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what secrets lie behind these moves. find. perceive experience and explore past in a group cultural heritage science. d w world heritage for 60 years. this is did every news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a win for environmental activists in kenya of course brought the punch struction off a coal power plant in the campaign as had challenged the government's plans to build the plan saying it would cause environmental damage in the u.s. go heritage site. pretty bridge from the court and we will not tell anybody to can mean that from us. and we'll take you inside one of nigeria's substance abuse rehab facilities patients here are told skills to prepare
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them for life author addiction but one of the treatment benefits is drawing criticism. i'm perceived when the welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in we begin in kenya of course has blocks the construction of a coal power station in level a judge in the national environmental tribunal set aside and early a decision which granted a license to develop as he ordered them to read conduct a study on the impact the coal plant would have on down will kenya's government says the $2000000000.00 project would help secure energy needs and spur growth in the economy but it faced fierce resistance from conservationists and local communities. the law malarky peleg us school world heritage site it's said to be
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the oldest swahili settlement in africa a 14th century town without costs to a score lamo a paradise when the government announced plans to build a coal plant next door locals very tourist would say way slashing their main source of income they also fear for their health disaster is going to come from that's quite blunt is going to reach out to just emerging of people you know so many people who believe they're going to have problem with the health concern disease for the government the project has obvious advantages called remains the most viable option upon completion of the project we're not just by industrialization in laos and beyond what you own to provide employment opportunities for. threatened turtles live on the people local it also teams this fish vital for the life of traditional fisherman for locals protesting the coal
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plant preserving the environment oh to waste the benefits of industrialization for some reaction to that tribe you know ruling today and then the children made she's an exodus from the organization. that would be swahili for the voice of the women the riaa has been at the forefront of her organizations campaign against the building off that coal plant in level she joins me now from nairobi welcome to news africa raju at the tribe you know hearing today what do you feel about the outcome of course this is your home that was being discussed. oh i'm feeling very happy very happy i feel like flying there feel like crying i feel like i've rehab being really happy ok don't fly away because i want to know from you what you think about whether or not this is the end of the fight because as i understand it the development company has been ordered to go and redo its
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environmental impact assessment do you think this is the end of the road or is there more of a battle to come. i can say both. because we had so much to get around to stop. the project and one of the things that we wanted to be licensed be canceled and at least to who we are in that area so this bitterly hayday no because. they will not relent they will go on with the fight and we as the community we really move on but we're happy that at least to the court has given us it is as the community of in kenya in general right and let's talk about your community riah why are you so opposed to
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this project and and tell us a little bit about how you feel that this coal plant would change the way of life where you grew up. faster than. many people know that salaam is a walled heritage site there things that we've been preserving for century. were legion the way we could the way we eat and everything that too preserved until we got to that title so we're telling the government that we welcome development in the lamb but not at the xperience of the community because if you bring bad projects like coal power plants you're going to destroy the environment and when you destroy the environment you dislocate people especially the women that are going to suffer in this society and they're going to degrade. the sea because
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they're saying they're going to dump their waste into the sea which is the backbone which is the heart of people so if you bring those project we is community we will not allow and we have cases that other countries which have implemented similar projects most of their people have been affected freeze it daily they have health problems there is air pollution everywhere i mean i looked of environmental degradation in their areas so with this really not allow it because lamb is our part our base and actually now it's still virgin because it's we're speaking there's no single industry in we breathe fresh air from god and we will not allow anybody to came in take that from us all right we'll leave that there are some maids in there robi thank you. today the u.n.
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says the non-medical use of illegal opioids such as painkillers and cough syrup has risen dramatically in africa it's certainly the case in countries like nigeria and zimbabwe with thousands are addicted to code cocktails on extra forces in nigeria where medical rehab clinics for those suffering from drug abuse is largely lacking a correspondent visited one of the country's few rehabilitation senses one of their methods is attracting criticism. ibrahim's older brother has come to take him in the former alcoholic has spent more than a year living at this rehab of the t. shirts and to rescue boats and then i'd be gone before i was brought to the center i always came home drunk i used to take different types of drugs my family were not happy that's why they brought me here you are a new passion. i've assured them i will never go back to drugs you know.
