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this is. reportedly attacked in the. cruiser in the ship's adrift on the high seas. describes a. frightening virus kills around 2000 people in the democratic republic of congo and spread to neighboring. towns to hong kong after writing.
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process to say they will continue their supposed. to be extradited. welcome to the program. u.s. secretary general antonio terraces warns the world cannot afford a major confrontation in the gulf region the statement comes after 2 oil tankers will reportedly attack in the gulf of oman prices jumped by 4 percent tensions between the united states and iran have been running high since president trump withdrew from the landmark nuclear deal last year. black smoke billows from the norwegian owned tanker the front. than a week in maritime authority says there will reportedly 3 explosions on board and
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has described the incident as an attack the 2nd ship involved in the incident was the japanese called courageous both tankers had departed from saudi arabia and both sent out an emergency signal at roughly 6 am i don't think we have more missions now we will have to look. for weeks ago a suspected sabotage attack on 4 tank is raised tensions in the region 2 tankers were badly damaged but the details surrounding these explosions also remain unclear . the usa has accused iran of being behind that incident saying they were acts of revenge for u.s. sanctions on iran iran denies this experts fear today's explosions will only heighten tensions in the gulf region even further so tensions between individual gulf states and washington could escalate if the usa continues to take a hard line on iran iran will focus on making washington look bad in front of the
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international community and its allies. iran has rejected any responsibility for the explosions t.v. stations have reported authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and teams of experts have already arrived at the scene let's get more on this from atlanta battered by political analyst specializing on iraq welcome to a d w who is likely to have done this and why we in fact have 3 sets of actors that could be behind this obviously iran could try to escalate the situation in response to the u.s. maximum pressure compay new cold economic warfare against the country we have iran survivals in the region that may want to drag through a false flag operation want to drag iran the us into war with iran and then we have a whole range of terrorist or militant groups in the region that may also seek to escalate the tensions in the region so it's very difficult to really look at who
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has been behind this attack why is it so difficult because. the u.a.e. has been saying of the last months attack that it blames state actors for that attack you can't launch one of these attacks against these enormous vessels with just a bit of string and a boat to boat down the road these takes organization why is it so difficult to pin down who's behind it. interesting leigh that that report fall short of blaming a specific country or iran of that attack and unfortunately the situation in the region the such that states equipped militant groups with these kinds of equipment and but we cannot exclude anything so we should be prepared for any theory behind this and unless we see actual evidence we can only speculate about who was behind it it is interesting the speculation is that you know as you say that the u.a.e. did not name any names the united states has blamed iran for the 12th of may
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attacks without providing that evidence. this is going to ratchet up the tensions between the 2 isn't it yeah i mean we see a situation where ambiguity seems to be a strategy or at least in the communication to keep things ambiguous and even the u.s. said it's almost certain that iran was behind it and that makes the whole situation a bit volatile and big ambiguous as i said and leaves us with with a lot of question marks and that the u.s. navy's 5th fleet is in the region and actually took part in part of the rescues today. escalation is is a significant possibility in this. we actually saw a lot of efforts in the past weeks by regional countries such as oman kuwait and iraq but also the japanese prime minister is currently in tehran the german foreign
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minister was there to in fact make sure that there are sent messages sent back and forth between tehran and washington and i personally actually believe that they have had a major impact into trying to avoid that kind of escalation which makes today's incident even more questionable with regards to who really was behind it you have to live with the mystery from the iran analyst adamant about by thank you. honest take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world prosecutors in sudan have charge former president omar al bashir with corruption but he was deposed by the sudanese military in april since when more than 100 people died in clashes between security forces and protesters demanding civilian rule. the british government has approved the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange is to the united states mr soldiers lawyers are expected to challenge the decision which has to be approved by a court with
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a final verdict not expected for months he's wanted in the u.s. for leaking classified material in 2010. a severe cycler passing by india's western coast has been lashing coastal areas with heavy wind rain and waves of value had been due to strike the state of gujarat today changed course and has veered away from the coast. and leaving medical organization and scuse me i'm leading medical research organization has described the current outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo is truly frightening the u.k. based welcome trust says the epidemic which has claimed more than 2000 lives is the worst in the years and shows no signs of stopping it's now spread to uganda where 2 members of the same family including a 5 year old boy have now died uganda has returned other family members to the d r c including another young boy confirmed to have the virus the world health
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organization is considering whether to declare the outbreak a global emergency. borders can't stop a virus but ugandan authorities are trying nonetheless 3 ebola cases have been registered in the country it's the 1st known cross border spread since an outbreak began in the neighboring democratic republic of congo last august fears are growing that this might only be the beginning worked out great in that the a c. is still going on and by today we have over 2000. cases and so the probability of more cases. into uganda these very high. ebola isn't new to uganda the country has seen 5 outbreaks of the disease since the year 2000 it has now stepped up efforts to contain the virus screening everyone entering uganda from the eastern d.
