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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am CEST

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and how is the relationship between the germans and america doing nowadays we'll find out and make us well. i don't think. the ukrainian conduct. is definitely want to watch in the classical music scene she's receiving accolades from musicians and critics alike and this in a profession that is still predominantly male apart from being in great demand around the world she started a festival in western ukraine and this year is opened with a special concert to remember the jewish population who were decimated in the 2nd while ball. because it is symphony by leonard bernstein based on the jewish prayer of mourning. this year the eve mozart festival opened in the town of brody population $24000.00 . from stage 200 artists from ukraine and over around the globe it's
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a sight the town of brody has never before seen and its difficult 1000 year history . dish. conductor acts on a lean if was determined to have the concert here. these are the ruins of brody's great synagogue destroyed in world war 2. today the ruins are surrounded by homes. the whole town of brody turned out to listen even to the rehearsals. 6 the sis yeah that this is more than a concert. it's more than just music for a listening pleasure or a plasma. way to spend an evening while it in this is to remind us of who we are
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where we are i want this concert to commemorate the many jewish people who lived in the city until are no longer here he didn't survive and for now at least now doesn't give us now i believe. in the late 19th century almost 90 percent of bertie's population was jewish in 1945 after pogroms and the holocaust only $88.00 members of brody's jewish community were maimed today there's little left to testify to what was once a jewish cultural center known as the jerusalem of police here. oksana linnet who conducts concerts around the globe grew up just 2 blocks away from the synagogues ruins for her the concert is also a homecoming this is where her roots are where she comes to rest and recharge but she's also got a mission to put the historical region of the lease now straddling the ukrainian
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polish border back on the world's cultural map that was one reason she helped found the festival 3 years ago. that's about a one side is the individual festival was started to highlight the historical background and cultural connections between crane especially western ukraine and western europe was best the way in and to present these connections on an international stage. of the internet's an eyelid the now so it is in. this year's festival is dedicated to the jewish author joseph forte born in broady 125 years ago and his short life old became one of the greatest german language authors writing about an eastern european jewish culture which no longer exists the nazis burned his books a lot died in exile and. now finally the writers hometown has a monument to his legacy put up in conjunction with the festival the bust was. paid
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for in part by germany and austria. 200 musicians oxana commemorated aboard with a stunning concert. incidentally joseph root novel job about jewish life in eastern europe features in our series 100 must reads and you'll find more on our website a d w dot com slash said to be on in a dietrich's favorite book is to meet the germans our intrepid reporter rachel stewart investigates the special traits and for goals of this country's it had sense today she's looking at the relationship germans have with america the culture the language and even the cakes. i am a day that's what this guy john f. kennedy sometimes accused of having said in your iconic 963 feet in which.
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yes in german could refer to a person from but in all this kind of jam filled donut but many germans refer to this as a club and in the limits known as a punk which translates pancakes confused me to. the american president had been more little and claim to be an american it wouldn't help him much either in germany this triggering trait is known as an americana or american ok enough of the baked goods today we're taking meet the germans on a transatlantic trip i want to find out just how sweet all german u.s. relations become so negative and for and that is could mean more so in the spawning room for hope to him a fanatic you know or have idea but you'll. just thank him and most all me i'm going to find a place to hide no peoples even thing is seems an offer for an earthly beis. opposites because if is in. him to. about numbers had to do this does hollywood.
