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this is video review is live from berlin u.s. president donald trump dangles a trade deal with the u.k. as britain prepares for breakfast on the 2nd day of his state visit from tells prime minister theresa mic the u.s. is committed to a quote phenomenal deal with britain as the 2 countries work to redefine their special relationship also coming up sudan's military council cancels all previous agreements with the opposition and calls for new elections that's as the country's real as from a deadly army crackdown that killed dozens of protesters and marking 30 years since the massacre in cinemas where the world also has to remember the victims who died demanding democratic reforms to the chinese government is working to raise the
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memory of that very new that. plus ukraine's new president asked the e.u. to help bring peace to eastern ukraine a lot of resilience he tells you cheap junk load younger the block must ramp up pressure on moscow and the conflict with russia backed rebels. of iraq it's great to have you along everyone. u.s. president donald trump has described the relationship between his country and britain as the greatest alliance the world has ever known all during a joint press conference with prime minister theresa may in london both leaders repeatedly stress the special relationship between their 2 nations playing down the recent tensions between them but may also said they had openly discussed their
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differences such as on climate change or dealings with iran from various held out the prospect of a substantial change deal between u.k. and the u.s. as the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. there is tremendous potential in the trade deal i say probably to add even 3 times of what we're doing right now tremendous potential i'm joined now by barry gets my ass our correspondent in london as she's near her fellow guests where i understand where a lot of protests have been taking place against mr trump's visit to get trump still not a fan of the european union but he came bearing gifts offering outgoing prime minister made the possibility of a phenomenal trade deal any details on what a phenomenal trade deal might look like. well the count really be details right now
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because the u.k. is still a member of the european union so they can pave the way for a trade route but it can't happen just yet there was no quick movement in the press conference when president trump was asked if every part of the economy should be on a trade before this trade deal and he said yes every part of the economy should be negotiated which is when reason may intervene because she knows that there are some parts of the u.k. economy that very severe very many people feel very sensitive about for example the health service and many people feel that the n.h.s. which is a public health service should be protected from any interference by u.s. companies so there are going to be a lot of details of course in these negotiations that will take years and also controversial interests when it comes to this trade deal so it's not a done deal by any means it's not a done deal by any means but always apparent in that press conference is that mr trump seems to have the upper hand just how badly does the u.k.
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need trump. well he's coming here in a moment of great instability all of the country to reason may is on the way out there are fundamental questions on bragg's that that still have not been on said so it's in this situation that the u.k. is seeking to strengthen the toys with the u.s. its longest and strongest ally apart from the european union and there are fears here in the u.k. that the yacht the u.s. might have the upper hand as well when it comes to a trade deal that the stronger partner and they might be able to dictate terms and conditions to the u.k. at least this is the fear by some here then there are others in the british government who want to be very positive about it and want to see the opportunity of a trade deal but the devil will be in the detail and we haven't even really seen the start of the negotiations the start of the detail they go ca sions right the devil will be in the details good let's talk about those thousands of people who
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are behind you were a short time ago demonstrating against president trump's visit to britain what are they angry about. i've spoken to some of the protesters and they had a variety of reasons some were mentioning his policy towards refugees they were objecting his talking about the war with mexico several also we're talking about climate change now i was a bit astonished when president trump in their press conference said that he didn't see any protesters and that he just felt tremendous love of being outside buckingham palace yesterday where he was and i did see well wishers but i also saw protesters yesterday and they were outnumbering the well wishes today i've been told that there were supporters of donald trump but there were thousands of people who were loudly protesting against him and i'm surprised that he didn't he or see any of them it's all right i've just got 20 seconds left now of course a tree somebody tried to foster a very special relationship personal relationship with dollar trump how successful
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has she been judging by their final joint press conference. he was on his best behavior and he praised her ism a many times he was talking about this special relationship the greatest alliance the world as ever seen say definitely had many wall what's the reason may he also knows that she is on her way out because last reporting from london thank you. and to sudan our opposition leaders have rejected plans by the military rulers to hold elections within the next 9 months while the declaration of freedom and change forces says it will keep up the campaign of civil disobedience to try and force they are made to hand over power over just leaders suspended dealings with the military council after monday's violent break up of a sit in in the heart to $35.00 people were killed in the army says the deaths there resulted from a botched attempt to clear the streets so does military leader has apologized but says all agreements with the opposition are off i don't your government is the last
