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this is the w.'s line from now world leaders arrive in japan for the g. 20 summit meeting a trade war between the 2 largest economies china and the united states and the lack of consensus on tackling global warming are likely to dominate also on the program to help with germany's chancellor that is back in the spotlight after i'm going to makeover scene shaking as an event for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. on politicians but german police make 2 more arrests in connection with the killing of a regional politician who supported refugees opposition but you said the government must do more to combat the threat of rockley extremists by. the elite eights of the women's football world cup instructs the quarterfinals at kickoff
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tonight on fancher 7 pm countries plus united states are getting up for the run up to the fox i will look ahead to our backs on and take stock of the tournament so far. i'm phil graham welcome to the program. well leaders are gathering in the japanese city of soccer at a friday's g 20 summit with no shortage of big issues to discuss the trade war between the united states and china is expected to dominate u.s. president donald trump. as he's ready to impose billions of dollars more tariffs on beijing defense ties and tackling climate change are also on the agenda. is on high alert over 32000 police officers have come to the venue of the g.
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20 summit from all over the country and many main traffic routes into the city are in lockdown all public school students have 2 days off and residents are asked to refrain from using cars and going out if not necessary. in the major stations corn lockers and garbage bins are sealed off to counter terrorist attacks and security is ramped up at key locations close to where the heads of state will be staying. i'm from osaka and i really hope that everything goes down safely i'm proud to have the g 20 summit here so this next fight in the sirens are a bit much i have a young child my baby hasn't been able to take a proper nap in a while. usually bustling attractions like parts of was a castle park and the inside of the castle are closed off to the public since part
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of the summit is to be held inside the grounds. country to the g. 20 summits held an argentine and germany in the last is they haven't been any major protests here and i've talked to organizers of a protest on sunday and they estimated that only about 200 people came and that's compared to thousands in argentina last year and tens of thousands in hamburg in germany in 2017 overrule the city's expecting 30000 visitors over the course of the weekend. meeting starts friday data because from the. incentives that. the japanese presidency is desperately trying to focus on well traditional g 20 topics such as the reform of the world trade organization or projects to fight climate change but what might happen here and also is that all of this is overshadowed by the big trump does not believe in multilateral institutions
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in fact he's coming here to have a series of bilateral meetings and one of them is highly anticipated with the chinese president xi on saturday as we know both countries all on the edge of a full fledged trade war and the outcome of that bilateral meeting might determine the fate of world trade in the next months up or down. when reporting from well ahead of the g. 20 summit there are more concerns about the health of german chancellor angela merkel after she was seen shaking at a function with the german president from france the. 2 leaders were attending a ceremony with outgoing justice minister. this comes just days after a similar incident in ukraine then the tremors were attributed to the chancellor suffering from dehydration. let's get more from political correspondent to be on if not how mr unwelcomed leoni how is the chancellor now. well she appeared just fine
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shortly after the incident happened today i'm going to america went on to visit a parliamentary session as the german parliament is going on some a break after this week and she's now actually on a plane flying to go to japan to attend the g. 20 summit but of course concerns are growing here in germany because it is as you mentioned the 2nd incident just within 2 weeks just over 9 days ago i'm going to make or stood outside in the sun with a ukrainian president here in berlin during a state visit and she was seen trembling back then after the after the incident occurred reporters had asked chancellor i'm going to america what she had done to combat the traveling and she said she drove drunk 3 glasses of water and was feeling a lot better afterwards and was able to continue continue with her agenda so in the previous accident it was as you just mentioned blamed on dehydration on
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a hot summer's day so what saying about this latest incident so her staff a spokesman today and said after the incident occurred that the chancellor was feeling fine that she was in good condition and she was able to continue with her agenda but of course concern is growing in germany about the chances health because especially because she's known for such robust tells and her staff didn't elaborate on the causes of today's trembling but we have to know that german pretty laws are very strict on releasing that type of personal information so again it is important not to speculate but to wait and see what your doctors say what her office will release over the next couple of weeks and acid seems now and we've seen in the previous incident it was blamed on dehydration and i'm going to america was able to continue with her duties as normal clearly from thomaston thank you. we'll take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 36 miners have died in the collapse kobold mine in the democratic republic of congo the accident happened at an open pit in the province of the dead were mining illegally. thousands of supporters of its stumbles numac have been celebrating in the streets of the city as opposition politician. took office for the 2nd time it was a decisive victory 4 days ago in a rerun forced by a president to run his ruling a k party. german authorities say they've arrested a bosnian man wanted in connection with islamist extremist attacks in paris in november 25th officials say the 39 year old was detained a week ago in eastern germany and will be extradited to belgium $130.00 people were killed in attacks on sites that included the batter clan theater. one person has died and at least 8 have been injured in 2 suicide bombings in 2 days is capital
