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this is the. court strikes down laws against gay sex the ruling is received with jubilation in the courtroom but goes against the trend elsewhere in sub-saharan africa same sex relations to jail sentences to hear how this will affect people's lives the program. to child labor.
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states to. start back on tell you they can't spank outside. of their stores and shortly i will stop for some of the other stories making news around the world. government to protest as. to. resign of corruption allegations demonstrators blocked roads and set alight across the city schools businesses and government offices were closed after opposition leaders called the strike. on the structure demands civilian rule in saddam has entered its day the streets of the capital to remain largely deserted opposition groups call. for people to stay at home after security forces broke up
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a peaceful protest killing dozens. amazon has moved past high tech titans apple and google to become the world's most valuable brand retail and services companies a brand value search by 52 percent to $315000000000.00 according to market research agency at least apple in 2nd place last year's top brand google. salvage crews in the hungaroring capital budapest of recovered several bodies from the wreckage of the tour boat that sank on the danube last month in an operation that lasted more than 6 hours rescue workers raised the whole of the vessel which capsized after colliding with a large cruise ship $24.00 deaths were confirmed in the accidents immediate aftermath before another 4 bodies were found today the death toll makes it the worst disaster on down you for decades. i
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did w. correspondent. sends us this update from budapest. the south korean and hunt gary and divers found more victims today including a 6 year old child her motor and the captain it total $28.00 people passed away in the mermaids this small boat that was hit on may 29th by a much larger shit the captain of that ship that's now being detained questions will be asked as to how this accident could happen the whole operation has been dangerous i saw ethan a rescue worker fell overboard he was rescued at the last moment and survived whatever the outcome of the investigation will be and such can too late for those who mourn south koreans and hunger ariens has brought flowers and candles here to
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remember to victims of hungary's worst accident on the danube river in 75 years 7 votes reporting from budapest now to the future of work technology automation and globalization have already affected the way many of us work disrupting patterns for better and for worse shifts which have been compared to the industrial revolution they're also the focus of the international labor organization conference being held this week to mark the organizations 100 day the main topics include a future without child labor using technology to guarantee decent work and ending modern slavery which the island's as affects about 25000000 people around the world amongst the national lead to shuttle to address the conference in geneva germany's chancellor stressed the need to balance the opportunities against the risks of digital change then give them a call to ok and the world's industrialized countries. why if a north pole p.t.o.
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in europe is on that there's no doubt that the world's leading industrialized nations have especially benefited from globalization and the international division of labor and i have been that's why these countries have a responsibility to ensure fair working conditions but do not have at home where there's still a lot to do. but also wherever global delivery and supply chains are located in these for a full scale. india has emerged as one of the keynotes in that's a global supply chain but the country's also home to a high number of children who have to work u.n. officials estimate that about 10000000 children under the age of 14 are work in india which often comes at the expense of their education. they work in this scorching heat. collecting plastic bottles to sell on
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a scrap these are just 2 of india's 10000000 child laborers some work to support their families others like rohit have been abandoned that i don't know we have allowed my family through me i wish i was still with them when i was picking up rags then i broke my leg and they threw me i was my brother and 3 or 4 other boys helped me to get treatment and took care of me. one of the biggest drivers of child labor in delhi is migration kids whose parents come to the city in search of jobs are especially vulnerable to being put to work. even those visibly under-aged may lack documents proving they're too young to work. children's rights activists accuse authorities of failing to address the root causes of the problem the prevalence of child labor
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in the urban areas is increasing and i think some of the reasons are the fact that you know governments and you know suicide organizations focus a lot on immediate rescue and immediately habitation normally they don't focus much more on the longer situations or the prevention time engine and i think it's very critical for the government to start focusing on prevention for now the site of children working remains commonplace not just in india but in many other parts of the world as well a bleak reflection of the reality of child labor as both a cause and a consequence of extreme impoverishment so let's take a look at the situation in another country that is industrializing rapidly come vote here produces many of the clothes bought by people in the developed world but the drive to make the lowest possible price can lead to exploitation.
