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this is you don't reduce life for berlin o.r.'s on osaka the world's greatest economic and political powers gather in japan global leaders of the g. 20 meeting get ready to tackle 40 issues ranging from trade wars to mid east tensions we're in japan with the latest also coming up. there remains a little randy bridge in genoa italy blown to pieces the controlled explosion removes what was left of a motorway viaduct that gave way last year killing $43.00 people plus around
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2 a 2nd batch of presidential hopefuls took to the stage in miami florida democratic contenders vying for the chance to take on donald trump in the race for the white house faceoff about their political past and america's future and england have pushed through to the women's world cup semifinals they've put on a stellar performance to send norway home of the win season england into the final 4 of only the 2nd time in their history and now one of the favorites to win it all . on little rock thank you so much for your company everyone world leaders are in osaka japan for the g 20 summit while they're facing a host of problems ranging from the u.s.
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showdown with iran to trade tensions between washington and beijing and on both those issues the european union finds itself caught right in the middle. for 2 days osaka is the center of the political atlas the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies flying in for what promises to be a stressful program. small talk is sure to be drowned out by u.s. president donald trump's heavy footsteps as he continues his campaign of america 1st. the trade war he started with china will dominate discussions though few expect talks between trump and chinese president xi jinping on saturday to result in a truce the trade relations between china and the u.s. . difficult the. contributing to
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global economy. could trump administration has also ramped up pressure on iran withdrawing from the nuclear deal was just the beginning new sanctions and threats of war followed all of that has the attention of those here. maintaining. is in the region. of security interest. the e.u. is committed to the deal as long as you're on the continues to uphold it. outside the confines of the heavily guarded summit site. citizens are urging action on climate change activists went out not only on osaka streets but also on hong kong's where protesters called for support from g 20 leaders for their pro-democracy movement that beijing has already forbidding other countries from discussing the hong kong unrest at the summit. german chancellor angela merkel arrived in good
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spirits and osaka this after a 2nd bout of unexplained trembling in front of cameras led to speculation about her health. her good cheer will have to endure she's due in brussels on sunday to negotiate a new leadership for the e.u. . and we can take you now to the g. 20 summit to osaka japan to w.'s correspondent max hofmann who's standing by max on the sidelines of the g. 20 there are always all these one on one meetings taking place and one highly anticipated anticipated rather face to face is that of course between u.s. present donald trump and russian president vladimir putin how that that go. we didn't get that much substantial information from that meeting just that both leaders thought it was in the interests of the whole world that russia and the united states have a good relation also we heard later that apparently the russian president invited donald trump for a meeting in moscow for may of next year let's see if that materializes and one of
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the most telling situations actually occurred before the meeting at the handshake so when both of the leaders met and one journalist asked donald trump whether he was going to ask putin to not meddle in the u.s. elections that play take place also in 20 twentieth's so trump turned to the russian president and said don't meddle in the u.s. election and that was probably an attempt at humor and will not make this topic go away and won't make this topic go away oh let's talk about climate change another big issue at the summit. climate change is actually one of the most difficult topics if you look at the so-called communiques or declarations of the past summit for example when his ira's already backed the u.s. backed off of the paris agreement and so you had a special paragraph where they said that this was only a declaration of 19 participants of the g. 20 so excluding the u.s.
