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the bad. news this is the deputy is coming to you live from bahrain the u.s. and russia walk away from a soviet era treaty on new kill weapons nato responds. with mirrors what russia. we don't long continued on church. each side blames the other for ending the medium range missile an agreement with north korea for restraint.
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also coming up dollar from slaps a new 10 percent tariff of $300000000000.00 but the chinese goods markets tumble as relations between the top 2 economies take a shot for the us and. for a german village of fuckin is transformed into the hard drive capital of the what. kind of welcome. good to have your company nato secretary-general e n stockton bird has insisted the west does not want a new global arms race his comments came as a nuclear weapons treaty dating from the days of the soviet union collapsed. the
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ending of the intimidated grange nuclear forces the i.n.f. agreement doesn't have a limit on awesomeness of both the u.s. and russia stilton bank says russia is to blame because it has developed a new cruise missile. we will not mirror what threshold us we don't want a new on surface and we have no intention to deploy the new land based nuclear me sides in europe nato continues to aspire for a construct relationship with russia when russia else actions make that possible so that was an aegis sector general yes staunton back now while the u.s. and russia blame each other for ending the iron if treaty both sides of calling for restraint the deal was originally joined up to defuse cold war tensions here's a look back at how the landmark treaty came about. 987 the
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historic agreement between the soviet union and the united states. about how and ronald reagan signed the i.n.f. treaty marking a change of course after decades of cold war nuclear tension. the root of the tension was this the soviet s s 20 missile a nuclear warhead that could strike western europe at short notice. that worried those european countries on the other side of the iron curtain were well within the missiles reach of 5 and a half 1000 kilometers. the u.s. response was to deploy its own mid range pershing missiles in europe that was met with protests across the west the demonstrations showed demand for a new direction the result was the i.n.f. treaty. it banned all ground launched ballistic missiles with ranges of between $505.00 and a half 1000 kilometers the soviet union got rid of $1846.00 intermediate
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range missiles in the united states about half as many. by $991.00 a total of $2692.00 missiles were destroyed. now president donald trump has officially withdrawn the u.s. from the treaty washington and its nato allies say russia has deployed new intermediate ground missiles that violate the ins terms moscow for its part has also pulled out of the treaty charging that washington has breached the i.n.f. by setting up missile defense stations in eastern europe the analysts worry a new cold war style arms race could be looming journeymen our correspondents terry shows in brussels indeed obvious russia correspondent jock surratt joins me from ob on studio days let me start with you the nato secretary general speaking in brussels where you are clearly blamed russia for the demise of
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the i.n.f. treaty so what options is nato looking at now to deal with the situation. secretary general stolzenberg says that the alliance has already agreed on on a package of balanced coordinated and defensive measures to deal with deterring russia now that there is no i.n.f. treaty he didn't go into much detail about what those are specifically but said in general there could be more surveillance there could be more military exercises the u.s. could reposition its sea based missiles there could be more flights of u.s. warplanes that are equipped to carry nuclear warheads so they're clearly looking at measures that would not look provocative to russia but would certainly they hope have a deterrent effect on moscow the u.s. is also being russia for the situation before the need to statement u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo had this to say on twitter he said the u.s. gave russia 6 months to return to compliance with the intermediate range nuclear
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forces treaty russia refused so the treaty ends today neil so again the u.s. is blaming clearly blaming russia for this whole situation how is moscow responding to these allegations. well from moscow right now it's very important to win the so-called blame game russia has also washington several times to declare and enforce a moratorium on the deployment of shortened intermediate range nuclear missiles in europe and washing is not willing to listen to that so moscow is basically saying don't blame us for that not all nato is not telling the truth at least that's what moscow is saying the truth is from moscow's perspective that the whole discussion started in december 2018 washington demanded that the prime and should destroy its new cruise missiles i think the name is 9 am and 7 to 9 and according to washington this new weapon violates the i.n.f. treaty but russia is saying no this is not true the foreign office that just said
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just a couple of days ago that the technique that technical parameters offers missile comply with the treaty provisions so right now it's important for moscow to win the so-called blame game do you think you want to nail says the mud russia's position than one hor to russia solely responsible for the end of this i n f treaty there are also reports the u.s. is planning to test a new myside ritual would have been banned under the i.m.f. . well you know it took the u.s. several years to bring all nato allies behind it on its mission to either push russia somehow into compliance or to to drop the i.n.f. treaty the u.s. spent many many briefings with detailed evidence with surveillance imagery and finally only last year all allies including germany which was among the most reluctant agree that the evidence they had showed russia had violated the treaty the missiles had a longer range than is allowed under the i n f and that's when you really saw all