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these women are singing about peace work starvation wages and fainting from exhaustion they're textile workers at a labor union event even though in recent years the minimum wage has increased to about $160.00 euros per month that's barely enough to live on in cambodia what money somebody has labor protection laws are often not enforced 2 hours overtime is officially allowed but 4 hours is practically standard most women workers only have temporary work contracts they constantly worry about losing their job the companies keep them powerless. face masks and other protective gear are now standard in nearly half of companies here some clothing brands pay x. sternal consultants to inform women of their rights but higher wages and more social benefits put textile companies under pressure. the major brands buying
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agency compare prices worldwide they work contracts for the countries that charge the lowest price that's how it is i cannot say if that's right or wrong. international labor organization say that despite the progress that's been made cambodia is still one of the 10 worst countries in the world for workers. now to hong kong. where people are getting ready for strikes transport goes slows and another mass demonstration tonight business is a bowl service said they will shut on wednesday to show solidarity with campaigners but testing against a controversial bill that 6 to allow extraditions to china the chinese territory is so hundreds of thousands take to the streets on sunday calling on the city of egypt to scrap the changes both its fear of snow could undermine that others will tolerate from mainland china activist groups and of course the protests and strikes tomorrow with the suspect it to be approved by the city's legislative council.
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to go to hong kong and join t.w. correspondent on the team said bojo welcome it is tomorrow's protest likely to be as big of sunday's. no i don't think they will but they will be many people will show up but sunday's demonstrations were planned a long time ago people had time to prepare that's not the case tomorrow however many businesses have sent they were shut down to allow their workers to join the protests and the whole range of groups have called for. to to join the protests behind me is the government's offices it is now late at night we've seen what mainly christian groups chanting hallelujah here but a lot of others have also said announced that they would come at night and spend the night here camp in front of the legislative building which will highlight hold
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the hearing tomorrow. prominent to hong kong business leaders have warned legislators to be cautious about this bill what are their concerns and are they likely to be hated. while. the business leaders are you traditionally forced that supports the government to probe aging forces so this was of course a very big deal that they spoke out book out against this law they said that they were concerned they would be deported to mainland china for example on tax evasion trumped up or not whatever in china happens often businesses are targeted the government has eased some of their concerns and some of the business associations have withdrawn their opposition. but. many of them
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remain concerned as well as the legal professions who are usually also not known to be anti government so this protest is much broader than for example the protests in 2014 as far as. as the whole range of society is concerned that regardless of their position they territories the chief executive kerry lamb is adamant that this bill will go through why is she so determined. that's hard to say because she doesn't really explain a lot she says it's necessary to shut down lupo's for international criminals fugitives who come to hong criminal fugitives who seek shelter in hong kong but she has not really addressed the concerns that the people have here. she seems determined we don't know whether beijing is behind this or whether she really thinks that this is something hong kong needs to do for its own sake she says the
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latter but people don't trust her. let's hear from of a chief executive of hong kong that carry law. and the bill will resume its reading 2nd reading to date on the trial of june and we have killed so members about it you say the council and various organizations and groups in society to continue or to a way in participate in the discussion in a calm and rational and peaceful manner. bull injured will carry lambs appeal make much difference i don't think people will listen to what she is saying now people have been protesting people have been raising their concerns today the legislative council has shortened the period for discussion on this bill that would be left after tomorrow's 2nd hearing that is not a sign of considering of conciliation this is of course
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a sign that the government wants to push this through so that's why people the opposition does not trust in this case. on matters polisher and call ahead. thank you. there are social democrats from across the european union meeting in brussels this week it's a difficult time for the center left which traditionally represented blue collar workers but with those jobs coming under threat because of automation or european societies diversifying social democrats fall stripes are examining where they fit into a shifting political landscape the social democrats used to be the people's party now that the crisis party its demise appears to be unstoppable with one catastrophe hot on the heels of the other last weeks or another party member step down this time and their knowledge is he resigned from her post as head of the s.p.d. they are going to talk i've just taken my leave from the s.p.d.
