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to me. this is either we news life or berlin paying tribute to poland's freedom fighters in the polish capital people have been honoring those who rose up against the nazis occupying poland 75 years ago in what has become known as the warsaw uprising hundreds of thousands died in the act of resistance that ultimately failed also coming up could beijing be planning to send its military into hong kong while it is in what's being seen as a thinly veiled warning the army released
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a video of an exercise in which armed troops put down a protest and germany takes flak from the u.s. after hitler fuses are joining us that naval mission to bolster security in the persian gulf all amid rising tensions between iran and the u.s. is. on way to her aka welcome to the show everyone cohen's capital city has come to a standstill to mark the 75th anniversary of the warsaw uprising thousands gathered in the city center as the sirens rang out to honor those who lost their lives fighting the german occupation during world war 2 the polish presidents and prime minister attended a ceremony at the powwows cemetery in the presence. the veterans of the
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insurgency and warsaw uprising began in 1944 and is considered the largest military resistance operation against nazi occupation while the effort was ultimately crushed by the occupying forces here's a closer look at that significant historical event. the germans were retreating the red army was approaching the poles finally saw their chance on august 1st 1904 units from the polish home army and underground resistance launched their armed struggle to liberate warsaw from nazi occupation it was one of the largest such efforts of the war polish forces may have outnumbered germans around the capital but the germans had the poles outgunned the uprising strategy gambled on soviet support for the most part and never came they were also expecting soviet forces to free the city within days but they didn't historians still debate whether stalin intentionally delayed the red army's advance because the polish home army
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was anti-communist fighting lasted 63 days a bloody stalemate took hold but the germans made progress by early october polish forces negotiated their surrender. the toll on life and property was extreme tens of thousands of combatants on both sides were killed as well as hundreds of thousands of civilians many massacred by german forces during house to house combat . more salt lay in ruins some of it destroyed in the fighting much of the rest as retribution after it ended the nazi leadership wanted to race the city. the warsaw uprising was a tactical failure but it succeeded in showing poland's resilience to the nazi occupiers and to soviet dominance yet to come. i'm joined now on the line by olivia courthouse who is standing by for us in the polish capital olivia as we reported a short while ago warsaw has come to
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a standstill to commemorate the beginning of the warsaw uprising 75 years ago what does the memory of those resistance fighters mean to polish society today. well indeed the warsaw uprising especially is beginning is one of the most important and most emotional days for polls now adays historical dates. even though the political left and the right already bating what the point was especially regarding the high costs on this day today they all agree to honor the fighters who were brave enough to fight against the nazi occupation and especially now i know it's a lot to talk about it's coming to the socialist times people could not talk about it and for the young people especially it's that is never as hot as as today young people research shows are getting more and more patriotic they are getting more carefully conservative so i can see here in the streets many many young people
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under the age of 30 who wear t. shirts with nationalist patriotic. ok so this and this very historical event means different things to different people who was there today i mean we saw a mass of people gathered in central warsaw can you tell us a little bit about who made up that crowd. well where 6 i'm standing at the moment it was especially at the far right this day today is really used by political parties but also organizations and right here we could see many many fireworks that is very very far right they also organized the march here but also just regular citizens came here i'm in the center. it's now we see it we have a government which is really for focuses on identity politics on history so
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we could see all kind of people it's getting more important because the history to the polls becomes more important it's kind of a symbol for them for a that they are an independent country a sovereign country and that's that's basically. never been that that's important here so there's so therefore the firing of the lighting of the flares and the holding the polish flags that we saw right there or take on a very special significance a want to shift our attention now to we're germany's foreign minister heiko mosse if i may because he attended a commemorative event in poland a short while ago when he asked the polish people for forgiveness for atrocities committed by german troops during world war 2 let's take a listen to what he said exactly. right as i came here to pay tribute to the memory of the victims i want to ask the families of the killed and wounded for forgiveness
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i want to ask the polish people for forgiveness. shimmers i am ashamed of what the germans did to the polish nation in the name of germany. i am ashamed that after the war we kept silent about this guilt for too long. too long for sure. the german foreign minister expressing a profound regret on behalf of his country germany olivia i wonder after what we just discussed will this be enough for the people of poland. there's a huge difference between the public debate in poland and germany in poland everybody talks about world war 2 of all just to be even when it's just about regular daily politics so probably it's not enough at the moment we have for example at the moment commission in our palm and which focuses and focuses on how much the germans
