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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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only chance of survival conservation as of right about 100 that they hope super lease back in to the one. all right this is the news i'm carl aspen up next business news with stephen beardsley don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that is dot com or you can follow us on twitter as at news let's watch. the women's world cup america gold cup and the africa cup of nations is this season kicks so correction as you bankstown the next exciting event is right around the corner the german bundesliga is heating up and as always we are there to keep
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you updated with the latest poll. numbers lisa. over 16 g.o.p. . if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make it look accident raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn street. a deal for the u.s. to export more beef to the e.u. so does it help american farmers caught in the u.s. trade dispute with china and could it ease trump's animist we're brussels. also on the show an escalation in the trade between japan and south korea we'll tell you why seoul is fuming. and what can
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a 2000000 euro real estate investment in cyprus buy you other than some nice digs tell you. this is your business report i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has signed an agreement with the e.u. to increase american beef exports into the bloc it's a rare bit of positive trade news from a president who hopes to extract even wider concessions from europeans later this year and it comes one day after the president announced new tariffs on china a move expected to hit american consumers hard and prolong the trade dispute that has been especially painful for american farmers. after german cars and french wine u.s. president on the trumps most recent before the european union was with well before the u.s. had long found it hard to export its meat across the atlantic after a long negotiations trumps announcement on friday sounded like
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a triumph for the farmers and ranchers listening in the white house. opening markets for our farmers is about more than just an industry it's about a way of life generations of hard work passion and dedication of gonnet to make in america the largest producer of high quality beef anywhere in the world by far we're proud of our farmers and ranchers we love our farmers and ranchers and with this announcement we take one more step in giving them the level playing field that they have really been looking forward to this for many many years you folks know that they want to level play. that's all they want on the subject of level playing fields u.s. 3 farmers and ranchers will also have to change their ways the agreements doesn't mean the e.u. is easing its ban on hormones fed beef at all for u.s. farmers higher exports to the e.u. will make up for market share loss in china that countries slapped import tariffs on u.s. meat in retaliation for trump's terror of some chinese products. and let's
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go now to our financial correspondent in new york jose luis de haro who is it will this deal in fact help the u.s. farmers most affected by the u.s. china trade war. notice the praises of stephen especially since said to tony is involved are relatively small of the quarter will that represent in beat over 2 percent of total u.s. beaver experts last year but before exports indeed seemed to be the bright spot of american agriculture and last year approaches a record of 8400000000 dollars when we put that number into perspective they help given so far on to unit to 8 farmers heard by tensions between washington and begin the usa government has rolled out 2 rounds of trade aid for farmers that spent the day to total around $28000000000.00 and that war has hurt sales of wide
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range of cultural products including fresh fruit and grains and china is that the top market for many of the usa biggest crops and big gene those crops. as origination to trumps so far. and of course was as we know soybeans also hit especially hard among those of us that want to ask you about something else trump said during today's press conference take a listen we were really really really really really a 25 percent tariff for all mercedes-benz is b.m.w. who's coming into our nation so we appreciate that i'm only kidding. they they started to get a little bit worried. so they a joke about car tariffs there that maybe wasn't too amusing for european ears. no doubt old stevenson's. predictability it's a more than proven and the threat of implement in charge of so very european car
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makers is a still very alive i defy god to be of agreement was signed that does not mean both the parts and will i heave a limited trade agreement to reduce or eliminate the tar of some long industrial products that washington is pressuring currently the e.u. to include a agriculture a red line so far for brussels aside from the we are still waiting for the resolution from that world trade organization related to airbus and a common one on boeing and on top of the. threatening francais with an atari of software the french government approving digital tax on big tech companies so their result long list of issues to be resolved and non of them song like a joke at least to me. and so maybe those warm relations between the us and the e.u. at least that we see today not to last much longer or at least the horror there for us in new york thank you as always. now to some of the other business stories