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of them agree with the u.s. that the treaty is no longer effective if only one side upholds it and they gradually came to accept that the u.s. had to drop the treaty because it simply wasn't wasn't effective at all so if you ask nato of course different story than moscow russia is solely to blame and sure when the u.s. starts testing these new missiles missiles that would have been banned under the i never going to hear a lot more coming out of the kremlin so both sides building a missile meal already in the midst of a new arms race. i think so but i don't think that we have only to blame moscow for that the west is spending much more money on the fans than in the past decades present from prison asking nato allies including germany to spend much more money on the fans moscow is just not able to spend so much money on defense moscow is not a solid union and don't forget right now they're the elephant in the room is china
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they are spending much more money on the fans they have nuclear weapons they haven't spoken about all those nuclear weapons from china from israel from north korea pakistan india and so forth. and so on they haven't spoken about their weapons during the i.m.f. treaty so for that reason right now we need just a new architecture where we're just all those countries have to come together in their goshi it about their nuclear weapons. right and their docs are it's an attorney sure thank you both very much for your perspectives. you really have more on the i.n.f. treaty and what its break up means for the asia region that's indeed having news is yeah right after this program. the us president donald trump is really thousands of supporters in ohio a key state in next year's election he lashed out at the democrats and mocks some of the need in politicians that has details views on xander from naaman reports from cincinnati the president stopped short of making any more remarks that could
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be seen as racist. for diane written things are falling into place right now born and raised in cincinnati she has been a republican for decades she even met her husband and a party event and day and red is an ardent supporter of the president's trump she says there are plenty of reasons for him to get reelected unemployment as an all time low employment at an all time high the stock market is high which means all of our investment accounts are all very high right now he believes in secure borders i believe in secure borders i think to have a country you have to control who comes in and out of our country in downtown cincinnati the crowds began gathering hours before the rally as the honorary chair woman though the hamilton county republican party they are now written and showed the arena through at the i.p.l. entrance i'm excited about and excited about it all day it was hard to concentrate and work this morning to get that out of the way so i could be free to enjoy the
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afternoon usually trump uses his release like he uses his twitter accounts to praise his accomplishments and stupor rate he's opponents last month he had checked democratic congress women of color urging them to go back to where they came from and do more then a year before election day the president tried making no secret of the element of his reelection. tied to a. very retrograde right front. surface ability and political correctness and that is what the supporters like about it because they see it he tells it like it is unlike any other politician democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens then they care about their own constituents they put forward citizens before american citizens they would love to see a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no clue what the hell he's doing.
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in cincinnati tromp attack prominent democrats painting them as leftwing extremists but here forwarded remarks that could be criticised as racially charged when you believe that the word new center back chance that he didn't talk about politicians of color very very much yes i we did not want that is the cincinnati and i did not want any of that here so there was no negative about that so that was a big plus diane read and was happy with the trump rally in cincinnati he was talking to his crowd here she said these were he's people. trump used the ohio valley to announce his escalation of the u.s. trade dispute with china as the latest round of trade negotiations between beijing and washington show few signs of progress in a treaty trump also said an additional 10 percent tax on $300000000000.00 worth of
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chinese imports would take effect on september the 1st coming on top of this. let's talk a little bit more about the story with rob what's from the business desk welcome 1st of all i mean is this it does this mark a huge escalation between the u.s. and china and does it come as a surprise well it's something the president has been threatening but it came somewhat out of the blue this tweets yesterday it is a significant development because we're going from having less than hawks of all of china's. sports to the united states having tariffs on them to effectively all of them having tariffs on them now these latest ones that are supposed to come in september 10 percent tariffs where is that on $24.00 or 25 percent tariffs on the stuff that was already covered the $250000000000.00 worth but there is another key difference between these 2 sets of tariffs amounts that the ones that are currently in place cover mainly industrial good stuff that ordinary americans won't come into
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contact with during their day to day lives however the nuance to to come in next month cover consumer goods so smartphones close americans might start to see the difference we have heard from china they've called this unconstructive a no way to solve a trade dispute has been rolling on for a year and a half now they've threatened countermeasures they said they express their strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition ok and so what about their markets how did reacted to this well wall street immediately reacted the dow jones dropped 1 point one percent on this announcement president john was asked whether he was expecting that he said yeah i was expecting it and he's not too worried about it he says meanwhile in asia markets have also taken a dive in china itself we've got shanghai index down $1.00 but in tokyo and in hong kong bigger decreases that down 2 percent during trading there's also been a knock on effect in europe the footsie $100.00 in london was down 1.6 percent the
