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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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the starts of the audience but ultimately liberated western europe from nazi terror and. many of us shuffle around the office in them but office just can be used to great effect take a look these are the competitors in japan's growth prayed before 1st chair racing told us to get the most laps around the 200 meter course over 2 hours is use a winning team from the kilter one not are bragging rights but 90 kilos of us. want to jones has no business of dates next day. my 1st vice like moses sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean for even something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to them i. finally gave up and mentioned
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by nehemiah say this country turns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more afro created for girls than writing advice as knowledge i want to meet woman back home who are bound by the duties and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is the matter of the home and they were needed. it's a bit like a day between us as goliath china is one of the biggest trading partners with many east african nations but kenya once a more balanced relationship now china office to negotiate a trade deal we go live to nairobi for more also coming up it's a spectacular transformation ethiopia's economy is growing at
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a rapid pace thanks to state build industrial parks that now also attract foreign investors and multinationals. welcome to do business africa i want to get good to have you with us so china looks ready to negotiate a trade deal with the 6 nation east africa community a report by reuters news agency says the deal is said to address kenya's complaints about a huge trade imbalance in favor of the asian economic giant china has become one of the biggest trading partners for many east african countries the african countries exports to the world's 2nd biggest economy to wall street by imports of its manufactured goods like electronics and plant equipment. well let's talk a little bit about that and bringing in joy the reindeer are joins us now in nairobi joy please explain what exactly is the issue that kenya is worried
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about and is it the only nation in east africa worried about. well kenya 1st of all is the biggest economy across the east african 6 states that is in uganda tanzania run as well as really and south sudan but the biggest worry for kenya right now is agreeing to these trade terms with china means that kenya is actually going to say when it comes to the manufacturing sector can you has said that it's money factory and sector is pretty any sense and so agreeing to the terms that china has been negotiating since 316 means that they're going to be more chinese products coming into the east african country and that's leading to water down the local manufacturing sector all right joy thank you for that don't go anywhere because i have another issue that i would like to discuss with you because the news of
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a possible or possible trade talks with china comes as kenya's leader who will kenyatta and biogs on an attempt to crack down on financial crime this month he announced plans to withdraw an old version of kenya's $1000.00 shilling bank notes because of widespread counterfeiting toba the 1st the note you see here will no longer be legal tender the old notes will be replaced by a new version with security features designed to prevent the creation of fakes criminals and corrupt officials are thought to be in possession of hundreds of millions of shillings in a quiet cash and that is something of course we would like to elaborate on a little bit more with joy to read in biro who is still there in the in nairobi for us so counterfeiting apparently and quite obviously a problem any other problems. well we could see problems but also since kenya 2 can't the new constitution it has been
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a requirement for kenya to actually change the face of the carriage and it actually has taken long because there have been quite a number of legal cases with some of the citizens and how. to change the currency and while somewhere saying you know it's not yet time for us to change the currency or why are we taking too long to change the currency some of the citizens were unhappy with the design of the proposed design for the new currency and now that it is out we are seeing mixed reactions on where it is has actually been a gradual process because it started really seeing the quite instead is the metal quine's and now it has graduated into the notes and the 1000 shilling kenyan or what happens to be the biggest dinner in asian of the currencies that come in different denominations of 50220100 shillings and 50 can insurance
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it can you tell me what exactly is wrong with the design it looks pretty enough to me. well this is a time that has actually it's just different views from different people and some have said you know the new currency can't easily be counted because we have seen that they want thousands surely not across the region has been used for different crimes and in fact there was saying that it was used an illegal financial flows where we were seeing more people using the kenyan currency not just in kenya but even across the region to change money and use it for various reasons including crime and so now with the new design there are some people who have already moved to court and said you know this currency still does not fit the bill for what it can encourage as it should look like and according to the constitution they said that the currency should not bear the image of any individual as some have actually
