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james madison and i work at. my. local. club and. this is indeed obvious coming to live from the u.s. and russia walk away from a cord war treaty on nuclear weapons. we will not mirror what russia. we don't want and you are sure i'm each side blames the other for ending the medium range missile agreement that they both scored for
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restraint. also coming up us president donald trump slaps a new 10 percent tariff on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods asian markets tumble as relations between the violence top 2 economies take a shop turn for the us and. the cantonese pop singer adding a touch of glamour to the hong kong pro-democracy protests how did these ho is putting her own korea exists with an outspoken attack on china. and we saw it in the united states where president donald trump has really thousands of supporters in ohio he lashed out at the democrats mocking some of the leading politician. but as did obvious alexander phenomena reports from cincinnati
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the president stopped short of making any more of mocks that would be seen as offensive. for diane ridden things are falling into place right now born and raised in cincinnati she has been a republican for decades she even met her how spent on a party event and stay and read and is an ardent supporter of the president's tromp she says there are plenty of reasons for him to get reelected unemployment is an all time low employment at an all time high the stock market is as high which means all of our investment accounts are all very high right now he believes in secure borders i believe in secure borders i think to have a country you have to control who comes in and out of our country in downtown cincinnati the crowds began gathering hours before the rally as the honorary chairwoman of the hamilton county republican party diane written and showed the
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arena through at the ip entrance i'm excited about and excited about it all day it was hard to concentrate and work this morning to get that out of the way so i could be free to enjoy the afternoon usually trump uses his release like he uses his twitter accounts to praise his accomplishments and still rate he's a pony and last month he had checked democratic congress women of color urging them to go back to where they came from and do more then a year before election day the president tried making no secret of the element of his me election thank you. write a. very retrograde write concern for civility and political correct and that is what he supporters like about it because they see it he tells it like it is unlike and the only decent democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens then they care about their own. once they put foreign citizens before
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american citizens they would love to see a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no 2 clue what the hell he's doing. in cincinnati tromp attack prominent democrats painting them as left wing extremists but here voided remarks that could be criticized as racially charged when you really did the word new center back and said he didn't talk about politicians of color very very much yes i we did not want that is the cincinnati and i did not want any of that here so there was no negative about that so that was a big plus diane read and was happy with the trump rally in cincinnati he was talking to his crowd here she said at least where he's people. the president trump used the ohio valley to anon seems ramping up the u.s. trade dispute with china that's as elitist randa treaty who say sions between
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beijing and washington show few signs of progress in a treaty trump also said an additional 10 percent tax on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports would take effect on september the fust and comes on top of only a terrorist. let's talk a little bit more about this story rick rob wants from the business desk welcome 1st of all i mean is this it does this mock a huge escalation between the u.s. and china and does it come as a surprise well it's something the president has been threatening but it came somewhat out of the blue this tweet yesterday it is a significant development because we're going from having less than half of all of china's exports to the united states having tires on them to effectively all of them having tariffs on them now these latest ones that are supposed to come in september 10 percent tariffs where is that on 2425 percent tires on stuff that was already covered they $250000000000.00 worth but there is another key difference
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between these 2 sets of tariffs amounts that the ones that are currently in place of a mainly industrial good stuff that ordinary americans won't come into contact with during their day to day lives however the new arms due to come in next month cover consumer goods so smartphones close americans might start to see the difference we have heard from china they called this unconstructive a no way to solve a trade dispute has been rolling on for a year and a half now they've threatened countermeasures they said they express their strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition ok and so what about their markets have their reacted to this well wall street immediately reacted the dow jones dropped 1 point one percent on this announcement president john was asked whether he was expecting that he said yeah i was expecting it and he's not too worried about it he says meanwhile in asia markets have also taken a dive in china itself we've got shanghai index down $1.00 but in tokyo and in