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dax here in germany down 2.2 percent so it's having a worldwide effect on markets ok don't stay with me because i wanted to discuss an issue because not only the trade dispute that's escalating today japan and south korea have placed restrictions on each other as exports japan went 1st removing south korea from a white list of trading partners. now the move prompted to test outside the japanese embassy in south korea's president instead japan was being wrecked. yes and threatening global supply chains it comes amid a dispute over japan's use of wartime forced labor. so what are the business implications of the move by japan and how will south korea deal with this do you think so by removing them from this white list it means that japanese companies that want to export to south korea will have to get special
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approval to do so that just makes it that little bit harder for them to do that is want to obstacle and it's going to mean that for big south korean firms like samsung and l.g. who rely on the electric electrical components and machinery from japan just to make it a little bit harder for them to get those items now south korea house that they will sternly respond to what they called japan's unilateral and arbitrary decision they have hinted in the past that should we see an escalation in the trades tensions that they might reconsider their intelligence sharing with japan which would be bad news for anyone with a vested interest in what's going on in north korea so for example the united states it seems like we've just seen the tech school ation right rob wants from beat up his business desk thank you very much that now bring you up to defeat some of the stories making news around the bond some of the review says it and now women to obtain a passport and permission travel the dot approval from
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a male relative the country's current guardianship system considers venice equal to children and gives men almost complete control of their lives. in the thai capital bangkok a total of 6 bomb blasts have left at least 4 people injured the 1st explosions took place in the center of town 2 of the blasts were reported at a government complex on the city's outskirts time and is currently hosting the region's summit with top diplomats from major countries. suspected al qaeda militants have raided a military camp in southern yemeni province of what this is say the assailants killed at least 20 soldiers and battled yemeni security forces for several hours the militants were eventually expelled from the camp after reid's force arrived backed by the united arab emirates you're watching the news a coming up ahead.
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block and turns into the capital. the 1st 5 years ago islamic state started its attacks on the religious minority in a campaign of genocide. in 2014 without food or water an estimated 200 children died of dehydration as people descended the slopes of mount. in north west iraq for those left behind life became a nightmare. and shock the men although the city liberated from the support islamic state in november 2015 today many still live in camps but thousands of women remain unaccounted for as we hear in this report by
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british. remembers exactly when he last saw his brother it was august 3rd 2 cells 14 went together with their families they fled the approaching i-s. fighters his brother tried to find food and was caught by the terrorists along with 5 other family members for a long time bashar hoped that his brows i was still a life. no longer have any hope there is no more ah yes. not in syria not anywhere and only they would have been able to keep prisoners in. bashar and those left of his family currently live in a refugee camp in northern iraq like many years east they are afraid to go back home afraid of their arab neighbors who they say cooperated with i guess. bashar and his family provided blood samples to the authorities hoping that the
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remains of his brother will be found they are haunted by the memories bashar says but still. better to know what happened to my brother. in march iraqi offered his together with the u.n. finally began to exhume the 1st mass graves. many years edis came to witness it. desperately seeking closure 5 years after i s killed their men and then slaved their women and children hundreds if not thousands of years he used a belief to be buried here the disinterment began in kojo hometown of nobel peace prize winner and that young herself and victim she called on authorities to protect the mass graves and thus the evidence of what the years he's had to endure. that there is not a single yazidi family they didn't taste the bitterness of this genocide they all lost their loved ones their property and their dreams. blood samples and bones are
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being tested in a forensic lab in fact that. specialists are trying to identify victims through their d.n.a. and they are searching for criminal evidence. but time has taken its toll all the bones have been exposed to flats fire and fighting it could take years experts say to put cases together but the families want answers sooner. as a pause of the work will be carried out quickly and not neglected i don't want them to start to assume the graves now and then drag their feet for 2 or 3 years. if you haven't been. to date only 12 out of more than 70 confirmed mass graves have been exhumed recent violent fires in the homeland have already destroyed several grice and each day it is getting harder to identify possible victims and to secure hard