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i thought i was going to hear down. the brian says that's thanks to the treatments he's received here he's now clean and can start his life afresh. this rehabilitation center in ca do not you not a major area he's one of the few in the country founded 13 years ago is house is more than 200 recovering addicts and it services i'm such high demand more people keep coming it is also a skill acquisition center so while patients are undergoing treatment towards different skills that they can turn into small businesses when via fully recover some of them who should be in school i put in a makeshift classroom the teachers are also recovering addicts found a large and we do. says he would thousands of patients.
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get the i've been using my knowledge of traditional and islamic medicine to treat them. i see this as my contribution to reducing the problem of children getting into drugs. but i had to move guru's methods a hash those living here have to we're uniforms their feet are also chained together all the time. we are only able to get a few shots of the chains because we do doesn't want us to feel them he also want answered questions about the practice on camera he tells us the chains are to keep the inmates from running away some of them out brought in by their family members and are not here on their own delist. we show the food sage from the rehab center to mental health physician dr mean. you
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wear uniforms she's shocked by what she sees so this man is a suckles that is dehumanizing like institutionalizing their dinner medic who with that discipline can take words for what the court can with kyrie string that we have them even volume now we have them to manage the anger that would restraint them nigeria lacks qualified mental health professionals that could help those with drug and alcohol problems there's a deficits huge one in that group comments i a professional us so surprises a lot of quackery all people claim to. bring this is a pan bomb waiting to explode dr kathy re says mange areas need to take the issue of drug and alcohol addiction more seriously on super. structures are
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put in place to carve 2 countries are diction problems many have new choice to turn to people like me for help. with the africa cup of nations and away in egypt it's probably safe to say the continent isn't football fever best as africa's soccer stars bet in the competition off a different type has been taking place in uganda refugee children at the camp in the north have been holding their own highly contested football tournament. they're focused on the ball rather than on their problems all of the kids playing here are refugees mostly from south sudan. when i play football i feel happy i feel like i'm an important member of the community and i can share my ideas with other people. professional coaches from an italian 1st league city our club are training the children for 3
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day soccer clinic as well as developing their skills on the field organizers see the camp as a way to help promote pace when they're not together it will force them to come together the only way to piss poor student to compete with. as for the children they're just happy to learn from professionals and when they take meek. so when you come to me. tricks exercises. the clinic finishes with a big tournament and even if patrick's team loses at the end of the day his eyes still sparkle. i was one of the youngest on the pitch when i played i felt big. i felt like a big star on the page. it's
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a day that none of the $64.00 participants will quickly forget and for some of them would be the start of a soccer career. that. i know i wouldn't be surprised if one of those guys was gay and ask god for many years to come out that is if an album did everything is africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page will see you next time it's by going to. enter the conflict with this. sebastien attorney east european state of moldova have a new coalition government my guest this week is not be mature but cock fights president of the outgoing democratic party and a former justice minister with moldova now find blood for corruption is here showing the peace process freckle in. conflict so 1st. off doubling it. when much of europe wanted to kick them out murray
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i'm not pro-gun he invited them in. the sun most is home to one of the worst pretty g. camps in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. meet my maria and the refugees of zamost. 60 minutes on w. . you notice the 5 minutes or minutes. or so hasn't our beauty. pageant all.
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the feats in the pantheon of the great tennis circuit he's one for the ages and when to. cut the tender for the juice starts july 10th on g.w. . the rest of the world is really that stupid is he a crook closest not cool i was going to be rather uncomfortable for. no it's not that old uncomfortable we will see who is less corrupted and who is better managing governing the country the tiny european state of moldova has a new coalition government united it seems only in its dislike of the previous of ministration my guest this week here in the capital q so now is. vice president of the outgoing democratic party and.


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