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it's gotten more difficult because you had elections in some countries and other countries weren't really convinced before that already so in this case what you have is a new brazilian president also naro who is here who demonstrated that he has a big bromance with the american president donald trump so he might not be on board either and we're hearing behind the scenes that this is indeed one of 2 extremely difficult topics to negotiate and we expect the so-called sherpa so the negotiators to go on through this night until saturday morning to try to find a solution here by the way the 2nd topic surprisingly is world trade rule trade and another one of course is iran and now the e.u. says that it still hopes to salvage the iran nuclear deal despite the u.s. unilaterally pulling out of it could those remaining signatories of the deal the europeans china and russia use this g 20 meeting to find
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a way forward. iran is a topic here although not an official topic so it is like you said something for the sidelines and the europeans here are really not in the driver's seat of course they're really trying to save that nuclear agreement but behind closed doors they will acknowledge that the agreement has lost its bite when the u.s. dropped out of it and that has not really changed you can tell by the fact that you are indians have announced they will increase their uranium enrichment above the threshold that was foreseen in that nuclear agreement we don't think there will be much movement there especially because the europeans don't really have the clout to change that but as i'm going to macro said earlier the german chancellor in the end that in a statement to the press she did talk about this for example with the u.s. president right to max i have been reporting from osaka japan thank you
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and next to italy where engineer is in the city of general i have demolished the last remaining pillars of a major motorway bridge that collapsed last year. thousands of residents were evacuated ahead of friday's planned demolition and attacks are police say had been drafted in to ensure public safety while 43 people were killed when the marandi bridge collapsed and without warning in august 28th. and joining us now from rome is freelance journalist seema group sima those were some spectacular images that we just saw of that controlled explosion thousands of residents were evacuated how risky was the endeavor. well it was something that was planned for months and today the mayor of genoa say very clearly that everything
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went according to plan and thanked all the all those that would fold at $937.00 local time what remained of that morandi bridge that collapsed some 11 months ago came crashing down in this controlled demolition in just 8 seconds and what we saw was a few dust still smoke rising into the air there were cannons water cannons to try and control that dust as well to make sure that that didn't create other problems and that demolition was followed by a lot rounds of applause by the residents there watching now it's not just the residents in genoa that were watching what's going on this was also followed very closely by local t.v. channels as well as news outlets i think many talents are wanting to see this i saw removed from the skyline of genoa but at the same time feeling a bit of sadness at the loss of those 43 lives with that tragedy occurred back in
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august 20. 5th of a blow was last year's collapse when you know this country has a very storied engineering history. yes i mean it created quite yes debate here in italy when it happened why was this bridge that many had had announced that there were problems back in 2016 and finally when they did look at the debris that fell there was elements of decay so a lot of questions being placed as to perhaps who is to blame but right now the current populous government looking to reconstruction there promising the fact that it's the traffic's going to be running on the bridge how it will 2020 in my tail salvini the deputy prime minister from italy's far right party saying today that yes wolfy in that reconstruction plan to reporting from rome thank you. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world
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. 2 people have been evacuated from the sea wash humanitarian ship for medical reasons all the boats entered italian waters in defiance of a ban from rome 2 days ago at least continuing to refuse its permission to dock the ship's captain has accused european countries of abandoning the migrants. australian authorities say they are trying to establish the whereabouts of a student feared to be detained in north korea relatives of 29 year old alec simply say they have not heard from him since tuesday and his abrupt silence on social media is unusual sickly is one of few foreign students at pyongyang university. the bodies of a father and daughter who drowned trying to enter the u.s. via mexico are being returned to their home country of el salvador the 2 were swept
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to their deaths by strong tides in the rio grande dame they were found together with the girl tucked inside her father shirt. you're watching meet every news still to come. the man behind the look and feel of the i america i pad and i phone is moving on well we'll take a look back at the career of apple's longtime chief designer johnny eyes. reliving the rescue tourists are flocking to the came in northern thailand are 12 jurors and their coach made a miraculous escape. those stories in just a moment but 1st u.s. presidential hopefuls have clashed over the past and the future and the 2nd democratic party debate in miami florida well they're all vying for the chance to
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take on donald trump in 2020 former vice president joe biden was looking to cement his position as front runner but another candidate namely california senator kemal harris put him on the defensive last night ah there's a crowded field for the democratic nomination but did anyone stand out as an affront caught up with some people watching the debate in miami same stage same format same jam packed gathering of 10 democratic candidates in the miami center for the performing arts right behind me but this time 2 men are at the focus of attention from a vice president joe biden and vermont senator bernie sanders who are running 1st and 2nd in most polls. but instead the base of the many watch parties in miami began it quickly became clear that it was neither by ignore senders who grabbed the spotlight it was set up to
