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for one live try to forget what was seen as to some extent of humiliation germany being defeated and that generation of people who were involved the war simply wanted to get on with their lives and it's was their children in the sixty's and students that started examining that and turning it around the way one talks about it today we're getting live pictures right now from normandy british prime minister theresa may arriving there grieving a number of visuals and dignitaries there in normandy she's the 1st one apparently of a number of world leaders military honor guard there underway in normandy right now they'll be a number including of course the french president modern woman who is president donald trump for this day which is very much focusing on the veterans the men who sacrificed so much to make the freedom that we're enjoying today it's possible the money well you were talking about that this it's a word in a lot of ways that that isn't used very much freedom to talk about freedom and
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but on a day like today as it does does your generation the young people in france get a sense that this freedom was one at a very high cost by so many nations struggling together against a very clear and definitive journey that needed to be toppled in your yes when as well doesn't that's exactly what kind of the ration is about is to show younger generations what it was all about and the how they can today enjoy their freedom they're enjoying a twitch cost came here it's also a way for them to understand oh so how did from the c. word why were they us u.k. canadian troops are those so people coming from poland danmark belgium no mandy's speech and how yet what is the price of their freedom they understand we've come immigrations taking place each year but of course i didn't international lever
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those are those that mock on u. verse $37.00 to 75th anniversary that are more important than the. when you look at the advance today we're talking about how much has changed in germany in terms of the perceptions of this day the state that started the end of nazi to tell terrorism in europe this will be 2nd time appearing one was the 1st time and that was a real break was and back in 2004 well back in 2004 was the 1st time that a german chancellor a german head of government attended the celebrations that was at the time is pretty essential was henwood cool and he was somebody that actually trying to promote friendship between germany and france very strongly and he in fact was a couple of times well considered as a guest at the celebrations but the by the french president at the time france from because of all a call in fact didn't want to go because one of his brothers died in these battles
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in normandy so anyone should have became chancellor did this invitation actually succeed under german chancellor went to the celebrations for the 1st time. we're looking at live pictures right now of right now we have the british prime minister theresa may there. we've just heard from emanuel how important this is as a way to help young people remember what happened what about young germans day is it a difficult part of their history to look at i think you have to say that in german society looking back at the 2nd world war it's very central to the way german society sees itself today there's a. very strong sense of guilt still that germany started to of these world wars especially the 2nd world war there is a very strong sense that germany never wants to get back into a situation where this could possibly happen from on german soil or from german
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soil so there's a very strong feeling against militarism in germany against uniforms in germany you know nazi society was. in uniform today in germany wearing a uniform of any form is difficult even school uniforms are something that you don't see in germany at all partly because of that so there's a very strong sense that one has to prevent germany prevent germans from doing this kind of thing again in fact there are not many memorials for these kind of events from the 2nd world war and if there are more stand up cold memorial stone cold warnings there cold monuments of warning to warn people and the public against a repetition of these kind of crimes that germany committed and that about time we're getting live images from normandy right now the british prime minister there awaiting the arrival of french president manu all. i have in the studio with me are political commentators orders on tomorrow's face manual. when
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as we wait for the french president to arrive we've been hearing what this means for people in germany not only young people. and today in france germany is considered such an important partner you could say the most important partner in europe and that it was to drive forward the program the agenda that's being put forth by brussels. if. they are like the house was mentioning that there's a difference of perception towards such a visit pending whether your friends are and obviously there was something interesting there about the thieving shame that german people might have towards world war 2 in france it's a bit different we were 4 years we were considered as the victims and today does us so something that has changed just as friends oh so has the duty of memory and what. about her attitude during world war 2 to undertake such ceremonies
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that chris showed to to emphasize friends also collaborated. who did not see. just ready friends also bears the rest possibility towards what's happens and those like i said such come immigration's are crucial for people for the bears about his to attract retransmits dots to the younger generation part part of what's being transmitted what will be happening shortly in a location that's a location we're looking at monuments about to be unveiled can you tell us something about that monument and the bit of controversy that was surrounding it as well manuel sachs quite interesting after the permits to stop building up the monument has only been given 9 weeks ago 9 weeks before that commemoration the reason being that some french people astute against it because they say good bye to interview they were unhappy about the whole memorial being put in dock place
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because they were being cause of buses of tourists from england history taking and memory taking a back seat to the local static which is of its roots in normandy because you cannot escape it anyway interestingly enough it is d.-day veteran who came up with the idea for the memorial and for him it was very interesting to see fish so a 9 foot figures of british interests old is coming ashore. what do you think about this memorial and it's important or for memory and the event but what i think you know the fact that it was conceived by a veteran is very crucial because everyone is saying that this is more or less the last major celebration of this event that is still being attended by veterans by people who actually would have been 75 years ago all of those people are now well into their ninety's and it's highly unlikely that they will be able to attend such an event again so that makes it makes it
