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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2019 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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attacks on to oil tankers washington's next move could be a military one including $6000.00 more troops in the gulf if the us is rushing into war iran is ready to retreat the end of the iranian nuclear deal will begin in 10 days time tonight the only force that may be able to change the course of both the u.s. and iran is you are. in berlin this is the day. the countdown has. started to do the situation is extremely explosive expose you more time on oh yea if we decide to block the strait of hormuz not a single drop of oil will get $3.00 not retailer chicago military confrontation in the gulf with such a whole regional players so the problem. with which is or when not allow iran to
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get nuclear weapons. should be the americans are living in a hollywood movie it's not commission impossible film. also coming up tonight gloria vanderbilt died today at the age of 95 and the heiress of america's 5th avenue elite remember for the blue jeans that she sold on america's main street in my new scratch 10 in jeans and they are pleasure to wear i use a special more shiny fabric was just enough again so they feel simply wonderful on and they fit my likeness too many. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with iran ready to quit the nuclear deal the u.s. ready to send. when the troops and europe call right in the middle washington is
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considering sending troops thousands of u.s. troops to the gulf region in response to what it sees as growing iranian aggression at the same time tehran is giving notice on the nuclear deal that was supposed to keep nuclear weapons out of a rainy and hands u.s. president pulled out of the deal last year and reimposed to sanctions on iran but the deal did not die europe russia trying to and iran all the signatories except the u.s. they have stayed true to their word but now iran says that will all end in 10 days today on television these spokesmen of iran's atomic agency said that his country has options done photoshop should have we can judge the monday we have already said that if we choose to go back to using the old reactor. i think given that we have the spare pipes. we can replace these with the new ones. that way we can
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restore the main core. we can also rebuild the whole thing. because we are in possession of its blueprints. going back to the former reactor depends on the europeans actions. we prefer a modern redesigned reactor we have made progress in that area. and the design is in its final stages and it is. however we need the europeans assistance to procure the necessary equipment. even if the europeans don't help us we can do it by ourselves. it is just a lengthy procedure i mean all that i have mentioned can impact the country's decisions. well there was
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a moment when the message that we tried to get across to the europeans today. was that there is not much time left for them you know just for suddenly as you know that i'm a cry for help where is that old tomato or talk about that i'm joined by my colleague banff regan he is in luxembourg tonight where european union foreign ministers are meeting it's good to see you know what you do take a listen to what the e.u. foreign policy chief said earlier today about the iran nuclear deal and about any hasty decisions to declare it dead take a listen i would assessments on the implementation of the nuclear deal. has never been is not and will never be based statements but on the evaluation that the i.a.e.a. makes. the reports that the i.a.e.a. produces and that can be done at any time because we base our assessments and i
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would judgments on facts on the basic ation mechanisms that are in place and that we trust and so far iran has been compliant with its nuclear commitments so bear it sounds like europe doesn't want to see the writing on the wall here in 10 days time iran is going to be in violation of the nuclear deal which is known as the way does europe have any new plan tonight that could save the deal. no fed every come mcgreevey the e.u. chief diplomat has no new plan she still has only a glimmer of hope that somehow the europeans will be able to save this the us maybe to mediate between the 2 parties between the united states and iran but there's also a few hours of deliberations here and luxembourg a sense of desperation and even helplessness because what can the europeans do they
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are skinned and have the only thing the german foreign minister cannot because it was appealing to the potus to deescalate and not to talk themselves into war but the e.u. has no real leverage neither iran nor on the united states to deescalate so it's a talking and they will keep talking and mrs miller we need to fly to washington tomorrow but you don't know yet who she will meet as you're flying to washington but europe will remain cold between iran and the u.s. i want you to take a listen to how the u.s. state department is describing how this is gone from a nuclear deal dispute to terror on the high seas to now maybe war take a list you know so i think what we're seeing here is really a challenge not only in the case of pilate it really a challenge to the international norms on how a country behaves a challenge to the international norms of freedom of navigation and freedom of the
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seas and so we you know what i would say to the international community that we should not yield to nuclear extortion by the iranian regime that's a big stretch there that the cheesemaking bear regardless of what the u.s. says tonight what does the e.u. do in 10 days if the nuclear deal is violated by iran will it slap sanctions back onto iran. well the problem for the europeans is they don't buy the story we just heard from the state department they are not convinced that the iranians are actually behind these attacks on the tank as that means that they are still doubtful they don't they do not stand to the united states on that point except of britain which is the only country that is agreeing to this a citation is from the us and in 10 days the e.u. will probably do not much because they will wait until the official report from the international atomic and organisation the i.a.e.a.