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go to the military council has decided the following iraq will govern to cancel what has been agreed and negotiations with the declaration of freedom and change forces. recalled general elections within a period of less than 9 months with regional and international observers. to form a transitional government to ensure the following setting accountability and removing all officials of the former regime who are involved in corruption cases of establishing long term and comprehensive peace in various areas of conflict allowing peace to take hold and the return of refugees to their homes. of our own well the military council's announcement of elections has been met with deep skepticism by protesters in hard to they were checked the army's involvement accusing commanders of taking over the democratic process but hold this speech will drag the country down the opposition will not accept it and people in general are
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behind the declaration of freedom and change force regardless of their political affiliation with the government should abide by the people's will and the people support what the opposition alliance is calling for. a minimum into that we're impatient in a situation like this we don't need a military government all very elections we want to know where this is heading next . and as the people of sudan are waiting to see where this is headed next i want to talk now to the san a sudanese activist based here in berlin thank you for being with us i don't know if you had the opportunity to talk with your friends and family back home give us an update of what's happening right now in sudan has convert turned thing after the call from the sudanese professional association and declination of freedom once again for civil disobedience and. now there's a demonstration prayed down in the neighborhoods and there is a confrontation between the rapid speed forces which is part of the military
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council formery didn't do it militia that used by bashir there confrontation between them on peaceful protesters in the street there's a shooting there is shot down in the internet so i call my family or my friends and there is 0 shooting and there's people say that keep being. civil disobedience has to be at home people like the one to be confronted by more people dying in the street like what's happened yesterday or of that this is rising so the 7 people died until now and. and that's what's happening is quite quite what they call it a massacre and continuation of his massacre how shocked are people in saddam by what happened yesterday were they expecting something that the just as they never trusted the military council from the beginning the military council is a continuation for the old regime and the head and most of the most of the leaders of this military council is part of the old regime and the rapid speed forces which is the most pruett of forces inside this military council is formed by bashir to do a brutal murders and therefore of suppressed people before so there is wasn't not
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trust but there was kind of intention to create a new a new negotiation oh that was a. peace agreement but then then military council that uses negotiation that in their instant was a professional association as a way to to reduce the mass of the people were standing in the set and then i tagged them and betrayal them so they should be betraying the shot by the number of the death of the of the end people the. dying in the middle of a job and the way that they continue to try to hide internet and hiding but these countries around the world have condemned the deadly violence committed by the army now the military council has said it will investigate the events of yesterday i mean do they have any credibility how much trust is there in the they committed the crime they cannot investigate gives together going to be the person who committed the crime it's very clear that they need to advocate this it and there's a continues in their region to the states clear by activist knowledge of these professional association degrees in a freedom agenda
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a supporting this move militarization office of sudan saudi arabia egypt and emirates they supported this big it and i think it is it is it could be does not see these people as quite isolated there is a need for international to stand with the nice people for civilian and democratic transformation and there is there is a need to isolate this military council there is no way that the criminals could be the one who is needing the transition to work toward the democratic changes for dot com an. activist based here in berlin thank you. what are you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world police in australia have arrested a man suspected of killing at least 4 people at a motel in darwin witnesses said the gunman stormed through rooms on shoes say firing 8 sawed off shotgun before fleeing the scene police say the attack was not terrorism related. hungary and south korean divers in budapest have recovered a 2nd body from the wreck of
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a tourist boat that sank in the river danube last week of the 33 people on board only 7 are known to have survived the accident. the indian capital new delhi will offer women free access to public transport in an effort to improve their safety almost a 1000000 women are expected to benefit from this new policy crime against women has become a major political issue in delhi and cities governments that the public transport was considered the safest way for them to travel around the city. and we stay in asia because today is the 30th anniversary of the tenement square massacre in beijing when this image right behind me that you see here was seared in our collective memory that iconic photo of a lone man facing down a column of tanks in a heroic act of defiance this was of course all in the spring of 1989 students occupied the square demanding new reforms and freedoms from the communist
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government but their hopes for economic and social change greater freedom of speech and less corruption were rejected by the regime the chinese government declared martial law and in the early hours of june 4th troops moved in and crush the pro-democracy movement a brutal actions shocked the world for decades chinese authorities have tried to keep the event out of the history books and punish those who commemorate it. but while in mainland china the chinaman crackdown has been a race from the country's history and hong kong memories i think kept alive. tens of thousands have gathered for a vigil in victoria park among those remembering the dead were some mainland chinese who had travelled to hong kong especially for this event it's the only region under beijing's jurisdiction where mass commemorations can be safely home.