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a particularly significant one of mint i think although obviously the whole area normandy and so on as i'm on the way i was saying. it's full of memorials of symmetries of museums. so it's just one through the memorial of sorts of that kind but i think that gives it a particular importance. money well what are we going to see today max was telling us we have a number of events that are going to include world leaders we have the commemorations also in churches and some of terry's across normandy what what for you will be some of the important events today well there will be 2 main ceremonies today the one we're seeing now getting under way is this integration off the british memorial so that's more of a french british ceremony that will take place and then later on today there will be similar events where president trump will come over to honor you is
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sold is who died on omaha beach in particular and he's also thought to go to the cemetery where 2 of. appear to roosevelt songs are buried the former u.s. president roosevelt lost 2 songs the 1st one dream world war one the 2nd during world war 2 he was the army general who acted ended with his men so he didn't die on the spot he died a few weeks later of a heart attack but he has to honor it for he's engagements towards his men are the times and the president quoting roosevelt's address to the nation on the prayer to the nation. at the moment to d. day was announced to the public talking about the struggle to preserve our civilization our religion. what stands out for you today in terms of the commemorations well maybe one should say that today i'm going to america is not attending. from a german perspective because this event is being broadcast live not only on this
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channel but in various other formats in germany so there is a lot of attention being paid. it but i actually chose apparently to attend yesterday's event in great britain in portsmouth and she will not be attending this event today she is in the cabinet meeting at the moment which normally would take place on the wednesday is that she moved the cabinet meeting from yesterday to today and that since i think this is. a platform that is left entirely in a sense to trump one should say and maybe that may be part of the reason chose not to go to the stage and ok we'll talk about that some more of the possibilities of why the chance of chose not to come to this event we're getting live images right now apparently of the motorcade with the french president. is about to arrive there the british prime minister trees and i already on with the
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honor guard there for the unveiling of the british morial and in normandy a very important event for both countries this time in their relationship especially with exit looming of course and a way that the 2 nations and can cement their relationship based on on their shared history their shared sacrifices in the struggle for freedom 75 years ago. and its great influence and may just thrive. and since he has come rationed i hear him across a wanted to emphasize international stage to rule played by french resistance in resistance in hoping. d. day to happen this is only one beach on which french people french soldiers landed. swerves beach but it was
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a wish off the french president this year to actually emphasize the role of french resistance during the war ahead of d.-day to make the there's a french resistance playing a very key role and reconnaissance and hope to sabotage behind the lines efforts before the paratroopers landed behind the lines themselves from you lied nations when you look at the manual mccrone here he's been suffering politically at home in the polls and it up right now is how important is this for him right now this time of this just member asian well he's such opportunities such opportunities to shine internationally are definitely a chance for amanda marcotte to regain some popularity he's always been quite popular are outside of friends as you say it's not so much to home right now in france such. commemorations are always an opportunity for him to give
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impassioned talks impassioned speeches about what he believes in about freedom of rights etc etc so this should probably earn himself. some points in popularity and then there's the specially after the losses in the european elections last exactly exactly he would probably enhance the need to fight against the far right as he would probably talk about the duty of memory not only. in. press the same internationally we got the world war 2 he is very good at that kind of in that kind of settings that kind of. when you when you look at these 2 leaders side by side of money well mccall and teresa my they have been. 2 of the most important founding members of the european union now it'll be frank said when and if it moves forward it will be. a german chancellor and
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a manual mccall that will be the new leaders of europe basically yes indeed i think you know from the german perspective you have to say that for germany the whole project of the european union and it's pretty to says as in various formats there were we're going to go back to our live pictures right now we're getting the religious dimension now prayers being said for him prime minister mr president members of the normandy veteran association distinguished guests lords ladies and gentleman general subordinate monk gunnery commander in chief ally plan foresees in a personal message to all forces on the 5th of june 1944 wrote to us is given the honor of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history and in better days that lie
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ahead men will speak of primate of our doings to day is a better day as the sun rises over verse a man we gather to commemorate the events of 75 years ago. we give thanks for those who serve by land sea and air in the armed forces or organizations between the 5th of june and 31st of august 1944 who to paraphrase churchill's words were allowed each according to their station to play a part in making those days memorable operation
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overlord was the largest amphibious landing ever seen in military history.


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