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0 in vienna is on the table which then maintains that the violation is there and even if the iranians cross this 300 kilogram represent away from what they had in 2015 when it comes to enrich uranium so that still time say the europeans no need to take immediate action in 10 days right therea and wait as they say the abuse bantry get in luxembourg tonight's event thank you. but today in a cairo courtroom the man who was once egypt's president the only democratically elected president died at the age of 67 mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood well they were swept into power back in 2012 just one year later morsi was ousted in a military coup he'd been in jail ever since morsi reportedly collapsed today during a court session in cairo he was rushed to the hospital where he later died.
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7 years ago in 2012 mohammed morsy became egypt's 1st democratically elected president. a member of the muslim brotherhood which has since been outlawed morsi won 51 percent of the vote his election followed the arab spring uprising which till the end of a 30 year rule under previous president hosni mubarak lose most the promise to head a government for all egyptians. but dissatisfaction quickly grew prompting huge protests against him but many were angry about the muslim brotherhood's influence on politics and believed morsi had failed to deliver on his promises. after just one year in office morsi was ousted in a military takeover led by egypt's current president abdel fattah el-sisi.
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mosi was immediately arrested and remained behind bars until his death he was serving a life sentence related to the killing of protesters in 2012 demonstrations and he was facing at least 6 other trials his supporters say the charges against him were politically motivated and that he was being mistreated and denied medical treatment whilst in prison the muslim brotherhood has blamed the egyptian government for his death. takesh president resurrect type ad one paid tribute to morsi while also condemning president al sisi. you see because the rest our brother morsi his soul in peace with. democracy beautiful as you know are the tyrant sisi who took power in egypt by suppressing democracy through coup it has so far
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executed nearly 50 egyptians and the west has remained silent cissie. meanwhile egypt's chief prosecutor has released a statement saying medical experts will determine the cause of most the stack seemingly so sutton in the courtroom on monday. was odd was well they are being called the biggest protests that hong kong has ever seen nearly 2000000 people joined a march on sunday to show opposition to an unpopular extradition bill that could allow suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial they are now calls for hong kong's leader kerry long to resign today beijing said for now it stands by hot cereal. what he
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used once he has berlin is in hong kong and fills us in on the protesters short term tactics. the protesters have now occupied the space in front of the legislative council this is quite symbolic because on wednesday the reason why the police acted so violently why they shot so much tear gas and rubber bullets was according to them because protesters have tried to enter this area now the police has retreated and the protesters are here they're trying to keep up the pressure to the government and they have vowed to stay until this bill is scrapped and possibly on to carry lamb steps down that's what he is billing are reporting there in hong kong i'm joined at the big table now by clifford coonan he is a veteran correspondent steve reported extensively on china so tell me clifford when we look at what the protesters have achieved right now can we say they've won
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the battle but there's still a much longer war still to be full precisely i think that's that's what's up and they've so far they've got pretty much everything they were looking for they've got kerry to apologize they've got the bill shelved which was very unpopular in hong kong as we've seen to him he's a live show. and i think probably most importantly of all they've shown that hong kong can't be forced to accept legislation that they feel doesn't fit you know mainland style legislation to fit hong kong and i think that's a big big victory for them one of the leaders of the 2014 protest movement in hong kong was in prison he was released today joshua one he spoke to t w about hong kong's embattled leader. listening to what he said. evil is not enough because we. where. we activate the game that's why we call for withdrawal. is not enough because. she order
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polish and a lot polish hold a gun should twist people just apply what beijing. that in 98 and i. just copy what happened in and care and hold on such a more. she is not capable anymore how can the leader of the government allow polish holder twist people retire bill. clinton to you've got him in a mentioning tiananmen square which by the way in china is not even a part of official memory and we really want to forget that could be beijing tried to reason in a resort to tiananmen square your measures one day to bring hong kong. i don't think we're going to see something like tenement square i mean this is a lot of people so much autonomy the international focus is there it's