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party executive. i've resigned. she's the 1st woman to leave the s.p.d. party executive after just a very year in office predecessor martin schildt didn't even last the full year. the social democrat party appears to be a sinking ship with rotating leaders at the helm and popular approval ratings on a downward spiral. in the post-war era the s.p.d. star was on the ascent and by 972 it was germany strongest party in 1980 to have scored a became chancellor and the party went into freefall political scientist or norgate power has been documenting the history of the social democrats for decades. it is kind of folks but the s.p.d. is no longer a broad based party and it hasn't been one for a long time you can see from election results that the party still garners votes
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but not to the extent where you can say it's proof that the s.p.d. is represented in all the relevant groups of society. the s.p.d. germany's oldest pleasurable party was born over 150 years ago in times of harsh working conditions and massive social inequity. after coming to power in 1983 i don't pick lettuce or to push through the so-called enabling act but was tortured by the surreal democrats shortly afterwards the party was outlawed party loyalists were passed accuse it taken to concentration camps and killed. after the 2nd world war the s.p.d. reestablished itself to become the leading opposition voice to the conservatives. 3 social democrat leaders were crowned chancellor plant how much mitt and get hutch for. at the moment i don't see any prospect of an s.p.d.
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chancellor because there's no one there and because the s.p.d. is not in a condition where it can win elections and then former leader government and few. months it was very blunt he set the course for the social democrats success today the party looks like a disoriented conflict as and worn out version of the proud people's party it once used to be. u.s. president donald trump has promised to reveal more details of a migration deal he says was struck last week between the united states and mexico mexican officials say they have been given 45 days to demonstrate increased efforts to reduce the number of migrants entering the u.s. meanwhile in the u.s. state of new mexico militia taking matters into their own hands trying to stop people at the border civil liberties monitors accuse them of detaining migrants illegally been fascinating offices your correspondent all of a solid spent 3 days with members of the militia he sent us this report from el
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paso and the neighboring state of texas. a militia man is beginning his shift its mission to find and stop illegal migrants. every night he and his friends up the guardian patriots gather in the new mexican desert near el paso. where they have been described as right wing extremist but the militia insists they are just trying to help the author already for them this is carte blanche this is an open border and would border patrol being strained it's an unprotected border so we need to be here we need to back up the border patrol. a piece of wall has been built to control the influx of migrants but it's far from complete. this is where the wall suddenly ends and you can easily walk from mexican into american soil and this is just a very good example why militias think that they are needed to help secure the border critics however say that this should only be in the hands of the border
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patrol. or the coming your heart we got to ok so thayer at nightfall the guardian or patriots into action a group of migrants are just entering american soil and. we've got more crossing after stopping the group. the militia calls border patrol for help some try to escape through the rio grande. militia member children himself is sung to an illegal migrant from mexico but he wants new arrivals to come to the u.s. the legal way. back in the day you have to pay for your education you have to ticket to speak english get to know the president's you know yeah it's hard but that's the legal way to do it when they just do it legal this way it cost the taxpayer money more. but it's not just the migrants who might be breaking the law
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the militia has been accused of taking people into custody at gunpoint and illegal act if it's against their will. it's. weird or just get ready for shift in the. camp liberty. numb the seal the border network for human rights condemns the guardian patriots presence of the border saying they need loosely incite fear for no real reason it's just children mothers. grandmothers they are just born in themselves to border patrol because they're looking for help so in that context why do we need. what do we need a militia. but the guardian patriots have no doubt they are needed as long as president trumps wall remains unfinished. until then they say they will continue to
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watch over the border. under sports sodomy football and some of the favorites of the women's world cup faltered over the 1st 4 days but day 5 of the tournament gives fans a 1st look at the most dominant force in women's football over the last 20 years team usa the americans are defending champions and are well aware that 29000 could be their toughest test yet. i will record world champions usa title defense this summer and france might prove more difficult than ever before. i think it's going to be a remarkable world cup i think the the level of competition 4 years on from the last one has exponentially increased the different teams now rising and it's going to be a very open world cup and we're excited to go out there and attack it. but a challenge doesn't daunt the country with nearly half the world's total registered female youth players and things to america's solid infrastructure of club and
