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this is v.w. dus why but from berlin in japan world leaders arrive for the g. 20 summit a trade war between the world's 2 largest economies china and the united states and a lack of consensus on tackling global warming are expected to dominate the agenda also coming up tonight the health of germany's chancellor back in the spotlight after uncle america is seen shaking and event for the 2nd time in a week plus who will take in the mike with us tonight a standoff in the mediterranean over migration policy as it refuses to allow or
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rescue ship carrying dozens of migrants to land and with round 2 of the u.s. democrats debate just hours away whether any in this crowded field would have what it takes to deny would trump a 2nd term in the white house. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin tonight with the g. 20 summit in osaka japan world leaders have been gathering there for the beginning of the summit on friday and there's no shortage of big issues to discuss but the trade between the united states and china it's expected to dominate the white house says that washington is still insisting on changes to intellectual property rules as a. condition for any trade deal
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a top aide says that trump will decide whether or not to impose tariffs on chinese goods after he meets with president chinese president xi jinping. stormy weather greeted donald trump as he arrived in osaka but his fans braved wind and rain to get a glimpse of the u.s. president all eyes will be on trump when the 2 day g 20 summit begins on friday some 32000 police are on hand to provide security as they usually do the g 20 leaders will debate the condition of the global economy and world trade they'll also be plenty of bilateral meetings in luxury hotels on the sidelines of the summit one of these will come under particular scrutiny president trump sit down with his chinese counterpart ping on saturday morning if the pair can strike a deal to reduce trade tensions the summit will be counted a success. the g. 20 the g. 7 and other multilateral summits are very important but the main thing to remember
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is that in this world at this moment the united states leads the world. japan's prime minister says meetings like the g 20 are still the best way to resolve conflicts such as trade wars fighting so that people tend to focus on differences in the international community but japan as the host country will focus on what countries have in common and what they can agree on he that there. will climate and the environment also be on the agenda it's unlikely they'll be enough time for issues like those. correspondent covering the summit force in soccer. the japanese presidency is desperately trying to focus on well traditional g 20 topics such as the reform of the world trade organization or projects to fight climate change but what might happen here and is that all of this is overshadowed
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by the big trump shoulder does not believe in multilateral institutions in fact he's coming here to have a series of bilateral meetings and one of them is highly anticipated with the chinese president xi on saturday as we know both countries on the edge of a full fledged trade war and the outcome of that bilateral meeting might determine the fate of world trade in the next month's up or down i was reporting from osaka japan head of the g. 20 summit there are more concerns about the health of german chancellor angela merkel it comes after she was seen today shaking at a function with the german president funky steinmeyer you can see here right there the 2 leaders they were attending a ceremony with the country's outgoing justice minister now this comes just a week after a similar incident with the president of ukraine you see the chancellor there
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shaking last week the tremors were attributed to mrs merkel being behind 3. more on the health of the german chancellor george or the b. table now by our political correspondents really only for a. moment we want to reiterate the authors of the chancellor said today that she is doing fine right exactly the spokesman came out afterwards and said the chance it was doing just fine and she would continue with her schedule as fans and she did indeed just half an hour later she went to the german parliament for the swearing in of the new justice minister and then a couple of hours later she boarded a plane to go to japan to attend the g. 20 summit and then on sunday she will head to brussels where she's set to head to brussels for another use summit so it looks like the chance to america is really doing fine she is continuing with her schedule as one commentator said today you know if you're not doing well you're not going to get a plane and fly to the other side of the world as merkel did earlier today but the
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media attention it has been tremendous about the health of the german chancellor and we you know we can't see enough it's understandable right she is considered to be the world's most powerful woman and when miracle shakes the world also shakes with her doesn't it yeah exactly concern is growing here specially also in germany a say i mean also across the world people are looking to america she stands more than any other leader of the world for that stability and especially in germany i mean she's been in power for 14 years and all of my adult life has been chancellor and a machine answers self last year that she is not seeking another political office after her term ends in 2021. but i think the strangling today really shakes up people over germany because they anything that ignite suspicion that she might leave early it's actually really puts people in