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a different situation but there are things that beijing can do. it's been a terrible month for beijing it started off with the 30th anniversary of the $989.00 crackdown on the democracy movement and then barely 2 weeks later we had this huge expression of disapproval with with mainland china as tactics shall we say in hong kong so now we have to see what is going to do and how they're going to react to what what do you think she is going to do he is standing behind caroline right now but i don't see him as a leader who would be willing to lose face for her no i think i think she probably understands the i think so far it's been silenced a lot of what we're hearing from beijing is blaming foreign forces which is a fairly common tactic. i think that i think kerry could easily go on this the question is who would replace kerry probably someone quite similar as someone who would do beijing's bidding so i think i think and also mainland china has shown that's very good at the
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a playing the waiting game and playing it slowly the umbrella protest where moderate success but then they didn't really change that launched i mean you bring up a good point what is the end game of these protesters and we know what it's scheduled to happen in 2047 you know the one country 2 systems agreement war ceased to exist then so if you are a hong kong or and you're protesting there what what and for how long are you willing to protest. yeah i think that's an interesting question i think at the moment where we've just gone past the half point i think. there was always the expectation that this sort of the the more democratic autonomous side would would gradually give way to the chinese side in the 2nd half of what we've seen in the last couple days has been truly remarkable and we've seen that one in 7 hong kong has got to the street to say no and this is something that no one would have predicted i think season to hong kong watchers didn't see this coming and i wonder
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and trying to just imagine what it must be like to live there that to be the world that you know into realise that 2047 will come or are people in hong kong are they are the deluding themselves are they hoping that something will happen that illegally is not supposed to happen well i remember when i was covering this the umbrella protests i remember doing an interview with several people one person was a pilasters teacher one person was a university lecturer and i remember thinking at the time these are people how can you say that these people can't have a say in their political destiny and all the arguments that hong kong isn't ready for democracy or whatever they clearly don't apply in hong kong this is an incredibly sophisticated place so what you have is this huge argument and i think the answer to this argument is something we're going to see in coming months yeah i think the volatility level is definitely going to go up instead of going down but you know we use clifford cooney clifford's good to have your insight thank you jim . we was president
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donald trump is expected to officially launch his reelection campaign tomorrow but he'll be doing it with a new group of numbers crunchers trump's campaign team fired several pollsters over the weekend after their data was apparently leaked data showing trump badly trailing his main democratic rival former vice president joe biden in several of those key battleground states truck calls the polls fake and he has accused the media outlets reported the data and he's accuse them of treason or to talk about the business of polling in the united states i'm joined now by jay williams he is director of polling it hugo of he's joining us via skype tonight from new york it's good to have you on the show i want to ask you what did you think when you heard the president's pollsters have been fired because the president didn't like the numbers they produced. i mean my 1st thanks for having me on.
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to thoughts for some of us like you know you have public numbers and private numbers and you have to be able to trust those numbers and people have to be able to come to you if they have the bad umbers but the other thing is you know kind of data security i mean it's perfectly understandable being upset with people who are leaking your numbers to the press yeah i mean and we know this administration into it has had plenty of leakage problems since the 1st day what about public polling is not precise we know that it can it could be terribly wrong as we learned in 26 teed can you explain to our viewers around the world what why the president the u.s. president and the u.s. media why they remain almost obsessed with polling data and this horse race polling that that we're seeing right now.
