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this is the dubliners life from 2 reportedly attacked in the gulf one appears to have been hit by a torpedo cruiser evacuated leaving ships adrift on the high seas the apparent attacks come at a time of heightened tensions between washington and. also on the program come to terms of hong kong after rising laughter dozens injured protesters said they will continue their campaign against the proposed new suspects to be extradited to. the polish is spreading again and the leading researchers say she described as
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truly frightening around 2000 people have died from disease in the democratic republic of congo and now it has claimed 2 lives in neighboring you've got. to end the football the women world cup in france germany will almost certainly breach the knockout stage of the tournament after a heartful one win over spend. time phil gayle welcome to the program. 2 oil tankers have reportedly been attacked in the gulf of oman near the strait of hormuz so one was hit by a suspected torpedo crews have been rescued leaving both vessels to drift the apparent attacks come as tensions between the u.s. and iran are run high the white house says the u.s. is assessing the situation german foreign minister germany's foreign minister called for d.s. . for all sides in the gulf describing the incidents as extremely disturbing. to
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oil tankers in the gulf of oman damaged under mysterious circumstances crews forced to evacuate. the norwegian owned from tell to carrying a highly flammable petroleum product and the japanese courageous carrying methanol were both allegedly targeted in iranian waters near the strategic strait of homeowners a conduit for a 5th of all global oil consumption. you know the rain yet news outlets of local search and rescue teams had picked up 44 sailors from the front before it sank in the gulf of oman but the vessels norwegian owner says the tanker remains afloat. confusion about the situation prevails and norwegian authorities have called on its ships in the region to exercise extra caution shortly after the suspected attack prices soared jumping as much as 4 percent highlighting how crucial the area remains to global energy supplies. today's incident in the gulf of
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oman is reminiscent of a similar episode last month in which 4 ships were damaged in an alleged sabotage attack off the emirates. a middle east analyst daniel gallacher came into d.w. to give us his assessment i think it is a very serious incident these kinds of operations and obviously it's not an accident these kinds of operations are either conducted by whatever special forces of state actors or terrorist organizations nobody has claimed this attack of course but it is possible that terrorists or criminal organizations might want to benefit from what looks like of course the rain and. the special forces operation maritime operation i have absolutely no evidence and no reason to speculate that that's what it is but there are many players in the region that could benefit from such an escalation from iran. standing accused and
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a possible act of retribution there is one point that i want to highlight the japanese prime minister was in tehran to. suggest that he would negotiate mediate between the united states and iran and according to our information both ships were on their way to japan so that is a very peculiar coincidence i don't know if somebody is trying to send a political message here or if it's just coincidence but what is also important to mention is that this attack was designed in a way that apparently it would not blow up both ships that would not cause a large amount of fatalities so i don't know if that is coincidence or if it's also again a message to say we don't blow up the ships but we harm it the least honest attack . now a measure of calm has reserved hong kong in the wake of a series of large protests against a planned new law allowing suspects to be extradited to china or forces have been clearing the way barricades are following
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a night of clashes that left 79 people injured a smaller number of protesters assembled on the heavy security in the city center today if you legislators have not responded that next debate on the proposed programs fear of the measures will erode civil liberties. doubly reporter hunch where lady is from home called welcome. so i have the protesters come back today after yesterday's approach us well it has been a relatively calm day. to work will return to normal life however a number of people of protesters are still gets to gathered around the parliament and in fact our correspondents talks to some protests today let's have a listen. then the perception of the band i'm 17 years old and i'm a high school student and my classmates are having examined so bright but i decided
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to skate and to come here to protest. because the future phone call is more important to me and this is something that will affect the freedom of every homecoming citizen that's why it's so crucial i think you you know you get used. to that i'm a bit frustrated but we must have this below average usage of therefore we are not giving out for example some other commune here folks picnic azaria trying to caroline is there a way to go on strike. my bus was ok for us to come here so i'm here today. i think there's no justification police to use tear gas and rubber bullets out i am. happy to go out. and speak up on the reaction to the protest yesterday so they would tear gas was used where they
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were seeing the pictures behind that was quite a scene what have people been saying about yesterday's events well of course they are very angry still very angry about the extradition law but they are furious about the police the behavior of the police a many of them say that police used excessive unnecessary force to disperse crowds when a lot of the protesters were actually demonstrating peacefully and also today police arrested yesterday and today police have arrested a number of people and some of them are students and police actually searched the home or to arrest the students and people are also very angry about that and tell us about the international reaction to yesterday's attacks well so germany has already expressed some concerns about this. the foreign office tweeted that they are very concerned about the situation in hong kong and that examining whether the current. extradition agreement between hong kong and germany there is one between
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them whether it can retain the lead a team if the extradition normal is going to be adopted and the u.k. . also had some reactions prime minister to resign may said that the rights and freedom set out and the 984 sign of british agreement should be respected because hong kong used to be a british colony and $984.00 they had an agreement and this is what permits to rescind may has that and also taiwan also expressed concern u.s. president donald trump said he hopes that hong kong and china will be able to work out and also a lot of reactions from some other parts of the world ok so the very very 2nd reading of this bill that's been perspire on for an hour so what should we expect over the coming days well and other huge protests has been cold on this coming sunday so we might expect another another pre-purchased on sunday because this is