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i have with me now old burger from the markets or institute for china studies a think tank good to have you here with us on this quite momentous anniversary you obviously let's start with hong kong who we the footage that we just aired of because chinese authorities quite interesting really do tolerate it tolerates a commemoration services in hong kong but not on the mainland is that a sustainable policy so hong kong exists under an arrangement that's known as one country 2 systems where one hong kong was handed over from the british and $997.00 the chinese government basically promised that its political economic and judicial system wasn't going to be touched for 50 years so hong kong functions according to different units than the rest of the new land which is why we can see demonstrations there that also in the past couple of years we have seen attempts to slowly chip away at hong kong autonomy and i guess one thing that's currently to
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debate a hong kong as amendments to hong kong extradition ordinances that would greatly facilitate up to extradite people to mainland china and if that worked come to pass i do think that would have a quite chilling effect overall on activists on hong kong now on sunday the chinese defense minister defended the crack down as i'm quoting now correct policy what i wonder. is that 3 decades on why doesn't the chinese communist party just make amends and recognize that you know this was probably not its finest moment. they have the communist party of china has made this such a coup or off its off its master narrative of its existence like you know the protests were organized by people from the outside and if you mislead misled people on the inside and the crackdown was vital to ensure stability and economic growth and one thing is if one becomes part of china isn't that great at admitting it was
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wrong and to reverse something that's maintained for 30 years so vehemently and such a such a central part of its identity of its mess america is highly unlikely and the other thing is sometimes we think you know with the receipt of the c.c.p. and we think of a very secure they feel very safe the truth is they have a very concerned about social movements any kind of protest and china so i don't think they will be averse of their verdict on and on protest because they would also be furious they were all fueled up as could encourage people to actually protest people's party so you think. yeah but again it's such a it's such a central part of their self-identity that i would be incredibly surprised if they were to reverse the verdict unfortunately oberg from the markets or institute for china studies thank you so very much greatly appreciate it and one of the most prominent critics of the chinese government since 2 men is the exiled artist ai wei
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wei who has lived here in germany since 2015 he creates art works on a monumental scale and right now in the museum distilled earth is staging an exhibit creations. it's the biggest retrospective of ever seen in europe the new exhibition and shows his most important works of recent years. $60000000.00 sunflower seeds out of porcelain each one handmade an individual but they all seem to dissolve into one mass an emblem for chinese society everything is art everything is politics is an exhibition that delivers on its name. in the last years i way way has gone from a dissident chinese artist to an international celebrity the cameras crowd in to get his picture but he counters with his own lens his own view when i moved to
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germany many expected him to become more critical of beijing but he also turned the criticism and europe fighting for more acceptance for refugees who come here if not only britons than you but use humor writers. anybody who has no freedom of speech will be grateful if somebody else client to save the lives of those people. eyes 2017 film human flow followed stories of forced displacement and migration from afghanistan and iraq over the mediterranean to europe some see his efforts as heroic others accuse him of overstepping the balance between art and activism. also in the west this always saying art far sake which i think is a lie artists narrative are sick artists always consarn a lot of the human dignity. freedom of expression expression and
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the rights so those very. solid foundations are co artist become a superficial and a very decorative. in 2008 an earthquake in china's sichuan province left more than 70000 people dead including more than 5000 children were away traveled there to see what the government wasn't saying he collected victims' names began investigating the collapse of poorly built school buildings he collected mangled reinforcing bars and had them straightened back out. 164 tons of these steel bars. are on display here laid out in boxes to resemble coffee the mixture of memorial and indictment. and now to ukraine country's new president lot of resilience he is making his 1st official visit of brought to
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brussels a move his team says underscores his commitment to closer ties with the west. talks with the european commission president. also met with nato chief yes stoltenberg at the top of the genders bring peace to eastern ukraine well 13000 people have been killed there in fighting between government troops and russian backed separatists. are let's get you more now on mr selenski visit to correspondent teri schultz is in a brussels of for you good to see you terry now can you tell us about the reception that mr selenski received. yes i mean many people may be asking if you elect a comedian is he going to be taken seriously on his foreign trips abroad but selenski has been quite wise in his planning he has acted like a serious president and it was very smart to make his 1st foreign trip to brussels
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where his citizens want to be members of both the european union and nato and that was something he reiterated today in his meetings with both european commission president john klobuchar and the nato secretary general stoltenberg president selenski made clear his country's future is here in the west and that was very well received by the chiefs of both of these institutions now his main priority is to end the war of course in eastern ukraine can the e.u. and nato play a role is there an appetite there for them to step up their involvement in that conflict. well both the e.u. and nato already play a role there's no getting getting out of this both france and germany are signatories to the minsk accords which are designed to ended the hostilities and get the heavy weaponry taken out of eastern ukraine out of out of don bus they simply just haven't been effective yet nato provides more than 40000000 euro's in support in trust funds to ukraine for internal reforms for improving the quality of