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a position to go to ask themselves what would germany look like after america actually steps down as chancellor yeah that's good that's a good point i mean the fact that people are worried about her health also forces them to be confronted with the period after the era of ugly metal in hell that will be political correspondent the only from home is don thank you. well tonight the european union is calling on italy to find a quick resolution to woods standoff with a german n.g.o.s whose migrant rescue ship has entered italian mourners in defiance of a ban from rome now that ship is carrying 42 people picked up off the coast of libya 2 weeks ago italy's far right interior minister matteo salvini says that he will not allow them to disembark and he has threatened to seize the ship and to arrest its captain. for weeks to see watch 3 had been circling the island of lampedusa. now with the migrants on board reportedly desperate and exhausted the
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captain decided enough was enough the boat entered italian waters on wednesday risking the wrath of the country's government. and the scientists have just come on mark to see ministry has stopped a lot of offers nothing to some of the czech dollar subset of the cans in the morning halting crew. and now they are waiting for from the instructions from necessary as i really have to take the rescue off the ship but italy's interior minister is refusing to take any migrants tayo salvini built his reputation taking a tough line on migration now he's threatened legal action against the ship's crew of the visa you are warned you on board and we will use all the means democratically allowed to block this blatant contempt of the law. this complete disregard for law and order. i am not giving and will not give permission to anyone
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to disembark to anyone. know under a new law vessels that define orders to keep out of italian waters could face hefty fines and potential seizure salvini insists responsibility for taking the migrants lies with germany where they see watch nonprofit is headquartered for the netherlands because the ship is sailing under a dutch flag but so far no country has volunteered to take them in meaning it may be much longer before these people stepped foot on solid ground. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a french police say a man suspected of shooting and wounding 2 people outside a mosque in the western city of brest has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound he suspected of having opened fire as people were leaving the mosque in then fleeing in a car officials are investigating whether the incident was terrorism related at
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least 1000 miners have died in the collapse at a comp or in cobalt mine in the democratic republic of congo the accident occurred at an open pit mine in. some of the words say the dead were mining illegally a policeman was killed and at least 8 people were injured in 2 suicide bombings in tunisia capital tunis the attacks targeted security forces has faced a string of extremist attacks in recent years so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for today's bombing. huge crowds turned out in just embolden celebrate the inauguration of the city's new mayor opposition politician in moment took office for the 2nd time 4 days after his decisive victory in a rerun election which was forced by president into one's ruling a cage party. now politics in the united states democratic presidential hopefuls are getting ready for a 2nd night of debate as the primary campaign shifts and gets into high gear this
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evening's contest features there's heavyweights joe biden and bernie sanders and it comes after 10 of the lesser known contenders slugged it out last night last night elizabeth warren cemented her status as a front runner pushing universal health care and economic reform to score points in what was at times a heated debate with so many candidates in the running if you are putting money on $1.00 stand out contender right now is always on of her nominees she is in miami for the democrats official start of the race for the white house 30. to watch prachi in a bar in downtown miami organized by a network of women of color in florida many here told me they were interested and that's when things went to can paint but still needed to learn more about that candidate i expect to hear what their policies will be i expect to hear what how
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they're going to take us to the future and i hope to see women standing up and you know talking about women's protective right the right immigration and i need to learn more about that more centrist than right wing. candidates because i'm a progressive they may root for different candidates but there is one thing the old read on. the budget of the democratic party here in miami dade a year ending for a candidate who can be done on trump but many voters in the. as have yet to fully tune in so the stakes are high for the 1st debates which have the potential to shake out the democratic presidential field the most diverse field ever many contenders have been struggling to garner attention and raise money now they have a chance to take their message directly to a national crime time audience. and that was what they tried to do in the m.e.
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is senator elizabeth warren was the only candidate on the 1st night to be pulling in double digits and set the tone for the party's progressive week where i want to start this is i want to return government to the people and that means calling out the names of the monopolist and saying i have the courage to go after them other contenders remain more cautious suggesting some plans to might go too far immigration policy was also one of the main topics with cool young costs would dominate and here the former mayor of san antonio proposed decriminalizing undocumented immigration as the audience in this bar seems to like. from what i can see. seem to be really impassioned about his plans his whole feeling about the immigration issue yet. the 1st debate is over on thursday the leading candidates will take the stage in miami.