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gone to court because the currency still holds the image of the founder who happens to be the president of the republic of kenya but then of course the new currency looking at it julie had to look at it it almost looks like the rose in color yeah and. yes and also the advantage is that now people who are visually impaired can also be able to tell the difference between the smaller denominations and the biggest enemy nations which have the $1000.00 should not ok joy during bear of their reporting for us from nairobi thank you so much for this. well staying with currency issues workers in zimbabwe are taking on the central bank as the country continues to struggle to establish a reliable currency the zimbabwe congress of trade unions is preparing a case against the reserve bank obs above where saying it illegally converted to
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their salaries from u.s. dollars to a new pseudo currency the r t g s dollar was introduced in february in an attempt to align the exchange rates for bonds and electronic payments but its value has been decreasing rapidly president emerson last week promised a new national currency 10 years after the zimbabwean dollar became westernesse. while the ethiopian parliament today postponed a debate on a proposed law to liberalize the telecom sector the debate is now set to take place on thursday that is part of ethiopia's new prime minister ahmed economic reform package moving the economy from state led to market based growth the country's economic growth already is the envy of its african neighbors at close to 8 percent . inside only a decade of the capital addis ababa has become
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a state of the art metropolis with its own metro line built by the china railway group ltd much of the boom has chinese credit behind it now china sinking its money into industrial parks and industry but it will be easy for the government to supply all just like the utilities like electric power. and whatever but it was the theo paean government offers tax incentives to attract foreign investors to these parks every morning buses drop thousands of ethiopian workers off at this one to work in its chinese own steel mill and other factories like chongqing based only found cars ethiopian wages have risen 50 percent in 10 years but they're still low enough to attract foreign investors. has not seen but competent to live i suppose and just to tell you this work to be cheap because it's more negative connotations sox's and it's not nice multinationals like h. and m.
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and folks for moving in lured by the fact that the average ethiopian worker earns just $32.00 euros a month that's cheaper than bangladesh. and byron meant to groups in south africa assuming the government for failing to tackle air pollution and the north eastern province of. the area produces more than 80 percent of the country's coal and is purported to have the highest nitrogen dioxide emissions in the world activists say the toxic waste produced by the plants needs to diseases like asked bronchitis and lung cancer the government has 15 days to respond to the claims. and in other news dennis is saying 2 big cruise ships thousands of protesters rallied on sunday calling for the massive cruise ships to be banned from coming to the city the demonstration took place just one week after a large line a lost control and crashed into
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a pia injuring 5 people activists also claim that big vessels jeopardize the balance off the land goons ecosystem. all right now to a question you've probably never considered before what determines the origin of a wooden sweater the sheep it came from or the human who nurtured it business owners and lettuce in iceland are at loggerheads over the answer. my friend sheep are prize for the quality of their wool and fleeces which enables them to withstand harsh arctic conditions. no wonder then that the sweaters and scarves made from their will have become a kind of national trademark beloved by locals and tourists alike. but in recent times the relationship between businesses and local craftspeople has become anything but warm and fuzzy. an issue is this common demarcation
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had initiated from icelandic bull technically true but with one detail omission that the knitting often takes place in china a source of fury for iceland's local artisans. the man in the carbon footprint to ship containers of icelandic wool to hong kong and have a process there and then sent back halfway across the world off to the. business owners say it's the origin of the wool and not the people who knit it that should count. saw a pair of their lives here and they. swept a very large country or if they were they were going to pull up with a still paratrooper course on wheels but critics say the labeling is misleading and accuse businesses of pulling the wool over the eyes of environmentally minded
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customers. now from knitted jumpers to elegant ropes dekker fashion week came to a close this weekend it's an annual event that's helped define senegal s one of the big players of africa's $31000000000.00 fashion industry that's an industry beset by distribution issues as the struggles to reach very markets the 17th edition of the half action beats all 28 designers from across the region showcasing their creations including many afro futurist and i have designed the promise of a multi-page features in international fashion magazines like vogue of many hoping for a stronger foothold in europe. as business africa here in the w for me in the team thanks for watching.
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and on the main. cast language courses. video and or you know. any time where. w. media center. small consumer be changing some
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people making it possible for me going to africa. fantastic right joining them as they set out to save the environment. and learn from one another. and work together for a future. any cooking for go w. . this as the news offered coming up in the next 15 minutes unprecedented mosque protests have rocked liberia people fed up with corruption on the own go in economic hardships demand solutions from president where folks come to the level to speak to me political activist. doesn't bob when government steps enough and you know if you knew stop a car imports i don't know why pharma business was targeted by alleged drug.
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me to join in to what you what you want to do my lad.


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