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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made from minds. like secrets lie behind these memos. find out 1st of experience and explore it as an aging cultural heritage site. d w world heritage 36050. as the leaders of the 20 most important economies in the world needed japan international trade is on top of the agenda to the end of its damaging us china conflict finally seems to be on the cards. some say has been as important as steve jobs says the chief designer johnny designed the ipod and the i phone now
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he's leaving the company after nearly 30 years. takes its truck business public use the money for electric car development is this the way forward for other comics. this is your business i'm in berlin welcome as the 20 leaders are gathering in. japan one topic dominates above all of us trade and most importantly the dispute between china and the u.s. there is optimism dubbed u.s. trade representative robert lighthouses said this week that and not that 90 percent of the deal was done and donald trump has so far refrained from provoking the chinese on twitter on saturday he needs to chinese president xi jinping to see if any kind of breakthrough can be found. getting the hellos out of the way but soon they'll be getting down to the real business of the weekend. technology is a critical front in the ongoing us china trade conflict both nations see digital
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and technological supremacy essential to their economic futures the role of chinese firm weiwei and building 5 g. networks and a u.s. led attempt to ban it is a major sticking point already on friday the leaders took part in a digital economy summit it was all quite polite but while a ship shadow hung over the discussion trump preach security g. openness at the same time as we expand digital credit we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperity. sheesh we need to encourage the movement of information technology and human resources to safeguard the global industry chain sharing our strength and cooperated to achieve a win win situation we should not develop behind a closed door and we cannot interfere in the market. even the
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us china meetings are not the only ones that matter for the global economy and osaka india and the us have had their own simmering trade tensions of late and friday indian prime minister narendra modi met with trump while he also took part in meetings with the leaders of the so-called brics economies where he called for reform of the w t o o timidly though the big set piece this weekend is the trump she meeting the outcome of that will determine just how happy this latest reunion of world leaders has been. is in a socket the g 20 for us a little earlier also about whether the use role at the summit has been slightly overshadowed by the u.s. china trade. yes well that's a problem actually there was a press conference by the european commission president. and he actually was quite unhappy about the fact that the e.u.
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is pushed sidelines they're trying quite hard to work for free trade which is this actually is about this whole meeting is about but nobody's really paying attention to them and that's why i think also the fact that they're having trade deals with vietnam as well the e.u. tomorrow all of that is basically to show hey we hear. free trade and we can also play without you america we also have other friends so it's basically a bit of a show of power here as well. a trade deal between the e.u. and south american states off the mark block that's argentina brazil and europe as well as membership been suspended for the moment is nearing completion the e.u. is keen to finalize its mark is a market of roughly equal size to europe south americans eager to send their products to europe to predominantly our culture and. most importantly beef
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in brazil large areas of amazon rainforest are destroyed to make way for cattle farms much of the meat is exported to europe. if the e.u. and south america's mek are sort of trading block seal a deal it could result in higher quotas for beef shipments to europe. for spain it was it is of obvious geopolitical interests beyond its commercial and economic implications that we hope that the european commission will soon completely go she ations with america's oil countries which are also very interested in concluding these talks as soon as possible and. this german chancellor angela merkel would also like to see the deal sealed soon she hopes it will give a further boost to german industry for example through car exports. like the
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european commission she's looking to multi-lateralism at a time when the u.s. is pulling back from free trade. the e.u.'s been negotiating the deal with mek resourceful members brazil argentina paraguayan or a guy and the now suspended venezuela for 20 years harsh criticism of the agreement has come from european farmers and environmental activists you have to be protection. in europe so what's the point shipping the same product. this is the 2nd. cows in europe lot of. pharma area. there so you have 51st states and many environmentalists fear that once the trade deal goes through brazilian president joe you're both scenario will make good on his threat of pulling out of the paris climate accord and that even more rain forest could be destroyed to push exports of beef and soybeans. it is
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one of europe's largest i.p.o.'s this year's folks is selling a stake in its truck division trucks on shares in the company can be bought from today on frankfurt stockholm exchanges johnson says have initially been prized at 27 years apiece and just over 10 percent of the company is up for grabs. values draws on a wholly owned subsidiary of around 134500000000 euros that's a little lower than had been expected the home effect if i may and stan the heavy truck. well our correspondent. has been following this i.p.o. at the frankfurt stock exchange for us why is he doing this putting off its truck business. certainly a brave decision considering the uncertainties around in the economy and also in
