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their vacations well i mean breaking news for those of use it to send us photos figures. business africa is up next here all night i mean i'll be back at the top of the hour and of course as always websites. for the best. that people. facebook and twitter was up to date and in touch. and they. were off you know this 5 minutes 4 minutes. past the hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the
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pantheon of the great tennis circuit he's won for the ages. up. scott turner for the ages starts july 10th on t.w. . china defends its role as africa's biggest lender beijing says it doesn't send debt traps and only offers the continent true friendship. baby eels a delicacy in china and a multi-million euro business that's why smugglers want a piece of the pie. and from fame and fortune to bankruptcy a german tennis star auctions off his most prized possession. and paid for
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by its to business outside forces trying to vilify beijing that's what china's top diplomat has told senior ministers visiting from africa say council one nice is china's approach to cooperation with africa is different to that of traditional powers it's not pursuing selfish geopolitical gains or engaging in debt trap diplomacy but rather 2 sided sustainability china calls it true friendship but some say it's a one sided affair ministers from 50 african countries met with their counterparts in beijing this week to discuss further economic cooperation and to reject criticism they're generating unsustainable levels of debt. you don't deny she voted for some time some outside forces have tried to vilify and undermine china africa cooperation by cooking up accusations of so-called neo colonialism and death traps and so on which are totally groundless and are not accepted by african people on 2 such attempts expose
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a total lack of respect for africa lack of understanding about china and absence of knowledge about the true friendship between china and africa that has stood the test of time. contributing africa is indeed deep in debt 40 percent of the region's countries are at high risk of debt distress according to the i.m.f. twice the rate from 5 years earlier and china is the continent's biggest external creditor owning a 5th of all african debt but multilateral private lenders own even more and private loan interest rates account for more than half of all debt servicing meaning africa's debt problems in fact go well beyond china so i don't ring beera joins us now from nairobi so joy have we been getting a role the time is chinese debt good it well china has been accused. diplomacy and in this case you know a lot of people saying trainer is exploiting developing countries last of which are
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on the african continent but if you look at the journey that most african countries have had of the past 60 years dating back to colonial times some would actually say that china is giving africa what it has always wanted to hire but did not have which is infrastructure development and that is where the biggest chunk of africa is loans is going into the construction of roads construction agree ways like this and it gets really can you. tell us more about kenya is chinese funded by a project because i believe i can you got itself into quite a lot of debt over that one. well just to put it into perspective just like kenya most african countries have agriculture as the backbone and to get their produce from the farm to the markets you need a good road network and you also need a good transport system and sulkiness biggest need right now is infrastructure development and connectivity and kenya i looked at the standard gauge really as as
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the gateway to opening out the rest of east africa so kenya took a loan of about $3600000000.00 from china to develop this tenet gets really review some of that into course that comes out to $3600000000.00 it has been criticised by some economic experts who say that kenya could have constructed as kind of gauge really at a much cheaper cost but then again on the other hand if you look at the conditions that china has given with the center gauge railway for instance we have china companies that are constructing those delegates railway and also they are managing the saudis really at the moment they will continue to do so for about 8 more years before we can see it being fully managed by kenyan citizens and so this is where i think the critics come in and say this could be the diplomacy issue with china but china is claiming that they are offering
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a shared future to the african countries enjoy just very briefly uganda's president has used the trip to hit out at the world bank this sounds like a clash of east west institutions. yeah and to think that the world bank has funded some organise projects since i think 19. when he actually said he contacted or uganda contacted the world bank for a lawn to construct uganda's really and well bank claims to have you know responded by saying countries close railways should use the only need to do so is an allegation you know you cannot take lightly but i do not know how the world bank is going to react to this one but he claims that the world bank has not had infrastructure development as part of its projects in uganda short already thank you very much for joining us and you may go wildlife trade features extensively in our news reports but have you ever heard of smuggling it's on the rise while
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worldwide ill stocks to climb. this week i'm a cope says tending to 1400000 tiny eels just delivered from british waters in this stage of development the thin bony fish are almost transparent which is why they're called plath eels european eels are facing extinction stocks have been in decline for 3 decades and so far there are no reliable methods of breeding them entirely in captivity. it is possible now to get the eels to reproduce and keep them alive for a while but we still don't know what nutrients the young eels need to have a certain stage of their lives and even start. a model. so these young fish need optimal conditions which means they should leave the basins at the german fisheries association as soon as possible and they return to natural waters to grow to full size. i mean cope's and his colleagues want to be sure that the glass eels