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the weekend and so people don't have to work so they may come out again and on monday there should be another discussion to go on and that we can we can also expect some protests. from the thank you so. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world are the british government has approved the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange to the united states his lawyers are expected to challenge the decision which must be approved by a court a final verdict is not expected for months he's wanted in the united states for leaking u.s. classified material in 2010. former british foreign minister has overwhelmingly won the 1st round to a photo to become leader of the ruling conservative party and therefore prime minister he goes through to the next round with 6 others the bracks of hard labor says he will leave the u.k.
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out of the european. severe cycle of varying past india's western coast is set to lash coastal areas with a heavy wind rain and waves a cycle of value that had been too to strike the state of gujarat today but changed course and is now unlikely to make landfall. turkey has accused the syrian government syrian government forces of attacking a turkish observation point in syria's province 3 turkish soldiers were wounded in the attack and some equipment and facilities were damaged leading medical research organization has described the current outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo as truly frightening the u.k. based welcome trust says there are demick which is claimed more than 2000 lives is the worst since 2016 and shows no sign of stopping the world health organization is considering whether to declare a global emergency it has now spread to uganda where 2 people including the 5 year
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old boy have died. a border can stop a virus but uganda nothe already is are trying 3 cases have been registered in the country as the 1st known cross borders spread since an outbreak began in the neighboring democratic republic of congo last august fears are growing that this might only be the beginning. one outbreak in the d.s. is still going on and by today we have over 2000. confounds cases and so the probability over more cases or says it will come from the d.r. a c into uganda these very high. in full isn't new to uganda the country has seen 5 al breaks of the disease since the year 2000 it has now stepped up efforts to contain the virus screening every person coming in from the eastern d r c the government is also deploying an experimental ebola vaccine for
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health care workers along the border we are very close. that many more people coming to support the response in this many more people we know boxing day and so on friday we shall be taking but in addition again more. frontline hill to our cause other work unring bucks the nation for the contacts because of past successes in combating the disease uganda is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the fight against involucre but faced with the most recent cases many ugandans feel uneasy and wish their country did more to educate citizens about the virus the government does not done enough to surprise people about it because i think they're up in origin it should have started the from the rural areas but you know when people have the symptoms they want to hide on in the mix with a great opportunity which now spritz their disease to to white up the area of sere
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school. but they. are both. from what you seem. to mean is we see you. tomorrow the world health organization is set to decide whether it be a full outbreak now that it has transcendent the d r c should be declared an international health emergency. let's get more on this from time to speak for the world health organization he joins us from geneva welcome to d.w. we saw in that report that uganda seems to be prepared how worried should other countries surrounding the deal see a big countries like rwanda and the central african republic. well since the beginning of this outbreak that was declared on august 1st to last here we have been saying that there is a higher risk of regional spread because north q were any tory provinces in
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congo very volatile there was a security. instability there is a hive movement of population and there is lots of movement to be done with neighboring countries so far we didn't have any cases until a few days ago and that time has been used by all these countries to step up their preparedness levels so. uganda rwanda have vaccinated health workers who work in areas near the border. travelers have been systematically screened over 63000000 travelers have been screened not only inside the r.c. but also at the border crossings those neighboring countries have been working on equipping and training health workers to be able to quickly detect and respond to any possible case crossing the border so this is exactly what happened a few days ago and the reaction of the ugandan health authorities was very swift
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they sent in teams to quickly do 2 separate them your logic and detective work if you wish to find out. who could have been in contact with the doz people who have been. sent just like i was in the ground work is being done and that's that's good we heard in the report they have. is looking at declaring this looking at whether to declare this international health emergency what difference would that make. well tomorrow as you have said the committee on ebola d r c will convene for the 3rd time and have basically to look into the latest developments and issue accommodations to the director general doubly sure whether to declare this outbreak as a global health emergency one said we had you know passed 4 times the collaboration
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of global health emergency 4 different diseases and did means really that then director general has to eat sure temporary recommendations to affected countries to not affected countries although they are known by these are commendations a level up from the public health advice that we usually do there is also a need for the florida emergency committee to reconvene a cleese every 3 months and review that argus and really what the major see declaration is to bring to attention and necessary soup forks from the international community to a particular health crisis and do the countries involved in the region do they have everything that they need to fight this well little bit preparedness work has been done and we hope that it's spectacular situation will show that did this work can i can can show some results that we are having issues with funding there is a shortfall of over $50000000.00 u.s.
