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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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16 years on d. w. . what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore resonating with cultural heritage sites. the d w world heritage for 60 kids enough. to get a book of. the. the environmental movement has plenty of heroes here in eco africa we'll introduce you to some of our favorites hello and welcome to this special edition of our environmental magazine show i'm 2nd overall in johannesburg south africa and as always i'm joined by my strawman colleague n.t. the n.t. hello 0. of the fossil park in lagos nigeria and i'm looking forward to the show
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this week we celebrate some people who deserve to be celebrated ordinary citizens who through their actions do the a bit to protect the environment so let's take a look. a young inventor from tanzania shows how renewable energy can change village life for the better. nigerian activists demonstrates that art and the environment were good. and in south africa allen's are being moved back into their natural habitat to the benefit of the enviro. hazy do you know that almost half of all the plastic produced in the world is used just once and then thrown away that's an alarming fact and we need to find solutions fast before the world drowns in plush ticks and not only that n.t. experts say plastic also contributes to global warming from the production to their
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disposal they are responsible for the emission of huge amounts of greenhouse gases and that is keeping us from achieving global climate goals so it's good that there are people like james like e.b.'s from kenya he can africa mix up with environmental activist his message is clear make kenya plastic free as soon as possible. for many years he has been focusing his lens on plastic wished me to jump what could be of the photographer from the cool kenya with over 17000 followers on twitter he is one of the most pronounced environment activists in the country using twitter he kicked off a social media campaign to fight plastic pollution. my social media campaign. happened this week so for example. if i was in the streets
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and i would see a plastic toy in there always i was a plastic months later in the environment i'll take pictures can. one say took the pictures i would come and teach them and share them with the hash tag bank plastic skate until august 27th when most people in kenya used plastic bags to carrying goods from shops. that resulted in plastic west all over the country. then the government issued a rigorous. anyone letting it faces a penalty of up 232000 euros a jail term of up to 4 years. a number of manufacturers and target is have been arrested and fined. while there has been quite a big big change you know. then vironment has
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benefited. all a lot from the plastic but even if you look at the my background business now got in. on dates beauty 3 clean it's it's it's green there are no plastic bags you know plastic water all industries to the streets are crazy and then drains one field with plastic bags. even the local dumpsite and is more at ease because of the decline in plastic waste but plastic bottles remain a challenge jim so i could be and fellow activists are now pushing the manufacturers to act. i've always. believed that those people will make. income 0 make profits from plastic bottles they should ensure some kind of deposit scheme where consumers. of their products return those borders to some kind of
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a center where they are given some reward from here shillings. for each plastic bottle they take and then those voters are take it for recycling. jumps what could be a wants to continue with his calls on people to practice a responsible use of prostate for him with the ban on plastic bags the 1st step has been met although there is still a long way to go chalice flying in from the national environment management authority kenya agrees. where when this came into being. as levels were not uniform across the country there was some heavy elsewhere that glance went very fast where harry s. where it went also a little bit slower. for jan so it could be his hometown who is leading by example people here by my expenses bounce at the markets or use their own
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country about. you know that absolutely nothing can grow without one crucial substance that is essential to all life here on our planet's wats up but considering that is all around us in every living thing the fact that hundreds of millions of people around the globe have no access to clean water is simply shocking that's why it's good to hear that a team of engineers in berlin have come up with a solution that could drastically improve lives all over the world. around 1200000000 people live in africa but millions and so. africa have no access to clean water. drinking and bathing in contaminated water is very dangerous. engineers in berlin developed what they call a was
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a kiosk. the system was designed by alley al hakim and how meant by hasty it desalinate filters and di contaminates water so it's possible. thousands of liters of water per hour. there is old is virtually germ free. and it's tasty. the process is powered by a solar energy system attached to each. 10 kiosks are in operation in kenya somalia and yemen. in kenya 20 liters sell for around $0.40 that's a 10th of the usual price. the water kiosks not only supplying clean water but also free wi-fi access and outlets to recharge smart phones. and they provide job opportunities for local residents. and how about you. if you're also doing your
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bit tell us about it visit our website or send his or tweet. doing your. story. now another call he would like to introduce. so i don't know his world we're known as the man who stopped the desert year old from fossil began experimenting with planting techniques back in the late 1970 s. in that rehabilitates. so our dog show has grown an entire forest on barren using the natural. like the zeiss system he says is work as a legacy for future generations and a way of fighting the effects of climate change and africa eco africa went to meet with him in booking our fossil. fuel group of. cool these patched us assume