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hong kong bigger decreases that down 2 percent during trading there's also been a knock on effect in europe the footsie $100.00 in london was down 1.6 percent the dax here in germany down 2.2 percent so it's having a worldwide effect on markets but you know. stay with me because i wanted to discuss an issue because not only the trade dispute that's escalating to did you pan and south korea have placed restrictions on each other as exports japan went 1st removing south korea from a white list of trading partners. now the move trying to tilt has outside the japanese embassy and so in south korea's president move in said japan was being reckless and threatening global supply chains it comes amid a dispute over japan's use of wartime forced labor. so what are the business implications of the move by japan and how was south korea
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dealing with this do you think so by removing them from this white list it means that japanese companies that want to export to south korea will have to get special approval to do so that just makes it that little bit harder for them to do that is one extra obstacle and it's going to mean that for big south korean firms like samsung and l.g. who rely on electric electrical components and machinery from japan just to make it a little bit harder for them to get those items now south korea have said they will sternly respond to what they called japan's unilateral and arbitrary decision they have hinted in the past that should we see an escalation in the trades tensions that they might reconsider that intelligence sharing with japan which would be bad news for anyone with a vested interest in what's going on in north korea so for example the united states it seems like we've just seen the tech school ation right wrong wants from the japanese business desk thank you very much. need to secretary general yes
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starting back has insisted the west does not want a new job strace his comments came as the u.s. and russia both walked away from a key could actually see the ending of the intermediate range nuclear force well i n f agreement scraps limits on both sides austin has still to make said russia was to blame because it had developed a new cruise missile we will not mirror what russia the us we don't want a new officers and we have no intention to deploy a new land based nuclear me sides in europe nato continues to aspire for a constructor relationship with russia when russia else actions make that possible . that was the instance and next on the u.s. is reportedly planning to test a new myside which would have been prohibited under the treaty moscow says the
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treaty is dead because if the u.s. and his scorning on washington not to deploy anymore dockets. 1987 a historic agreement between the soviet union and the united states president mikhail gorbachev and ronald reagan signed the i.n.f. treaty marking a change of course after decades of cold war nuclear tension. the root of the tension was this the soviet s s 20 missile a nuclear warhead that could strike western europe at short notice. that worried those european countries on the other side of the iron curtain were well within the missiles reach of 5 and a half 1000 kilometers. the u.s. response was to deploy its own mid range pershing missiles in europe that was met with protests across the west the demonstrations showed demand for a new direction the result was the i.n.f. treaty. it banned all ground launched ballistic missiles with ranges of between
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$505.00 and a half 1000 kilometers the soviet union got rid of $1846.00 intermediate range missiles in the united states about half as many. by $991.00 a total of $2692.00 missiles were destroyed. now president donald trump has officially withdrawn the u.s. from the treaty washington and its nato allies say russia has deployed new intermediate ground missiles that violate the i n f sterns moscow for its part has also pulled out of the treaty charging that washington has breached the i.n.f. by setting up missile defense stations in eastern europe the analysts worry a new cold war style arms race could be looming. gentlemen our correspondents teri schultz in brussels indeed obvious russia correspondent druck
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surratt joins me from studios today let me start with you the nato secretary general speaking in brussels where you are clearly blamed russia up for the demise of the i.n.f. treaty so what options is nato looking at now to deal with the situation secretary-general stoltenberg says that the alliance has already agreed on on a package of balance coordinated and defensive measures to deal with deterring russia now that there is no i.n.f. treaty he didn't go into much detail about what those are specifically but said in general there could be more surveillance there could be more military exercises the u.s. could reposition its see based missiles there could be more flights of u.s. warplanes that are equipped to carry nuclear warheads so they're clearly looking at measures that would not look provocative to russia but would certainly they hope have a deterrent effect on moscow the u.s. is also blamed russia for the situation before the need to statement u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompeo had this to say on twitter he said the u.s. gave russia 6 months to return to compliance with the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty russia refused so the treaty ends today neil so again the u.s. is blaming clearly blaming russia for this whole situation how is moscow responding to these allegations. well from moscow right now it's very important to win the so-called blame game russia is also washington several times to declare and enforce a moratorium on the deployment of short and intermediate range nuclear missiles in europe and washing is not willing to listen to that so moscow is basically saying don't blame us for that it's not so nato is not telling the truth at least that's what moscow is saying the truth is from moscow's perspective that the whole discussion started in december 2018 washington demanded that their prime and should destroy its new cruise missiles i think the name is 9 am and 7 to 9 and to
