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i am. august 14th on t.w. . plane. land. i am. this is doable you news live from berlin anti-government protesters in hong kong to find stern warnings from china and local police. thousands of people have taken to the streets for a 9 straight weekend previous protests turned violent after clashes with police also coming up i sat sudan is celebrating another major step towards
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democracy the country's ruling military reaches a firm deal with civilians that should eventually lead to elections. and tension in moscow as police try to fend off what they call an authorized opposition rally this comes just a week after security forces arrested more than a 1000 people protesting a ban on some opposition candidates in the city elections. i am. i married to evanston welcome to the program another mass anti-government rally in hong kong is growing increasingly tense it's the 9th weekend in a row of protests thousands of demonstrators have blocked a major road in the city's center the spine police appeals to clear the area hong kong has seen. months of unrest triggered by
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a controversial extradition long dresses now evolved into a wider movement for democratic reforms the past 2 weekends have seen a surge in violence from both protesters and police who fired rubber bullets and tear gas. at g.w.s. charlotte charleston pill is at those protests in hong kong and joins us now on the line for the latest so charlotte tell us what is happening where you are now. mariana dumbest. in hong kong and the energy that this process is really starting to go that began on iraq today he spoke 1000 people gathered on the streets but they quickly deviated from the route that was prevented by police and spread through the streets now they were starting to see people getting ready for a fight the people dressed in black face body people. some
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people that that face. ready they have. counted something extremely pleased to previously used to treat the but it seems to be getting ready preparing. to head striking father that we haven't seen any police on the streets very common nothing but we had a pretty siren about a half an hour ago. so at the moment things still to remain very calm one pivotal moment all of this made by the bound now is 2 hours ago that was the process to briefly defy a tunnel a key tunnel. in hong kong it was the main artery between hong kong island and how did a lot of people thought that that could perhaps. trigger the police to try and clear
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the area in fact the crisis has left the cells that they often out gathering on the street apparently ready to stay put for the hours ahead which are internal when you mention it seems that many protesters are preparing themselves for possible violence yet earlier this week there was a stern warning from the head of the chinese army in hong kong saying that violent protests are not going to be tolerated could we see a response from the army today. people that we've spoken to think that that is. likely they was very alarmed by that warning from china but also from a video that it has been released showing the people's liberation army based in hong kong training out a video showed scenes that have to emulate some of the scenes that we've seen on the streets recently. sold it gave like painting.
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arresting protesters and people did that is a real warning sign from and. the other thing that's concerning people here is that the police violence that we've seen on the streets in recent weeks this week the arrest of dozens of people who wouldn't be quiet now that is a sense that carries up to 10 years in cresent people here on the streets tonight they seem to be on fridays to try to buy this big all the rest and attention coming out and but then they say this is about a fight for hong kong future all right charlie chiles until we thank you very much for your reporting. sadan now where the ruling military council has reached an agreement with the pro-democracy coalition to form a transitional government one that is meant to eventually leave the country to democratic elections now the deal follows weeks of negotiations led by the african
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union protesters held regular demonstrations demanding civilian rule sometimes ending in deadly violence. the celebrations on the streets of khartoum it's almost 4 months since a long time leader omar al bashir was ousted during that time many sudanese feared another strongman would simply take his place but last night came the announcement that the military and civilians had reached a firm deal to lead together and who of the 2 delegations has fully agreed on the constitutional document that this law the. the agreement is expected to be signed in days it will start a 3 year period of transitional rule leading to elections during that time power will rotate between a military and civilian leader with a cabinet of technocrats to manage the country details remain to be finalized but
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sudanese are hopeful. that you can remember that has been reached today is a chance for a new beginning to take sudan into the place it deserves and it should open the door to the modern civilian future of sudan that we have been looking for for her i mean we are very happy about that because for 30 years and have been living in death darkness marginalize ation and killing well when anyone came out to express their opinion bullets would follow you but after 30 years god has answered upraise problem. amid the. ations some hold the last images of those who lost their lives in the struggle more than 100 people are believed to have died in crackdowns against protesters according to doctors several soldiers have now been detained over the recent deaths of 6 demonstrators giving sudanese hope for justice
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and peace. let's get a quick check now of some of the other stories making news around the world. puerto rico has a new governor lawyer petra pier luigi was sworn in after a week long protest force his predecessor to step down share the wheezy said that the island senate will vote on whether to confirm his position hundreds of people chanted and rang bells outside the governor's mansion to mark the change of leadership. the king of the indigenous population in new zealand has visited a plot of land that's been occupied by protesters the area near auckland is considered sacred to mari's and protesters are angry at plans to turn it into a housing development that mari king says he visited to try to help the protesters find a solution. europe's historic heat wave has now hit greenland with its ice sheets melting at dramatic rates 11000000000 tons of ice melted on wednesday alone the