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does jokes the ophelia hope you always keep on that sometimes you have to admit i do enjoy faked girls or we will but there's no denying this relationship has had its ups and downs over the past century ok here comes the history part but let's keep things a little more exciting here's a brief history of us german relations told through the medium of baseball the 1st official baseball game on german ground was played at the bet and picks in 936 no other countries ended up sending a team so the u.s. the u.s. and the u.s. won. the 2nd world war unsurprisingly so u.s. generations hit rock bottom major league baseball players were drafted into the u.s. military and the sport all but disappeared in nazi germany after world war 2 things got a lot better as the u.s. helped to rebuild a modern democratic germany still keeping americans want to seek the germans the american way of life and want to do this was through sport. the cold war period so
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the u.s. and west germany unite against the common enemy of communism the soviet union and in the run up to $989.00 the us encouraged the reunification of east and west germany the eighty's also saw the establishment of the current form of the baseball buddhism here in germany which is still going strong today. many staples of us culture today have very german roots thing christmas trees number goes and sauerkraut there are also hundreds of annual october fest celebrations in the us from california to alabama and that's no surprise because around one 5th of all americans claim to have german heritage. among the 1st german immigrants to the us was a group of mennonites they arrived in philadelphia in the 1600s fleeing religious persecution they named their new settlement wait for a german town. us culture always seems to carry a particular cachet among the younger generations in germany. back in the fifty's or sixty's it was rock'n'roll music and coca-cola. these days that we all say that
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there is. still. the germans also have a somewhat bizarre interest in native american culture take for example the stories in films of the character. unfortunately but haven't quite kept up with the debate surrounding cultural appropriation germans messing up of native americans the cannibal can come as quite a shock with visiting america. there's also been a fair amount of linguistic trading between the 2 nations if it is where the american would be without. the germans without their laptops meeting marketing. and jet lag couple from this week meet the job. you know. the austrian fashion photographer. started her career as a fashion model but after a short time on the catwalk she managed to make the difficult leap to the other side of the camera this was back in the late sixty's and she's still doing spreads
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the top fashion magazines to this day but also. photography as well as a current exhibition here. sultry gazes fashion style dignity. provocative and nonchalant at the same time. portraits are all about and attitude. true to new just plain beauty. without a person who interests me doesn't interest me i'm interested in the people i 1st met her off the foot of coffee if i. started taking pictures in her early thirties after working as a model she was tired of posing but her flair for theatrical moments and gestures remains this campaign of hers features hands that bear not just pretty jewelry but
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the experience of old age her ads and editorials are all about character. this fashion editorial starring german actor udo keir is no different. times inspiration for the series came from the french neurologist. studies of supposedly hysterical women. it's. the more time studied fashion before her swinging sixty's modeling career she married the artist called hot shot and became a mother. after his death she married an even more famous artist the performer painter and sculptor. his death in 1907 left her a 2 time widow and is a one time kept taking pictures her gift is stringing her subjects along until she finds just the right moment. i took the whole time i took a lot i want to distract my subjects from themselves from what they look like or
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what they might look like. sexy or wild debonair or casually elegant she makes stars look like stars. be the william the fall like that well i'm to follow how he didn't pose at all he just stood there then i came up with some lighting for him that was relatively complicated as him and he this is a complete see it is the other stars she says don't need special lighting to be complicated. like ben stiller. as it's fun to be chopped that was rough because he was a total control freak and tied up because he does everything so precisely he's not relaxed and old gowns and all this talk. 0 times portraits of art stars movie stars and models go beyond the basic her strength is in finding substance beneath the shining surfaces of commercial photography her images are impressive
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for their psychological depth and a vision of beauty that doesn't have to be beautiful. to. say to the face. exhibition is him. all about all things artistic and cultural around the world on our website a d.w.i. . all. that's over this edition no thanks for watching for myself and all the crew here.
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for more than 40 years my cross hall has lived in forever while. they may have to move soon. the coastal village is threatened by rising sea levels and there's no money to repair dikes and dams. trussell feels abandoned licensing authorities but he's not going to give up his home without a fight me. now for 30 minutes on d.w. . small scale inspired big changes. people making it possible to go africa fantastic right. back as they set out to save the
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environment. and learn from one another. and work together for the future. see for yourself eco comfort go w. . robots are still in the development phase of something but what's going to happen when they grow up. will schumann's and machines fable 2 peacefully co-exist. or are we on the verge of a remarkable lives. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. is this the beginning of
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a going to the digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous muslim systems. such as robotic olives starts aug 14th on d w. such. u.s. president donald trump has been met with protests in dayton ohio as he paid a visit to the victims of last weekend's mass shooting demonstrators accused of refusing to push for tougher gun control laws and inflaming tensions with anti immigrant rhetoric trump is now visiting the texas city of el paso where
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a separate and racially motivated shooting left 22 people dead on saturday. at least a dozen people have been.


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