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a come along harris who took command of the stage she criticized biden this recent remarks about working with segregation is and it's personal and i was actually very it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations of 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on the 2nd of the greatest in this country. just characterize my position across the board i do not racist that is not true or number 2 if we want to have this campaign to support civil rights whether i did or not i'm happy to do that i was a public that was the most dramatic moment of the debate repeatedly came he did and we should several attacks and by the former vice president however aims he spoke. from the audience his verdict was to by that i mean that camilla harris is very
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strong so far and so is pete and there i think they're rice and they're definitely right to compare biden example a very competitive edge the candidates are all making their points really well i think that joe biden represents the largest portion of america and i think that joe biden can get someone that is considerably more liberal than he is as a vice president i think that what americans are willing to vote for and one of miller's americans would like to be represented by someone that stands in the middle. by the supporters are convinced that he remains the best hope for the democrats to keep donald trump out of the white house but whoever will get the chance to challenge the president in the end the debate here in miami was only the beginning of a long and tough contest. alexander phenomena in miami and we stay in the u.s. where jonathan ive apple's chief design officer is leaving the company he helped
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shape after almost 3 decades all the news has shocked the entire tech industry some say i have has been as important to making apple what it is today as the company's co-founder the late steve jobs. jonathan ive once said the computer industry is creatively bankrupt because he was referring to the boring gray computers screens and floppy disks back in the day together with steve jobs he sought to make tech colorful and fun he developed the i macin 1988 which helped kick off a spectacular comeback for the ailing company just a few years later the british designer created the iconic design of the i pod the scroll wheel which lets you scan through a long list of songs easily helped apple to dominate the market in 2001 despite not being the 1st to release an m p 3 player back then one of the most challenging tasks was to create the design for one phone one internet device and one i pod in
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a single device the 1st i phone. it had almost no buttons but was simple to use it was an immediate success the design revolutionized the way we communicate and brought an end to regular hands. rives departure comes at a time when apple finds itself at a crossroads i phone sales are falling and apple is turning away from hardware to focus on its services business which includes apple music and i cloud. how this has a lot of people talking and here with me is garrett alpha's now from our business team to talk more about it how important was jonathan eyes on his almost a rhetorical question but is he the man was invaluable for the company he had just joined when steve jobs returned then they really put out the the i am this we spoke about this earlier this colorful beautiful on it iconic piece of equipment
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and then he designed this the i phone still is such an object of beauty and it's it's it's a huge success and he wasn't only designing the machine itself the object itself he was involved with every bit of the design it's what the absolute live what it feels like he was also involved in designing the packaging for apple the apple stores all over the world he was involved in designing that. design then you have headquarters together with architects of course so he had a huge imprint on the company so what will this mean now for apple to lose somebody like that of that caliber. of cause damage apple in a way as they all has to say as well said that his new company will continue to work closely with apple this projects that he will take up a project that he will keep doing while in is owned company but also he says his
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most important legacy is not the i phone and not the ipod and not the the i pad is most important legacy is the team that he leaves behind the team that he helped forge in more than 20 years. apple has 132000 people working for that yet the design team is a couple of dozen people it's very very small and it's it shows how focused on design this company is this this new very narrow body of people who work on the design led by by joining our journey ives. down only one percent in late trading we have to wait for another 2 hours or so when wall street opens to see what investors think about sacco you mentioned his new company that he's going to head now i understand it's called love from what can we expect from that will it be a competitor no no it will be a design office design agency if you will but. he will be
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working on this agency will be working continue to work with apple he's bringing other talent in there as well not using a very important product design a as well in australia and we'll work with him then he will go on to different into different fields things that he probably couldn't do while that apple while moving more into the services direction to find to make more money that aren't carried out 1st thank you so very much. and we turn our focus now to thailand because that country has been marking a year since that dramatic rescue of the boys' football team trapped in a cave in the north of the country well earlier this week the boys and their coach returned to the cave to honor their rescuers and talk to the media their ordeal has not only brought attention to the region but also surprisingly tourism. some pill