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tunis it's targeted security forces including police officers the museum has faced a string of extremist attacks in recent years some of them claim by the islamic state militant group. the france has won the united states not to drag its nato allies into a war against iran is comes a week after u.s. president donald trump said he called off air strikes against iran with just minutes to go following tehran's downing of an unmanned u.s. drone new acting u.s. defense secretary mark asked for told his counterparts in brussels that washington wanted to avoid conflicts but couldn't tolerate any further incidents he went on to say that even though the u.s. held iran responsible for the for 2 attacks on tankers in the gulf of oman this month washington did not want the situation to escalate argo. it's to bring iran to the negotiating table to conclude a comprehensive enduring deal that addresses iran's nuclear program its
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a ballistic missile development and proliferation its support for terrorism and other malign activities or strategy is at its core an economic and diplomatic one again we do not seek armed conflict with iran but we are ready to defend u.s. forces and interests in the region straight to the nato headquarters in brussels and we thought d w correspondent tony schultz welcome terry how did nato respond to mr aspect you know the feel this is this issue wasn't even on nato agenda today but it ended up being the biggest thing we talked about in all the press conferences today and this is because everyone is so worried about the conflict in the gulf and what allies were calling a bilateral issue between the u.s. and iran is now becoming an international issue and the u.s. has said clearly that's what it wants it believes that more pressure will bring iran to the negotiating table so that said everyone was very relieved to hear
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secretary esper say as you heard there that the u.s. wants to rely on political pressure economic pressure and diplomatic pressure a secretary general yet still somebody explains. i think that one important message is thought is that the united states so clearly the house stated that they don't want a war they actually said very clearly that they're it if you talk with iran without preconditions and it was a message from our laws today that we support efforts to deescalate to avoid any miscalculations incidents accidents and especially that they spotted of out of control and create a really dangerous really dangerous situation for terry shoulders what sort of support is the u.s. is likely to be able to count on from its allies. that's very unclear at the moment the u.s. is definitely going to have to play the long game here and secretary esper knows
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that he says that officials will be coming back here in mid july to share more intelligence on iran to lay out the case you know that worked on the i.n.f. treaty the u.s. laid out its intelligence showed its proof it demonstrated many times over to nato allies that it believed russia was violating the i.n.f. treaty and in the end they all came around they're going to have to do that again on iran because it's such a complicated issue for the european union members who are also nato allies and are in support of the nuclear treaty the treaty that the united states has quit and is trying to derail and i was just speaking with a european diplomat who told me that inside the room when secretary esper said that they wanted more allied support they wanted more public statements against iran they may want air surveillance they may want naval escorts that there was quite a subdued response from the european allies so the united states is going to have to work very hard to prove to european allies that they should pull their support from the nuclear accord and give it over to the united states which is in favor of
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a broader agreement that would take into account the nuclear nuclear program of iran but also ballistic missiles also other provocative behavior in the region this is a very very complicated dance for both europe and the united states and we're just seeing the beginning of it now with secretary espers appeal here at nato and with. the u.s. . with iran not being on the table did they manage to discuss anything that actually was on the agenda. they did and i think iran came 1st but after that we talked a lot about the i.n.f. treaty you know on august 2nd the i.n.f. treaty is likely to be declared dead unless russia agrees to destroy this very expensive advanced missile program that violates the ranges of the i n f nobody really expects russia to do that phil but next week they're supposed to be another nato russia meeting where they say ok this is really the last last minute to moscow if you're going to save the treaty you need to do it now so that was the other big
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item on the meetings that today shows in brussels thank you. here in germany a place of arrested 2 more people in connection with the killing of regional politicians look who was an outspoken supporter chancellor merkel's migration policy opposition parties say the case shows the need for the government to take the threat of far right extremist violence more seriously. in the case of the killing of state politician fanta luka investigators say there was no sign of a right wing extremist terrorist network but the suspect allegedly had help with acquiring the gun germany's federal prosecutors have confirmed that 2 men one suspected of selling the weapon and a contact man are being taken into investigative custody they were acting on the assumption that the 2 suspects knew about stephon east right wing extremist beliefs and that they approved of the sale of a shooting weapon knowing it was possible it would be used for