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according to washington this new weapon violates the i.n.f. treaty but russia is saying no this is not true the foreign office that just said just a couple of days ago that the technique that technical parameters offers missile comply with the treaty provisions so right now it's important for moscow to win the so-called blame game tell us they do want to neil says the mud russia's position than one hor that russia is solely responsible for the end of this i.m.f. treaty there are also reports the u.s. is planning to test a new myside which it would have been banned under the i.m.f. . well you know it took the u.s. several years to bring all nato allies behind it on its mission to either push russia somehow into compliance or to to drop the i.n.f. treaty the u.s. spent many many briefings with detailed evidence with surveillance imagery and finally only last year all allies including germany which was among the most
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reluctant agree that the evidence they had showed russia had violated the treaty the missiles had a longer range than is allowed under the i n f and that's when you really saw all of them agree with the u.s. that the treaty is no longer effective if only one side up holds it and they gradually came to accept that the u.s. had to drop the treaty because it simply wasn't wasn't effective at all so if you estimate of course different story than moscow russia is solely to blame and sure when the u.s. starts testing these new missiles missiles that would have been banned under the i never going to hear a lot more coming out of the kremlin so both sides building a missile as a meal i'll be already in the midst of a new arms race i think so but i don't think that we have only to blame moscow for that the west is spending much more money on the fence than in the past decades president trump is hosting nato allies including german to spend much more money on
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the fans must go it's just not able to spend so much money on defense moscow is not the soviet union and don't forget right now they're the elephant in the room is china they are spending much more money on the fans they have nuclear weapons they haven't spoken about all those nuclear weapons from china from israel from north korea pakistan india and so forth. and so on they haven't spoken about their weapons during the i.m.f. treaty so for that reason right now indeed just a new architecture just all those countries have to come together in the goshi it about their nuclear weapons. write me a drug czar h. and teri schultz thank you both very much for your perspectives let me now bring up to date with some of the stories making news around the wind in the thai capital bangkok a total of 6 bomb blasts have left at least 4 people injured the 1st explosions took place in central bangkok 2 other blasts were reported at a government complex on the outskirts of the city thailand is currently hosting the
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regional summit with top diplomats from major countries. britain's draw european liberal democrats have won a by election a seat in parliament from the governing conservative party it's a setback the prime minister borrows johnson in his 1st electoral test since taking office the last reduces johnson's working majority in parliament to just one ahead of an expected showdown with lawmakers over a possible brecht's it. it's fear in northwest england is on verge of collapse a military helicopter has been dumping sand and gravel in an attempt to reinforce the dam wall which was damaged in heavy rain thousands of people have been evacuated from the area. suspected al qaeda militants have raided a military camp in southern in the southern yemeni province of on with this is say
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the assailants killed at least 20 soldiers and battled yemeni security forces several hours the militants were eventually expelled from the camp after reinforcements arrived backed by the united arab emirates. you're watching d.v.d.'s coming up ahead the cantonese pop singer adding a touch of glamour to the hong kong to a democracy protest. puts her own career. in the process. saudi arabia says it will allow women to travel regard approval from a male relative the new laws amid women over the age of 21 to apply for a passport if effective the reforms would signify a shift away from the country's guardianship system as it stands the country considers women as equal to children and gives men almost complete control over their lives have been several recent high profile attempts by saudi women to escape
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their guardians. joining me now is. the time welcome more about this new development from saudi arabia is it you think a direct response to a couple of high profile cases of beef seen recently where women the women have fled the country and sought asylum in other countries will be at the very least be read as an attempt to draw attention away from these high profile cases as you said in the past year saudi arabia has been embroiled in these very high profile cases one can even call them scandals of women running away escaping the male guardianship system just earlier this week our very own you leon spoke to 2 women in turkey the sisters had taken advantage of being on vacation with their families in istanbul to escape their families they cited that they were subjected to physical abuse but also attempts of forced marriage earlier this year the world