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making news. in the u.s. employers added 164000 jobs in july that according to the labor department the figure continues a record hiring streak however the average workweek fell to its lowest level in nearly 2 years as manufacturers reduced hours for workers a sign that economic growth is slowing. the european union has nominated crystal to lead the international monetary fund ending weeks of impasse of money the 23 countries you have a is from bulgaria and is the current chief executive of the world bank i.m.f. member countries can make nominations until september 6th traditionally the i.m.f. is led by european contrasts the u.s. gets to appoint the president of the world bank. amazon boss jeff bezos has sold $1800000000.00 worth of his shares in that company the sale took place over 3 transactions at the end of july media reports
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a baseless we use the money to fund his space venture to origin over to asia now where south korea is the 1st country to be dropped from japan's white list of favored trading nations a move that could slow exports of a wide range of goods and with seoul threatening to respond relations in the region could get even more difficult both export driven economy face lighting demand from china and both are key u.s. allies in keeping regional peace. no sooner had the news of fresh japanese trade restrictions reach south korea the protests kicked off again just like here outside the japanese embassy in seoul. that we are here to express our deep anger against japan 2nd economic retaliation we have been boycotting japanese products since japan's export carbs were introduced last month. south korean president moon j in
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described japan as a selfish nuisance and warned of consequences. which i unequivocally warned that the japanese government will be held entirely accountable for what will unfold going forward japan attempts to harm our economy the korean government also has counter-measures with which to respond. to the. earlier in tokyo the japanese government announced that it would cancel south korea from its white list of preferred economic partners this could complicate the import of defense equipment and materials used in the chip industry. deal. that this move was approved to revise japan's export controls appropriately and was not intended to hurt chip pan said korea relations or to craft counter measures. south koreans no longer consider japan a friendly nation one official warned seoul says japan is retaliating against south korean court rulings last year these ordered japanese companies to compensate korean plaintiffs for their wartime labor during japan's brutal colonise ation of
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the korean peninsula between 101-1905. japan points to an erosion of trust since the south korea rulings and claims the export controls are for national security purposes. one thing that all e.u. citizens have in common is a past or much like this one it's getting easier for wealthy foreign investors mainly but not only russians to buy themselves e.u. citizenship in the form of a so-called golden passport and a place to do that is cyprus. cyprus is booming again and its 2013 financial crisis seems all but forgotten. the island's real estate market is thriving with the rows of expensive new high rises in the port town of limon saul. many russians are buying them today they make up about a quarter of a total population. that. were all because investing at
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least 2000000 euros in cypriot real estate will get you cypriot citizenship. business consultant irina churchill town is one of those who makes it happen for her wealthy clients. the simple quiet the busboy don't have to feel. that cyprus this year's golden passports to wealthy russians and arabs has been severely criticised by the e.u. but the island's finance minister who oversees this investment scheme says so far only 500 people have actually acquired a cypriot passport and these ones may be. for after. the. scrutiny and the background checks while the influx of rich russians has changed so life none want to speak to us on camera about their new cypriot passports though the rena churchill town says
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most i'm interested in making a profit he calls his return 5 percent e.u. . so. a very sweet deal that cypriot investment bankers are keen to promote after all where else can you acquire an e.u. passport in just 3 months. so a good idea there for those 2000000 euros just lying around and that's it for me in the business scene here you can find out more about these and other stories online . watching.
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small scale and smaller to change. people making it possible to go africa. fantastic right. as they set out to safety a virus. that i've learned from one another. and work together for
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a better future. d.w. . don't miss our highlights. programme on line d.w. dark calm highlights. be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as a plan of the initial for your children. learning is just that the children who have always been the boy. and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d.w.m. made some minds. burning the interest guard is booming i love her let the good the multicultural metropolis you know were during my
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experience with the band alabama but like jersey to me i love me even want to share what today certainly looks like a swiss like me but just the 15 nations of the 50 story. to be very personal tips on berlin's very best. looking down the list grimly d.w. . is the date every day is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes nigeria's east more than a 1000000 people have been displaced and all trapped by violence as a decade all conflicts between the government and abruzzi rages in borno state also on the program i challenge you to single. women will meet niger.


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