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supports trees when you're cool bus why don't go fast say that in the lead 970 s. following a long drought everyone said he was crazy since then his woodlands have grown to over 40 had his bringing global fame to his home village of coca in north and booking a fossil there will get a poor who. would design method you dig a hole right where the rainwater would simple where you use half to prevent the water from draining out of the hole and put a dried leaves in it the leaves rot to become composed to nourish the tree and exists water can escape at the site. where you. worked under your new government here in the freshly planted trees get further nutrition from compost which you call bosler dago mix on the site with his sons using a very simple technique quicky god and we mainly put to dried leaves into this
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compost or then we add a little ready made compost on ash then risk templates down family after a couple of weeks it's tax steaming and then we know the compost is finished no. property here. there were grog or. so ago we were able to go through. the trees have been justified to lies to the soil the also attracted insects including bees so a double set up some hives for them their honeys become another source of income for his extended family. you're cool but so our dog has been experimenting for years now he wants to pass his knowledge on not only to he's 27 children the neighbors and friends but on a much larger scale. of 1. 102 we are about summers and look at this forest this is where we'll build our training center to benefits nature and
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the animals and the people if the present getting comes with money for it to go towards this and for sharing government need to know all the new 40 what we're cooking. and training one be limited to the ira forest ration techniques if gore wants more. coral there are roughly 90 different tree types 60 of them growing in this forest of brought all kinds of seeds back from my travels of which of planted here and using traditional medicine without plants there's no medication happened and if you don't know what to do with the plant maybe someone will come along and show you one day so i was unwell people to him every day whom he and his children treat in these hearts. and i built this house as truck more deaths the sick
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here they can recover and one of the huts is my store for dried leaves and tree backs that i need to treat people we've. already you know could really want to put a bug. killing with nature while nature heals us our dog was pham has spread he's now probably known as the man who's topped the desert on top of that the water table has risen a whole 5 metres then tire region has become more fire tale. never saw double has been awarded the alternative nobel prize for his life's work and he's already making sure his ideas live on long after he's gone. what an amazing man a true inspiration now let's head over to tanzania to see how ideas that make environmental sense can also make economic sense. right empty now what people in rural areas need
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both is reliable energy supply and clean water in tanzania only 10 percent of the population is connected to the grid to milk it for who is a young innovator who is solving that problem with renewables and the help of some self-taught engineers let's see what they're up to. tommy mckee for who is a man with a mission has already built 10 wind generators with his partners 2 years ago they founded the company team success at the beginning they started welding for other companies but soon realized that they could build windmills themselves most of the staff comes from remote regions in terms anea electricity and water i had to come by not even a fad overton's onions have access to electrical power. to see by local time on a child a mortal yeah but you have received as young people in our villages we faced the
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challenge of drilling and getting water out of the bore holes by the sierra and especially pumping water out of feet was the main challenge going to be thought of finding an alternative way of solving the problem in the area it away we started thinking of how the problem could come to an end cascadia nailed. it a shared. today i went by needs to be repaired the company owners are fixing it themselves a small windmill costs between 3000. $505500.00 euros more than half of the windmill sold run water pumps as well as produce electricity. this is a windmill driven water pump project that the system uses wind power to pump water from the source be to river a lake. this one is for. and it is used to pump water to household.
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life for the farmers he has gotten easier previously in the seaborne mary had to fetch water far away in the wetlands now thanks to the pump the water flows all the way directly to the farm as long as the wind is blowing this plenty of water. to work on with this project has been on for a year in the half we have seen changes in running our businesses because i want to if it is need a lot of water and now we have plenty the farmer raises chickens and grows vegetables he's had the windmill for one and a half years now it makes his work easier and allows him to make important investments with the extra water he can plant more crops and purchase more animals . at the company's headquarters in teresa lamb tommy mchugh from who also the team of 20 partners none had ever worked in the field before and
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only 4 of them are trained ingenious they all learned how to build wind generators on the job using you tube to tiriel when they started letter they had the idea of connecting them to water pumps which turned out to be their most important innovation to date. whether we want. to be able to distribute water in most of the villages so even the government can come in and help in distributing water to other areas especially past released and farmers the same meaning of the. things off when i really wish to get to the point of helping the entire community. you know i don't understand i forgot about why. the government has been planning a major wind power for years but it is a long way from being finished meanwhile local solutions like to mimic the phone was providing water and electricity at least to some villages.
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and from one kind of creativity to another now i'm standing on nato is an arts graduate based here in lagos was decided to use his creative skills to remind humanity to care for the environment with music poetry photography and painting he speaks to the younger generation in the language they can relate to and proves that the art of powerful medium for conveying the message that mother earth needs to be cared for. by. his a singer you really need to listen to mind you not just stanley and then has written songs and poems to encourage more people to look after the environment to see. his son's focus on water and drought the felling of trees and pollution and the loss of africa's animal population.
