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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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anga security actually. i'm not going to cheat so much only to john i don't think people have to be a solution my name is on me and i walk into a gallery. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven around europe with its huge appetite for electricity is increasingly shifting to renewable energy sources which in turn means that it needs more and more raw materials like copper electron mobility for instance is unthinkable without it and copper is in growing
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demand for solar wind and geothermal energy systems because of its excellent quantities as an electrical conduct all of which is good news for spain with its large copper reserves in the south western region of under lucio but 2 decades ago a burst dam at a mine in the area triggered an environmental disaster now activists and go to herders like leo moderato fear history could repeat itself. cannot let us go to graze anymore. in the flood plains of sun look at la york it's been prohibited for over 20 years. back then one of spain's biggest environmental catastrophes happened in a copper mine just a few kilometers upstream. from. there all gone favorite or negative i came here and everything was back in the middle of the middle of black mud he. came
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from up there you know where the mine is. all of this was flooded into the river and then type plane to italy or you thought ok well john i thought. april 25th 1908 and i thought i'd go and i'm a c.-a the dam for the collecting basin breaks highly toxic mud a byproduct of copper production floods the valley for up to 60 kilometers threatening to destroy a nature reserve. cultivation has stopped here ever since and the pasture along the river has become a restricted area. if we look at oahu i know. this homes as follows of course. we live off our fields the cattle is not allowed up there anymore. so we need to buy fota and confine the animals and i would like. now ecologist say the end to lucy and copper region is facing
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a new threat 60 kilometers to the northwest she daughter other body expects the worst. i mean document there i mean unfortunately we have information from experts saying that the dems of the mine in rio tinto on safe. knowing say well you know there's no safety there i mean that everything but bormann. the open pit mining to be your team is 10 times the size of the one in i think and it's run by an international corporation seeking to increase production by 50 percent. who are not allowed to film on site so easy dr other but they are shows us the reservoirs. underneath a solid layer on the surface there is liquid mud. and i want to know what we want to hear it's a very acidic and there's been contaminated heavily through copper production if the dam spray than a much bigger catastrophe could happen then 20 years ago. in the
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village next door nobody wants to believe the scenario most families here lived off mining until the factory closed for 15 years mining has restarted 3 years ago and many are happy to just have their jobs back i love you know i mean our lives have been reinvigorated by the opening of the mine that i grew off a model with all its modern technology how could i not get that we're not. going to say it the ecologist simply keep pushing anything and everyone. the mayor defends the mine too she even downplayed the procedural error they occurred during the reopening and it's been confirmed by a court. one the best in the whole thing with such a project one needs to stick to the deadline so that people can present their concerns you know this deadline required by law it was not met. but no environmental laws were broken it's simply a procedural matter i mean they will all both of you mean to me that they will. be
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and a lucy and regional government justifies its decision in the same manner and was not willing to be interviewed. meanwhile the mind keeps running in the eyes of a college just this is scandalous watching from a feel for what they feel as citizens went and form sufficiently and hardly had any time to object everyone once of the best technologies to be used for the construction of these reservoir so as long as a permission is not completely legal the putrid actually not be allowed to be run. what business is booming copper is increasingly. demand for crisis ridden spain a valuable resource is seen as a chance in life with its contaminated soil mining as opposed to recommit to. the goat herds downstream have the reservations concerning these developments. later moreno is happy to see employment return to the region cannot comprehend how
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easily international corporations are allowed to exploit the earth. air command their own then it's money that runs the show and we must subordinate ourselves with that and that's all economy 1st they're not in favor of the bow they are going to mean. they are more in on his colleagues know exactly what they're talking about. when it comes to safety they say no price is too high. a politician should learn from the disaster and prevent risking a new one. you know. well this is how europe looked 30 years ago the continent was divided down the middle into nato and the warsaw pact west in east germany and of course west indies but
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then people talk to the streets in a peaceful revolution and in our special summer series marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain the spotlight this week is on germany and 2 men who witnessed history unfolding from close up. this is all that's left of the infamous berlin wall some graffiti and neglected grass. these 2 men born in what was then east germany helped bring it down. on the left was extradited to west germany he helped get footage of the east german protests onto west german television and protested when doing so was still extremely dangerous for this thing to take the fall of the berlin wall was not a gift it was something people achievement they toppled the ship and can be proud of that the small challenges we face today are nothing compared to this. act of
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free. but disagrees fundamentally the let's say photographer documented the radical transformation of east germany his pictures show the effects of germany's rapid reunification and what was effectively east germany's submission to the west. germany insisted on its own way of doing things most east germans lost their jobs and the country they had lived in vanished. the work we lost all faith and everything to do with the east we thought west german milk and sugar was better than our own even their people were superior. many west germans wanted to profit for example those who judged one of east germany's beauty pageants it was held in life 6 just 2 months after the berlin wall came down as adama. back then i was shocked by how these human bodies were suddenly being exploited for capitalist game.
