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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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the be. the back . this is news coming to you live from berlin. trick smoke on each uncovered several are dead and more than a 100 people injured in a bombing claimed by the militant group the attack comes despite the dollar bank's promises in recent peace talks to protect civilians also coming up. russia losing the battle with massive wildfires this spring forge
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a climate catastrophe to get an update from moscow. and bad guys in lockdown because she remains on the high security alert after india's contentious move to scrap its special status communications are cut off political leaders on the arrest and many residents say they're running out of cool. grass trying to stop the coral reef from dying we go underwater in billy's for a look at how conservationists are working to keep them alive. how do and welcome i'm restarting in kabul at least 14 people have been killed and 145 wounded by a suicide bomber in the afghan capital the taliban has claimed responsibility for the explosion which sent
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a crew of smoke into the air above the city the kabul detonated outside a police station and a military school but the majority of victims were reportedly civilians this attack comes as a taliban who'd species talks with the u.s. to redraw its troops from afghanistan. ok let me now draw in a correspondent. in kabul now we were just thinking this is one of the biggest bomb attacks in recent days tell us more about it. so this is yet another attack that took place during morning rush hour in an fizzy area of the city with a bomb continue to claim that they're targeting either police headquarters or military training facilities or any kind of facility having to do with the afghan national security forces or the government but what makes dale to state is that these facilities are always in the highly trafficked 1000000 heavy areas move this morning rush hour in another busy area of the city so one of the bomb explodes
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there you're basically targeting civilians larry and this is the problem this is how you end up with a 100 people wounded and more than a dozen and more than a dozen kill is the fact that they're targeting areas that they're so busy and such a busy time they're not having actual sort of strikes that would actually target specifically state security forces which is what they claim and of course their claim is that what they ended up killing were security forces and only the dollar bomb has been very quick to claim to sponsibility for this attack with all these casual casualties what is it trying to achieve given that it's in the midst of peace talks of u.s. representatives in doha and says that it wants to protect civilians. right so so this is exactly the problem obviously what they're trying to show is that you know they're so powerful while they're arguing while they're debating with the u.s. they can show that look they can still stage attacks where their demands have to be
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met you know it's seeing i would imagine it's seen as leverage or that what they're taught it's the only not admitting to them what they're not saying is that these areas are not being submissive they unfortunately in afghanistan none of these areas aren't specifically corgan doc places where civilians were in the rear there wouldn't be stores where they were going to school where there were a v.a. hospital and i was in the call of long would know this because they target these attacks deliberately and so on the one hand the trends on the message that they are more strong you know we can take on your security forces we can attack the heart of the capital anytime you want but on the other hand really what they're all going is the fact that what they're end up doing constantly is killing civilians so what are you hearing about these peace talks which are going on between the taliban and u.s. representatives in doha there even some reports that there may be a breakthrough ahead of aig well this is the thing is that might be ok when you came to kabul about a month ago the u.s.
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secretary of state keep gave the tall on and the u.s. representative there the juggling of the beginning of september that's why they're really pushing to get some kind of a deal through and before they even holiday because obviously will be a holiday in doha it will be an all day here and they're really trying to show that that making progress what that progress actually is is very difficult to gauge because all are hearing that was rumors you know one source is saying that they're so saying that there's really no accountability. you know when they know nothing it's literally just the u.s. representatives and the taliban talking about you know what has been the same sort of issues that they've been talking about in the last 7 rounds and that has been that all of our a lot of on the song to be safe haven for terrorists which hasn't been able to do any teen years and probably would never be and and all along is talking about you
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know force of law and these are the 2 points of the keep going back to and the fact that. keep getting that shows that really this whole discussion is about washington and all of on it's not about on people and it's just a lot of. yemenis have to see how this latest attack planned for the taliban replaying to those talks on live t.v. thank you very much for that update from the afghan capital kabul. turning now to russia where firefighters are struggling to contain massive wildfire as the country's air force is joined to fights to snuff out the flames raging across siberia the area that's a base is growing with some 45000 square kilometers affected officials say they've given up their efforts in some of the most remote areas in the hardest hit province of krasnoyarsk residents are choking on smoke as the flame scum ever closer.