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should still pay to the polls and this is a common thing to hear that the projections have not paid enough to must set yesterday about this topic that basically we've already legally finished it it's already done we don't have to talk about that yet polish kind of part does not agree so there are still some discussions but overall we can see the type of musses here he really takes this time he. goes to all the ceremonies so i think that it doesn't put a lot of shadow over the german polish relations and we're developing into a good way well that's actually a neatly segues into my question my next my final question to you this is obviously a still very contentious issue but do you feel that germany and poland are at least on the road to reconciliation. yes i definitely do think so we hear more and more voices now from opinion makers from
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politicians that of course we have to remember that we have to commemorate the. what happened but we have to focus on you on the future and the new new things to come i do think we are on a good way when it comes to german polish relations aren't so here curtis reporting from warsaw poland thank you for your continued coverage. you're watching the news still to come he was a bastard or to germany scolds the german going to for refusing to join to us that naval mission in the persian gulf does he have a point we'll debate the issue. but next for the 1st time the chinese army in hong kong has condemned the ongoing pro-democracy protests in the territory military leader chen dowse young the unrest should not be tolerated or mark that
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has any wondering if beijing might intervene with force and was also seen as a warning the army released a propaganda video of an exercise in which armed troops quell demonstrations. feel to show of force by the chinese troops stationed in hong kong but this video released by the people's liberation army is not just about regular military training. also show soldiers facing down demonstrators. the video will be seen by many as a thinly veiled threat of intervention by the chinese military in hong kong's internal affairs especially when a company by this. message from the commander of chinese forces in the territory major general chandelle shunk spoke of extremely violent incidents happening in hong kong and warned that these should not be tolerated. shunk was referring to the
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mass protests that have been taking place in the city for weeks often resulting in clashes between demonstrators and police beijing has become increasingly vocal and its condemnation of the pro-democracy protests. on thursday the chinese foreign ministry raised the prospect of military intervention. we believe the hong kong arts and of the piano will continue to be a stabilizing pillar of hong kong's long term prosperity and stability. also in the propaganda video hong kong are 6 pressing their admiration for the p.l.o. away and their love for mainland china this vision of a model hong kong citizen differs sharply from that of the defiant protesters who continue to throng the streets of the city. and interviews or has been following the story from beijing he says the statement we saw just right now in that report from mayor general election dowse young represents
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a significant escalation of the chinese government's rhetoric towards hong kong these words by the governors and comando are not great of beijing's threats to the city the people's liberation army has made it clear before that they would go into the city if the hong kong government asked them to do so however sending troops to hong kong would come at a huge cost for beijing it would lead to an international backlash their position in the trade war with america would be weakened the hope of bringing taiwan into the people's republic of china would be destroyed on a very long time so i am sure beijing is still hesitating to take this last step but as a last resort they will be ready to do it. the appeasement is boeing and they're reporting from beijing one of the you know on some of the other stories making news around the world in yemen dozens of soldiers were killed when who the rebels targeted a military base in the port city of aden
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a drone and missile attack took place during a military parade aden is where yemen saudi backed government is based who theses who are supported by iran say the parade was being used to prepare an attack against. the mayor of the somali capital mogadishu has died from his injuries sustained in his office was bombed one week ago mayor about a month on little smart and 6 others lost their lives in the attack claimed by militant group al shabaab which targeted a u.n. envoy. health authorities in the democratic republic of congo say a 3rd person is contracted ebola in the border city of goma the patient is the one year old daughter of a man who died of the disease earlier this week well authorities in neighboring rwanda have now closed the border with congo for fear is the outbreak could spread . the russian army has been called in to help fight wildfires that
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are tearing through siberia and other eastern regions military transport planes and helicopters are being deployed to drop water on the fires are being spread by strong winds engulfing nearly 30000 square kilometers of land. in the u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have again clashed in a televised debate as the party decides who will take on president doll trump in the 2020 election where candidates disagreed on a wide range of issues or from immigration and climate to health care all temp attentional candidates lined up but all eyes were on one man former vice president joe biden and the woman who scored points against him in the previous televised to . bates california senator. joe biden had seen it coming come on the harris renewed her attack on the
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democratic front runner in the 2nd round of t.v. debates. but this time the former vice president was prepared and went on the offensive because of the senator says several plants in the floor and anytime someone tells you to get something good in 10 years you wonder why it takes 10 years you know who says no talk about the fact that the planet in 10 years will cost $3.00 trillion dollars there you will lose your employer based insurance and in fact you know this is the single most important issue facing the poll he drew a stinging response. so i think that you should really think about what you're saying but they reflect even understand that the people of america want access to health care and do not want cost to be their barrier to getting better with the higher deportation rates resume if you're a president absolutely not number one other candidates joined in on the attack and even the crowd got involved to criticize biden's track record on immigration many meetings i never heard him talk about any of this when he was the secretary.