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a politically motivated killing more to get into suppression. get castle's district president was executed with a single gunshot in front of his house it is said to be the 1st murder of a surfing politician by a rightwing extremist since $945.00 since the nazi dictatorship and it. germany's interior minister horst say hole 1st says he will do all he can to toughen the rule of law. a constitutional democracy must be able to remove enemies of the constitutional democracy from the general population especially those who poses serious threat sleep my office will seriously look into which groups we can ban according to say the number of right wing extremists in germany has reached a new height of close 224000 this is a worrying figure for the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency who said while presenting his annual report that right wing extremists appear more
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confident in our networking internationally. right wing extremists high degree of readiness to commit violence is striking it's been said that every 2nd right wing extremist is to be classified as ready for violence the number of violent crimes has risen by 3.2 percent. the opposition says it is now time that investigators analyze the right wing extremists seen more closely than ever before . we need a reform of the administration we need more scientific expertise more transparency to be able to get clarity in the face of the complexity of these numbers. we need to recognize network structures better see the connections between single groupings better. was most likely killed because he advocated for refugees as a politician now many in germany are asking themselves how rightwing agitation and hate can be held in check. we bring some breaking news radios here at
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the w. from france police say 2 people have been wounded in a shooting outside a mosque in the western city of brest one of the 2 words it is reported to be the. me to say the gunman is still on the run. of course as and when we have it. that's the latest trend to hit the streets in big cities around the world electric scooters for hire everywhere at the moment lots of international companies want a slice of that market but local authorities see them as a headache with accidents on the increase critics also argue that they are not economically viable or veyron mentally sustainable but the scooter commuters say they're the best way to get around. this couple is doubled up on one scooter even though it's illegal in germany you can now find these vehicles for rent on nearly every corner in the heart of berlin and this summer people are scootering through the streets and parks of the german capital where 15 companies are competing for
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the market critics complain that they clog up traffic and consume too much energy. we wanted to hear the company's response so we zoomed along 2 german scooter sharing company tier mobility experiences in other cities showed that only 20 percent of he kicked scooter riders have given up their cars for this mode of transport but the sector believes that in the long run electric scooters will ride cars off the road. and this is a sponsor you want to install if you look at the commuter train stations here in berlin in some cases they're one or 2 kilometers apart and maybe your office is right between them or your workplace is 4 or 5 kilometers from the train station then it's very attractive to rent an electric kick scooter at the station to get to your office and the potential users are people who would have otherwise taken their
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cars to give them $0.05 a day. i'm fine it's all going up. but keeping up an adequate network of motorized scooters is a logistical challenge at night transporters have to collect the scooter fleet and redistribute them for the next morning micro mobility analyst alexander young says that's why it's no surprise that a 10 minute ride currently costs 2 years 50 as much as a subway ticket. and not all of the aga fud i lot of suppliers say that's even below the running costs because managing a fleet of electric scooters cost so much money tied into the it's by then adequately taught on the current generation doesn't have replaceable batteries. so you base. have to pick up every scooter every 2 days ticket to a warehouse to be charged and then bring it back into town and you start to look at that in my view that's not economically viable in the long run. but
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manufacturers are working on the battery problem and they're convinced that these electric vehicles can help turn the corner in the mobility revolution. the women's football world cup resumes tonight in france after well a day off the 1st quarter final season england take on norway and that's meryl from the don't do sport is here welcome max we'll look ahead to that in just a moment how is the total would be going on the pitch so far well it's been a really high quality among the top teams early on in the early stages of the tournament there was a bit of discrepancy between some of the teams i think inferences of thailand who lost to the u.s. a 13 nil but now as we've progressed into the quarter final stage real top quality sides that and it's been very entertaining $126.00 goals scored so far that's about 3 per match and on the flipside the goalkeepers have really impressed as well and that's quite important because ahead of the tournament and during it as well
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there's been discussion about maybe using smaller goals in women's football in comparison to the men's goals or the goals that they're using now but the goalkeepers have really shown up at this tournament i'm thinking of 2 in particular netherlands sati von fein and dahl and sweden's hedvig lindahl who both pretty much saved that team's fortunes in the round of 16 and took them into the quarter finals was stunning saves so overall really good football that we've been seeing competitive football and lots more to come ok and off the pitch the fans turning up well there's plenty to cheer about there's been a bit of an issue there and in some cases some games have been very well attended others very poorly for instance the city of nice has stood out in a negative way only half the tickets were sold in the most recent match there that was a round of 16 match between norway and australia on a saturday very curious that they were able to attract more people in advertising has been blamed have been deemed a bit feeble in the way that they've been promoting the tournament especially
