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not everyone who loves books has to go insane. the literature list 100 jurors must reads. what secrets lie behind these memoirs. find out for city experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage for 60 years now. well you won't be seeing me spinning around the pole today but rather this
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incredible. welcome to your a max show you more of that professional pole dancer in just a little bit is a look at what else is coming up. why scientists from around the world gather in copenhagen in july. and. what makes a view of the eiffel tower so desirable. now it wasn't too long ago that pole dancing was exclusively associated with strip clubs now it's growing ever more popular as a hobby and recreational sport a star of the scene is russian dimitri polytone of he's been dancing all his life but had little success until he found his true calling he's now a real star of the pole dancing scene and even has a limp dick and ambitions. stretching
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exercises are essential in his line of business dimitri polly top of russia is one of the world's best pole dances this is not just fooling around. i started out with a breakdown but i wasn't very good at it. i think i was even one of the worst on the team i did was. nobody anything special would become one day. and i was. the big turnaround came 6 years ago when he discovered acrobatic pole dancing. many people might think of nightclubs and strippers when they hear the word. truth or
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something else in a masculine sport that demands strength insurance and it does courage. games i know but i would go there right after i don't need to apologize or. women are maybe a bit more uncomfortable with the topic. but i just really look like a stripper. at the international pole emotion festival in riga latvia the entries had to show a lot more than just their bodies every dance number tells a story it may be the dancers own life story and have nothing erotic about it.
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dimitri sat on the cheery he was glad to see so many performances by men. yes i did get a good i'd like to see as many guys pole dancing as possible great joy in your feet . dimitri was born in a small town in russia now he lives with his wife and young son in neighboring ukraine. continue to the 5 year old serafin as proud of his toughest job. and he enjoys practicing together with him. dimitri uses every free minutes he can get to train in his own gym. on. his calendar is booked up these days he isn't a man not only as a performer but as a coach as well. he travels all over the world competing for and winning
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international awards. look america called out of the region europe the most in my life everything revolves around the whole gazza. rizieq i just have to see not just that he hurts a clio right off and when i start thinking about what i can do with most of us just treat them very badly. back to riga. at the pole dancing festival of dimitri makes a brief guest appearance his moves are clear cut confident across that. if any downside from sweden tells a very different story full of vulnerability and sensuality. both to form is confront the audience the themes of masculinity and sexuality each in his own way. your favorites. i'm straight i could never do
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in a feminine way maybe with friends just for fun. but i prefer a masochist i would like to take it in that direction and. many people think he's only for gay man which i want to change. because he might. be about. anybody for the top posting no possible. way to me she tells that aspiring pole dance is. he'd like to see pole dancing become an imp explode someday yet and he intends to work to help make it one. now everyone deserves a break once in a while and no one has longer holidays than santa claus is busy in december but what does father christmas to the remaining 11 months of the year well every summer
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in denmark hundreds of santas congregate at the world santa claus congress is the perfect place for them to talk shop and get a dose of sunshine before they take to the skies with a sled full of presents. essenes cutscene has come from over 4000 kilometers away to take part in this ritual. the 41 year old comes from jerusalem to him it's an honor to participate in the annual footpath at bellevue beach in copenhagen. it takes place during the world santa congress. the water is pretty cold but that doesn't put sand off. just being here is the main thing for cause a scene. actually only descent in jerusalem in the holy
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land and it would be my pleasure to meet all the centers around the word that's why i come here especially it's different to have christmas in july and i bring what i have more experience to bring back to the truth to the holiday. back in jerusalem he's a nice has his very own centers house it's visited by some 13000 children a year. this santa doesn't bring presents with the reindeer driven sleigh but by camel. the world santa congress is held in an amusement park so there's plenty of opportunities to enjoy other types of rides. there are also contests that put santa skills to the test. kids christmas in july. because they are very busy in christmas time. that's why they meet in summer was really in christmas also because on the order of very busy like me i'm busy all
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december and january i can come travel around the ward that's why i come here and your life. around. $140.00 santas and elves from around the world are attending the event. the world santa claus congress took place for the 1st time in 1957. this is the 2nd time he said nice is taking part. of the congress is a parade through pocket the world's oldest amusement park just outside copenhagen the crowds love the spectacle and can chat with the sound. of. essenes and his colleagues also have a chance to get to know each other and talk about their work. stain hi ben ozen is one of the organizers. he enjoys bringing together santas with different cultural backgrounds. we have some that. come with