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biggest volume of ice lost in a single day this season scientists say the recent high temperatures have been exacerbated by manmade climate change. to moscow now where opposition protesters are again trying to hold a rally despite an official ban on the event and a sweeping police crackdown on previous marches police deployed a massive force on the ground they say they'll take active measures to prevent any protests from going ahead dozens of people have already been detained including an opposition leader today's planned rally comes a week after russian authorities violently broke up a similar demonstration arresting nearly $1400.00 people protesters are angry that several opposition candidates are banned from standing in upcoming local elections . our correspondent emily sure win is in moscow and she's been
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monitoring events there for us so emily what is the current situation in the russian capital. well mari i was standing on one of moscow's boulevards as you can see people are kind of taking a walk along the boulevards which is the plan that the organizers of this rally had announced to get around the fact that this rally is not authorized it's really hard to tell how many people how many protesters are out today in moscow. well because people are simply walking along occasionally you'll see a group of people kind of clapping or you'll see some of the passing cars the thing there are support that's the only way to tell that perhaps these people are taking part in today's protests that is of course one of the many ways that russians in the past few years have found to get a way to get around kind of increasing restrictions on freedom of assembly the police here right next to me is kind of watching quietly but on the squares along
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the boulevards we've seen kind of riot police clearing clearing the squares arresting some people and kind of blocking off squares there's certainly a large police presence but in comparison to last week where almost 1400 people were arrested so far quite quiet let's take a look back at the events of last week i spoke to one of the protesters who was arrested at last week's rally. these were images that shocked russia during protests for free and fair moscow city parliament elections nearly 1400 demonstrators were detained a number monitors unprecedented. in was one of them this photo has made him a symbol of the protests. when they arrested me i was trying not to get hurt so i tried not to fall over because they were trying to knock me down onto the
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pavement i also didn't want to let them twist my arm they were trying to do that when they were taking me to the police by. moscow officials have since called the police response at the unauthorized rally professional and reasonable monitors say the behavior of the author already is in the upcoming protests is hard to predict. our expectations are often wrong we expect a crackdown and then it doesn't happen we expect the police to night calmly and then the crackdown on protesters. hasn't decided yet whether he'll take to the streets he already expects to receive a fine for disturbing public order at the last rally and is weighing up the risks of potentially being arrested again. when it comes to the demonstrators it doesn't look like they will calm down so easily and even if there is a crackdown at the protests there will be a protest vote in september people will vote for anyone but the candidates connected to the ruling party. this week several
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protesters have received criminal charges but despite the recent crackdown thousands have announced their attendance for this week's rally on social media and the opposition is already pushing for yet another rally the week after that. all right emily those are some very disturbing images of a very brutal police crackdown last week. as you mentioned nearly 1400 people were detained back last week are police gearing up for a similar crackdown today. well it's hard to know there are reports that dozens of people even up to 100 have been already arrested but it's hard to tell right here on the boulevards what the strategy will be last week we saw in moscow as mayor. kind of saying that the police last week had acted professor professionally they had acted reasonably but. in these team opposition politician
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his team who look into kind of corruption in russia as well have seemingly added fuel to the fire 2 days ago they published an investigation into one of moscow's deputy mayors about how she's been selling off apparently city property to to her relatives so that could add fuel to the fire today and of course the opposition is already saying that they are preparing for a rally next week next next. day as well so we'll have to wait and see how this situation develops all right to use emily sure one in moscow we appreciate your reporting. let's turn now to some soccer news and the new bundesliga season is almost upon us here in germany as byron munich and dortmund face off in the season opening super cup today well dortmund are in high spirits after a promising campaign last season they've added firepower to their squad with the
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signings a huge run punt mats a loose and torque on asar wonders the glory is now the target but of course they'll be aiming to get off to a strong start with a victory over byron in the super cup. they're up to date now on d w news omarion evan steen stay tuned for a documentary titled missing women and the bachelor times american i haven't seen thanks for watching. it was a season of high pitched shark correction as it winds down the next exciting event is right around the corner. german bundesliga is heating up and that's always we're there to keep you updated with the leaders on kickoff you know couldn't just leave
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yourself starting august 16th g o p.


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