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climate change environment protection. you know all those things into are not things well celebrity here because the average person in this part of the ward it's more interested in solving. the f. and animals catch with a reflective pen when it comes to environmental protection stanley sets an example his way. instead of brushes he uses different colored light bulbs. lights out and the magic begins. its transition from green and healthy to the alarming state that it's in today captured through the lens of a camera. usually a painting done with oil or acrylic on canvas to take a couple of hours to a few days depending on the size and they'll be considerable waste this is done in
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just a few minutes and there is no waste. when you use things like or you paint just expose a tube at the end of the day and up in the environment so this helps out money which are pretty tools which are in action in our environment that it's invested because of the appeal obvious specs to get from that. this isn't how stanley used to work a graduate of fine and applied arts he painted like regular artist with oil or acrylic on canvas is made over 300 pieces using this new method and now sells multiple copies of each piece around the world. that you have using very me so much. i mean i'm a very. good nature. to. play in the stanley and it's at
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once the rest of the world to pay more attention to the environment he believes in the path of music to bring about change the tree. the tree. the tree if you don't. meet. some people listen to music. listen to what. you know. you just have to listen. and get the message stanley anetta was recording new songs audiences love his music and he gets a lot of radio and t.v. airplay maybe one day people will just listen they'll take action to. the around cape town and south africa activists have already taken action in the last few decades the low line cape flats have been taken over by widespread
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urbanization and the encroachments of bushland now herbivore is helping restore biodiversity to the area that he learned and has a taste for the invasive plants species that are endangering the floor of the remaining low lands a project is reset playing the creatures in the area where they once lived 200 years ago let's take a look. at the same. area around cape town. time tng and administration have caused the hypothetical shrink drama. and once they have evolved spanish some plant species started. crowding out our unique scrubby vegetation and i skipped june's trend failed. and her team came up with a clever idea to restore bio diversity in this area the project to bring back.
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here to comet to open and just to break up the wood a component to give a space for growth and hopes to grow. the sought for 2 years they've been browsing away opening poll and we seem to be getting their most structure back of. the kip flats june's trim veld currently occupies around 15 percent of its historic area conserving endangered education is important it's to be lazy. means beach scrub in afrikaans in addition it supports a very high bio mass browsing anymore. the project also employs youth. to care for the antelope and progress in the field . with the animals. there.
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were. much of the area directly surrounding the results. drugs. to re who lives here knows. what he will have to do get the local community. the type of. people with 3 anymore. there would take any more they would put it any more. so for me it's actually important that we. change these people and that they can actually see the. conservation leadership program rivaldo has increased awareness of the need to protect. introducing the project to school is his way of giving something back for
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the opportunity he was given. on the streets that i could have been doing different things. actually now that it made me. do so that i can show people that we can make the change in. the cantle project in part by the local government and also. seems to be one of the investment what we're seeing is that the zealander actually becoming ambassadors not just for the species but but for a lot of people. unfelt but now we bring these magnificent animals back and the local community can really interact and and actually see the benefits of conserving. be true in the team will not expand the project to other degraded areas around cape town they want to introduce some of the have be treated any molds to
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nearby reserves to give the camp flood juice tranfield and even greater chance to try once again. that was a round up of some of our favorites eco heroes who prove that protecting the environment is an exciting business i hope the got you thinking about what you can do to stop climate change and preserve our beautiful planet thanks for watching it's goodbye from me here in johannesburg south africa see you next week. now it's been fun learning about these initiatives and seeing vision great guys doing their thing z. but if you are viewer want to find out more about them and our other stories check out our social media platforms or visit our website on till next tree it's by phone the fossil park in lagos nigeria.
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a man who spray painting plates of crabs. is he crazy. or creative. we think it's genius. his project beyond walls is a call for more of humanity and empathy swiss artists elite and his larger than life graffiti on. the roma. w.
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a a it's all happening the british african. tour linked from africa and the world. your link to which some. stories and discussions continue and will come student news after doing program tonight from funny to me from the news of these eaves and what i would say d w it comes to much traffic come join us on facebook at g.w. africa. earth home to millions of species the home worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation using interactive content to inspire people to take action the audience in the series of global $3000.00 on t.w.
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and online. not all think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and wave that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that i now know i'm full time. needed to prepare for this drama day i'm telling you it's all about. nothing i might show join me to meet the jetman bundled up you post some degree it's a sex phone operator who works her masters thesis on the potato for her to read. not to turn on well it gets more ridiculous from their. literature list to determine my strange. place.
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blame blame blame blame blame. blame. this is a lie from berlin an unprecedented and unexpected meeting in north korea. that create a lot of. a lot of friendships and this is. rich so i just very quickly notice that. donald trump becomes the 1st sitting u.s. president to cross the north korean border where he shook hands with the country's leader. and historic photo op for what's been called a handshake for peace also on the.


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