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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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quiet melody resumes lighten the mood. ready resonant when it hits. the mind and amusing. to confess 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. as the gregson deadline approaches concerns a growing over food supply with u.k. rushing towards a no deal divorce from the e.u. agricultural supply is born gregg's it could get in between great sent that bacon. and europe's economic engine is sponsoring german economists warn of recession as the trade wars escalate and economic data disappoints. this is d.w.
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business i'm in berlin welcome the german economy has ended the 2nd quarter on a week note data released on friday shows exports from europe's economic powerhouse were down 8 percent in june compared with the same month last year that's the biggest drop in 3 years more and more analysts say europe's biggest economy is facing a recession many german engineering firms comic and supplies and crisis hit by profit downturns a lot of companies are cutting jobs or reducing it raises the risk of a global slowdown. europe's economic model may be running out of gas automotive supplier continentals net profit slumped 41 percent in the 2nd quarter and the company has announced plans to shut down an entire factory. competitors shiflet also lowered their earnings expectations and said stuff would have to be let go
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falling demand is hurting steel companies like to the company is bracing for a loss this year. and exporters are feeling the squeeze from the u.s. silo trade war and brics it worries for economists the signs are clear germany is heading towards a recession overall industrial output in june this year was down one and a half percent compared to made that was a bigger drop than analysts had been forecasting compared to june of last year it was an even greater fall 5.2 percent the biggest decline since the financial crisis broke a decade ago industrial output is expected to drop further in the next 3 months. positive data out of japan helped drive tokyo stock market up by half a percent in friday trading according to the data the world's 3rd biggest economy is growing faster than analysts predicted g.d.p. grew 1.8 percent in the 2nd quarter on this came from shoppers rushing to make big
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ticket purchases like cars electronics and furniture before sales tax increase comes into effect later this year japanese exports. and made the u.s. china trade. at the end of october britain is set to leave the european union with or without a formal departure arrangements a so-called no deal breaks it would cause a major disruptions to travel and trade food imports are one of the biggest concerns here 3 quarters of imported food stuffs like dairy meter vegetables come from britain's e.u. partners so experts say food shortages and raising food prices might be on the rise of europe's largest pork producer and denmark is set u.k. supermarkets could struggle to stock their shops. in normal times britain is since pigs would end up on british dinner plate danish herridge produced bacon beloved by
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brits but these are abnormal times the growing chances of a new deal breaks it has left european farmers like her fearing for their futures. i am a little worried but. we have had 3 years to have this so i think we are well we have made a very special product for the for the u.k. market i think it will be very sad if. it cannot sell it for english men and if any more. the danish crime processing plant the preparing meat for the global market the company is the largest pork exporter on earth which is handy as the bleak forecast is forcing bosses to search for new markets elsewhere because we need to look at the. turn to because if you look at the rhetoric coming out of. the british from the british government then it's do or die and for british
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consumers it isn't any better more expensive products. could mean empty shelves quite possibly it's not just food as much as half of the free trade crossing the english channel is expected to face disruptions the u.k. government is warning people to brace for shortages of medicine and other vital supplies. back at the pick farm however the prime minister boris johnson's do or die approach may yet find snorts of approval. well stalls of approval from our reporter what's for dessert rob you've looked into this issue are we really facing or is britain really facing food shortages well the u.k. is highly reliant on imports imports of bacon particularly. 28 percent of the food that's consumed within the u.k. comes from the e.u. so it's very important supplier of the things that people eat day in and day out now the food and drink federation which is the industry body in the u.k.
