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the history of. those who know about secret things have a house like this. most of the good actionable radio hosts. cultural heritage foundation. lives treasure trove power to push. starts june 21st on d w. this is eat up the news a show coming up in the program a fight for hong kong's autonomy protesters in hong kong clashed with police over the goal that sessions to chip away at the territories autonomy alone can hong kong hold out against beijing plus. fighting back the filipino martial artist using just kills to have victims of child abuse also coming off the
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full. mongolian metal goes on to offer our reporter catches up with the who band on plugged in by laying. claim. i'm going to welcome to the other news asia it's good to have you with us. protests continue in hong kong against a proposed law that would allow people in the territory to be extradited to the chinese mainland but at the cold of these protests is something bigger the fight for hong kong's autonomy and its democracy china applies the one country 2 systems principle to hong kong giving the territory the right to determine the laws that govern it but how successful have demands for this to be respected been let's go
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back 5 years and you will remember these pictures students and pro-democracy activists getting umbrellas protesting in hong kong's business district in late 2014 demanding free and fair elections but what did lead to 3 leaders of the umbrella movement were sent to jail in 2017 and in april this year 7 others were handed prison terms for their role in the movement also in 2017 for pro-democracy legislators what disqualified from parliament for refusing to declare loyalty to china when they took their oath of office and last year despite opposition to hong kong legislature approved a measure that meant chinese law trump hong kong law in parts of the new west lawn train station there are many more such instances but we did turn to the current protests and our correspondent phoebe kong reporting from where they are being held . like the umbrella movement 5 years ago most of the people present here today are
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young people saying to me as the hometown residents as they have gone through frustrations in the serious off the field is social movements in the past few years but what is the biggest difference is that these time people up here to help overcome the this this is a part in the possibility is that even though to understand this has to succeed it's extremely small this time this do it this time and to stand up and fight for what they believe in even the if it doesn't come true ultimately. not only not in the studio has been bought she's seen a china that's part of the bettles mandans to do it. in a beilin mr boche welcome to the studio thank you for coming in at the outset can i just ask you is this protest doomed to fail. i'm afraid it's not going to get to a good result what is failure here i don't think the protesters in hong kong are out to actually stop the no it's not about the little it's about them voicing their
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discontent and this discontent is really against the communist party of china they are saying you don't represent us and we don't q one q to meddle in hong kong's affairs as much as you have done over the last couple of years but that is not something that they're going to be very successful in but they make their point strongly but even if they're make this point and they've made this point repeatedly in the past 5 years beijing hasn't budged an inch where does this end. that is the crucial question and i don't think it's going to end well for the people in hong kong you've seen the pictures where they photograph people they've gone after the last generation of protesters really hardly and i'm afraid they're going to do that again because the one thing that the beijing government does not accept is a challenge to its authority because hong kong has also been
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a model for the rest of china always and what beijing really does not want to happen is. for people in china especially young people in china to get an idea that you can protest against the communist party that you can challenge the system and get away with it so what you're saying is that beijing needs to make an example of hong kong every time one can protest against beijing's rule and that example we've been made every time no matter what does i'm afraid that is the path they're on they don't want an escalation because that is not going to do them any service and they are very much censoring the events in hong kong on the mainland so the awareness in china is not that high at the moment they don't want escalation at the moment but they want to stop this and what is really i believe freaking them out is this guy is off this protest it's one in 7 people in hong kong that's equivalent to
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12000000 people in germany or almost $50000000.00 people in the u.s. it's an unprecedented protest but when it comes to a whole talking about hong kong we speak about the one country 2 systems principle this is the principle that china itself came up with does china actually follow this principle as a just that. they do follow it hong kong does have its autonomy and it's going to have to autonomy for a while but beijing is not really feel feeling bound to this law anymore which was set up in the eighty's and the totally different conditions and they definitely don't want hong kong to make trouble and this kind of protest is exactly what is beijing's definition of making trouble. from the institute thank you very much for coming into the studio and explaining this to us. last year made history by winning a gold medal in the digits of world championships making the filipino fighter