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these crews are fighting a losing battle. above the vast expanse of the sabir in forest they qualify as that simmer under the canopy. helicopters also ferry and reinforcements to combat the smoldering fire on the ground. the difficult thing with these fires is that they cover huge areas and they're hard to reach the most effective method is a comprehensive one. place called water from above while firefighters on the ground extinguished all the small small drink points it was full of it dropped into the wild the firefighters move through the haze in search of flames fed by the foliage . smoldering planes are continuing to appear we're also using machines to dig them up we're doing our best to extinguish the fires we see with. the russian government has claimed that the fires have been reduced by a quarter but the aerial force protection service admits that it's given up on $2400000.00 hectares of forest only monitoring the fires in those areas from space
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greenpeace meanwhile has sounded the alarm over the environmental impact of the wildfires. it's. us this represents a climate catastrophe. at the fires are releasing as much c o 2 into the atmosphere as 36000000 cars a year. the fires are also having a direct impact on people in the region the village of bugger chinee lives around 100 kilometers from the blaze but heavy small has shroud of the village creating a health hazard for residents there when the way of farming it's been a long time since we've seen small group of 8 around for so long more. we can't breathe anymore. even in our apartment we can smell the smoke. it's the feeling that never leaves you there it's really hard to breathe or the
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side with all this chronic cough syrup in both children and adults. 10500 years have been dispatched to siberia. but with fine still raging in vast tracts of land villages like this will not have a clear view of the sun for some time yet. joining me now is emily chevon from our moscow bureau and the what is the latest situation why are firefighters having such a hard time getting these days under control. well there are reports today amrita that actually the fire in the cross and our region has increased by 30000 hectares overnight meanwhile there are other reports from the air quotes present region from the ministry of defense.
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the boy.
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it is vital at every level to help preserve the heritage stretching back more than 5000. you're watching the news coming up ahead offerings. we find out how billy's brain is bringing celebrated coaster reefs back from the
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brink. but for us indian controlled kashmir remains on lockdown for a 3rd david security forces on high alert with many shops closed residents say they're running out of fresh food telephone and internet connections have also been caught indian security forces imposed a curfew over the weekend it came just ahead of the government's surprise move to book the majority of muslim regions autonomy and parliament approved legislation to divide the state of john would push me into 2 union territories. joining me now from delhi is one and so on if so what is the government hoping to achieve bundy's reorganization bid breaking up the state of just one kiss me into 2 and how if people reacted to it. well i'm not of the rank and file off the ruling party and the many supporters of prime minister nouri and
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aboard the across the country have really and to see a sickly welcome this move to split gosh mean office autonomy you know the spontaneous street celebrations in some parts of the country and we have to remember that and repeated election manifestos the b.g.p. the ruling hindu nationalist party has really played to scrap bush meets special status you know they've long this is a party that has really long argued that guaranteeing special status this article $370.00 which guarantees special status to kashmir has long been the biggest obstacle to integrating this region with the rest of india they say that this move now will you know it's slow much needed investment growth and development of the country but critics have slammed this move as you need to actually some of called it as an assault on democracy they've been counter you know they've been solidarity protests and marches in some cities they've been quite small i attended one this morning in daly and the ordinary course midis i spoke to there spoke you know off a sense of betrayal and anger really at the indian government. as we had a state of german is under
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a clamp turned what are you hearing from their. well to be on the summit though we have very little information of what is actually happening on the ground in the valley and that's because as you said there has been a complete media into the communications blackout you know internet lines are down mobile phone networks landlines they've all been caught a complete copy has been imposed the indian government has you know rushed in additional tens of thousands of troops to a region which is already one of the most heavily militarized in the world not the kind of splayed reports that we're getting from the aerial suggest that people have really been confined to their homes the streets are fine that the shops are shuttered fresh produce really isn't making its way in and despite this lockdown a few reports and certainly agencies that i've seen suggest that that is the sporadic violence instances of stone pelting that have even been reports of the potus to be killed though we have no way to confirm that. and so this is how
