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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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they should stay. as big tax gotten today u.s. lawmakers start a probe into the market dominance of silicon valley companies like facebook google and apple. also want to show broken promises from the world's biggest consumer goods company to pledge years ago to limit forestation through versus sourcing that's not exactly what happened. and french videogame maker ubi soft imagine a post that breaks that this filthy london and its latest offering presented out to eat free in l.a. . this is good business i'm joined in berlin welcome united states lawmakers have launched an investigation into silicon valley's
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biggest names today the probe by the house judiciary committee marks congress's 1st review of the tech sector which until now regulators had left relatively undisturbed lawmakers will assess whether the concentrated power of facebook apple google and amazon are harming consumers and killing competition the committee has started by examining the impact of the tech giants forms on news content the media and the spread of mis information online. the hearo joins us now from wall street good to see you always now they need to rein in big tech this is one of the issues that unites us lawmakers on both sides of the aisle does that mean the likelihood is increased that we will see drastic regulation for these companies. not sure about drastic measures yet you know but at least said the reason a general consensus both from us legislators and regulators on the need for
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stronger supervision so far it seems the justice department and the federal trade commission are looking into potential proves that again gulf of it amazon and. the judiciary committee he's also has to have been in the right direction so it seems there are plenty of reasons. to be worried op when google for example control more than 95 percent of all mobile spending by usa consumers while google and facebook and it nearly 60 percent of all digital advertising is spending worldwide meanwhile has significantly impacted industries such as booksellers or grocery stores by engaging in price wars with his competitors. now this is just the beginning of a long process but what sort of outcomes do you see on the table at the end of it are we going to see the fines like the kind that these companies saw in europe are
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we going to see these companies being broken down into smaller ones like some of the u.s. lawmakers want. you know probably finds them more regulation to a stop in big tech companies expand their empires a. realistic outcome some legislators is to consider premature or to to go for breaking up become pretty is there are plenty of obstacles ahead previews and best a geisha is to get a year or so to materialize as is the case of democracy of one that led to no break up at all in the early 2000 there is also a legal president in divesting tech companies here in the u.s. that while these tech giants they can afford an army of. lead to do years and years of confrontations in court. thank you for sending these to haro on wall street there for us. now to some other business stories
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making news. penn state attorney general attorneys general led by new york and california have filed a federal lawsuit to block table by $26.00 and a half $1000000000.00 bid for sprint they say consumers will be harmed by the merger of especially low income groups analysts say the move is the meant it to head off still pending approval from the justice department. lawyers for survivors and relatives of the victims of london's friend felt our fire have filed suit against us companies in philadelphia 72 people died in the 27000 disaster a lawsuit named whirlpool which made their refrigerator believed to have started the fire the case is also against our conic and salo tax which made the cladding and insulation that are alleged to have helped the flames to spread. a new study by consultancy e weiss says the revenues of germany's top companies increased by only 1.2 percent
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on average while their counterparts in the us and asia have grown by over 10 percent per year only 44 of the world's top 1000 firms are based in germany. nearly 10 years ago some of the world's largest consumer brands including nestlé and unilever pledged to reach net 0 d forestation within a decade the responsible sourcing of cattle palm oil soil and other commodities to say nothing much has been achieved then is an understatement take a look. the pledge by the consumer goods forum was supposed to mean less of this but with only months to go it's clear the aim of ending net deforestation by many of the world's biggest brands is not within reach now environmentalists greenpeace say the situation is bleak and it's one the likes of for rare 0 unilever nestlé twitter volved to avoid a climate an ecological breakdown greenpeace says the amount of land being cleared to make space for crops that are widely used in mass produced foods is rising in
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many areas even after producers promise to work towards an end to de forest station sawyer is seen as the 2nd biggest driver of global deforestation behind cattle farming more lands been cleared for it in brazil since 2010 and palm oil is also among the products most responsible for the clearing of forests and that continues in indonesia greenpeace says the increased proliferation of the crops will mean that despite the consumer goods foreign pledge a further 50000000 hectares of forest will have been cleared between 20102020 as an area the size of spain greenpeace came to its conclusions with the use of graphics like these from nasa showing the disappearance of trees on the planet the consumer goods forum says its many high profile members have moved substantially towards their goal of a hunter percent sustainable sourcing of the 4 commodities most associated with the loss of the rainforest but it excepts that the challenge of ending deforestation altogether is more complex than it had estimated almost
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a decade ago. even member states have agreed to begin the so-called excessive deficit procedure against italy for its failure to reduce debt italy's national debt topped 132 percent of economic output last year that you commission says it has not done enough to cut it down to 60 percent as per eurozone rules it's all part of the blame on italy's large spending programs the country could ultimately be fined up to 3 and a half 1000000000 euros. plant based substitutes for meat products from companies like beyond meat or impossible foods are becoming popular for a number of reasons one is that carnivores are becoming more aware of the ethical and environmental considerations involved in eating the but are necessarily prepared to give up their taste for animal products but lab grown meat could be another way forward scientists at the university of tokyo have presented their 1st take grown from callus else a one by one centimeter piece of flesh
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a delicacy from the laboratory meat fibers made from the vein cells of a cow that scientists at the university of tokyo proudly show the result of years of work these and similar methods could soon feed people all over the world. to cry 2050 the world population will reach about 90000000000 it will be difficult for traditional meat produced by breeding animals to meet people's needs artificial meat as an alternative shows its necessity of this and it could lead me to become a viable substitute for this. the fat cells blood vessels and bones that are so important for flavor need years to develop inside a cow flavor like that can't be produced in a laboratory but the researchers are working on it as well as on the price of meat grown in laboratories currently costs about $700.00 euros per kilogram but now
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a laboratory in israel says it's dramatically lowered the costs and promises a price per kilogram of about pete rose by next year. french videogame maker ubisoft has come out with its own playful take on the u.k.'s impending departure from the e.u. if you can call a dark journey into a london turn dystopian it after brags that playful watchdogs legion was presented at the electronic entertainment expo or 83 in los angeles the game is a visual exercise in worst case scenarios and it doesn't pull any punches. it's london but not as you know it has crushed the economy and throwing the country into chaos to come back crime violence on the streets and civil unrest the underfunded government has handed its power over to private military corporations. the french can make a ubi soft often hints at political themes and it's games it's now taken on one of the most politically charged issues of the day and created a dystopian nightmarish not so distant future in its latest product watchdog
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legions. we make culture and video games our culture and it's our it's our duty as creators of culture to talk about things that matter to people and sometimes that means controversy people people care about the world we live in and we have to be able to speak to that is game developers the players can join a resistance movement called dead sec and fight you authoritarian regime the game is set for release in march next year whether or not it's a commercial success remains to be seen it's already sparked controversy and heated discussions on line breaks it is and remain as a divided over the portrayal of post bricks that britain just like in real life. putting your fruit and vegetables into a thin plastic bag will no longer be free of charge and germany the multinationals who for market chain is going to charge one cent a bag starting this summer the aim is not to increase profits but to produce equate
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according to the environment ministry germans used more than $3000000000.00 of these plastic bags last year at $37.00 per person says it hopes that competitors will follow suit. and that's it for me and the v.w. business team here in berlin thank you very much for watching. cut.
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