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we need to know looking at these pictures today they seem like an allegory of east germany's demise. the ladies got dressed up as a given code gave it everything they had really. took and less fat stupid jersey god just sat there smoking cigars and grading them everything had begun so will the crowd shouted we are the people i was rulon and joyous met an october 9th 1990 s. the most decisive rally at the time of just one month before the berlin wall came down was. the brutal thing about this footage was shot by friends risking a lot of. smuggled cameras into eastern germany my friends took over the secret police and climbed unlike the church tower of bit of the army had taken up
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positions in the side streets backed up by tanks of east germany was on the verge of civil war it was i was open base and grow some reasonably reports to the front off to the front row. that hadn't been our plan. so begin that them lot you know when the protest march started we linked ours as we had seen people do in the movies. we thought that's just what you do but after a while we realized that the police and the army were not intervening they just let us march. the. news to us the next day footage shot by roland's friends ended up on the west german news it became obvious east germany's days were numbered. and i don't know less well from reporting from leipsic protesters didn't know foreign reporters could capture this footage 70000 took to the streets and. one of the 1st east german leaders to fall was
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head of the secret police that. from his headquarters he had overseen a vast informers network never would he have imagined that his office would one day be a tourist attraction. he used this safe to store compromising documents on east german leader eric. on the card here. standing in arish milkers former headquarters makes clear just what great symbolic meaning because we have visitors from 40 different countries who admired germany for having toppled a dictatorship and for being this brave it sends a strong signal and creates hope. today roland ian is in charge of east germany's does he files he shows us the cellar where there are endless rows of them germany was able to salvage most of them making them accessible to former victims of the east german regime.
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andrus ross depreciates this former east german communist party members informers were not treated with leniency after the fall of the wall. but he thinks other big mistakes were made to this day many east germans feel they are not treated equally and he says it was recognized too late that eastern germany has a problem with right wing extremism and xenophobia. just his use of this for that 1st we chanted we are the people in. this family we are one people ok which is still acceptable but when this change into the belief that foreigners should leave germany something definitely went wrong. almost a. liberal in walking down 30 years ago but to this day the country still isn't truly united that will take more than one generation. and we go to croatia now well 4 of these are being accused of turning
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a blind eye to so-called push backs of migrants and asylum seekers trying to get into the e.u. country from neighboring bosnia there's growing evidence that people who do manage to cross the border at places like velika credit simply being dumped back in bosnia often violently all of which is illegal for an e.u. member state so to find out more we're joined currently no rubella who works for a refugee support group. kelly know who provides assistance for refugees she's just arrived in very quickly do some croatia's border with bosnia responding to a call from a colleague jack. and injured refugees an urgent need of help. getting get these instruments back in the squad there is nothing that's a good thing. to try to think of nothing to try to take a bus to take taxi tonight. to the bosnian north or it is
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a band refugees from using public transportation limiting their freedom of movement makes them easier to monitor. but instead. typically pakistani bangladeshi smugglers are going with smugglers you forever but it would save in the past 2 months this has become a hot spot for her other people other demographics leaving on the stranded unarmed man that's also for pushback from her. they head for a village on the border around 13 kilometers from delicately. a house standing empty since the bosnian war now says the shelter the injured refugees. here that's a low key has to see a doctor immediately. i was stopped at the border. they said stop stop. then a croatian policeman hit me in the face with his gun in the floor so i fell in lay
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on the ground then he took his baton and started beating me with it. over what though. the injured man islam enough cats of algeria to help us drove him to a village in secret even transporting refugees in private vehicles it's forbidden carolyn or intends to document the physical abuse to use it as evidence. the problem is we can't take any action against our police here in croatia even so i think it's important to record everything he's seen. why many in the official refugee camp in belich a clip you should say that been pushed back illegally and the situation here is reaching critical mass. early this summer 32 people in the camp are injured in a fire thought to be caused by a hot plate the people save themselves by jumping from windows. only
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taking at most 700 of the 8000 refugees stuck inside impoverished bosnia-herzegovina overcrowding in other towns along the border is even worse. carolyn moves on to zagreb she's horrified at what's happening along croatians border croatian police have been pushing refugees back into bosnia this video from 2800 said to be picked illegal pushbacks the accusation still stand today. even this unbelievable video has left the croatian government cold they know every trick to shoot down every criticism of the corrosion border police. that over time . there has been indications of systematic mistreatment of refugees at the border guards will be a multiple of i have great confidence in our police the croatian officers in the region along our border with bosnia are doing an outstanding job. they are on alert day and night to protect our country and the entire european union biblical to give
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a little thanks. but people like carolyn are from the are you serious and geo for refugees in zagreb are coming under increasing pressure and now someone has smashed up the n.g.o.s vehicle. but as this is only the conic of the croatian government is treating us almost like criminals. one of us was put before a judge and convicted because he offered to help refugees that was the government's watching us and making life difficult for us. everyone knows that every move against us is politically motivated. or. back in the bus in village of search carlina's come to have another look at the mean the injured refugee as soon as the pain subsides his group hopes to make another attempt at crossing the croatian border. i don't have a good feeling. obviously the e.u.