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the car business specially so it's a brave decision but i think the idea behind this is that folks are going is looking at slimming down. after decades of expansion this the 1st time it is looking at slimming down and that needs to have more efficient workflow so that's one of the reasons the other is to actually insulate the profit making truck division from the problems that the car manufacturer is facing as far as cars are concerned these are good slow sales and the truck business so far hasn't even felt the full impact of the entire u.s. china trade dispute the truck sales have been stable they've been growing over the past 4 years so clearly it wants to insulate the truck business from the other problems that the car maker is facing and the other like you mentioned it so much needed 1500000000 euros for the companies who should towards the electric mobility remember it's late and it has an. ambitious target as far as electra mobility is
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concerned and it needs all these funds desperately. many large comic as have the truck divisions would this be a model that other comic is looking at as well. yes i mean perhaps i mean that's what analysts believe because analysts have the top candidate in the formal dimler dam the has a big a massive truck division double the size of trenton and that could potentially be a candidate to go public separately from dive into that's also because daimler is also facing its own problems the car sales have been down they've cut its guidance for the 3rd time in a year and also diesel good has been weighing down in it and what it does is that it the old value of the share in which the truck division play such a major role is also subdued so now analysts believe that once it goes separately the independence that it gets would actually bring the true value that the unit
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demand or or should be given and that's the idea behind. analysts suggesting that diamond could be a company that could look at actually splitting its division as it goes from the french to thank you. and now to some of the other global business news making headlines today. lego may already own the rights to sell the london eye as a toy but now lego's parent company is going to buy the real we'll lego on a kirkby will take over britain's merlin entertainment as holmes madame tussaud's people combine forces with the u.s. private equity group blackstone and the canadian pension fund together they'll pay 5600000000 euro. the u.s. division of swiss bank credit suisse showed deficiencies in the annual stress test by the u.s. federal reserve a process designed to determine lenders ability to weather economic uncertainty that has until late october to fix its for the flaws in its management in contrast
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georgia bank has managed to pass off the failing last year stress test it shares rose 3 and a half percent. such as an eye of apple's chief design officer is leaving the company he helped shape the news shocked the entire tech industries some say he's been as important for making apple what it is today as the late steve jobs says he'll continue to work closely with apple through his own upcoming design from when he started his career apple the company was seen by many as being on its last legs together with steve jobs with whom he forced a close relationship he developed the i am not in 1908 which helped kick off a spectacular comeback for apple the bridge design also created the iconic design of the ipod the scroll wheel which lets you scan through a long list of songs that easily helped apple to dominate the market although it was not the 1st one of the only r m p 3 player back in the day i've also designed
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the i phone the 1st smartphone which was introduced in 2007 revolutionized the way we communicate and brought an end to regular mobile phones i've also shaped the i pad launch 2010 is the project comes amid falling i phone sales than at a time when apple has turned its attention to growing its services business which includes apple music and i cloud through. and that's it for me and the w. business team here in the old more business news photo website that's called slash business don't go away now also a cultural problem that all is next right after this quick. thanks for the business .
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and i am. i am. i am i am. it's been 15 years since the. jeep was the 1st man to walk. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as
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a pilot she says the same no matter how. you're going up. as an astronaut to be took part in the greatest adventure in history. armstrong was his destiny. it's july 20th w. hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture we'll be looking at another mazing new documentary about the moon landing and also the style most 1st of all in switzerland which mixes science the cosmos and music. and a unique artist or is it to office in one person the ambidextrous talents of ross
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cena. but we begin today with a new documentary about the moon landing 50 years ago i can still remember vividly remember as a young boy the whole world seems to stop and we watched in amazement as we saw live pictures being directly from the moon into our living rooms and the incredible technological achievement at the time i also remember feeling a sense of global humanity that we as a planet where achieving great things and taking great strides well anyway here's a taste of apollo 11. this is the winner mission like you've never seen it before the documentary apollo 11 turns us into witnesses of history. as far as responsibilities.


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