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ukraine's defense of itself and also is providing more military support in the black sea simply just nothing has worked so far without the willingness of moscow to get its forces out of eastern ukraine president selenski said he was going to be asking for more support from brussels to end this war but it remains to be seen if he gets any further pledges and again without a commitment from the kremlin this war is not going to end regardless of how much support he gets from the e.u. or from nato well on a related note terry ukraine pursuing a pro western path isn't likely to go down well with the kremlin our leader is worried about blowback from russia if they encourage t.f. into forging closer ties with the a west because we remember last time that didn't go well. well president poroshenko president selenski predecessor also had ukraine on a firm path toward the west so that's not really any different they do have
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a deep and meaningful partnership as it's called with the european union they also are on the path to nate eventual nato membership if certain reforms are taken so that isn't really different than under push and go now president putin may have hoped that things would be different and he certainly put a test to president selenski soon after the election what he did was he offered passports russian passports to citizens in dawn bus saying that all of you eastern ukrainians come in be russian citizens now president zelinsky handled this rather coolly and here's where a sense of humor does come in handy he said look if you have a russian passport you can be arrested for peaceful passports you don't have freedom so you will offer passports to those suffering russians so certainly he's held up well so far under kremlin pressure and we'll see how that continues but again a pretty successful 1st trip for zelinsky here in brussels right teri schultz reporting from brussels thank you. and the president is trip is also being closely watched by
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the more than $2000000.00 displaced people who have fled their homes in the region and the w.'s that nikolay traveled to a monastery that's still offering refugees a safe haven some 5 years after the fighting broke out. at the hips can its monastery until 5 years ago this was a place where the people of the donbass region came to pray and enjoy the views but when conflict broke out in 2014 city here just quickly became a place of refuge for thousands fleeing the fighting for a time refugees outnumber the locals 10 to 1. 5 years on and some of those refugees are still here around 200 people have found home in the monastery taking the place of pilgrims who once came here in large numbers it's mainly the elderly and single parents who haven't been able to move on alone a coalition of donetsk is one of them must embody. all of
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a sudden there were houses around where we lived and they were firing but we waited for a few days before finally leaving. i thought would only be gone for a short while so it didn't even take much with me but i was wrong it all seemed ridiculous and i couldn't believe it was happening to me even once i got here. without the free food and accommodation provided by the ministry alone a says she wouldn't be able to make ends meet back in town yet she worked in the family business but the war has scattered her family one of her sisters is living in russia while her mother stayed behind to daniel's. look at the cameras ready say hello to grandma. just. before the war religion wasn't a big part of aloneness life taking part in daily worship isn't compulsory for those living on the street but it has become 2nd nature and
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a source of hope alona tells us. spiegel believe me if i want peace i want to be able to bring up my kids we didn't understand the value of the life we had done yet sc until we've lost it we have leisure and it's. sports now for you and football serbian striker look at job which will leave it to after signing a 5 year contract with spanish giants real madrid job which scored $27.00 goals in all competitions last season and has long been linked with a move to madrid frankfurt had been keen to keep hold of their striker but were persuaded to part ways by a transfer fee of get this around 60000000 euros job it sure seems just 21 will reportedly earn 10000000 euros in wages. it's not that all right you're watching you know news from berlin coming up next to the readers if you're with melissa chan don't forget you can get all the news and information around the clock by heading to our website that state i mean dot com
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i'm little rock in berlin on behalf of all this here thank you for spending part of you to begin at the top of the hour. in.
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europe. what unites. divides. the money above the driving force. what binds the continent together are. the answers and stories of plum trees above. the spotlight on people. above the sun girl on t.w. . early the guitarist guy functionalities capital i love berlin the summer the multicultural metropolis you know where you're
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a mac series see a blank slate like choice to me i love me even want to show what a sweet. and let's look at the source like me described as the 15 nations of the 50 story. to be very personal tips on berlinski very best to. look no further let everyone call d.w. . their super sharp. cards themselves away super secret then you'll be the jingling those coins and super rich definitely around $20000000000.00 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such a long time for. me snoop around to catch a glimpse. of
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a good little top of the world to discuss the super rich starts to take on double. the cost of. this is. coming up on the program it's been 30 years since the student protests on china's scheana main square and the subsequent government crushing up the movement we'll look back at what happened and why china does its best to censor that part of its history. lol.


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