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a figure of national pride at home now she is using her status to tackle the child sex tourism that blights the philippines with her campaign to empower abuse survivors on the mat. for one thing filipino martial arts star mega church or knows is how to fight and how to win but know she's wrestling with the scourge afflicting her country using jujitsu to help survivors of child abuse triumph over their trauma. before this i always ran away from my problems before this i always cried about it. the philippines has been branded a hub of child sexual exploitation that's increasingly happening online might mean miss winky charity 10 days omes highlighted the scale of the problem using sweetie a computer generated girl who was targeted by 20000 paedophiles in just
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a few weeks after the children are often forced to perform sexual acts from. even its wide jujitsu world champion a chore decided to act as. you look at setting up the fight to protect initiative to help victims of child abuse to regain their confidence through self defense. well 1st some of the kids that i've gotten to know some of them. view themselves as nothing like the they saw themselves as worthless you know because of what they experienced. physical therapy like this has its critics who warn that it could be retried ties in for victims but for a tour and the girls the empowering effect are all too clear. for somebody that has gone through that kind of trauma specifically it makes you more comfortable off the right kind of that you know that that's not. that's not abusive point that
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that is you know part of sport mean aware of your own body also once i learned jujitsu it helped me to realize that it's not your fault it's just a challenge for you and a challenge that's all chore has readily embraced teaching her country's most vulnerable the art of self-defense and the feeling of self-worth. now some of you might remember a story we did back in february about the mongolian rock band making waves at home and abroad in case you missed it take a listen to this. that's mongolia's the home band and they're now taking their unique blend of metal and
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traditional mongolian music on the road our reporter jetted reid caught up with the band before their show here in berlin. music sensations unleashing a different kind of metal on the world who spilled h.e.u. have created a huge buzz with a distinctive blend of modern waist and michel with the traditional folk instruments and got a real throat singing of ancient mongolia the result is a powerful sound that's made the wildly popular online now defense can see them live to. cover their concert 3000000 a day but by a long haul the euro 96 captured a lot. thanks to you cheers but now this one here and here and then describe i want that on your table in the back you didn't know you needed it you live until
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right now how. to take the name from mongolia's root word for human and they call this style who rock inspired by the ancient mongolian empire. the band's videos showing mongolia's barren landscapes reference to the country's nomadic roots and to push for action against global warming using tanks in poetry and war cries in their lyrics 3 of the band's members told w. that they're encouraging the young to mongolia ends to engage more with their history. to get we'd like to introduce our culture to the world and we want to inspire the younger generation to cherish their elders to show them what past generations have done for us. we wanted to invite people to unite together to be proud of who they are and do something good for the world and for. a. while internet fame has come quickly the band
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a role trained musicians who have spent years honing their own particular brand of heavy metal it's a genre that became enormously popular as mongolia transition to democracy in 1990 . the true. among loved rock music and i think it's something to do with our culture our history and our traditional music. that the idea of riding horses being energetic. rock music has everything it has energy it has the power and it's the food and that's why i think mungo ins love rock music and for doing. this you plan to release their debut album in september and that sure to be music to the ears of heavy metal fans longing to hear something a little bit different. more on the dot com forward slash issue on facebook and twitter i bet you want to see
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more of the whole bad they're coming up next that's already have for you today with your next time i phone all. her students school in the jungle. her 1st clue listen. and then i'm sure is a grand moment arrives join during a tango on her journey to. you know we're going through dungeon tour. returns home . to know that 77 percent. are younger than
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60 pot. that's me and me and you. and you know what external voice is. longer 77 percent he told. you this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. more than 115000000 children around the world being forced to black today on world today against child labor we take a closer look at the situation in india and talk to our correspondent who daily to find out what's been done to end the vicious cycle. child labor and poverty. also
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coming up if you can't beat them eat them in the netherlands bring the bugs as an alternative and environmentally friendly feet for animals. come to your business i want to get jones of good to have you with us. how we treat our children is a reflection of our societies and values this is part of a statement released for well today against child labor in which the international labor organization is governments workers and employers to make a final push to end child labor the iowa has been working for the abolition of child labor since it was founded 100 years ago much has been achieved but it's still common in many parts of the developing world in a moment we go live to our correspondent in india but 1st this report shift kumar is 9 years old and works with his older sister in the coal mines of geria both begin every day at dawn it's not only exhausting it's also dangerous shiv
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kumar has been seriously injured at work before your eyes i don't have.


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