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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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some surprise figures china exports unexpectedly grew in may despite higher u.s. tariffs some analysts suspect the rise is down to chinese companies rushing out shipments to the united states to avoid new tariffs u.s. president donald trump slapped tire levies on some chinese products that was back in mid may and then he threatened to put duties on all chinese imports to the u.s. but despite strong efforts china's trade surplus with the united states has actually risen it climbed by 28 percent on aid in april to more than 26000000000 dollars last month. with so many figures let's bring in andreea hang who joins us now in singapore under a or so china says that the trade surplus has risen. figures looking at the year as a whole say that the trade plus has actually shrunk could you explain that to us.
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yes monica it all seems very confusing right now but to rest assure rest assured both data are correct we cannot compare the chinese data to the u.s.d. to simply because of the different methodology see used but what both data points to is more or less balanced trade conditions between the 2 countries and will this say that this must continue if trade relations between the 2 countries were to revert to normal so could you just briefly explain to us what brought about that. moment of growth from april to may. well it's something that we certainly didn't expect given the escalating tensions between the 2 countries but there are reasons for the growth number one most of these exports were already scheduled and shipped out even before the tears kicked in and number 2 of the depreciation of the chinese un the currency as well as you know buying attitudes in fear of those rising tariffs whoa partly responsible for the growth
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because so looking at all the latest data what could it possibly mean for this much anticipated soon upcoming meeting between u.s. president on a trump and chinese president xi jinping later this month at the g 20 summit well it looks like is going to be a friendly meeting between the 2 leaders in all of this month and you know it's the economy forum in russia recently president xi did say that you know it's the values the u.s. as a trade partner and doesn't want to see that relationship deteriorate further from way it is already a change of tune obviously you from the heart stance that china was holding on to even as soon as recently as just days ago now and analysts it that china could be changing its tune due to a number of reasons but whatever it is it has to play by the play by the rules if it wants its economy to succeed and if it was to be taken seriously on the world
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stage all right andrea hang there reporting for us from singapore and you will keep an eye on the whole development there for sure thank you so much. well meanwhile g 20 finance ministers already met this weekend in fukuoka in japan and they decided to focus on big tech corporations like facebook google or apple now until now those companies have only had to pay tax in the country where they are headquartered which is why they deliberately construct their conglomerates in a way that funnels to low tax jurisdictions but that should now come to an end the g 20 hopes to present details of the new regulation by next year. cooperation is still possible it seems despite the trade disputes and ongoing geopolitical tensions even china and the us found common ground at the g 20 finance ministers meeting in fukuoka both countries supports
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a reform of the global corporate tax system but their fight over tariffs is still raging over you know we're being jewboy bad news is we still don't know how trade talks between the u.s. and china will end and until a solution is found we fear that confidence in the markets will diminish and that's a problem. for. the u.s. has also reportedly blocked a joint appeal to settle a trade conflict there was no conclusion on the dispute in the final communique at least there was mutual agreement about the new tax regulations planned for tech giants like google and facebook that will also be a global minimum tax for companies germany's finance minister is feeling optimistic . the market. when you think about all the conversations everything that was said and all the progress that was made you realize what a big movement this was and how quickly it happened and it's no longer risky to say that will very likely reach an agreement by next year he's talked to him because at
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the end of june the japanese city of asako will host the g 20 summit for heads of state and government it's not just finance ministers who hope for an end to the u.s. china trade will. the united kingdom and south korea have signed a preliminary free trade agreement that seeks to maintain existing trade arrangements between the 2 nations in case of a no deal breaks in south korea exports mostly cars and ships to britain while it imports crude oil costs and whisking the agreement marks the 1st post in brics a trade deal the u.k. has secured in asia so far the united kingdom has such a arrangements with $12.00 countries including norway israel iceland switzerland and chile. and out to some of the other global business stories making the news.
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u.s. president donna trump has threatened mexico with terrorists yet again if the country fails to cooperate on border issues this comes just after friday's deal where a 5 percent tax on all mexican goods were dropped after mexico agreed to deploy troops to stem the flow of migrants to the u.s. . it's trouble girl law for germany's biggest lender deutsche bank serious deficits and its anti money laundering and sanctions controls allowed checks and payments to be processed without screening georgia bank shares slipped to a new all time low last week and fitch has cut the bank's credit rating to just 2 notches above junk status. and you aerospace defense giantess newman on the horizon i just bounce to shake up the industry to united's technologies call and raphael agreed to a merger of equals among other things u.t.c. you could use engines for america's f. $35.00 fighter ready and also
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a defense contractor is known for building the patriot missile system. well h.b.o.'s hit series game of thrones has just come to an end to the dragons and white walkers are all gone does this mean we now have to face reality 247 no because the world's biggest electronic games convention in los angeles also known as ethe really comes to our rescue let's take a look at the highlights. the atmosphere was boiling over as fans from around the world came to celebrate the newest and greatest in the world of gaming i this is what they came for. me. to. write that.
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microsoft exploits platform impressed visitors with the newest versions of its blockbuster games. please. nothing. good games. we need to rule. no we need to fight. for many will help fuel the launch of its next generation console which they've dubbed project scarlet. boasting graphics and up to 8 k. resolution and frame rates as high as 120 f.p.s. . but microsoft could hardly steal the entire show. gaming giant that also presented a myriad of new games including the latest edition of the venerable doom series. with 5 g. still your networks on the horizon netflix inspired game service is on the way the
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world of gaming is entering a new age. and not a question you've probably never considered before what determines the origin of a wooden sweater the sheep it came from all the human who needs it it business owners and niggas in iceland are at loggerheads over the. ice and seep our pride for the quality of their wool and fleeces which enables them to withstand harsh arctic conditions. no wonder then that the sweaters and scarves made from their wool have become a kind of national trademark beloved by locals and tourists alike. but in recent times the relationship between businesses and local craftspeople has become anything but warm and fuzzy. an issue is this common demarcation had been issued from icelandic bull technically true but with more detail on
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mission it the knitting often takes place in china a source of fury for iceland's local artisans were given him a 3 cornered most wanted man in the carbon footprint to ship containers of icelandic wool to hong kong and have a process there and then sent back halfway across the world off the. business owners say it's the origin of the wool and not the people who knit it that should can't. 15 percent of the population of. polish people. many of them alternate. if they live here and they. can pull up with it still. but critics say the labeling is misleading and accuse businesses of pulling the wool over the eyes of environmentally minded customers.
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did you ever wonder why office chairs have wheels maybe it's so you can take them out of the office just like many people did recently in japan to take part in the grand prix of office chair racing the goal is to get the most laps around a $200.00 metre course in 2 hours this year's winning team from kyoto received all too much bragging rights of 90 kilos of rice. congress relations this is d.w. business for me the team member. thanks so much.
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coach of the british going to. school in africa the following link to exception stories and discussion from the b.z. town wild web site w to come smash the trap join us on facebook. for a guy. with him how to be a gun because saddam is one the highest sky you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on the trip but i would not support mice. self and my harrison montagnier lumumba out of 16 with the going to give us leave the world. will come to them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but the ones i'm going to. do want to know their story and for my greatest fear a fight against global information for more grants. and the reading on some.
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of the issues above his wrist bands. is the beauty of the beat the brisk the beach the boost the boost the ball up the boost. the bottom up the big.
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respect. the be. the be . as if the news live from germany entourage move to salvage the 25th. iran's foreign minister tells his german counterpart we will cooperate with the european union to save the agreement but. in the face of us opposition also on the program the 12000 year old turkish town that's about to be lost forever. to replace 3 so maybe the british conservatives kicked off a contest to become prime minister and take.


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