantic ties. he came he saw. he tweeted big trade deal is possible once the u.k. gets rid of the shackles already starting to talk the u.s. president rose as he prepared to meet u.s. and u.k. business leaders in london. the shackles he is referring to. britain's drawn out process of leaving the european union. but is the promise of a big trade deal with the u.s. enough to offset the potential chaos the u.k. could face if it leaves the e.u. without a deal the relative size of the u.k.'s trade relationships suggests it may not be.
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in 2017 the u.k. imported 11 percent of its goods from the u.s. compare that to well over half from the european union while 18 percent of british exports went to the u.s. a far larger 45 percent went to the e.u. . that said as the u.k. braces for a future outside the bloc securing solid trade ties with other major partners is becoming an ever greater priority. well that also goes for the heads of german industry who are holding their annual meeting today they have a lot to talk about the u.s. trying to trade wall bricks it of course and tensions between washington and brussels all of that is weighing on business sentiment so the business world expects the german government to take action at home the digital transformation for
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one needs to accelerate like expanding high speed internet access around the country and bringing administrative offices up to speed this is also one spill into reduce red tape which they say hampers investment they want to government to reform the country's corporate tax system of this could involve tax breaks or a reduction of the solidarity payments used to fund infrastructure projects in eastern germany and they want to the government to lower energy prices currently germany pays more per kilowatt an hour than any other country in europe well let's catch up with alcoholic. who joins us now from the day of german industry jenelle and we can see that german chancellor angela merkel is still speaking obviously her speech was a much anticipated anything that stands out so far from what she said. well allow me 1st to set it up for you monica she was not facing the easiest crowd
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here today at the german day of industry before she won top on the stage was preceded by a speech from the president of the federation of german industries that see her camp and he have basically said that the government coalition gambled away trust of the industry trust by delivering by failing to deliver big ticket projects like digitalisation and research funding for her part the minute knockabout up the stage where she praised the european project and such but she also went straight for the counterattack saying dr she her coalition has been in power for a little over a year and she cannot say how many hours the government has wasted on cleaning up some of the in the industries messes like the auto emissions cheating scandal that engulfed the sector that has been engulfed in the sector for many years now so her message there is a trust that the industries trust in the government is important but so is the government's trust in industry the to the industry should be held to the same
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standards as the government in terms of the livery the best for the public so i'm going to america they're not taking the jobs of the industry lying down and i thought that was the standout thing from her speech so far all right of course this kind of exchange is possible possible off such a summit with business the politics and. but do you get the feeling that there is sort of in the end anything you just. think it's something that people welcome is that any understanding for her position and any takeaways that industry's happy with. everything there. and that you know patience because i know that that was a tough crowd but of course i'm sure there are things that she has that that has garnered a more positive response to her the things that you require cooperation from both the industry and government. in terms of united trade policy in terms of building that digitalization project that governments
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a while she also alluded to projects that are already in place like making sure that on the level of schools that there is about there's going to be fast internet schools the factor that. the factor. the factor the fact that many things that cannot be done with industry together with the government these are the things that are guarded on a more glowing feedback from the audience here today ok and they're already moving on now to the next item on the itinerary they're. reporting from the day of german industry thank you so much. now there were no does new products to the techies gathered at apple's developers conference instead to take giant announced a raft of updates to the operating systems that run the i phone i pad apple watch and. apple's on you will w w d c gathering in san jose is monitored with almost religious intensity by the developers and fans of the tech
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colossus. as one of the world's most valuable companies it's also keenly watched by investors who hope apple services business will boost revenues and profits a sales of its signature i phone decline. this year the focus was on media content and services rather than technology and hardware innovation. apple also bade farewell to one of its signature products the i choose music download service. the future of music our i can see is not one app but 3 the music apple podcast and apple t.v. . the end of i choose which started in 2001 was long expected. updates to privacy measures include a new sign in as an alternative to logging into apps using social media accounts hiding the user's e-mail address and data. on your debacle next time you're in
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a new dark mode will allow i phone apps to be viewed with a black background. and. an apple announced an update of its powerful $6000.00 mark pro and there were murmurs of dissent when a $1000.00 models or stand was slated sometimes even devoted followers balk at the price tag. right let's see what the financial mess but well to what boson our financial market correspondent in frankfurt is making of all that a $1000.00 money to start new privacy measures the end of i tunes do you think that apple is on track to success. it is monica but the track is going a bit more up hill you know the times where a poll every other quarter amaze the markets with ever increasing sales numbers of its devices are definitely over by selling more services television. podcasts music apple is simply less unique less outstanding than it used to be with
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its i phones or i pads nevertheless of course the company rim i remains highly valuable for investors the brand name the incredible you know of fidelity of its community that's highly valuable for investors despite the fact that the share price has come down down somewhat from last year's record highs of course a conference call that apple and other u.s. tech giants including facebook google and so forth face possible antitrust propes over markets dominance what's all that about. well reports in different media suggest that all of the major internet giants are facing investigations in the united states for potentially abusing their market power and their technological edge in their respective businesses we're talking about all of them facebook google or alphabet the parent company of google and you tube but also about apple amazon
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and the reports are that several government agencies in the u.s. are investigating here as well as congress so this is really a large scale political attack on the whole sector and i can let loose and there in front of it thank you so much. mexico has launched a counter offensive against the threat of u.s. terrorists top officials say further levees would not only hurt the economies of both countries but could also cause a quote in the central americans to migrate north in the last week don trump used his favorite economic tool to push his political agenda. there's barely a week left to solve the latest conflict washington is getting ready to impose 5 percent punitive tariffs on all mexican imports as of the 10th of june they could rise to as much as 25 percent later this year if mexico makes no progress in reducing the flow of migrants cars and vehicle components account for much of the u.s. imports from mexico visiting mexico's embassy in washington the country's foreign minister appealed to president donald trump to rethink his decision.
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so along with the decision to cancel the aid programs to the northern central american countries could have a counterproductive effect and would not reduce the migration flows. tariffs could cause financial and economic instability which could reduce mexico's capacity to address migration flows through the regular thought if u.s. business organizations won the new tariffs could easily hit the domestic economy as people have to pay more to buy mexican products our 1st goal is to persuade the administration that this is the wrong approach that it goes against his top legislative priority and ours u.s.m.c. ebay that the negative impact it will have on the economy won't solve the problem of the border and to get off tariffs and on to other solutions here is own a based institute for supply management says that for many u.s.
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companies the dispute with mexico is much harder to deal with than the one with china. forbes magazine has revealed hip hop's 1st billionaire. entrepreneur. hundreds of millions j.c. thanks to cammie investments ranging from drinks to a music streaming service. all of that in addition to his multi-million dollar music empire and real estate portfolio. has an estimated net worth of more than $350000000.00. a year for me in the team thanks so much.
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while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself like these totally ace but suddenly life became hellish kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines. and welcome everything is all it's everything is politics that's the name of the largest exhibition to be staged in europe of chinese artist ai weiwei will be talking about that also coming up. 3 new work spot just took off inspired by groundbreaking events 100 years ago. and you can't get green. bicycles with friends.
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today is the 30th anniversary of the crackdown in beijing one of the most prominent critics of the chinese government since that time is the chinese artist ai wei wei who's lived here in germany since 2015 he creates works on a monumental scale i'm right now a museum in staging a monumental exhibition of his works. it's the biggest retrospective of i way way ever seen in europe the new exhibition and dusseldorf shows his most important works of recent years. including $60000000.00 sunflower seeds out of porcelain each one handmade an individual but they all seem to dissolve into one mass an emblem for chinese society everything is art everything is politics is an exhibition that to live.


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