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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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i don't ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is the job you news live from berlin heartache for germany as they are knocked out of the world cup quarter finals. the 2 time winners take the lead but their dreams are destined sweden gets back to prevail. and talk of deals instead of threats of terrorists at the g 20 summit u.s. president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping agree on
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a truce in their country's trade will review some of the cheap mints and short comings for you from osaka japan. italian authorities arrest the skipper of a ship carrying migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea captain for the record has defied orders to stay away from italian ports. i'm nick spicer welcome to the program germany is out of the women's soccer world cup after a tight $21.00 defeat by sweden in the quarter finals germany took the lead in scorching heat in france but sweden hit back with a goal in each half it means one of the tournament pre-tournament favorites are heading home. the german women lined up for a shot at a world cup semifinal. in the absence of jennifer matters shaan the 2 young
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teammates withstood scorching french heat and an early swedish onslaught to take the lead after 15 minutes one nil to germany. being among goob with her 2nd goal of the tournament and one of the best in front so far 6 minutes later however the swedish women used the direct route to find an equalizer a mistake by germany at the back and sophia jakobsen school was one old at the break yacob sent ashamed her role as the most dangerous forward on the pitch in the 2nd tough she was involved in a well constructed build up before stina black stimulus netted sweden 2nd to give her side a crucial lead was germany had plenty of time to find the level but despite some close calls in the dying minutes the 2 time world cup winners are heading home. and sweeten a marching on to the semifinals jonathan crane sports joins me now. what happened
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well what happened indeed massive disappointment for germany one of the pre-tournament favorites it's started well for them of course they took the lead and i hate to say i told you so but i was worried about germany's defense and ultimately they were undone by that defensive frailties beaten as well by the best team on the day germany never really threatens their rights at the end when they were throwing everything at sweden had a couple of head is maybe could a school with one of them but unfortunately they go out of the tournament they also will not qualify for next year's olympics and how much of a disappointment will this be in germany it's going to be a huge disappointment as i said they were one of the pretty favorites and germany had to be going from strength to strength in this tournament they were getting better with every game but those defensive frailties they were talking about course out by a long ball for the 1st goal then bore watching for the 2nd one so huge disappointment could they have started with jennifer marriage on that plane because she'd been recovering from a broken toe they certainly missed creates if that person is important for her to i
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spoke to her before the tournament she said she was dreaming of playing on that side club side that's where the semifinals and finals are going to be but take nothing away from sweden they thought he deserved to go through the fs competitive victory over germany in 24 he is well so looking forward to having green for germany no sweden versus the netherlands. how did they get through their their game earlier today yeah that's the other semifinal game you played in today on a wednesday night the netherlands a really emotional contender in women's football in recent is that the reigning european champions it was difficult game against it's really a cagey fest tough but eventually they proved too strong they made the breakthrough in 70 minutes that said dion to me dame of the scoring she raised the highest in the set piece and then they sealed the win 10 minutes later. it was a mirror of this fresco but from the other side free kick from the right and there was stephanie on the ground with a head. since their 1st ever women's world cup semifinal in the course is an
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astronomer and they're accompanied by many friends this match was played in from long just across the border from the netherlands thousands of them came a sea of orange it really was a fight to behold yeah some great football there great goals thank you jonathan crane and at a g. 20 summit marked by trade deals u.s. president donald trump hailed what he called an agreement to restart trade talks between his country and china the 2 countries nearly a year long trade dispute has disrupted the global economy. often reported on the summit from beginning to the final communique. this was the handshake the world had been waiting for so much hinged on the bilateral meeting of the 2 presidents that you could almost hear a sigh of relief going through world markets when donald trump said it with this we had a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and
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i promise that for at least the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs on china and addition the focus here of course being on the wording tremendous or at least the time being $50000000000.00. at last year's g 20 summit donald trump said something very similar but that didn't keep us chinese relations from deteriorating afterwards the e.u. had much more solid results to share with the world after 20 years of negotiating finally an agreement with the south american trade bloc. this. is the real message in support of open fair sustainable and to space because to a creature with trucks. for all concerned it shows that in the struggle of modes
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agreements can be reached mutually beneficial compromises can be felt. but it's getting harder the negotiations to reach agreement on the final communique were tougher than ever before and lasted through 2 nights. the sides trade there was another contentious topic. climate change the united states wanted to kick the topic out of the communique altogether but in the end there was just too much opposition. in the 19 countries supported the paris agreement that's supposed to limit global warming to under 2 degrees and one country didn't in these times this qualifies as success. this is still only now next mission until after negotiating day and night it's not possible to have an $1000.00 plus one statement. in which the 1000 signatories of the paris agreement commit