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well france has issued its 1st ever red alert for dangerous weather amid the record breaking heat wave that is sweeping across europe parts of france and spain are sweltering in temperatures above 40 degrees celsius and forecasters are warning that scorching summer weather is headed this weekend for germany. sometimes the only way to escape the heat is to go for a day. that's what these germans on the banks of the rhine did when sun horan temperatures came to europe. scientists say such weather is made more likely by climate change and that it's refreshing and it's fun to go swimming with friends and to lie in the sun. now to spread like a nice not present when the weather is this good you don't need to go on holiday. across the continent they struggled to keep cool weather on 2 legs or 4. but the
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extreme heat was too much for some particularly vulnerable the young and the old. at this retirement home in france they need not venture far to wet their toes. and knees and i put a small wet cloth through and my naked and there isn't much more i can do i don't move around but it our age we don't move too much. for persians 20 water can and help combat the scorching sun. rules were meant to be broken on days like this. but for emergency services in northeastern spain there was no such respite the weather is fuelling raging forest fires officials warn bad as temperatures rise to over 40 the blaze could grow 5 times as big. the heat wave has also
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turned up in iceland well by local standards. some daring teens took the plunge to beat the searing $22.00 degree celsius heat. the peak is so i'm rather terrified of the water and this is the 1st time i've done this this is this get this that's the place it's where it's cold and it's bad or. they were fooling around at prague zoo to supplies the frozen fruits to stop the gorillas from losing their cool. well here in germany police have arrested 2 more people in connection with the killing of a regional politician named walter luka and he was an outspoken supporter of german chancellor angela merkel's migration policy opposition parties say that this case shows the government needs to take the threat of far right extremist violence more seriously. in the case of the killing of state politician fanta luka investigators
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say there was no sign of a right wing extremist terrorist network but the suspect allegedly had help with acquiring the gun germany's federal prosecutors have confirmed that 2 men one suspected of selling the weapon and a contact man are being taken into investigative custody. were acting on the assumption that the 2 suspects knew about stephanie's right wing extremist beliefs and that they approved of the sale of a shooting weapon knowing it was possible it would be used for a politically motivated killing and for the too small to get into suppression and sits in the it castle's district president was executed with a single gunshot in front of his house it is said to be the 1st murder of a serving politician by a right wing extremist since 1945 since the nazi dictatorship and it. germany's interior minister horst say hole 1st says he will do all he can to toughen the rule
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of law. a constitutional democracy must be able to remove enemies of the constitutional democracy from the general population especially those who pose a serious threat sleep my office will seriously look into which groups we can ban according to say the number of right wing extremists in germany has reached a new height of close 224000 this is a worrying figure for the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency who said while presenting his annual report that right wing extremists appear more confident and are networking internationally. right wing extremists high degree of readiness to commit violence is striking said every 2nd right wing extremist is to be classified as ready for violence the number of violent crimes has risen by 3.2 percent. the opposition says it is now time that investigators analyze the right wing extremists seen more closely than ever before. we need
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a reform of the administration we need more scientific expertise more transparency to be able to get clarity in the face of the complexity of these numbers. we need to recognize network structures better see the connections between single groupings better. was most likely killed because he advocated for refugees as a politician now many in germany are asking themselves how rightwing agitation and hate can be held in check. and with the murder of altar lucas still very much on their minds thousands of people today staged a protest against right wing extremism they came together in luca's hometown of casa to present a united front against the far right and to support diversity and religious tolerance in the country members of the christian jewish and muslim communities which is the page in the protests. well it is
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a case that has shocked many people in germany by its sheer scale 2 men have pleaded guilty to hundreds of counts of child sexual abuse spread over decades along with a 3rd defendant the men are accused of serial child sex abuse at a campsite in western germany they reportedly filmed the abuse and then put the videos online. but it is not just the suspects who are on trial local police and child welfare agencies are also facing accusations of negligence. it was here at this camping ground that the 2 suspects allegedly abused over 40 children their victims included the main suspects own foster daughter as well as children as young as 4 years old the unlucky for a relatively short period of time through interrogation and deduction we were able to determine that many children had been abused additionally we found evidence of
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child pornography much of which were self-made. the police are now giving deaf ola tension to the case after dragging their feet thick years say critics according to the latest reports a government official and a psychologist had already raised concerns about the suspect sexual behavior in 2016 despite this government agencies allow the suspect to be granted custody of his foster daughter mia it's on that clearly it is even comprehensible to me how these 3 pieces of evidence could have been so badly misjudged resulting in such a fatal oversight and had to economise. but reports suggest that the government's failure went beyond basic incompetence employees of the youth welfare office for portly did not only ignore these concerns they also manipulates the suspects records in their favor by deleting certain information about him.
