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well you. this is the news live from. kashmir. india and downgrades diplomatic relations. and political leaders a. move to scrap the. state's. program. and flex. several of the dead and scores. came despite a promise. to protect its. citizens or. president trump we don't want you here the president says that offer his
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condolences following the weekend smash shooting in which 9 people. i'm filled to the program. pakistan is downgrading its diplomatic relations with india as a result of the indian government's move to be folksy autonomy the part of kashmir it controls pakistan's also suspending trade and expanding india's anvari to islam about kashmir remains in lockdown for a 3rd day with security forces on high alert many shops are closed and residents are running out of fresh food and telephone and internet connections are also being cut and indian security forces imposed a curfew over the weekend with communication channels blocked kashmiris outside the states have had no news of their families inside the double your correspondent in
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the sense of 6 reporters. nasr is on has a real home. he does not know if people be back because he does not know if he even . is a police under lockdown ever since india's the specialist on the status the state has enjoyed for 70 years. on his way to the nasir stopped by this protest held in. the last he could see days ago that his mother was speeding and he does not know if she made it to the hospital last words she said to me i'm not feeling bad tomorrow is my appointment but he is so what i made it. and that the model we paste the deployment of thousands up at him and reported on our doors so she could not. she could not reach out but the doctor. told her that my family's. not sit on the protestors have to see demands. it was the government's decision to
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lift the communications blackout. and relieve a vested local leader. many young midis in delhi to work and study have joined in. they have had no word from home because we will never accept that bush meat is not come that reports of violence that applauding him except that we have nobody is to conform or that it's true or not which makes us all the more anxious and worried for our families and the more the state will have to answer this someone like me was live independently for 8 years now i haven't known the feeling of sickness for you and it's for the 1st time in e.t.o. is that i'm feeling homesick that i want to go home because my parents don't know why i didn't turn up at the airport i don't know if they even to the airport to fetch me despite their own safety if they protest openly they don't know what else to do it. as voices for and against the government decision provoke rate across the
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country mean itself is silent a complete clampdown on journalists and a communications blackout has meant that angle feel and frightening rumors about the safety of loved ones back home run rampant was ok given the way out yet some scoff at these one claiming that any thought tests against the government's decisions are anti-national and based less. this school pressure enough to shout down the protests against the government. our quote of those who are you to stop the government's progressive auto what is your intent is the isis funding you are anti india foreign forces funding you what who are you. as anger boils over on both sides. are trying to decide whether it is better to mobilize protests here. or try to reach their families. for nothing
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despite the death he north he have to head home he has to at least try. to get more on pakistan certain reaction from jilani from date of losing asia desk 0 welcome pakistan has previously denounced this move as illegal and has just announced that it's downgrading diplomatic relations with delhi so what effect is base likely to have. when the pakistani foreign minister has announced a little while ago that it is expelling india's high commissioner it is also calling its high commissioner from delhi that's what they mean by downgrading diplomatic ties they haven't said they're breaking all ties they are downgrading them for no buckstone has also said it if it's going to review bilateral arrangements but india and it is going to stop trade with india not pakistan and india already do not have much direct trade going on so that's not going to have a huge effect i mean essentially if you if you followed india and pakistan as long
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as i have this is predictable behavior and much of it is him that domestic consumption for pakistan so should we expect anything more to come from pakistan. well pakistani parliament also passed a unanimous resolution today condemning india for its what it sees as an effective annexation of a disputed territory which it sees as illegal and unilateral boxed on his going to go to the united nations security council the foreign minister said he may be traveling to china pretty soon so it is trying to reach out to its friends countries which have influence over india to bring to bring a 3rd party intervention now india has always been clear it does not want any any mediation it does not what are the countries to be involved and they haven't really shown in the last 2 or 3 days that they. are deeply unsettled by what india has done so do you see this that as just the latest stage of this constant attempt to
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totting between pakistan and india because i'm thinking of this in the context of the the admin who was recently captured and then released is there an escalation or is this just more of the science well this is this is unprecedented what india has done in kashmir and the problem for pakistan is that over the years it has created a very strong domestic lobby which means very strongly about kashmir and the government is under pressure to do something the government doesn't know really what options it has it has very limited options because the country is in an economic mess it is under pressure to stop so-called better outfits and their funding so it can go back to fueling conflict in me that was an option maybe 20 or 30 years ago which box on exercised. options are limited and the government