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themselves to the same things we did and. we say this process is a reversible dog's up it says. so overall the worst outcome was averted but this can't hide the fact that each year the g 20 is under increasing pressure. also at the g 20 summit chancellor angela merkel made her 1st public comments about her health since experiencing a 2nd bout of shaking at a function before heading to japan responding to a reporter's question the german leader played down the incident insisting she's fine. the canyons of jubilation does i can tell you that firstly i understand your question but i have nothing special to tell you except the time wail and convinced that just as this reaction came up by it will also go away again for the. time to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. severe flooding
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has killed at least 3 people and submerged thousands of homes in russia's southeastern cuts region around 100 people have been hospitalized rescue teams deployed boats and helicopters to bring residents to safety the floods affected around 50 communities more rain is forecast for the region. south korean president mungy and has welcomed his american counterpart donald trump in the capital seoul he said trump said he may meet with north korean leader kim jong il when he goes to the demilitarized zone on sunday moon welcomed the idea. and thousands have marched in the georgian capital tbilisi calling for the resignation of the country's interior minister they blamed georgia caria for a police crackdown on demonstrators last week at least 240 people were injured when riot police deployed tear gas and water cannon and far rubber bullets
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a protest. gay rights activists have held their 1st ever pride parade in north macedonia an estimated 1000 people turned out for the march in the capital skokie members of the l g l g b t q communities say they still face discrimination in the conservative balkan nation including minority rights is one of the areas where north macedonia must show progress in its bid for e.u. membership. italian police have arrested the captain of a migrant rescue ship after it entered the port of lampedusa without permission. it was detained for refusing to obey a military vessel a crime for which the captain of the ship could face up to 10 years in prison the migrants on board the sea watch 3 have now been allowed to disbar after the ship spent more than 2 weeks stranded in the mediterranean. it's the end of the mediterranean odyssey. finally migrants from sea watched 3 set foot on
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italian soil. a few hours earlier. the 31 year old german captain of the rescue ship was arrested supporters had gathered in the harbor but also opponents. are countries being overrun israelis being overrun by them don't let the captain get away otherwise it's the end of the world he must tongue cover now. because. those on board see watch 3 languished for more than 2 weeks. several had to be evacuated for medical reasons. briquettes it declared a state of emergency but the italian government continued to refuse permission to enter lampedusa the nearest port. before we're still waiting for a solution which unfortunately hasn't materialized that's why i've decided to talk
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in the pores which is quite empty at night yeah gets caught in not by us. the surprise maneuver was a success but sea watch 3 bumped into a small police boat while docking italy's interior minister material salvini from the right wing populist leg of party accuse the captain of aggression. first there were this is a criminal act a war like that way and she was arrested and is now under house arrest on lampedusa now the italian traditionary has 48 hours to decide whether to show remain under arrest or not really i don't know. corona ricketson now faces 3 to 10 years in jail she's accused of resisting the commands of a military ship it's still unclear what will happen to the migrants several european countries including germany have offered to take them in.
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europe's heat wave has reached a 6th sweltering day with some areas of france italy and spain again facing temperatures of 40 degrees celsius and more around the continent at least 8 people have died as a result of the heat some better news coming out of spain's catalona catalonia region firefighters there have finally managed to contain one of the biggest wildfires but the danger is not over yet. relief and exhaustion in catalonia firefighters battled for days against a fierce place near bus alluna now it seems to be nearly over. it's what i'm interested in at this stage the fire has been completely contained and 90 percent of it is under control our aim is to bring it completely under control by the end of the day. something firefighters further north in toledo still haven't managed
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and with the harsh weather conditions set to continue it's going to be a tough job again europe is facing a summer that's too hot and too dry it's putting a strain on nature communities and even business. in belgium a music festival near the town of limber across cancer at the last minute organize a set it was too hot in the tents and aid stations a huge disappointment for the fans leading to riot black seeds. this morning already from buck serious is the. only sun worship us like here in barcelona still seem to be enjoying the heat thousands of them have packed the city's coastline searching for some relief from the sweltering temperatures. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store
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that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any and breaking news you can also use to do you job you have to send us photos and videos from your part of the world. and that is all the news for world story is up next with dispatches from the ca's extent uganda and israel i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news you can get more news any time their website d.w. dot com. now has it been to stop. this facing mass extinction. you could say that hope itself is in danger. because the companies are uniting secret. possibilities to. not only
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animals from peace. to. the lines. to conservation.


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