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dollars for the current response plan we really are script donors to come up what we also ask a great involvement of the u.n. now sir are a teams on the ground in d r c can get what is necessary and that's a stable political and security environment so our teams together with the ministry of health a lot of partners can access all the communities without fearing for their lives thank you so much we wish you well tanika us out of it from the world health organization thank you. now mediators are stepping up efforts to end the standoff between military rulers and their civilian opponents in sudan protesters called off a general strike and campaign of civil disobedience earlier this week and agreed to fresh talks with the army they say that more than 100 protesters say that more than 100 people were killed in last week's crackdown and they're demanding international guarantees to be sure that any deal with the army is actually up out is that if.
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any if any agreement needs to include i don't know in international guarantees. and had this fuck up and were only prepared to discuss an agreement that leads to our proposal of a civil government and you know without discussion of any other issues. in my little one half of all. of the united states has appointed a new special envoy to promote a democratic revolution to sudan's political crisis veteran diplomats donald booth is in hock to along with the u.s. top envoy for africa. holding meetings with the transitional military government and key figures of the protest movement and then found out he's about to meet to ethiopia prime minister and senior officials of the african union who are also mediating in this crisis but his reka marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the war in kosovo in which they small state in southeastern europe broke away from
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serbia thousands of people were killed in the fighting now the humanitarian law center costs of in the capital prishtina is remembering the war's youngest victims with a special exhibition called once upon a time and never again. these children knew nothing of weapons exodus or destruction how people harm each other. but then war ended their world a war that brutally ended the lives of many people. and exhibits and christina remembers the children who were killed in the course of a war 20 years ago. to this day those 9 monuments or specials dates to on of these lost children we think it's very important that all those who lost their lives or disappeared back and will not be forgotten and that's why we chose this way to remember them as locals will know
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. more than $1000.00 children were killed during the war and this exhibition every one of the young victims is named. also on display a personal keepsakes that parents held onto mementos associated with grief and pain . many mothers and fathers welcome the idea that the public can now take part in understanding this tragedy. said that it was of their not i could have the need to share this story and they want for what happened to be showing you know that you were there that it doesn't say this country's institutions have so far done nothing in the sense of the decision is that of yet must needs to me i think that after 20 is we as a society need to process what this country went through when you said that it never happens again you would you can you got the city the. conflicts in kosovo began in 1998 the war lasted a year and
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a half hundreds of communities were devastated. the past impacts people's lives to this day including this visit is back then his mother fled with him to germany that's why he finds the sad fate of those who stayed behind in kosovo particularly moving because of it is definitely a good idea to have an exhibition like this so that what we went through during the war can be seen and how the poor innocent children died that's definitely moving. it's important for it to be shown and that you can also see how lucky you actually are to be alive today. 20 years after the wars and many people in kosovo still live with. some that may never heal . the exhibit in pristina is not attempt to deal with the pain and an urgent call for peace. sort of
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the women's that world cup in france which saw some heavyweight tech games on wednesday to. take us through the pick of the actual welcome germany beat spain in sight of the knockout stages but it wasn't all smooth sailing no it wasn't i mean germany and now of course have 6 points from a possible 6 of the 1st 2 games but as we saw with their initial fixture against china this was really no i think from a german perspective they're really hoping to grow into the tournament and kind of progress as things go on because otherwise it looks like they might have some difficulties still after this result they are qualified that's of course what counts and here's how it happened germany without injured star midfielder jennifer were under pressure again spain who created more chances early on but shortly before the break germany applied their own pressure off the cross alexander potts header popped out and saw at daybreak it was there to pick up the pieces giving