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please be respectful was very straightforward the crowd. biden did not get all of the attention the democrats are divided between centrists and progressives and the battle for the party soul will determine who will face off with trump in the 2020 elections. many democrat voters are in favor of a lurch to the left. i think the time for matter is he has passed and as we heard yesterday high republicans are going to say that democrats are crazy and socialist whether they come with centrist or lack just policies so now the opportunity to push the party's policies the democrats really want but in their desire to evict trump from the white house democrats might be focusing too much on the incumbent. first of all the president is a race i think the biggest challenge is whether or not you want to position
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yourself as a person who can win the vote or a person who can defeat sharon and it sounds like the same thing but it's not a joining if you will right now who are voting for democrats they're looking for candidates who can beach run and that doesn't mean that they're looking at the qualifications or even their skills that are even their issues. in a contest where personality tops politics front runner biden still holds many cards . next staying with the u.s. so the u.s. ambassador to her germany has criticized chancellor angela merkel's government for refusing to join a proposed naval mission in the persian gulf led by the u.s. richard grinnell said this america has sacrificed a lot to help germany remain part of the west germany is the biggest economic power in europe the success brings global responsibilities. and with me is that kid brady
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are a political correspondent sounds like payback time does he have a point to a certain degree yes and i think it's worth underlining as well the 2nd part of that quote that we saw just there from richard grinnell saying that germany is the biggest economic power in europe and with that comes responsibility and for a long time this is something that germany has really struggled with is what to do with this responsibility and whether it really has the stomach to take such a huge political move which would be to join this u.s. led a naval mission in the persian strait that germany is in a very difficult situation right now it's aware of the risks and what's at stake here the course the fears of a middle east war with these potential global repercussions they've been growing in recent months but it is worth pointing out as well that the viewpoint at least from lynn is very much that had the u.s. not withdrawn from that iran nuclear deal then we might not be in the situation
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that we are in at the moment so at the moment germany is very much driving on with its mission of using diplomatic means to try and deescalate the situation there rather than going in with at least what germany's foreign minister minister described as maximum pressure which is what he sees is coming from the u.s. and of course probably a topic for another discussion is guilt tripping or where to go about and win the support remind us what is this all about basically. right now is the situation we have in the passion growth and at the end of the day you have the situation of the iran nuclear deal is in absolute taxes right now so recently we've had british flagged ships have being taken by iran and now we're at the point . the latest development is that the trump administration is now putting sanctions on iran's foreign minister something that they are wrong. iranian foreign minister
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isn't really all that bold about to be honest at least from his reaction today he doesn't have any assets in america but at the moment this is very good for tact and at least e.u. allies are very much focused on making sure that their situation is very tense and very volatile at the moment doesn't ask the late between the u.s. and iran is the as i mentioned old middle east war very much real russia also spoke out today claiming at least in their opinion that the u.s. is just vying here for a war in the persian gulf and of course the at least from germany's and the e.u. point of view at the moment it's trying to make sure that it doesn't reach that point and that's 2 very different attitudes towards how to best deal with this for a you it's all about diplomacy and the u.s. is very much keen on going in there with a military strategy having said all of that having president trumps representative
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to germany using that type of language do you think there will be consequences for germany's refusal to join a u.s. led naval mission in the persian gulf i think at the moment that's very unlikely i mean the last thing that any allies want at the moment is any kind of tapped attack to have repercussions because of the decision as you say join this u.s. led mission at the moment the e.u. like germany will be looking for a way in which they can have support in the u.s. led mission and so it might be that we see perhaps a reckoning. mission by the e.u. which would just be having a little look around and see what's going on compromise and probably they're going to find some elegant way out over the sorry key bridge your political correspondent as always thank you for not for your analysis. next the governor of the u.s. territory of puerto rico. ricardo seo is resigning tomorrow following massive