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college of a football coach joe ellis has had a vast pool of players through crude from over the past 4 years her friends found squad has a balanced mix of experience veterans and young talents. like 21 year old super sub mallory pugh she for one college football to play professionally. alongside her role models i was talking to alex like a week ago and she was like whatever role that year like event just like play play it's the best that you can that's super important because like we need all $23.00 players to try and win the world cup for the team star alex morgan it'll be her 3rd time playing on the world's biggest stage in 2015 she was coming off an injury but this year she's expected to perform at her very. we're just trying to take it one game out of time and we're not focusing on the fact that we're looking to defend anything we're definitely looking to come out with a win in no way i mean is that about a repeat or anything like that but repeated they might well attended and decisive
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wins in their preparation games indicate that the usa might continue dominating women's soccer well into the future yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. the one woman who's hardly skilled with the ball is not playing in the women's world cup that's not me i don't shut as a freestyler on the only woman to have won all 3 major titles in the freestyle football world and entry point and as a team player but he didn't and her fascination with the beautiful guy. coordination well controlled and balance it seems middleby don't she from paris has it all she's one of the world's best football freestylers general for style like freestyle because it's a very free sport without rules above all it's an art
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a mix of football basketball and downs. i mean 3 put an end to her professional soccer career over 10 years ago middle east date on the ball transitioning smoothly to free style along with speed and energy technique is paramount and she quickly mounts deceiving complex tricks thanks to my favorite tricks called use of the stall. it goes like this you balance the ball on the sole of one foot with the other foot to one side with the. middle of the joint the streaks down society s 3 in 2010 as it only female member but she's more than a match for the team mates for years she's trained 4 to 5 hours a day that she tried to pressure the class needed me right from the start when i was one or 2 years old my mother gave me some dulls and i threw them in the trash but when she gave me a bowl i was really happening. football's always been a part of my life. really is booked for events the world over she takes part
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regularly international tournaments she's won the freestyle world championship title 4 times like here in 2016 in london. better for diesel truck been free styling for 10 years now i've been to around 50 countries and met lots of well known football is there. recently i got to know naima and i met christiane and rinaldo in japan. middleby has also become a social media success with her tricks with the bold videos like this one of a handstand have been seen around the world to a by do you feel it wasn't that hard for me to establish myself in this sport since i've been playing for my early years. and right from the start i played with boys. the moment she stopped him with the ball she's the center of attention as
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a woman who's mastered the ball she raises eyebrows. this is why i think it's great that women can play at this level and deliver a performance like that i see this skill with the ball as a not lot of good feedback along but i think it's unusual for a woman to handle the ball and to freestyle say well normally you when you see boys doing that. in the states women's football is getting more and more attention. to. how much to serve their clear think it's good that women's football keeps on developing and of course i'll be watching the women's world championships this time they're being held in france she knew so forced. shay's determined to show that she's just as good as the guys. who are ball skills are on the way here. next it's kickoff will be taking a look. aminata copa america i'll be back at the top of the hour good.
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luck. holds. close.
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to going to. pick up the body its $29.00 team copa america and the believe it is lost against south america this year's host is brazil and the pressure is on the books. your is lying. another victory smith.
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movie that played out more. next on. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how do we stand up. my name is dr carson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to go ahead. stay tuned and let's call try to stay. calm t w. still if you'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a football fix think again. if the women's movement
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came from its place of excitement. non-stop. it's crazy 19 minutes. old the results on the d.w.p. . just a few old days a.


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