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germany a one goal lead after the restart germany kept up the momentum pop again what they had. but this time the keeper kept hold. despite spain having the lion's share of the ball they couldn't crack the germany defense a late appeal for a pivotal t.v. was turned down. we are really happy to have picked up this very important 3 point it took a lot of energy and we had a lot of luck in the opening few minutes with the way in germany now topped the group with 6 points and are all but through. that's now 18 group stage games of world cup tournament undefeated for germany so i think you'd have to back them to go into that final game on monday against south africa and get results and of course that will be wanting to win the group to go in scenes of the best chance in the knockout stage one of occasions the fixture that let's take a look at some other games let's start with the hosts france yes of course well
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they played in nice in front of a pretty much sellout crowd of $35000.00 which is of course fantastic support from the french fans now it was quite difficult for them initially the goal from when you were not part of the thing one from the hero of the 1st game and levelled the schools off to france and going in front and then this penalty. up in the 72nd minute by using needle is so met came to rescue that result for them so you know as we saw with germany france not necessarily making it look easy for themselves and certainly wasn't the comfortable victory that they produced in their 1st game against south korea in paris last week but it's the points again that count frantz now have 6 of them and they're top of group a with one game left against nigeria ok so just just to be clear that the final school that was what if there was to be one of what i would say if you would make sure we get that same group we had a clash between nigeria and south korea yeah that's right now in nigeria like i just mentioned france is next opponents they picked up their 1st points of the tournament last night in grenoble there was another volley buffing go in that game
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from kim who when she attempted escape routes managed. wrong for the goalkeeper and nigeria in front towards the end of the 1st half. for nigeria to produce the 2nd go to know the final school just to have that on the table now in that game last night but unfortunately those kind of our own goals we tend to be a bit well memo so we haven't seen our squad is go that nigeria now are still in with a chance of course because they have got one win but for south korea after 2 defeats it's looking like they could be quite close to the end of its women so pick up today's games think of today's games well i think probably the 1st one is a stray against brazil now australia lost their 1st game against italy that was a real shock result and they're taking on brazil so that's 2 real heavyweights of the women's game brazil of course beat jamaica with a fantastic had tricked by christina was a right in their 1st fixture so that's definitely a highlight of the group stage not just of today later on though there is another
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game that's group b. china and south africa now both of those sides lost their 1st games so they really need results now from a german perspective of course interesting in this game is if china managed to avoid defeat so if they will get a draw then germany are guaranteed qualification into the knockout stage so. marina fostex and bugging the germans will of course be crossing their fingers for south africa tonight to television or thank you so much. top stories at this hour 2 oil tankers are reported to it's been attacked in the gulf and also escalation of tensions between the united states and iraq reports say the crews have been rescued. leaving via medical research group the welcome trust has described the a bold outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is truly frightening more than 2000 people have died from the seaside now 2 people have died in neighboring uganda . but get even always get news on the go just download out from google player from
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the apple store give you lots of just want to fluff world as well as push notifications for any breaking news or use it to send us photos and videos. focus on new york is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour i've been.
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calling in. candy man is a dog like a home stock he won the election commander monch president ever once ruling party claimed the regularity he's now on the run the monitor is still in the race i am a supporter see him as the best hope for saving democracy and attacking clinton kasi w. . corps ball. or.
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stakes they have no nationality and made up along and. that everyone has the right . everyone has the right to say i roam. going. to the only the only you hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm lara babalola nice to have you with us many countries here in europe are facing a dilemma what to do with those who left their lives here behind to become jihadists thousands of europeans joined the so-called islamic state and with the terror group all but defeated in syria many are now locked up.


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