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the box office 90 time to do. this is g.w. news live from berlin and night falls in hong kong and anti-government protests again turned chaotic thousands took to the streets for a 9th street weekend one police station was surrounded and fire lit at its entrance the fire was quickly put out but there have been clashes and standoffs across the central city also coming up her to the sudan is celebrating another major step toward democracy the country's ruling military
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reaches a firm deal with civilians that should eventually lead to elections. and tension in moscow as police try to fend off what they call an unauthorized opposition rally with hundreds detained this just a week after security forces arrested more than a 1000 people protesting a ban on some opposition candidates running in city elections. i am. i my ash waiter it's good to have you with us in hong kong tear gas has been fired at protesters after they vandalized a police station earlier thousands of demonstrators blocked a major road in the city center the spike police appeals to clear the area hong kong has seen months of unrest triggered by a controversial extradition ma the unrest has now evolved into
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a wider movement for further democratic reforms in the past 2 weekends have seen a surge in violence from both protesters and police who have fired rubber bullets and tear gas. t.w. charlotte has some pillows in hong kong and joins us now for the latest charlotte what more can you tell us about the clashes right now how much tear gas are we talking about. my this is becoming a very familiar path and on the streets a phone call what began as a peaceful protest has now descended into chaos once again now i can tell you that we just caught up in some take us just a short time ago we've moved away now that we have people running to this that i streaming from the specs of the gas there are thousands of people that are there that still on the street just by and in the space all of what they say has been police brutality over the last few weeks we saw riot police move again
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a short time ago that was also as you mentioned that fire was set off i was sat outside a police station. was put out that had been some question whether this many people would return to the street whether we would see but it clashes will take out again tonight that dozens of people arrested and charged earlier this week with riot saying that something talks retirees up to 10 is in prison that had been some question whether people with the cars home by that would be afraid of consequences to take coffee protests or whether they had been but i don't i think we've had our police people here are very angry at police and that treatment so fatah coming out from the streets to show it and we're looking at live pictures right now of what exactly is happening there where you are charlotte are there any signs that this will come down over the coming hours or maybe days. sounding not in that couple
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of hours i'd say my i think if i thought that he thought the last hour of say about what went take us songs to the site we've seen people had all the streets really good up for this fight it looks like some of them wearing full blown see all that we saw remember the shield some of them off with weapons they've been on the streets so weeks now they know what's to come and say are prepared as the coming days and we are expecting full protest march there to protest march things of course that we could against people clashes classes or arrests but on monday there's going to be a general strike a lot of cool people here 9 months out as well as charlotte hills and so for us in hong kong thank you and please stay safe. sudan's ruling military council has reached an agreement with a pro-democracy coalition to form a transitional government this is meant to eventually lead the country toward holding democratic elections and the deal follows weeks of negotiations led by the
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african union at the same time protesters held regular demonstrations demanding civilian rule some of which ended in deadly violence. celebrations on the streets of khartoum it's almost 4 months since longtime leader omar al bashir was ousted during that time many sudanese feared another strongman would simply take his place but last night came the announcement that the military and civilians had reached a firm deal to lead together. the. 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional documents. the agreement is expected to be signed in days it will start a 3 year period of transitional rule leading to elections during that time power will rotate between a military and civilian leader with a cabinet of technocrats to manage the country details remain to be finalized but
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sudanese are hopeful. we have very happy and we couldn't stand her and everyone is in the streets to express their happiness with the agreement we hope it will be a civil state for ever and that people didn't die for nothing to show our love for the mistake that. we hope that everyone will work together to get the country out of hardship. and we hope that those who cause deaths will be immediately held accountable for not. from it the celebrations some hold aloft images of those who lost their lives in the struggle more than 100 people are believed to have died in crackdowns against protesters according to doctors. several soldiers have now been detained over the recent deaths of 6 demonstrators giving sudanese hope for justice and peace. and now bring you some of the other stories making
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news around the world emergency workers in northwest england are racing to shore up a damaged dam and reduce water levels as forecasters warn of more bad weather the damage was damaged last week after heavy rain sent torrents of water rushing over its spillway more than a 1000 people have had to evacuate their homes. europe's historic heat wave has now hit greenland ice sheets are melting at dramatic rates 11000000000 tons of ice melted on wednesday all lone the biggest volume of ice lost in a single day this season scientists say the recent high temperatures have been exacerbated by manmade climate change. rico has a new governor a lawyer pedro was sworn in after weeks of protests forced his predecessor to step down in the weeks he said that the island senate will vote on whether to confirm his position hundreds of people chanted and ring bells outside the governor's mansion to mark the change of leadership. the king of the indigenous maori people