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wants to be seen to be doing something about it taking taking it very seriously. but at the end of the day def the more the government cared not really it's not going to have much impact on their behavior good talking to you thank you for joining us the shots of johnny from that. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world or thors as in denmark are investigating an explosion that rocked the headquarters of the of the national tax agency on tuesday night police say they are treating the blast as an attack 2 people were inside the building when it happened no one was injured. british airways says resolved the technical issue that led to the cancellation of around $100.00 flights after its check in system failed the setback affected thousands of passengers and caused long queues at london's heathrow and gatwick airport it's the airline's 3rd major computer failure in 2 years. the least 14 people have been killed 145 wounded by a suicide bomber in the afghan capital kabul the taliban says it carried out the
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attack a car bomb detonated outside a police station a military school but most of the victims are thought to be civilians this comes as the taliban negotiates with the united states to withdraw its troops from afghanistan. w.'s asunder patterson has reported extensively on the afghan war can tell us more welcome. let's start by putting these 2 events together but the taliban currently in the middle of peace talks with the united states so why carry out this bombing i think it's about leverage at the negotiation table if we just look at this month of july if i can share the statistics with you with the u.n. has just put the maalik in the month of july alone we saw more than 1500 civilian casualties that is killed and injured and that means almost 50 casualties a day that is because of a big spike in a text like the one today we saw in kabul but also we see
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a rise in let's say air raids and night raids so everybody is power mongering because that is about leverage at the negotiation table taliban want to prove you know we can strike the heart of the capital at any point of time we want to and surely. if you are exploding detonating borne bomb as happened today even if you do that in front of a police station or recruitment center for the police you are meant to hit civilians because it is in the middle of the capital you know and there are civilians moving around this was a rush hour traffic kids going to school women going shopping men going to work so yes you kill people essentially but you say it's about leverage but if the taliban says we won't kill civilians and then kill civilians there would mean nothing yes that's one way of looking at it they would say look this is what other people call civilian casualties happening this is the course of war this is how we kill all of
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our age yes it's collateral damage and the other cause in collateral damage too and they were very quick today to claim this attack because we have moved if we look at doha into a very decisive face there looks like things are being wrecked up in doha in fact the u.s. chief negotiator has already left it's just technicalities left so you know it's like small teams discussed in tiny bit of detail and from what we hear is the next step will be a meeting in berlin scheduled for friday so us and that will come to the german capital and then things might move on to austria when what we would see there is really really crucial that might mean a more meaningful start of you know intra negotiations meeting also government representatives and but something on a bit about if this is sort of pre-negotiation this is just the taliban of the united states the afghan government has had no part in these negotiations or we had 8 rounds of negotiations between the u.s.
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and the taliban and the afghan government really quite angry about this because they feel neglected but then one has to keep in mind that the government we're talking about is also a blogger heads there's a lot of infighting and the taliban are we. if using to talk to the government they say 1st we must see an agreement with the us about troop withdrawal and everything else comes after show this looks like even though there are there there's this there's this car bomb today it looks like the peace process is moving in the right direction or other being too i'm still a little bit hesitant to call it to peace process i would call it framework negotiations that might lead us to the road to peace because this was us and taliban it still is and we might see an agreement very soon and it looks like it you know there are a lot of promising tweets a lot of media chatter happening at the moment but i think we should be rather careful not to mistake whatever agreement is reached between the u.s.
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and the taliban with peace in afghanistan because that is something that only the afghans can decide upon and they haven't been part of this as of now it's very clear under president thank you so much you're worth. and the united states where presidents trump is visiting the 2 cities that sold mass shootings at the weekend with groups of residents in both places making it clear he's not welcome his 1st stop was dayton in ohio where 9 people were killed there people staged protests against the president's divisive rhetoric about immigrants and people of color with the drums also due to visit el paso in texas where a gunman killed 22 people with a wal-mart store near the border with mexico and some residents of urged him to stay away before heading home mr trump was asked how he would respond to critics who say he has emboldened white supremacists and incited hatred.
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any. way. any other kind of. rhetoric any. better than the. president speaking just before he left for dayton oh hi now new research has found that human activity is now the biggest factor affecting shock populations reported by the exhaust tickle society of london says sharks have been pushed away from coastal towns and cities and further out to sea researchers also found that sharks body size is significantly smaller in communities that live near human populations i discovered remote locations where marine predators congregate but said that these times that's often not in protected areas and under threat from the fishing industry. you're watching the news up next a business where that band fizzling out the back of the top of it in the meantime
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of course there's always the web site that's the w dot com. sex making. raring to marry. if there is any your product read between them you have to find it between the wife's . literature 100 german streets.


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