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are not fished up and sold to farms in asia where eels are great delicacy. were addressing this issue as far back as 1996. it's called it almost was a lot of then we said we were already exporting too many of them to asia although it was legal at the time and that the price had run away for normal users. that. in the mean time ill prices have reached record highs a kilogram of class ill sells for $400.00 euros in germany in asia for 10 times that that profit margin has attracted organized crime as authorities are beginning to realize. last ill smuggling is extremely lucrative and considerable quantities are being moved around where you can even compare it with the drug trade her profit margins are similar trafficking in glass eels can make you the same kind of money
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as not products trafficking. the customs officials say it's a fairly new phenomenon but that they're growing more aware of the problem airport controls recently turned up 100000 live glassy eels and a raid uncovered an illegal collection point where the ils were being packed up for the long journey. plan z. they put them into suitcases with ice cold water and added ice water in styrofoam bottles to keep the temperature down around freezing. that way the animal's metabolism will stay low and they have a good chance of surviving the trip for scholz and those who believe some good news for animal protectionists and even lovers most of the glass eels confiscated in frankfurt were put in the rhine river where they'll be able to continue developing normally. a german sporting hero is auctioning off his most prized possessions bars becca was the youngest winner at wimbledon at the age of just 17 went on to win 49
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titles over his career and 20000000 euros in prize money now the champion needs to clear his debts a british court declared him bankrupt in 27 saying his trophies are up for auction along with rings watches well up suits tennis shoes sweat bags and a pair of old saw a last year back a hole to the sale of his personal souvenirs at the last minute claiming diplomatic immunity from central african republic that didn't work now the hammer is coming down on 82 items of its talk about the fame fortunes and financial troubles of mr becker with max merrill from our sports this max just how much in debt is this guy who was once a very rich man yet it's tough to tell exactly how much but it's several millions i mean for instance last year he reportedly still owed a bank in london 3 over 3 and a half 1000000 euros and he tried removing a house in spain with 6000000 that was deemed not suitable to repay the euro and
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the problem also is that he owes money in so many different places for instance in spain he was taken to court over unpaid work on his villa in new york or in germany had to repay taxes in switzerland after his wedding in 2009 the pasta even sued him so it's coming at him from all angles and of course he's paying lawyers left right and center so i think you've looked at the option online is he is he getting much 1st. well it's early days yet the bidding is still open till july 11th and some of the watches of actually attracted interest but that's in the region of 2 to 4000 euros and the trophies which are worth about 10000 euros replicas of the trophies he won they haven't received any bids yet i'm things like his sweaty clothes and shows just how desperate he is some of which have been reacquired from places like the tennis hole of fame they actually haven't attracted bids yet but selling a watch for $100.00 euros i saw online myself that's not going covers that is it no it isn't and i mean it's a curious situation he finds himself in this so many things that are being
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auctioned off 100 almost 100 items. in the coming days we'll see how much of it actually even get sport but it's not going to solve this issue because tried out some creative ways of trying to avoid insolvency tell us more. possible that he tried to get him dead ends after he was initially declared bankrupt in 2017 and then in june of last year he tried to delay this whole process by seeking diplomatic immunity as you mentioned he claimed he was the sporting cultural and humanitarian after say to the e.u. for the central african republic she was and they denied this and they were also quick to point out that his diplomatic passport was actually not authentic so he waived that immunity back in december and now we're back to square one good business need to be creative but would you say is a victim of teen stata v i mean it started so young it was so successful at a very early age i think it's an aspect of this yes in 1985 as you mentioned became the youngest wimbledon winner and also the 1st unseeded witness so he came from
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absolutely nowhere and was thrust into this glitz and glamour life making as you pointed out 20000000 on court but off the court well it's estimated 100000000 euros so the amount of money he's made in his career it really leaves you to question how he's been able to get himself into the situation. he's been through very costly divorces and it's worth saying he still works as a pundit so that of mismanagement from him as well. now lead nice doing business with you.
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the final story. with exclusive access to a must see concerning heartland culture you're a. curious mind 6 do it yourself networkers commit so subscribing and don't miss our coasts. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a highly anticipated court case is safe to get under way in malawi. election victory last month the cool tool kit a petition from opposition parties who allege the vote was modeled for a word. then back to the motherland 5 eastern black rhinos born in europe have been relocated to a one day it's part of a program to reintroduce the species to the country after it had disappeared for nearly a decade we'll see how they're doing in their new home.


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