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in new zealand has visited a plot of land that's been occupied by protesters the area near auckland is considered sacred to mari's and protesters are angry at plans to turn it into a housing development the maori king says he visited to try to help the protesters find a solution. to moscow now where opposition protests are again trying to hold a rally despite an official ban on the event and a sweeping police crackdown on previous marches police have deployed a massive force on the ground and have reportedly made more than $300.00 arrests so far and opposition leader who called for the event is also among. as detained just last week russian authorities violently broke up a similar demonstration when they rounded up nearly 1400 people protest protesters are angry that several opposition candidates are barred from standing in upcoming
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local elections. and our correspondent emily sure one is in moscow for us covering the story emily what's the situation right now in the russian capital. well as you can see my are there is a huge police presence on the ground here in moscow all over the city center riot police are out in force we've heard police helicopters flying overhead kind of figuring out where to send forces and what the situation is around the capital they're monitoring the situation the internet has not been working very well in in the center presumably also part of the police's strategy and they've been clearing the squares including the square behind me of people and arresting people as well now the plan of organizers of this on authorized rally has been to walk along moscow's boulevards and it's actually been kind of hard to distinguish in some cases who is really a protester and who is just a passer by even though the protesters have been clapping and some of them have
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been shouting slogans as well but that's one of the strategies here in russia of protesters as freedoms of assembly here in russia have become increasingly restricted over the past few years they found different strategies to come out and protest anyway things have so far as you say around 200 just under $200.00 arrests so far. a little bit quieter so far than last week i spoke to one of the protesters who was detained at last week's rally and i think we should take a look back at what happened last week at those dramatic dramatic dramatic rallies last week. these were the. images that shocked russia during protests for free and fair moscow city parliament elections nearly 1400 demonstrators were detained a number monitors called unprecedented you know yet. only keating was one of them
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this photo has made him a symbol of the protests. when they arrested me i was trying not to get hit i tried not to fall over because they were trying to knock me down onto the pavement i also didn't want to let them twist my arm they were trying to do that when they were taking me to the police van. moscow officials have since called the police response at the unauthorized rally professional and reasonable monitors say the behavior of the author already is in the upcoming protests is hard to predict which ensures our expectations are often wrong we expect a crackdown and then it doesn't happen we expect the police to night calmly and then that crackdown on protesters. keaton hasn't decided yet whether he'll take to the streets he already expects to receive a fine for disturbing public order at the last rally and is weighing up the risks of potentially being arrested again. when it comes to the demonstrators it doesn't
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look like they will calm down so easily and even if there is a crackdown at the protests there will be a protest vote in september people will vote for anyone but the candidates connected to the ruling party. this week several protesters have received criminal charges but despite the recent crackdown thousands have announced their attendance for this week's rally on social media and the opposition is already pushing for yet another rally the week after that. i am only last week we saw nearly 1400 protesters just taint are we staring down the barrel of a similar situation here today. it does seem that the strategy of the authorities this week is similar we've just heard from one independent monitor just here on the square that actually those arrest numbers could be much higher perhaps closer to $400.00 after all last week moscow's mayor. gave a signal to the police that they had acted as he said reasonably at the last rally
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this week almost all of the independent candidates pushing to run in the september elections were put behind bars for. 10 days 30 days at least as long as it matters for them to be off the streets now so it seems that we're expecting a crackdown to say today and in fact that crackdown is already happening emily sure win for us in moscow thank you so much. football superstar lionel messi has been banned from playing international football for 3 months after an outburst during the copa america the argentina captain claimed the tournaments was quote corrupt after he was sent off the pitch during a match against chile in the 3rd place playoff his team eventually won $21.00 the south american football confederation have also can find messi $50000.00 u.s. dollars he has 7 days to lodge an appeal. in
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tennis 2 of the sport's rising stars will clash in the semifinals of the washington open one of the warm up tournaments for the u.s. open greek up and comer stefano 6 if i just saw ben wopat but it was australia's nick curios wowed the crowd with an entertaining win over slovakian norbert home boss if he won this and rolling rally on his way to breaking his opponent's serve and then he delivered an ace to win the match. ran over to fake a woman in the crowd after asking her where he should place the decisive shot. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you pro-democracy protesters have again taken to the streets of hong kong a 9th street weekend showing disapproval of the region's government as night fell to numerous clashes with police were reported. this is being news next for
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syria's reporter on location and of course you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site t w dot com i'm irish winner thing .


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