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watched a very high profile case of the have a commune who walked herself in a hotel room in the airport in bangkok trying to escape her family she has also succeeded and now has received asylum in canada but there are other at. hard making attempts that have have failed have some women disappearing and of us not knowing where they are at all all of these women to have to tell a very similar story of abuse of systemic exploitation by their families so this sweeping announcement that comes very suddenly could be read as an attempt by the saudi authorities to maybe draw a little bit attention away from from these 9 women over 21 to travel without a male guardian it sounds like seems like a very small instead given that saudi arabia has a consummate the most repressive policies against women indeed i mean this is we have to be very cautious here i think this is a potential good step while these this law and there are other there are other
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points now in this in this in this decree that also help women like for example being now women can become the guardians of their own children just as as men this is an attempt a potential step if we can to the guardianship system but it doesn't abolish it completely. the other thing is that this it's very unclear when these where decrees were will actually come into effect i remember 2 years ago when we were reporting on the decree that allowed women to drive there was a lot of positivity and happiness but then we discovered that actually it will take another 6 months before this law would be implemented back then women needed the permission of their male goat guardian to get a driver's license for example or to go to driving school these are also top down. decree so it begs the question is everyone in society going to be able to let these
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women exercise their rights and we've seen that definitely on social media there's one tweet that we have from a user who said. this is a male users that i'm afraid of this decision for a woman over the age of 21 to travel without family members or her husband when our religion says a woman should be traveling with the guardians what remains to be seen when these laws do come into effect how how people will respond to them and what women's rights activists within saudi arabia. we know of course i mean there's been on social media a lot of jubilation and welcoming of these royal decree some women saying you know this is an overdue step again it's 2019 and women are just now being allowed to get their passports but of course there's happiness and rightfully so it is like i said a potential big step but you know let's not forget that a lot of the very high profile activists female activists who are of the forefront of the struggle for women especially getting the right to drive are now inside the prison the most famous being lieutenant have who is reportedly experienced gruesome
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torture of the head of the saudi authorities so it begs the question why aren't these women out on the streets celebrating these accomplishments that they fought for yeah i've been thank you very much for does insights into saudi society turning out to hong kong where one of the best known pop stars has been a touch of glamour to the city's ongoing to a democracy to test cantonese sing lead to new skill has used to celebrate the status to support the demonstrations korea has suffered as a result but she continues to speak out. i took a rather unusual place during multiple session of the country pop star denise hole and her fans are attending a protest rally in the suburb of you know. a week before pro-democracy protesters were attacked here by suspected criminal gangs 2 days demonstrators are here to denounce the bomb. is telling us police soused out to disperse the protesters.
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i was. on. the news who has been a familiar face at the anti-government grounds. all the way that the chinese government they have been trying to. terrorize us into this population where we are. playing clarities and then just giving up everything it's just not going to happen because it's a totally different culture. the news who is a performer of so called canto pop hong kong signature pop music style that has made the city's entertainment industry popular throughout east asia including on the chinese mainland has always stood out in the region's entertainment business in 2012 she was with her strong celebrity to ever come out as
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a lesbian. it . was. but the biggest step for her came in 2014 when she openly supported the pro-democracy umbrella movement she immediately lost axes to china's huge mainland market when the music was banned shortly afterwards a record company used asian music and did her contract. i knew it was bad. but then you'll guess you have to you have to. decide what you saw in the situations where the whole people is
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facing. such a big crisis. since then she has learnt to be her own manager right now she's trying to organize a concert in hong kong's biggest venue because lizzie. i got rejected the. whole 5 times before. i got the application through in 2016 but that was 2016 so i don't know what. whatever the outcome may be she will not have to worry about being able to fill the venue within the city or outspokenness has won many things. that. here's a recap of the top story that we're following feel the us is formally abandoned a key cold war era reference control treaty both the u.s. and russia have now work to read from the intermediate range nuclear forces
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agreement scrapping limits on both sides os announced nato secretary general songs in but russia all developing a new cruise decide but he insists it needs or did not want a new arms race. up next living with a cancer diagnosis we meet a young patient who has had a hard life and turned upside down by the diagnosis just coming up and i am still in good shape coming up short of i.
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