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reports. still to mention this is the site sitting so close to china today. a bike riding phone rang milanti anniversary of the dramatic rescue of the 12 going on the football coach locals are here to raise money to develop the area and propel its transition from sleepy backwater to buzzing tourist hot spot is a project that students forming the fortunes of this community i knew locals used to come to this area now there is a whole infrastructure built around this the site of the rescue that had the entire world gripped to greats like this one a few looking here to get a firsthand taste of the ordeal the cave itself is currently closed to the public for safety reasons but that hasn't stopped thousands venturing off the beaten track every week to check it out. this is no excuse me museum telling the story of the rescue and pay their respects to the tri diver who most is now trying to save
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the boy is. just a shoot from the cave shuttle buses drop tourists at the dozens of stores that have sprung up over the last 12 months giving them a chance to browse the cave merchandise take a memory that has it. been that i'm visiting from laos this is a sacred place that i've heard a lot about i'm really excited to see it in person. but maybe about came here because it's the anniversary of the case and one because i want to pay my respects to the driver who died. entrepreneurs who flocked to some across the region to cash in on the action they say that incomes have sued. pharmac on your body i used to be a housewife but i heard how much money people were earning from tourist sites set up this business how the instinct to reason isn't just a local initiative national authorities are also keen to promote the area. to her request is
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a massive success story the tile and. they plan to release costly reopen the kings something sure to boost visitor numbers this is a netflix projects about the rescue in the hood and people here expect the fresh international attention to permanently this area in the tourism and. yes. to the women's world cup were a win to have taken the 1st 4 arcs in the semifinals they dominated norway last night to win. a close game was expected between these 2 evenly matched sides but in just the 3rd minute england took the lead you see problems went on in the rolling run and her cross found jill scott. midfielder providing a perfect improvised finish and sparing the blushes of striker ellen white. came to prove that it was a one off white almost put england to no. only the post denied her and i catch in 5th goal of the tournament but she didn't have to wait much longer in the 48th
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minute nicky to paris race 3 and unselfishly set up white no way simply couldn't cope with england's movements for whites ifa go. after halftime bronze caps an outstanding performance with a goal that brought the coach and superstar fans alike to their feet a rocket to make it 3 nil and getting liniments and going into the semifinals. well england will play either hosting france or the united states in the semifinals while those 2 teams play in front of a full house tonight in paris and tickets don't come cheap well co-captain may get repeat no will likely play a key role for the u.s. team and she's already become a focal point thanks to comments that she made earlier this year she suggests it that if the u.s. were to win as she were turned down the expected invitation to the white house because of the president who now resides there present trump has tweeted his
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response a war of words has disturbed the usas quarter final preparations comments meghan rypien ohad made at a photo shoot back in january resurfaced this week. now you got the white house we're not going to be invited you're not going to be invited i doubt it us president donald trump took offense to these comments responding with a series of tweets he claimed to be quote a big fan of the american team and women saka but meghan should win 1st before she talks finish the job he then said quote we haven't yet invited meghan or the team but i am now inviting the team win or lose meghan should never disrespect our country the white house or flag especially since so much has been done for her and the team. but meghan repeat no is thick skinned and has stood her ground at
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thursday's press conference she made only a small concession when it came to her previous remarks. i stand by the comments that i made about not wanting to go to the white house with the exception of the ex but if my mom would be very upset about that i don't think that i would want to go and i would encourage my teammates to think hard about lending that platform or having that co-opted by an administration that doesn't feel the same way and doesn't fight for the same things that that we fight for with the team's quarterfinal match with france will be decided by the tightest of margins repeater says if anything this incident will make them stronger. and before i let you go we're reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour. world leaders are attending the g. 20 summit in osaka japan and they're facing a host of problems ranging from the u.s. showdown with iran to treat tensions between washington and beijing.
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up next could read up today's group or explores whether turkish president breccia type of heir to one thing his grip on power rock in berlin on behalf of all of us thank you for spending this part of your day with us.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. coming up on quadriga there has been a seismic political chicken turkey after the opposition c.h.b. party won a vote for america in that country's biggest city istanbul joint on sunday w.'s international talk show as we discussed. quadriga next on g.w. . welcome to the future. looking for
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a test. that makes earthbound traffic jams a thing of the past. sounds like science fiction but it's not the 1st electric air taxis are already up and running and sometime soon they'll be flying autonomously to. look at it in 60 minutes to. look closely. listen carefully. don't move this suv she needs to be a good. catch. discovered.
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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. hello and welcome to quadriga years international talk show coming to you from berlin i'm brian cabell there's been a seismic political shift in turkey where the opposition c.h.p. party has won the vote for mayor in turkey's biggest city and financial capital. this man in the mold of has.


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