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a costume that doesn't quite look like a danish sounds but which reflects their the way they hold prisoners in their countries so i think it helps to communicate that christmas while it's something we share all over the world is still. a cultural thing as well as. the sunnies casi see is a christian in a country where judaism is the most common religion so for him the world santa congress is a place to meet kindred spirits. but most of us are friends and we can see that they visit us. in jerusalem some of them being to do with them and that's why i come here to make more friends to bring them back to my country we have a sense of permanence that is what christmas is all about family fun and spreading joy and happiness. well from copenhagen we travel to the capital of fronts
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this is the most famous symbol of paris the eiffel tower every year to tracks around $7000000.00 visitors and for many it's a dream to one day be this close to the real thing but then again there are lots of people who wake up to a view of it every day and it's those provisions that are of special interest to the photographer just for what. people seeing it by race you feel when you have the eiffel tower front of you and to see it every night every morning it was important for me when we chose this up but meant it was i had to see that. just to watch the photographer from london he wanted to know how the iconic landmark is viewed by the city's residents and visitors people lucky enough to live
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with a view of it including yet no one who lives in the 16th or on the small with a husband just poor whites research eventually turned into a book project told to i felt a connection of pictures showing the tower from the homes of present residents. is so magnetic and it just says that i have to use this somehow i have to kind of use this tower to tell a story about art. and that's how we started. since 2014 and just perhaps visited 40 homes from a not 3 apartment on the sand to student takes on the city outskirts but they all share is the view of the eiffel tower. very interesting to find out how people bonded a little girl she screwed up with this view and the carrots they were at night they
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leave the curtains open it's in the night light you know and she has this amazing relationship with the tower and then when they tell her stories or the stories they and they kind of a lot of them involve the tower you know so they play if play with god she has this really emotional bond that. some people are prepared to put up with a lot. for the sake of the few germs sunway and his partner moved into an apartment that didn't even have a kitchen. they didn't mind the inconvenience because the skyline outside the window was so spectacular. only on the very last piers. when we 1st walked into the room and saw the view of the eiffel tower we were really astonished priest we hadn't expected we immediately said where do we sign we knew we had to take the apartments over over over.
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it's a view they never get tired of even though they see it every day. just . as we sit down have a drink and a chat and suddenly one of us just say oh it's never looked like this before the light color and we get out our smartphones and take a picture to post on instagram so it's. just all white feels the same way even though he's been taking these pictures for 5 years he says it doesn't get boring he might be a londoner but the eiffel tower has a special place in his heart and maybe he is a little bit envious to have a fairytale castle of in my view and. yeah i would have liked to. get something that like spirit every day and you see this is great and asked for
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more than. just the white plans to finish in publishing who i fell book project. the reason rooms with a view. want to learn more about european lifestyle and culture. when you come to the flavor. that your romance. could. take the fly through an underwater restaurant. crying out for the wind and labored crazy to join the race and just draw. your own axe you. subscribe so you don't miss it. now plenty of festivals promise to deliver a once in a lifetime experience the feds deveny of all is fairly close to backing up this claim it is only held once every 20 to 25 years and this with the town of
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a situated on lake geneva the whole town turns into a stage featuring plays recessions music and of course plenty of swiss delicacies those who have missed this year's edition will have to wait til 2039 for another chance but not to worry we with that for you. so the on lake geneva knows how to throw a party this is the biggest wine festival in switzerland all the more special because it doesn't happen very often. that. the opening parade is led by the 100 swiss the guardsman who originally protected the french king they celebrates the local wine growers in this neck tacklers fashion just once every 20 to 25 years fits in for the festival takes place with only one is a generation a rule laid out by the if a fraternity grows it's a celebration of the wine work week around the best. wine grower geelong put the
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highs here for the 2nd time his daughter for the 1st time to defeat the last time was a night in 99 and i took part of my own now i'm happy to have my daughter with me it's a major event in switzerland and as a wine grower it makes me very proud. of the older generation parties with the best of them. these are all part of the food we talk about the last festival for a decade and then we talk about the next one for another decade this is a very emotional experience for me we're still. the fact a venial in the canteen of full i tried to visitors from around the world along with swiss guests from neighboring cantons on the northeast banks of lake geneva. one from the full canton is made from grapes grown here in the terrace the vineyards of. the mild climates the hills and the lake in short perfect conditions for wine growing. in years is owned by the putting family.