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is turning a blind eye to what's happening here on this border full of violence. and the refugees are taking ever greater risks to cross into croatia. the situation at the gate to the e.u. is deteriorating fast. now they post soviet republic of georgia is currently caught up in a clash of cultures 1st there was the emergence of a thriving techno scene for many young georgians it opened the way for new freedoms and provided a backdrop for a wide spectrum of lifestyles all based in the capital tbilisi in places like the bands the only club in the catacombs of this stadium that now though there is a backlash against club culture with the orthodox church calling for a return to what it sees as traditional values and our report begins with a braver called sally getting ready for a long night out. the lipstick shouldn't be too obvious but the
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piercing should solich for johnny is getting ready for a night out clubbing and tbilisi. i value freedom above everything else where you feel free is where you feel good. also comfortable. her room is almost a work of art in itself a collage of mementos from her favorite club she stuck the tickets from her 1st 5 events on the wall. tbilisi has worked its way up to a new trendy capital clubbing. this repurposed factory serves as an epicenter for the scene housing a hostel workshop spaces bars and cafes the fabric is buzzing day and night sally and her friends start the night here they love to talk about the new music scene. even though. i have georgian d.j.'s who are in high demand abroad and i'm really proud of that the georgian club scene has grown by leaps and bounds. god's.
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word has spread about us no need to die which people are now calling one of the best clubs anywhere else in the south but. bussy ani is a rave cave located underneath tbilisi's main soccer stadium cameras are only allowed in outside of opening hours privacy takes highest priority total getting a co-founder of the club in 2014. i don't see any justice there's a name and there's a club i said best is a young generation awful awful awful will join your people this is a movement which strive is contrary for freedom or for for better or for richer future. this movement is bringing a more liberal way of life to the orthodox ga it means greater rights for gays and lesbians and lexar drug laws. a police raid on. and other major clubs last year was seen as an attack on that lifestyle $200.00 special
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forces are doing machine guns raided the club and yeah they started charging 10 or musical i go up as a wall but will this is the case 8 people were prosecuted on drug charges the event triggered a protest march with thousands taking to the streets in defense of the posse ani. it was the only moment through which we just gained through years to come to bring like 10 or $15000.00 people to protest and protest not just like a radical idea such as change the government or something but the ideas which meant to write the u.s. for for human rights ideas for women the right side ideas for 4 for abuse. but that liberal movement only has the backing of a minority over 80 percent of all georgians are orthodox christians. religion means a lot to constantine a month ago she he tries to make it to church every sunday fasts once
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a year and so he says lives by religious laws he sees his way of life being threatened. you should know not in that you should know every day they attack our religion every day they revive patriotic whole groups are founded in social networks just to do these things. constantino hopes to put a stop to all of that through political means the far right georgian march movement works together with right wing nationalist groups across europe. lives on the outskirts of tbilisi he and his wife want to see their 5 children grow up in georgia with conservative values. already and. their god said well just the families like the church. when you come home to your family you have to leave all negative emotions out silence and be in such a good mood that everyone's happy to see you home. we have missed the families the
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most important part of our lives. rushing. around midnight solich to charley makes her way over the sea on. should you need to tell so i'm sure it's a yes or even there you can be yourself i don't go good at the captions it's all that nobody will criticize you want to count of your sexual orientation or your appearance any charts will be sky mission got it going to be a scam or that you should get in there you can a free place and he'll go to israel because. she intends to enjoy her free lifestyle to the late hours of the morning. is often among the last lines on the dance floor. now for many people the best sparkling wine in the world is of course champagne which can only use that designation if it's produced in the champagne region of northeast and friends but across the border in neighboring belgium wine makers have created sparkling wines of their own which experts are judged to be
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even better than the french original. in belgium the corks are popping in this time we're not talking about the famous belgian beer but about belgian bubbly the bulldozers are world champion bubbles and the former coal mining region of moon produces a luxurious drink. the song of the wind turbine lish on day old is a bubbly that can't be called champagne but it puts them all to shame. but of all sort of more geared toward the false this is revenge for the last couple where the cloud or the french jury members called for several recounts that they just couldn't believe it but it's no joke the belgians one. change has led to the same conditions for great cultivation as in the french region of shop on the composition of the belgian soil is also the same. in all or nothing but a beautiful hillside location facing thout with
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a disease and the soul of this riddle why poor a stroke is particularly good for the shot in a grape allowing us to taste of the minerals of the 3rd night of the know there's a. belgian sparkling wines don't have century old wine cellars and barrels modern steel and the latest technology are more common and require large investments. as there's no money yet in small scale production it's more of a hobby. a look i really like this one always about what you do i deal with accountable. the best thing about belgian sparkling wine however is that it has broken french dominance in the field. though ironically nobody drinks more champagne per head and the belgians. well who would have guessed beer and the bubbling from belgium well it's all from focus on europe this week thanks so much for joining us and to come
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back next time around and so i by inches. i'm going.
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this is you know we'll use life for berlin paying tribute to poland's freedom fighters in the polish capital people have been honoring those who rose up against the nazis occupying poland 75 years ago in what has become known as the warsaw uprising hundreds of thousands died in the act of resistance that ultimately failed also coming up could beijing be planning to send its military into han khan while it is in what's being seen as a thinly veiled.


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