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. the government is also deploying an experimental ebola vaccine for health care workers along the border so frighted flu shelby but again all the front line health walk outs of the walk under a ring vaccination for the contacts. because of past successes in combating the disease uganda is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the fight against ebola feet but given the most recent cases many ugandans feel uneasy and wish their country would do more to educate citizens about the virus the government does not done enough to says those people about to board up because i think the operative should have started before they were yes but you know when people have the symptoms they want to hide i mean they mix with the great opportunism which now spreads davies's to to white areas. on friday the world health organization will decide whether this is the outbreak should be declared an
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international health emergency. or to haul. called what a measure of calm has returned in the wake of a series of large protests against a plot a prominent new law allowing suspects to be extradited to china or forces have been clearing the way barricades following a night of clashes that left 79 people injured a small number of protesters assembled in the city center today under heavy security as the legislators of the spode said next to write on the proposal which opponents fear will erode civil liberties into the reporter honshu i'm late years from home welcome. so have the protesters come back today after yesterday's of protests well it has been a relatively calm day of people have actually returned to work will return to normal life however a number of people a number of protesters were still gets to gathered around the parliament and in fact our correspondents talked to some protesters today let's have
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a listen. all the mean reception at the bank i'm 17 years old and i'm a high school student and my classmates are having examined some bright but i decided to skate and to come here to protest the way it's a future phone call is more important to me and this is something that will affect the freedom of every homecoming citizen and that's why it's so crucial i think you . know i'm a bit frustrated but we must have this below average researcher therefore we are not giving out that for example some are coming in here folks. also writing about trying to caroline is there a way to go on strike. i my bus was ok for us to come here you can see some here today but i think there's no justification police to use tear gas
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and rubber bullets out i i when i look up and i go to. pick up on the reaction to the protest yesterday so they would tear gas was used we were seeing the pictures behind us that was but quite a scene what have people been saying about yesterday's events well of course they are very angry about still very angry about the extraditions all but they are furious about the police the behavior of the police many of them say that police used excessive unnecessary force to disperse crowds when a lot of the protesters were actually just demonstrating peacefully and also today police arrested yesterday and today police have arrested a number of people and some of them are students and police actually searched the whole way to arrest the students and people are also very angry about that and tell us about the international reaction to yesterday's house so germany has already
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expressed some concerns about this. the foreign office tweeted that they are very concerned about the situation in hong kong and that examining whether the current. extradition agreement between hong kong and germany there is one between them whether it can retain the lead a team if extradition is going to be adopted and the u.k. . also had some reactions prime minister theresa may said that the rights and freedom set out and the 984 sign of british agreement should be respected because hong kong used to be a british colony and 984 they had an agreement and this is what a promise to rescind may have that and also taiwan also expressed concern u.s. president donald trump said he hopes that hong kong and china will be able to work out and also a lot of reactions from some other parts of the world so ok so the very very 2nd
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reading of this bill that's been postponed for now so what should we expect over the coming days well and other huge protests has been cold on this coming sunday so we might expect another another pretty protest on sunday because this is the weekend and so people don't have to work so they may come out again and on monday there should be another discussion to go on and that we can we can also expect some protests. i'm sure and we thank you so much for a quick learner sports of the women's world cup in france australia have recorded their 1st when after coming from behind to beat brazil star player boxer was back in the side for brazil and very very brief having just brought a present to give christiane glance to heading into the quarter australia pulled one product. that's after half time trivial gods others cross crept into
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several school history grabbed the women. so different monica get into. thanks it's unfortunate business africa with monica up next at the top of the hour of the day. it's all happening. surely news from africa the world link to exception these stories and discussions continue in both comes after getting programming from funny to me from easy to our.


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