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says that. it is the biggest challenge to the industry since the 2nd world war it thinks that there are going to be short. now what it says is that brits aren't going to starve but there are certain items that are going to be hard to get hold of certain fresh produce also ingredients that goes in other items that in turn will make those hard to find so it's actually appealed this week to the u.k. government to allow retailers and suppliers supermarkets to work together to ensure that the goods that do get into the country go to the right places and to the right people you know vulnerable people schools campaigns etc you talk about preparations what else is the government doing to prove prepared make sure there are no snow shortages well since forest johnson became prime minister he's announced an extra $2100000000.00 pounds in funding for operations for a no deal breck's it so that's about $2300000000.00 euros that takes the total to more than $6000000000.00 being spent on preparing for what may not happen the
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money's going towards for example preparing ports for the likelihood of an ideal back to improving the infrastructure because we're expecting that there may well be queues should that happen hiring more border offices stuff like that so there's that sort of preparation going on and also we've heard from the chancellor today the finance minister in the way that he's going to announce the next year's budget for the government the early so that departments can start to prepare. announcement has just been announced 2nd quarter g.d.p. figures for britain g.d.p. is down 0.2 percent is that what is said that was your 1st reaction is that more than expected that is going to come as a surprise to investors it is more than was expected actually what we were expecting was for g.d.p. to remain flat during that quarter that's the worst performance that we've had since 2012 so that's quite significant it's going to be pounced on by those who say
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that brett safety is already bad for the british economy and it doesn't even happen is it because. no deal breakers it has become more. unlikely with boras johnson at the helm of the moment yet without us absolutely what seems the case because organizations with no deal breaks it seeming more likely unable to make long term plans there's also just a general sense of pessimism among the economy people unwilling to invest and we're starting to see that and of course now that we've had a negative figure that means that we are going to start seeing headlines about whether or not the u.k. is heading for a recession because if we can 2 consecutive quarters of negative figures then that's exactly what we'll have so expect some strong reaction to the levee boards as was ocean than may will be roberts thank you very much for this analysis. in the e.u. many businesses in hospitality and culture heavily rely on seasonal workers from eastern european countries some 300000 of them pick berries help out on
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construction sites and serve drinks and food they are eligible to be paid the minimum wage but very often they get paid much less. danielle liquid cofield hard done by the 19 year old law student from ukraine spent weeks picking strawberries at a farm outside of hung over. mr holland i feel like i've been betrayed. the contract said we'd be working 6 hours a day and paid 9 your own 19 an hour on this property which in reality though we got paid based on the weight of what we picked them with us so we don't have $0.60 a kilo we work through the weekend up to 14 hours a day to the mess they had in the bank if your allegations are true they represent an infringement of german law the country's minimum wage of 9 euros 19 an hour applies to seasonal workers to we head to the farm in question which past sunday has been running for over 20 years. the 1st 3 employed
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polish and for many and workers all year round. the farm also employs a further 250 seasonal workers most of them students from ukraine they recruited by an agency in key if which organizes their work permits what's in germany their contracts because. they get paid at least the minimum wage. their work is divided between jobs that pay an hourly rate the minimum wage. jobs where students have the opportunity to earn extra based on how well they perform. in. the ukrainian workers' pay $6.00 euros a day for their accommodation they also get free internet access and cooking facilities those we talked to here appear to be content. like it it's interesting. the question this is my 1st time here.
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and it's my 2nd. those who have complaints can put them in this box their customers . and you can put stuff in anonymously but i haven't found very much so far. no complaints at least that the minimum wage hasn't been paid but that can be difficult to verify. and it is no finer of course we want all the laws to be upheld and applied to those who are here for only a short time for 3 months or 70 days and for at least a minimum wage to be paid it's hard busy to farmers across germany rely on seasonal workers and most are keen to avoid controversy in the model of as a zinger to generally speaking we encourage people to flag any issues early on so we can nip any problems in the bud or. dunya goes case that evidently didn't happen she says she's ready to take legal action.
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could it attempt to save the planet from to germany to review its frugal fiscal policy a senior official is reported to saying the government may ditch its much cherished balanced budget day to fund an expensive climate protection program for years strong growth and high employment have allowed public spending without taking on fresh debt boss shifting away from fossil fuels will cost some 37000000000 euros in berlin might have to accept the budget deficit to help save the world's climate germany's share of global c o 2 emissions is currently just over 2 percent. that's it from me and the business here and culture is up next right after this quick look .
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i'm. preparing to me. not everyone who writes books has to go insane. w. literature list 100 you must reads. to know that 77 percent.
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are younger than thanks. that's me and me and you. and you know what external voice is right. on the 77 percent issue. this is where. 77 percent this weekend on d w. o welcome to news from arts and culture a literary focus today also illustrator nora cruel will join me in the studio to talk about bestselling book and. never seen a manuscript spy fronts kafka have failed for another life and is rather.
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going to see it is a moment to. play right all of these and with a new album take tempest is creating a story. now this book all belonging in english is an illustrated memoir written by nor a crook and covers a subject germans have been preoccupied with fall over 70 years the cost of the nazi era what it is to be german today knowing that past generations were responsible for the holocaust has traced her own family history and discovered unpleasant truths i'll be talking to her in just a moment. illustrator north lives in brooklyn new york she left germany 16 years ago but she hasn't fully left her homeland behind it was here that she really began to grapple with the question of what it means to be german that
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led her to examine her own family's history and capture the stories in her pictures .


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