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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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mark. this is t w news live from berlin and night falls in hong kong and anti-government protests are again turned chaotic thousands have taken to the streets for a 9th street weekend one police station was surrounded and a fire lit at its entrance to the fire was put out but clashes continue around the city center also coming up right at our right in the sudan is celebrating another major step toward democracy the ruling military reaches age for a firm deal with civilians that has put the country on the path to elections.
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and hundreds are detained as moscow police cooption opposition rally police say the gathering was illegal protesters saying they're fighting for fair elections. i'm irish waiter it's good to have you with us protesters 2 who vandalized the hong kong police station have faced a blast of tear gas and retaliation police intervened after demonstrators threw stones spray graffiti and lit a fire the clashes came as tens of thousands of protesters gathered in a normally busy market district hong kong has now seen 3 months of unrest triggered by a controversial extradition model the past 2 weekends have seen escalating violence from both protesters and police. to have you show us how some pillows in hong kong
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are protesters are bracing themselves for the night ahead. it's we're now seeing these young people appearing to be getting ready for clashes later on many of them wearing protective headgear as indeed we've been told to do we've seen some people putting on their face masks and goebbels already they were experience weeks of tear gas and seem to be concerned that that might happen again we've also seen people who have been dismantling barricades perhaps hoping to clear the way if things start to get heated later on today now one of the protesters has agreed to talk to us he's 25 years old and they can you explain why you're taking part in this march today today we have a theme actually the hong kong police are going to route to file in for the past few protest so we are having a main theme to. protests about the police being to fall and and of course we want to wish there was
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a tradition. and but here we are today we are the main thing is actually that. people are coming from the mall called the origin of protests is coming from there and people because there are too many people there so we are heading out to our charter here and we are going actually around traver around poly university and they are we are actually coming from the. tunnel right there. so. we hope that we can actually we have the government to stand out and say something because they are actually hiding behind the curtain for so long and every protest security more and more dangerous and more more follow and i hope hong kong people can come out and just. make some noise for the government to actually. to actually. make them.
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answer our protest our our our needs and yeah that's about it i think thank you thank you very much the favorite thing to say tonight is going to be a pivotal day and that's after earlier this week dozens of people one arrested and subsequently charged with rioting now that is a charge that carries up to 10 years in prison so it's going to be very interesting to see here tonight how the police respond whether we're going to see more arrests what's clear is that people here haven't been deterred by that charge those charges they are still on the streets and appear to be gearing up for another long night ahead. that was utopia charlotte shell some hill in hong kong moving on to sudan where the ruling military council has reached an agreement with pro-democracy coalition to form a transitional government this paves the way for democratic elections the deal follows a weeks of negotiations led by the african union. celebrations
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on the streets of khartoum it's almost 4 months since longtime leader omar al bashir was ousted during that time many sudanese feared another strongman would simply take his place but last night came the announcement that the military and civilians had reached a firm deal to lead together. and with. the 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional document. the agreement is expected to be signed in days it will start a 3 year period of transitional rule leading to elections during that time power will rotate between a military and civilian leader with a cabinet of technocrats to manage the country details remain to be finalized but sudanese are hopeful action if he thought i know we have very happy and we couldn't stand her and everyone is in the streets to express their happiness would be
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agreement we hope it will be a civil state forever and that people didn't die for nothing to shout a lot for the mistake not going to. we hope that everyone will work together to get the country out of hardship. and we hope that those who cause deaths will be immediately held accountable that's one of the amid the celebrations some hold the last images of those who lost their lives in the struggle more than 100 people are believed to have died in crackdowns against protesters according to doctors several soldiers have now been detained over the recent dead. it's of 6 demonstrators giving sudanese hope for justice and peace. the reporter you bring him is with me in the studio now you were in sudan when the protests 1st started a while back and you've been following these developments so is this agreement a significant step forward in resolving this political crisis in sudan it's at the
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very least a necessary step for any hope of this political crisis coming to an end in the near future this this is the constitutional declaration this is the defacto 2nd part of the power sharing agreement between the forces of freedom and change which is a coalition of opposition groups and military leaders this is the 2nd part that was signed back in mid july and it outlined the sort of general terms of the transitional period that it would be 3 years that there would be a sovereign council with leadership that would rotate between military and civilians and now this this this constitutional declaration is significant because it gives more detail it also tries to address that support forces this paramilitary group that has allegedly been terrorizing civilians on the streets of khartoum since the removal of ahmed bashir back in april and now they will be falling under