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within france and ahead of the tournament they for instance came out and said such a high volume of tickets have been sold that they they may have put off people who thought ok there's no more taking. left in some cases that even been stadia where you couldn't buy tickets on the actual day of the match so a bit of a mix up but overall the fans have really been enjoying it and coming out in force particular of course french fans but also supporters of the united states and the netherlands who always dazzle in their orange outfits we can see quite a few fans here lining up in the stadiums so plenty to cheer about as i say but still from an organizational point of view this things that can be improved the positive though is this is on track to be the most attended women's world cup ever beating the previous 2 women and canada had an overall figure of 1300000 people attending we've already had over a 1000000 ticket sales for this tournament according to fifa ok so let's talk about tonight then they kick of the quarter finals what do we have to look forward to
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over the next 3 days yet we're down to the last 8 and some real quality match up so we can take a look at the match ups in a moment just now norway are playing today against england that's the very 1st of the quarterfinal matches and here we see them coming up france the hosts face united states and what many thought could have been the final it's really netherlands and germany and sweden they face off on saturday so really really tasty match ups there specially looking out for italy and sweden who weren't necessarily thought to be in the tournament still at this point and tonight then hala yes. and norway both very exhausted teams who are going to be facing off with each other in considerable heat as well and norway on the one hand had a extra time and penalties game went to texas and then penalties in the round of 16 against australia so they had lots of work to do in england played cameroon in a bit of
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a dramatic match where 2 players were brutally tackled and injured and one player was spat fire cameron imply a plane see discussion after the match there but moving on. was this match both teams a little bit worse for wear england especially whose captain steph out in the still out with an ankle injury from that match and her defensive partner really bright dealing with the virus so england could go into this match quite weakened whereas no way on carrying any injuries as far as we know so even though england are the favorites norway could quite potentially cause an upset because they're as i say full strength and watch out for carolyn hansen who pulls the strings from midfield then number 10 that's a name to country with and to russia can only in the hands of mats medal useful thank you. france has issued its 1st ever read alert for dangerous weather amid the record breaking heat wave sweeping europe parts of france and spain are sweltering in temperatures of
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more than 40 degrees celsius and forecasts warning of even hotter conditions on friday germany and other northern european countries are also getting their share of the heat. sometimes the only way to escape the heat is to go for it. that's what these germans on the banks of the rhine did when's the horror in temperatures came to europe. scientists say such weather is made more likely by climate change as it is refreshing and it's fun to go swimming with friends and to lie in the sun. now is whether it means not just so when the weather is this good you don't need to go on holiday. across the continent they struggled to keep cool weather on 2 legs or 4. but the extreme heat was too much for some particularly vulnerable the young and the old. at this retirement home in france
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they need not venture far to wet their toes. and. put a small with cloth ruined my naked and there isn't much more i can do i don't move around but it our age we don't move too much. for persians 20 water can and help combat the scorching sun. rules were meant to be broken on days like this. but for emergency services in northeastern spain there was no such respite the weather is fuelling raging forest fires officials warn bad as temperatures rise to over 40 the blaze could grow 5 times as big. a heat wave has also turned up in iceland well by local standards some daring teens took the plunge to beat the searing 22 degree celsius heat.
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the year that the years to peak is so i'm rather terrified of the water ringback and this is the 1st time i've done this and the 1st. place it's wet it's cold and it's bad. they were fooling around at prague soup to surprise the frozen fruits to stop the gorillas from losing their cool. that is one of our top stories at this hour g. 20 leaders are arriving in japan for that i know summit which starts on friday they'll be trying to catch up serious divisions of the trade and tariffs on tackling the global climate crisis. on to new concerns about the health of germany's chancellor after i get a makeover seen shaking awesome event for the 2nd time in 2 weeks which i was only this month put attributed to dehydration which is now on the way to the g. 20 summit. the news that
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a ship with service assume the summer sky and that is that next i'll come back at the top of the hour of the.
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plaintiffs are. expressing feelings. i am not going to create yet but i would like to be considered an honest one day looking for new perspectives clear to him and not to be replaced by the old camera doing things differently. come to a place where we reflect on society at. large. and not think that. just sometimes our place and laughing when. the german thinks deep
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into the german culture of looking at the stereotype of a class that is think the future of the country that i am playing. here inventing to take for this drama. to me it's all about who. knew i might show joins me from the german sunday w. post. to the. to see.
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him go. this is news asia coming up on our show today a rite of passage in the philippines every summer thousands of boys are circumcised to mark a step into adulthood we'll tell you why the practice is so widespread and why critics say it is abuse also coming up it was a story that captured international attention a boy soccer team trapped in a cave in thailand for 17 days the sight of their miraculous rescue is now a tourist hot spot meanwhile tourism swimming at an unlikely place in india we'll tell you why a tour of the that.


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