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india reacted to pakistani prime minister imran khan's strong condemnation of india's move on me describing it as an illegal act. that's right up with oh well we haven't really had any official reaction from the indian government on this as yet but we have to of course remember that bushmeat is a long been you know a flashpoint between india and pakistan the 2 countries have been locked for decades over this region they have wage wars over it so i think this latest move would only serve to heighten tensions between the 2 neighbors. soon if i make it in delhi thank you very much for that. the was remaining barrier reef need urgent 10 that's according to a recent call by for action by hugh nisco with says warming sea temperatures tied to climate change are taking a massive toll billie's is now one country that's making some progress off its coast lies the ficken largest car reef in the was it has lost to safeguard its
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reefs and conservationists they have found that painstaking work can nurse the underwater was back to health. with its breathtaking beauty is a paradise on earth that was almost lost. the country's most prized possession lies under water the incredible biodiversity of its 7000 year old coral reef the 2nd largest in the world the reef was dying but it's now gradually being brought back to life monique vernon is one of those fighting on its behalf. well i feel like when i look at work it's like. when they call me or say all right we're going to all do this laughing work here at the corals here whatever it is i'm like all right let's do this let's let's wrap this let's wrap today beneath the surface it's clear why the reef is struggling the corals have been dying off the
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sea water is too warm to acidic and the frequent hurricanes have wreaked havoc here climate change is turning everything gray together with marine biologist lisa calm on the fragments of hope organization monique is rebuilding the corals. overdo it so there's no time to waste right now corals are basically like the forest to the seams so just like the trees in the forest provide habitat and shelter for so many other animals the corals do the same on the reef very meticulously after much research and careful selection they take a few fragments of some especially hardy quick growing corals then they plant them in new places several times a week they place the coral pieces in the prepared cement they need to secure foundation. around 80 percent of the fragments survive these ones have been growing for 18 months life is returning and attracting more life with it the reef
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protectors work is financed by project money and donations they proudly show us the results of 8 years' work the corals here have increased from 6 percent to over 50 percent all the hard work is worth it the reef has been able to recuperate. this is not solving the climate change craze it obvious to you is a little bit indeed binah some time for the cause of the people here i see it's all about political will i think we can do it is if we have all if we have the people behind us hurricane season is about to begin for money that means that the coral has to be established enough to withstand any storm that comes its way. and we stay with marine life new research has found that human activity is now the biggest factor affecting shock nations a report by the logical society of london says that human activity has pushed
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sharks away from coastal towns and cities and for the out into the ocean researchers also found that shots body size is significantly smaller in communities that live near human activity they discovered remote locations where the marine predators congregate but said that these habitats are often not in protected areas and under threat from the fishing industry. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you at least 14 people have been killed and 145 by a suicide bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul the bomb detonated outside a police station the taliban has claimed responsibility. coming up next on news asia protesters in hong kong intensify their battle on the streets with beijing
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a warning of consequences chinese artist and dissident i really really talk to. and of talking i'm a child live in afghanistan and their children 10 years old and younger are forced to work to support their families. that are coming out. asia and do around what is lots more on a website that c w dot com that she was by and out. the
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flood. going to. look the interest guy funnies capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the band alabama but in a song like this are simply me i love freedom it was shown once again so it's a mix of the toughest west like me spices the 15 nations the 50 story. and the
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goofy very personal tips on berman's very best chums for the 1st. book now in atlanta every week on t.w. . playbook it's time to take the stuff from brooklyn to face. time period just such the up come up and the fun for the troops a book is hard to overcome down trends and connections come up it's time for w. d w news coming up ahead. minds. you know that 77. sent. are younger than 65. that's me. and. you know what
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time of voices. of the 77 percent talk about the issue that's my. front porch to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend oh b.t.w. . this is the day of the news a shot coming up on the program a 2nd night of protests in hong kong police charged protesters of surrounded a police station in the city district beijing has told punishment is only a matter of time. and when will it act because the view from chinese office and dissidents i wait also coming up to. the last charge would you not gonna stop the follow up.


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