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evidence for islamic states crimes. and that report is bigoted should go ahead with me in the studio i have some deputies man who visited the years of the homeland in the single region of northern iraq along with a bigot to. 5 years on what is the situation then nyc why are so many years even still living in refugee camps because frankly they have lost their homes and just the match and you take a huge selection or and every year that comes across your way you would just just droid completely i-s. has supplied the policy of scorched earth just we must not forget the mess of eric i'm paying by the americans that also of course contributed to this mess of just structures there is still remnants of war there are still mines scattering the region so the civilian population is really at risk now we hunted reported about 70 mass graves in the region why is it so important to open them up and secure
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evidence of course we are looking at prosecution at some point at the moment it's stuck at the national level many in iraq many in anti terro special tribunal it's but what a lot of people like not your murata we saw in the movie what they're hoping for is that there might be at some point maybe an international tribunal maybe even the international crimes court in the hague which would have euro stiction if that were the political will let's say by all the big powers in the security council to move ahead and to put i asked us crimes they are instead of at the national level in iraq and also in germany you will have investigations against isis perpetrate and this goes gives the justice if they are demanding that thousands of them were killed in the onslaught with the islamic state. many some $7000.00 women and children were abducted do you know what happened to them about how off of those women and children have returned since but a lot of them are still unaccounted for some might still be in captivity others
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might be hiding in the big camps like a hole in the north of syria too afraid to go home maybe because of the feeling of shame but also there were of course babies born during captivity and they're not allowed to bring these babies back home because they yes according to their culture it's only it is the both mom and dad are yes the view which is obviously not the case year and some to how secure do you see these in iraq if they want the most persecuted minorities in the world they have always been a minority in iraq always on the sideline of things and if you look at their homeland now there is no visible effort of reconstruction and also the area they lift and it's a contested area between the kurds and the central government there are lots of militias roaming around amongst them shiite militias with the support of iran so they really like a sense of security there so of a precarious existence on earth that is and thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. now if you've never heard of bach and you're probably not into
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heavy metal every always a small village in northern germany plays close to one of the biggest and loudest music festivals in the us it's sunday not to everyone's taste but for metal heads dokken is the high point of the. it was the moment these metal fans had been waiting for all year getting the how would tough before the main stage. but the party's already been rocking for days buchan's about the suns as much as the music. and there's a lot of people here that are absolutely crazy and have loads of beer with them that can only mean fun in. a city of tents appears every year for the $80000.00 festival gore's. year they can leave the worries of the world behind. it all begun 30 years ago to local lads from the village of fucking plan the
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festival and provided the entertainment themselves. they still run it today and can hardly believe their success. stalls your love village plays along the fans play along the bands play along they give amazing performances that mean the world it's a mixture of everything ideas of the mission. key element of luck and special charm is the locals enjoyment of the occasion from farmer to mayor they all party cheek by jowl with the metal fans. that's why the 30th fuckin open era certainly will be the last was. his if he kept the funding for you the u.s. and russia have blamed each other for m.t.v. and you can. sing back from the calling people names are sex free and gender strengthen but the rest. not want anymore arms traced. coming up
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next on. a suspicious car accident is far outreach in india it was an attempt to hush up a rebound a case against a politician. coming up and you get the news that melissa chimed that's it for me i'm to catch him on the news team i see at the top of gallon of by. putting.
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everyone who loves books has to go and say hey hey. literature list. 100 germans must reads. to me. i'm not
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thinking out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter when the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype square experiencing the future of the country that i now know i'm playing. the piano needed to take to this drama day i'll tell you it's all about ok. i'm right joe join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. robots because they're still in the development phase foods but what's going to happen when they grow it will schumann's and machines be able to pass for me co-exist or are we on the verge of the lips if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society is
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the beginning of a good in digital. form of the movie subjected to continuous stream surveillance. we are blueprints for to be able to agree on the guidelines what will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. like a robot collapse starts aug 14th on d w the food . base is. coming up a major nuclear arms control treaty ends between the united states and russia but it will impact the asia pacific we'll tell you how plus. a car crash or attempted murder in the public is demanding answers at the young woman who accused a politician of rape fights for her life. and from icons to
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insurgent to ordinary citizens of hong kong have driven it some are a protest but not without being led by some say.


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