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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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the feel of a small u.s. town in southern spain rota a u.s. marine base in europe. it was established during the era of dictator franco and became an enclave of freedom. folks remember the good old days and the music they used to enjoy and there you. go to roll. up his team and.
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they're going to an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already eichenwald why we're trying to pass a law. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. with miss global news that matters. made for minds. he's quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. look syrians knowledge. on e.w.
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forecasts it. forests and money. the tragic reality behind the exploitation starts july 24th 2 double. britain has said it is joining with european allies to form a maritime protection mission in the strait of hormuz foreign secretary jeremy hunt announced the mission on monday but gave no further details the move comes after a run sees a u.k. flying to oil tanker in the strait on friday. backed leader has condemned. people in the chinese territory in shock
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a 7th straight weekend of anti-government protests descended into violence. protesters headed for the office of china's communist party and suspected members of criminal gangs attacked demonstrators in a subway station. streets of the capital to vent their anger at the refusal. to resign. under pressure to step down after the publication of sexist and homophobic text messages exchanged by him and his team. had already promised to not run for reelection next year. much of. authorities blame the outrage on an electromagnetic attack on a local those claims could be independently verified 19 of the country's $24.00 districts are currently without power.
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africa coming up in the next 15 minutes president south africa's. corruption accuses him. kill 5. after careful study i have. fundamentally. and getting to grips with the on racing scene in miami we meet one of the sport's aspiring champions. i'm christine window welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in south africa's president said what i'm opposed to has gone on the offensive against any occasions he's 27000 campaigned to become leader of the african national congress or a.n.c.
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benefited from money laundering also went on national television to slam the report by the country's anti corruption watchdog which claimed he misled parliament over a donation that report contains human rights factually not true says that material nature the findings were found out only in law irrational and in some instances exceeds the scope of the powers of the public protect i have therefore decided to seek an urgent judicial review of the public protect us report its findings and its immediate action i've instructed my legal representatives to prepare an uptick ation to this effect as a matter of agency and they were going to go over to johannesburg now it. is standing by high too so good to see you so i brought up was has acknowledged that these findings and gets to moss serious why does he insist they're not credible.
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from apostle believes he has given enough explanation to the public protector he say's he went back to parliament to apologize for the 1st mistake that he made to explain that the reason why he did it give a different explanation is because he did not knowing that the funds were deposited with the company and i was that he had appointed to campaign for his presidency so he believes his statement was not considered in coming up with this conclusion and also if you look across the country the problem ported as a person was findings have been questioned by so many people some of your findings have been even rejected by the court and in one of those findings he has been made to personally be liable and pay 15 percent of the legal costs because of the findings that to me that were oh so i imagine dr apostle just not one to accept those findings without taking them to a court of law that will really put
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a judgment to say they are valid didn't know or they're not right practice i mean i think it's fair to say i mean i'm opposed to is an embattled president but just how damaging is this report for this president but in a sense it's fighting to stay in office. the problem protect us sir findings are legally binding if the if she says i'm a pos i has to be investigated that has to happen so if from of course it does not challenge this finding that damaging to his repetition is the president because he's like a president facing kinds which is not acceptable to many people in south africa so what i'm opposed to is taking these steps to try and challenge and take the findings to fall for review so that they don't dent his image you know amc is divided from bottom to center there are those that are supporting from a poor side in there are those that are supporting the former president jacob zuma and analysts are saying this could be some political ploy by some that are opposed
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to roma post a stance in fighting corruption to try and time that she's human so that was his image is tarnished then he's recalled then it means tougher for them apostle so he has to play by all means to try and make sure the charges are squashed or put aside so that he focuses on the wake of ruling the country and getting rid of corruption right speaking of craps and i mean last week we heard from former president jacob zuma testifying at that corruption inquiry you were reporting for us there just remind us again about some of the testimony we heard from zuma and perhaps what that means what of course in the context of all that he is facing as we speak. before the commission zuma is what are facing corruption charges were it is alleged that he allowed a lot of people to moot the state especially one day reach the family that is it contracts across the government departments and in some of those complaints that they did they did no work at all but the were paid millions of friends and also