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protests all up to where half a 1000000 puerto ricans have taken to the streets in recent weeks angered by corruption economic mismanagement and the response to a recent hurricane of the last straw appears to have been a leak chats in which the governor voiced obscenity is about women gay people and hurricane survivors and you got me as i was on a phenomenal went to puerto rico to meet some of those who were pushing for rizzi 0 to step down for. he's well known for his hard hitting political and preaching since well one of the artists who have inspired to protest in puerto rico he says he was called to be a part of the most. active with this we wanted to celebrate the summit on the fact that we kicked the government out of office in only 12 days but i also want to motivate people to continue to fight and to protest look how many came here today. where he works on his lyrics lyrics that have earned
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him a reputation as a verse a title artist p.j. since who else says he writes about what's happening and what affects him right now it's puerto rico it's political crisis and the anger of the people caused by a corruption scandal and text messages in which governs our rosales this parish both ordinary citizens as well as political. look at all the messages he made phone . in when they were king came he made fun of. community he did so many things wrong and he was very civil for everybody to so to like get the message and be like this guy strong he's got to get out one of the people targeted by the governor was join the list benjamin torres got tired he tells me he was angry but not surprised to find his name in the leaked text message just because he's always been critical of the administration but he didn't. anticipated the consequences they were going to i'm very proud of what happened and really
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surprised by the extent of the civil commitment and near the computer records for the most part or all the passive country. my your mentor but we do not take to the streets easily. and if we do the protests are small you can always see the same people and groups you know my persona is a party. for out but also worry that real change will occur that's how many fletcher we can seem to feel since gov will say you know and now instead he will step down that's why there are still protests taking place a new governor will soon be moving into this mention right behind me but the political crisis in puerto rico is far from over in the streets of san juan puerto say they want to continue their fight and they are hopeful that sooner or later they will get their leaders they believe they deserve. from someone who won we drive sell. the protests attracted ordinary people from all over the island people
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like omar so to phone to new york and he's a wife. a couple is still amazed by the size of the crowds and their unity people a walk with the situation on the are going to do they more than explanations. i don't think i don't think we are ready. for example in the war nor pari but people are are more aware of the situation they argue about politics at their kitchen table the governor successor and what should happen next and the posse ride out says she didn't pay much attention to politics but the protests really touched her heart. now or chris you know around although one of the best known soccer players around the world was a no show during a u. ventus pre-season friendly in seoul and that. has caused outrage among south korean
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football fans they're taking legal action now after paying out a $59.00 us dollars for tickets partially to see them all event organizers said were not although was contracted to play at least 45 minutes against a korean league all-star side but the portuguese forward failed to play even one minute the fans lawsuit is seeking compensation now for the ticket price as well as almost $850.00 u.s. dollars each for quote mental anguish. some diehard fans there are right or minor of the top story of that we're tracking for you this hour in the polish capital people have been honoring the fighters of the warsaw uprising the struggle against nazi german occupation 75 years ago hundreds of thousands of people died in the months long act of resistance that ultimately failed. plus the u.s. ambassador richard grinnell to germany has scolded berlin for refusing to join a u.s. led naval mission in the persian gulf he said that as the biggest economic power in
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europe germany has global responsibilities. you're watching the news up next in news asia a tough sell me on mars trying to convince her his or refugees to return what's the main sticking point in the talks that's coming up in just a moment and see you again at the top of the hour.
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really getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on digital. this is news asia coming up what happens when the guess you had planned for this program is a no show because you can arrested in hong kong well we find out how things played out and promised a good conversation plus. after what the u.n. has called genocide the government of myanmar says it wants to see the real hinge of a minority is persecuted back in the country we'll take a closer look. and a thundering thrill ride we get front row seats for a pakistani bull race a sport.


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