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when they thought we have not fulfilled our duty as guardians and our mission to protect the welfare of the children the way we should have because we misjudged these 3 pieces of evidence. on darfur and who we sincerely apologize to those who have suffered as a result of. life in holland. 2 police officers and now also under investigation allegedly they too have known about the concerns against the main suspect and. not reacted then in february over 150 d.v.d.'s that soft as evidence disappeared from the police department only 3 were saved to try over now assess not only the guilt of the alleged abuses but also how the government authorities could have failed so many times. thailand
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is marking one years since that dramatic rescue of the boys soccer team remember the soccer team that was trapped in a cave in the north of the country earlier this week the boys and their coach returned to the cave to honor their rescuers and to talk to the media their ordeal has not only brought attention to the region but it's also brought boom to tourism w.'s charlotte shows and kill reports. still to imagine this is the site sit in same place to changi take. a bike ride in fun run month anniversary of the dramatic rescue at the 12 going on the football coach. to raise money to develop the area and propel its transition from sleepy backwater to buzzing tourist hot spot is a project that students filming the food scenes it's community i need locals used to come to this area now there is a whole infrastructure built around this the site of the rescue that had the entire world gripped to grapes like this one a few looking here to get
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a fast one taste of the ordeal the cave itself is currently closed to the public for safety reasons but that hasn't stopped thousands venturing off the beaten track every week to check it end. this is good no explore small museum telling the story of the rescue and pay their respects to that's why die the nurse is not trying to save the boy it's. just a shoot from the cave shuttle buses drop tourists at the dozens of stories that have sprung up over the last 12 months giving them a chance to browse the cave merchandise and take a memory of it is it. been that i'm visiting from laos this is a sacred place that i've heard a lot about i'm really excited to see it i personally think that. but maybe came here because it's the anniversary of the case and i want to go back to. that. entrepreneurs of fluxes not cross the region to kerosene on the action they say that incomes have sued. pharmac on you i used to be
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a housewife but i heard how much money people were earning from tourist sites set up as business. based in tourism isn't just a local initiative national authorities are also keen to commit the area. to her it rescue is a massive success story the thailand. they plans were least costly be able to take something sure it's a boost visitor numbers this is a netflix projects about the rescue in the run and people here expects the fresh international attention to them that you could this area in the tourism. that you're watching news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you g. 20 leaders are arriving in japan for their summit which starts on for i do need phil will be trying to patch up serious divisions over trade and cherish and try to tackle the global climate crisis together there are new concerns tonight about the health of germany's chancellor angela merkel after she was seen as shaking. and
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advanced the 2nd time in just a week tremors earlier this month with the ukrainian president were said to have been because of the chance to breathe and the european union is calling them evil. to find a quick solution to in standoff with a german n.g.o.s whose migrant rescue ship has injured italian waters in spite of a ban on board the ship 42 people picked up off the coast of libya 2 weeks ago. i don't forget you can always get in the way you news on the go just download or app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. i'll be back after a short break to take you through the day to deceive you.
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i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room as in the cinema it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. the general language telling us this gives me and make up much make it to in truck
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loads of say you want to know their story in the license her fighting and reliable information for migrants. and i'm. glad. i am. 50 years since the moon landing. she was the 1st man to walk on the moon. and all our planet. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to dress. shirts or go to the ball. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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but she room a legend was simply a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. look at a book of. there are new concerns tonight about the health of the german chancellor angela merkel another episode of shaking today her office said that she was fine later as she headed for the g 20 summit in japan and it is there where she will face new yet over criticisms from u.s. president donald trump tonight the u.s. president accusing germany and the european union of pickpocketing the u.s. economy i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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