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president jacob zuma is also facing some charges in court of record t r e ing and these are some of the charges which in corruption charges that he faced or alleged to have committed even before he became the president so to sit on the pasta he has been trying by all means to use the state inquiry commission to make sure those that have done the wrong appear before the commission and lot of ministers about ph president former president jacob zuma have appeared so it is all those i forced that on the process time that some are saying nor does the right to fight to you they use the new pope and protector to try and prevent that ok too so one looks here and very briefly how our south africans reacting to these findings against president obama policy this many times divided south africans left to right and center the opposition is calling for him of course not to step aside they are calling for him to face the music but there are those that are supporting him that are saying no he's a this is
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a man who is being victimized for the weight that he's doing against corruption and they want him to continue and devoted to protect him and or course even hold to that rally to try and say we're defending it i'm apostle we defending our democracy to socal milo in johannesburg thank you moving on to kenya now a country where corruption is widespread in an unprecedented move police have the rest of the country's finance minister and rerouted has to face charges of a misuse of funds related to the planned construction of 2 dams by an italian company and that the $27.00 officials are also to face charges but each has to resign immediately this is the 1st time a sitting minister has been arrested on corruption charges in kenya. ok. the ball is in nairobi with more on this story. what exactly is he accused of doing well wrote it and his co accused face
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aide charges ranging from conspiring to defraud to financial misconduct in short of course we're talking about corruption here as a bit of more background as the minister of finance wrote in and his ministry the treasury are responsible for the releasing of money into government projects and overseeing how that money is being used so in this very role not only did he apparently inflate the budget necessary for the construction of these 2 dams but also released $25000000000.00 kenyan shillings that's around $200000000.00 u.s. dollars to this italian construction company to construct 2 dams in the rift valley we're talking about an area region which is really dry suffering from water scarcity farmers and their cattle there are supposed to be helped out get some water with these 2 dams but 5 years on not
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a single crop of water has reached them so the big question is why did that money goal and now the man who was in charge is being held responsible for it right i mean what's the what's the sense they made any does this a race mean president is getting serious when he's bache to fight corruption. corruption is not new and kenya and. has been accused several times criticized in the past for not cracking down on corruption for decades we have seen scandals we have seen corruption on every level including in the ministry but until now it's always been small offices or well connected businessmen who were arrested so this is the very 1st time a cabinet minister is arrested who has to go to court so many see this as the beginning of the fight that kenya has promised but it remains to be seen if he actually gets to go to prison many believe that yes he will go to court that he
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will then just pay a cash bail and is released that the trial will be delayed for 5 to 7 years judges will be bribed and he might just get away with it doth roll a minute he talks about how. the problem of corruption is in kenya and they are those who are suggesting that there is politics at play here that perhaps the finance minister has fallen out with certain people and hence is now facing the wind what are you learning about with this is there is no politics involved or perhaps there is. well kenyans call of their country the country off key google which means something small which then again means a bribe everywhere you go you're supposed to pay a bribe everywhere you go there seems to be corruption and many kenyans tired of maybe a game of politics but dree leave just the politicians putting the money that they
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supposed to save got into their very own pockets many of the people i've spoken to today told me that they have resigned to this reality that they don't see a pup isn't going onto the streets anymore and protesting because the only thing that will change is that they will not make a daily income this is not the scandal it's not the biggest scandal we've seen scandals of corruption surrounding kenya power we've seen when it comes to the kenyan railways corporation or even national news services but this is the 1st time that a public figure of this extent is going to court so many do believe that this could genuinely not be about the play of politics but this could be a step towards getting rid of corruption once and for all in kenya ok that's 1000000 equal to ball in nairobi for us thank you it may not be the 1st thing you'd think off as a spectator sport with each match last week only a few seconds at a time but competitive racing is growing fast all of africa in mali one comp it is
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hoping that the international championship recently held in the capital bamako will be a springboard to greatness in the sport. looks like fun but it's not it's serious business 27 year old out for so global is on. display is on the rois across the continent. have looked arm wrestling since i was really young what it must be for all the time i could list weights. go to all the events whatever they were. make the athletes actions and then i went for it i started lifting metal bars i didn't touch the white plates when you love something you find a way and the means to get it. out is working hard to reach his goals under the watchful eye of his coach who is more than pleased with his progress.
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place a big role in our team every time he competes most of the time he wins distinction in his category he's an assett in our team. this competition in mali's capital bamako which brought hundreds of athletes from across africa together none of the judges spoke french. couldn't understand their instructions. that didn't stop him from finishing in an impressive 3rd place. still bronze isn't gold and that means there's more work to be done in the gym. so god is hoping to go far in the sport and with arm wrestling on the rise in africa this is no time to be taking it easy. and then thirdly now is africa.


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