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the breaks it up. gave us can now get a taste of what toast pressure britain mike to be like the latest offering from french game a big movie soft is the set in a dystopian london after the country has cut ties with you. and scientists around the world are working on developing occupational needs now tokyo prisons the 1st lot grown state. but have to do business asia monica jones and berlin but to have you with us and west starting with some shocking news for europe's powerhouse germany my to be growth engine of the european union but it is most important or its most important businesses are lagging far behind in international growth rankings and uni released study by service young concluded that the revenues of germany's top companies only increased by 1.2 percent on average while their counterparts in the us and asia of grown by
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over 10 percent a year only $44.00 of the world's $1000.00 biggest businesses are based in germany . so let's talk about that with our financial market correspondents in frankfurt and andrea and in singapore hello to both of you and i'd like to start with you ali it's a damning study there by why what are the main factors for german companies liking behind. yeah it sounds horrible when you look at the naked results that it is presenting there but you know when they look at the percentage growth where germany is lagging behind most other places of course you have to realize that a leading export nation with lots of industry with lots of interests in china and in north america it's highly affected by the trade conflict and already there's been a downturn in sentiment affecting investment infecting incoming orders and so germany
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being that export dependent more than many other places in the world you see those traces in the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement and turnover figures and lastly also with a profits in the number 2 is that when you look at the very biggest companies in the world units like amazon apple alpha bit the google mother or son song they're underway in internet computers electronic consumer electronics and yes germany has missed the boat on that they're active in many tertiary areas that affect that in their big users of that technology but yes the americans the koreans the japanese partly have been better at using those business prospects and opportunities well if the convenes in the japanese are doing better under a or is it all down to the fact that asian companies are so strong because they're
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mostly high tech. well that is part of the reason monica is absolutely right now asia is home to some 50 percent of the world's fastest growing companies and a lot of that has come from china and india as well many reasons for. the asia being dubbed as the world's fastest growing economies as well as the walls manufacturing hub of course on the basic level consumer effluence is on the rise with higher middle income populations around the region. central banks also and governments are also lending deep support to local companies in order to push further into digital and sin tech industries as well now a lot of this also has to do with central banks adopting sophisticated monetary policies and laws in order to provide this support and in much the markets also let's not forget those as well
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a lot of infrastructure projects are being supported by financial such as b. and this for this financial it helps them sort of play a little bit of catch up with the rest of the world and they are catching up real fast and andrea i mean that is certainly something interesting for us to know what image to german corporates have in asia especially also compared to other european companies. well you'd be glad to know monica that i think by and large german companies still hold a very high benchmark to asian companies so much so that asia's power has not risen high enough in order to reach that benchmark or even go further and wanting to partner up with german companies now there are lots of examples of chinese acquisitions and partnerships mojo's with german companies as well as the rest of europe but let's not also forget a little sleeping giant that's been hanging by the side india is also a player to watch out for in the coming decades. a recent example of this would be
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taught us to use proposed mojo with germany's toys and group which was recently blocked by the e.u. so despite posting a lower g.d.p. india is definitely someone to look out for and it's a sign of things to come from this largest economy in asia. i just have a very very brief question for ali we have half a minute only how big a blow is it in real terms for the german economy how important are those companies . the big companies are important but the backbone of the german economy with the most jobs and the most turnover the most taxes the most innovations are the small and medium sized companies the middle stand that's a worldwide trade mark and there are a lot of companies even if they're smaller than the men's or some sewing or apple or world market leaders in their field and they're important to the growth of the others and germany has record employment and a very low unemployment so the country companies that are active here are actually
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serving germany itself well it's a no need to panic just yet thank you so much joe would have us in frankfurt and andrea hang in singapore. well united states nor makers are to launch an anti-trust investigation into silicon valley's biggest names to day we just heard those facebook google apple and amazon about to face the house judiciary committee in congress is 1st review of the tech sector which until now regulators left relatively undisturbed lawmakers will assess whether the giants of the valley have become too powerful and are killing competition the committee will start by examining the impact of the take giants platforms on news content in the media and the spread of misinformation online. the 29 consumer electronics show asia opened in shanghai around 70 firms that put their technology on display a 3rd of them chinese the 5th annual c e s focuses on the latest innovations in ai
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5 g. technology and startups from around the world but why donates to the event or why presented a high a i design which is meant to network and control all every day hardware devices the mobile phone can be used to control up to 8 supporting devices such as t.v.'s topless and p.c.'s. well no one knows what a post directed britain would look like but britons can now get a taste of what may be ahead at least in theory french video game company will be soft presents its vision of london after breaks it and it's not pretty the company unveiled a new game called watchdogs legion at the east 3 the electric entertainment expo in los angeles. it's london but not as you know it. has crushed the economy in throwing the country into chaos to come back crime violence on the streets and civil unrest the under-funded government has handed its power over to private
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military corporations. the french game maker ubi soft often hints at political themes in its games it's now taken on one of the most politically charged issues of the day and created a dystopian nightmarish not so distant future in its latest product watchdog legion's. we make culture and video games our culture and it's our it's our duty as creators of culture to talk about things that matter to people and sometimes that means controversy people people care about the world we live in and we have to be able to speak to that is going to voters the players can join a resistance movement called dead sec and fight your thora terry in regime the game is set for release in march next year whether or not it's a commercial success remains to be seen it's already sparked controversy and heated discussions on line breaks it is and remain as a divided over the portrayal of post bricks that britain just like in real life. europe's banking watchdog swarm of
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a huge wave of dirty money in europe's banking system and it does not have enough powers to combat financial crimes the chairman of the authority complained in a financial times interview that it's under stuff currently has just 10 employees to combat money laundering within the e.u. the european banking authority did make headlines this year for unveiling details of the 200000000000 euro money laundering scandal involving a danish lend dunstable. and french energy group total has started production on the cold sea and gas fields in the north sea around 200 kilometers north of aberdeen called will provide around 5 percent of britain's gas when it reaches peak production many total will then be supply almost to 20 percent of the u.k.'s total gas demand until the end was discovered it was celebrated as the largest gas field in a decade to tout controlled almost half of the fields while b.p. and j x independent share the rest. scientists around the. a
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raising to bring the 1st lap grown meat to market demand for meat is likely to increase considerably in the coming is and conventional farming is unlikely to cover it climate change is one of the reasons so need to grown in a petri dish could be a substitute for a trees in israel and the netherlands are already quite busy and all scientists at the university of tokyo of also presented their 1st lab or a tree stake a one by one centimeter piece of flesh vala a delicacy from the laboratory meat fibers made from the vein cells of a cow the scientists at the university of tokyo proudly show the result of years of work these and similar methods could soon feed people all over the world. to cry 2050 the world population will reach about 9000000000 it will be difficult for traditional meat produced by breeding animals to meet people's needs artificial
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meat as an alternative shows its necessity. could lead me to become a viable substitute for this. the fat cells blood vessels and bones that are so important for flavor need years to develop inside a cow flavor like that can't be produced in a laboratory but the researchers are working on it as well as on the price of meat grown in laboratories currently costs about $700.00 euros per kilogram but now a laboratory in israel says it's dramatically lowered the costs and promises a price per kilogram of about the euro's fight next year. and that is d w business asia i mean the team thanks for watching.
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because. it's $29.00 seem complimentary can't believe it is rising in south america. this is just brazil the pressure is all the claims of. europe live in another victory with the flow be the alamo. 30 minutes w. . stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program. d.w. dark column highlights.
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