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the military command although there are some suspicions of how much this would bring them in since they were always officially under the command of the military and whether they would stop acting like a private militia essentially and we've heard a lot of these announcements happening sense the military transitional council took over is this one any different from these earlier ones that were also cast as these big historic announcements correct so i mean you know the the military has been in negotiation with civilians essentially since april and there were many moments where they would come out and said they'd reached an agreement and then these women's would sort of fall apart of the very last minute before signing or violence would would come in the way the significant. these 2 agreements so to speak are this 2 part agreement is that it's mediated by the african union there is this general sense from the people i've spoken to that there's there's a frustration with the fact that the country has been at a political standstill essentially since december not even april when i met in bashir was was removed i think though that the real victory would be what would
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happen after this transitional period the fact that it's 3 years is a huge win for the opposition they wanted it to be that long to extract the deep state of i'm going to share avraham thanks. and out of some of the other stories making news around the world emergency workers in northwest england are racing to shore up a leaking dam which is in danger of collapse forecasters are warning more about weather is on the way the dam was damaged last week after heavy rain sent torrents of water over its wall more than a 1000 people have had to leave their homes. europe's historic heat wave has now hit greenland ice sheets are melting at dramatic rates 11000000000 tons of ice melted on wednesday alone the biggest volume of ice lost in a single day this season scientists say the recent high temperatures have been exacerbated by manmade climate change. puerto rico has
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a new governor and lawyer his ropey louis c. was sworn in after weeks of protests forced his predecessor to step down the e.c. says the island senate will vote on whether to confirm his position hundreds of people chanted and ring bells outside the governor's mansion to mark a change of leadership. the king of the indigenous maori population in new zealand has visited a site that's occupied by protesters the area near awful and is sacred to maoris and there's anger at plans to build a housing development there the king says he wants to help find a solution. to moscow now where the authorities have cracked down on an opposition rally a massive police presence on the ground has kept a lid on the event more than 600 people have reportedly been arrested some by force one of the organizers of the demonstration is among those detained protesters are angry that several offices and candidates are barred from standing in upcoming
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local elections police say the rally is illegal. our correspondent emily sure when it is in moscow for us covering the story to emily what does the situation look like right now in the russian capital. well as you can maybe still see behind me the police presence in moscow has been really huge today in the capital there have been police vans all over the city of riot police out in force police helicopters flying over the protesters and police have been trying to clear protesters wherever they went on various squares across the city as well as on moscow's boulevards the rain that you see the driving rain may be helping them now to clear the final protesters who were as they were taking a walk along moscow's boulevards it was actually hard to tell of various points today who was a protester and who was just a processor by who happened to be there the protests today wasn't authorized and
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that's perhaps why we've seen such a tough crackdown. last week we saw in nearly 1400 protesters detained are we looking at a similar situation right now. well we haven't quite reached those numbers so far it's been a few a few 100 but the strategy of cracking down on protesters seems to be continuing in fact it continued kind of all week and moscow's mayor said. this week said that the police at last week's rally had acted reasonably that they had acted professionally this week several of the candidates who've been calling for protests have been arrested rearrested and they weren't out on the streets today one of the candidates was arrested today but the people here told me that actually those arrests those mass arrests last week actually have driven them out onto the streets in solidarity with the protesters in solidarity with the candidates they say it's about much more
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than moscow that this is about russia's democracy and emily if you can give us a little more background about these opposition candidates who were arrested in the 1st place what do they stand for and why are they now up against so much opposition . well they are the candidates who have been trying to register for these upcoming moscow city council elections as is in as independents. to register as an independent in the city council you have to collect a certain number of signatures and the author of these here in the city said that those signatures were not valid the candidates on the other hand have said that the signatures that they collected are valid and that it's just the city authours who are trying to block them from from reaching the parliament right emily sure win for us in moscow thank you so much. in motor racing max their stuff in has taken pole
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position in the hungary and grand prix after pulling off a nearly flawless lap in qualifying the red bull driver set a track record with time just under one minute and 15 seconds to stop his momentum will now continue after winning 2 of the last 3 races for safety's drivers of both us and lewis hamilton will start in 2nd and 3rd followed by charles in the clear for ari. football superstar lionel messi has been banned from playing international football for 3 months after an outburst during the copa america the argentina captain claimed the tournaments was quote corrupt after he was sent off the pitch during a match against chile in the 3rd place playoff his team eventually won $21.00 the south american football confederation have also find messi $50000.00 u.s. dollars he has 7 days to lodge an appeal. this is g.w. news live from berlin up next world stories of the week in reports we'll take
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a look at germany's new deports mas and of course you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website dot com i'm irish waiter thank you so much for joining us. the world is getting more soon. morse could just use a long process. to produce 3000 talk to a team of british researchers to take a more optimistic view. the world does not always a good plan but it's.


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