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to specific lover of exactly what makes the vineyards in the special are our 3 sons . the sun in the sky that shines on the terraces of the reflection of the sun in the lake. and in a stone wall see also that story and release it onto the slopes that's what's special here that the specific death of. the put a half family has been growing wine for generations father son and uncle meet up regularly to taste their light dry white line made from the shas la grape. they still own the wine press used by their great great grandfather. and all of those they started making wine in the war back in the 11th century. the cistercian monks establish vineyards all over europe google search pretty good i
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mean there. was a part of the 1st finds on the land simply because it belonged to them and the lowes i notice is always loved us because there wasn't much else you could use the slopes for. it girl she decides it is all the. back invade the community stand out wine growers are being honored in the town center this year is crown goes to 56 year old sean danielle back to the awards ceremony is one of the highlights of the 25 day event. this year the festival ends on august the 11th it also includes a show on a floating stage that naturally puts wine growers at the center of the story. playing cards symbolize the whims of nature sometimes the harvest is good sometimes not so good. and of course why is the order of the day all
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over town at the. top of the new threats and look how effective in your all is a celebration of the wine grows we're now and the final fruits of their labor which is why i. say well this here we have to take. students. but i'm sure there's visit has made memories for a lifetime all the 5 senses it is the sense of smell that can trigger the most memories mario lombardo is a designer who has a real knack for creating fake fragrances that evoke feelings and special moments he is an argentinean who's made by live in his home so of course he's part of our ongoing series planets berlin where we get to know interesting ex-pats you can find plenty more stories online but today we're meeting mario at his shop in ballin.
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in an exquisite. way from a few candles they were created by mario. 60 his have names like marble sea and while he drew his inspiration from the ring. the candle. case of fragrances. and. yet another like roses and. a qualified graphic design it. also creates they. are the. eyes of mine and i like my work to tell something about life's journey
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including all that happens in life from sadness to joy the big and little emotions of the birth of a baby all these things go into it. every candle is given. has come up with a story for each one. for example simply stands for a nice day. stands for the moment you realize you share your feelings for example when you fall in love with her jump into the sea together and a shiver runs through here that's worked into it in. the birth of a child simply biology and everyone can relate to it but it's still a miracle in the. sense together with a few tax free income from. leader and natural entrants the company synthesizes franklin says. sense from hundreds of thousands of her
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google materials they were extracted for instance from blossoms into still to send out. these essential oils form the basis of perfume production mario creates is a roman well it's one of these essences every candle is a blend of up to 10 distinct saints or composites the product of a composition is an aromatic oil with that has to mature for at least 3 weeks and then we give it to the candle maker who's here in germany. well because then it's very gradually or to gather with an oil that's not too hot. mario runs his fragrance productions with his partner vanessa all play she takes care of the management while he concentrates on the creative process. the mario is someone who approaches people through conversation and personal contact. and from what he learns he can steer his work in a certain direction. but the results are often deeply personal.
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mari alone but it was born in rosario argentina in the 1972. when he was just 5 his family had to flee the military to germany. he grew up and studied graphic design and an international reputation in his field his creations for magazines books and album covers have won several awards. among his clients are you. and you even. have a copy in my graphic design work i've always included many different things sometimes i made them by hand and photograph them and another dimension was a definite sense for a book but i never seem to get a chance to develop it record them through a friend i got an opportunity to work on perfume. i took it and it turned. out to
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be the best thing to find a place that's close of him and. he made 1000000000 his home in 2008 he often stops in at the edges of a local cafe on his way home with his family. he loves the vintage interior which reminds him of argentina along with something else. that's good i'm going to believe there's a scent that stands for berlin and you find in buenos ayers to me and that's all the linden tree going to all of them in the summer it's nels just the same there as in berlin the organ and when you walk through the streets you think this is home to holiday and so all of the soul. found a home they didn't create it is blown out of franklin says. well that's all from us for today but check out more your remarks on facebook and on our website where you can also take part in all competitions and win an exclusive prize good luck for now.
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it was a. small towns with great aspirations because fullish it's taking back the city of london and uses protestant reformation. then we move on to buy mom germany's a town of the classic. mental issues. luxury world
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is going to have a culture that's in store for a little stay in boston barden. coming up double. the money a kickoff like. prize. 2 this year. in those different preview of last season you know there's no story was a guy. who was the most of. which goals which he expected. which came as a surprise. 30 minutes on the w. m m's world cup america's cup games come in the africa cup of nations it was this season i think if some. as he lines down the next exciting adventure is right
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around the corner the german bundesliga is heating up and as always we're there to keep you updated with the latest kickoff. to mislead your son starting over 60. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the question that any of think the future of the country that i'm. here needed to take his grandmother there to meet it's cold out there. by my job join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. the world is getting better soon. moore's could suster a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take
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a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good place but it's much much fairer than it was how. is the world really getting better in. the global $3000.00 special reports. starts aug 19th on the deeds of the. police in el paso texas say they have arrested a suspect after a shooting that left at least 20 people dead and dozens injured at a shopping complex. it happened at the c.l.o. vista mall on the east side of the city. police then conducted a search of the area and say.


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