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so like i have to push back a little bit the point wasn't that terrible. but i have a vested interest being a pollster but the other thing is that. in the absence of i mean it's data it's still something that we can reflect on it something that tells us whether we're being surprised by data or whether confirms our beliefs data always trumps no data and so the deal with polls is that we just have to be more skeptical about the data and we have to like. put more effort into understanding what the data is really telling us and and are we being too overconfident and what the polls are telling us do you see a danger in the polling numbers helping the president because he's actually demonizing them i mean do you see kind of a reverse psychology that could be working in the psyche of americans. all right so what you want to i mean americans like underdogs right and so
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attacking the media for not saying what you wanted to say i mean that seems to work for the president faster i mean remember when the election the 1st time so. you know and the polls all painted that he was going to lose so to a certain point there's nothing for him to lose it feel like attacks the polls now whether or not the polls actually reflect reality maybe that something in the spirit or intention to remember speaking with some colleagues of yours you go who had worked on it you know pulling for the u.s. presidential election in 2060 but also had looked at the brits at referendum and i was struck by one thing that they kept saying in that it had become harder to do polling because. 20 years ago 25 years ago you could call people and they would answer the phone and you know you had these landline numbers where you could reach people now people have their cell phones their mobile phones they don't answer the
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phones it's become harder to reach the statistical groups that you need for it to be a sound survey i mean is that what has happened is it harder today to do what you do than it was 20 years ago. it is most definitely harder to do telephone polls you have to account for people who don't have landlines and the united states that number keeps growing and growing and growing however you go we mainly use an online methodology which is we've done very well with and we stand by our numbers but that's one way to counter the declining rates of people answering their phones is using the internet using the internet let me ask before we let you go looking at 2020. do you think that when the election day is coming on we will look at the polling data and be more satisfied with the numbers we have compared to or we had 2060. i think so i think every pollster elf or at least every
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reputable pollster out there the thing they care about the most is being accurate we are doing lots of behind the work behind the scenes work on making sure that our numbers reflect what we really believe is the real number out there the other thing is we're trying to do a lot better job explaining where we think those numbers are pretty solid and where we think those numbers are a little less solid for example you know even with bragg's and with the us 2016 presidential election was a very small difference that led to the outcomes if like fewer than 200000 people would change their votes out of 120000000 votes cast then it would be president clinton not president trump so we're trying to convey uncertainty but we do stand firmly behind our numbers. right joe williams the director of polling if you go joining us tonight from new york joe we appreciate your time tonight and it's good
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to hear a positive take on the business of numbers thank you could have you on the show. thank you. in the united states they are saying goodbye to the poor little rich girl gloria vanderbilt heiress and fashion designer died today at the age of 95 bender built was born into one of america's richest families as a little girl and she became the focus of a sensational custody battle that kept making headlines and had her protected at times by 12 bodyguards she'll be remembered by most for her contributions to fashion she developed a line of tight fitting jeans that became required attire for any woman aspiring to style in the early 1980 s. her death was announced by her son the news anchor anderson cooper so you want to
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feel for those genes by vanderbilt here's the feeling that they gave those women back in the early eighty's take a look. designer jeans go learn oh you're too rich yeah they don't cut a pension anyway what makes them this comfortable in my new scratch denim jeans and they are a pleasure to wear i used a special version a fabric was just enough to give so they feel simply wonderful on and they fit mike like this too not a great stick standing as they feel is fantastic is basic story of an adult stretched denims for tommy not with bullets and skin on the graveyard but with a different day tomorrow is another day as well we're see that everybody.
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should. take on. this summer's hard to come the africa cup of nations 24 teams give it their all. who are the favorites what are the phantoms experts say . we take a closer look for the 2019 africa cup of nations kicks off. keep off. on the plan. to move remembering. whether in police custody or to contest. the
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comments of the decade. the safety of those who protest against these disappearances. despite government harassment. their need to know is also putting them in danger. in 60 minutes on d w. 2 curious. yourself work. the humax you tube channel. and don't miss out. so if he'd have to get through the bin to sneak a break without a football thanks think again. if people women supposed problems with some excitement. some not so.
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expensive 19 lives. over the results on d w. i. a continent wide party kicks off on june 21st that's right it's the start of the africa cup of nations and.


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