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a robot collapse towards congress 14 on t.w. . this is day to day news live from berlin a russian opposition politicians arrested and many more of the tang by police as protests flare up again in moscow thousands have been taken to the streets in the past month demanding that opposition candidates be allowed to run elections for the city council also coming up disgraced billionaire accused sex offender jeffrey abstains has killed himself in prison epstein was arrested last month an accused of running a 6 trafficking operation involving dozens of underage girls. past
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a police in hong kong 5 tear gas of pro-democracy protesters as they defy warnings to cancel a march face fresh demonstrations calm after the city's later vowed not to grant the protesters any contention. and devastation in china's typhoon like a nerve batters the country's coastline at least 18 people have been tilled and more than a 1000000 have been forced to flee their homes. i'm rebecca it is welcome to the program russian president vladimir putin is marking 20 years in power as tens of thousands of opposition supporters staged protests in moscow and st petersburg demanding democratic local elections riot police have arrested nearly $200.00 demonstrators and blocked access to the presidential administration building among. the wristed were opposition candidate devolves from
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both fountains more have been detained over the summer as russian largest opposition movement says 2012 gathers pace all opposition candidates have been banned from running in next month's moscow city hall election. earlier i spoke to date of the correspondent emily show in moscow who was at those protests and asked her about the situation there well we're back today we saw one of the largest authorized protests by the opposition that we've seen for many years say that 20000 people were out today independent monitors say it was closer to 50000 after that authorized rally protesters decided to go up or as they say walk through the city center and the police have been arresting protesters according to media reports over 100 people have been arrested in the center of the city police cordons have been kind of surrounding the remaining people including the press and kind of
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pushing people to move towards. metro station and it's the biggest protest that we've seen for a long time including today there is performers the celebrities that came out to support the protesters tell us a bit more about what they're protesting for what about demanding. well the main demand that this kind of almost movement has formed around is that people want the registration of independent candidates for the moscow city elections. something that they have been chanting for today after all independent candidates have to collect a certain number of signatures to be registered for those elections and also already said that the signatures that they handed in were invalid and they. told me people who don't exist and the candidates on the other hand say that they're certainly just simply don't want them to run people here today have been chanting
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to register for the for those for the registration of those candidates but they also have been chanting much more generally for freedom for democracy they've been chanting against president vladimir putin and people here say that this is about much more than. it was this is the 4th consecutive protest in moscow around this topic but certainly not showing any signs of winding down. well i think it's hard to know at the moment the last 2 protests that took place in moscow on the last weekend they were not authorized hundreds of people were arrested. crackdown most of the independent candidates were trying to run have also been arrested including you both who was arrested at the protests today and people at those last 2 protests despite those arrests told me that they actually have come out because they saw pictures of those arrests of peaceful protesters protesters being taken away and
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taken away by police so they're certainly defiant and we'll have to see how this develops in the coming week and in the run up to the moscow elections on september 8th emily shown in moscow thanks very much for that update. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world russia's state nuclear agency russell tome says 5 members of staff were killed on thursday during the testing of a rocket engine local authorities near the military site in the country's northwest reported a brief spike in radiation levels during the accident but there's been no official explanation for why an accident like this would cause radiation to spike. at least 60 people have died in tanzania after an overturned fuel truck exploded people in the east african nation was siphoning petrol from the vehicle at a busy intersection when the blast happened some reports suggest a cigarette was the cause north korea's 52 unidentified projectiles from
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a site on its eastern coast they landed in the sea of japan according to south korea's military pyongyang has called other recent rocket test a warning to seoul over its plans to continue military drills with the united states. the man accused of last weekend's deadly mass shooting in el paso has told police he was targeting mexicans most of the 22 people who were killed in a wal-mart store in texas were hispanic origin 8 were mexican citizens. disgraced u.s. finance it jeffrey abstains been found dead in his new york prison cell abstains thought to have killed himself he was a convicted sex offender who was rearrested last month if he was facing 6 trafficking charges and accusations you've used dozens of teenage girls he's denied the charges and faced up to 45 years in prison if convicted attorney general william bar has ordered an investigation into the circumstances of epstein's death . since news of that suicide abstain has become the number one
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worldwide trend on twitter and our reporter i mean this has been following the story on social media i mean what are people saying about this death well that's right this is the number one topic on twitter right now as well over a 1000000 tweets about this and i think a lot of people in no uncertain terms are looking at this is a conspiracy theory there's a lot of reasons for that because of geoffrey of scenes connections people think that it can't just be him committing suicide so a lot of these are conspiracy theories but a lot of prominent public people have weighed in let's take a look at some of the tweets on twitter from some of the prominent voices this is alexandria because of cortez she's a representative in the u.s. and she said we need answers lots of them this is immediately after the news came out. and we also have a tweet from dean obadiah he's a frequent contributor to c.n.n. he says i wish media would describe jeffrey epstein's death as an apparent suicide as opposed to simply as suicide there are so many powerful men that wanted him to
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be silenced these deaths death must be fully investigated only after that can we have a definitive conclusion about his death and then we have vicky ward who was one of the 1st journalists to write about jefferson she says this may be the ruby oswald story for a modern era and of course what she's referring to is a conspiracy theory is revolving around the jest of john f. kennedy when the person who assassinated him was then killed and there couldn't be a trial which of course trials are where a lot of information comes up that absolutely i mean i've seen had a lot of connections wauconda connections did he have that would make people speculate about this case well that's actually how he made himself into a public figure a wealthy person by making connections he was a financier he had connections a lot of people on wall street hedge fund manager managers and that kind of thing but he was also a big partier and he partied a lot with politicians former u.s. senators a former u.s. senator a governor of new mexico have been named in lawsuits associated with this case saying that they were also. and abuse of young girls now jeffrey epstein is also as
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well known friends like former president bill clinton encourage president donald trump donald trump partied with him later said that he wasn't his friend but there was a connection there and then bill clinton flew around the world and one of his planes they have connections with them of course there is absolutely no evidence that trump and clinton were involved unable to use but that's what's really keeping people on twitter and saying was this just as soon as there were plenty of names there that would probably get tongues wagging of course but you know what about credibility to the notion that he might just have committed suicide given the fact that he be facing 45 years in prison well i think the reason why public figures are weighing in on this is because how could this happen i mean this is one of the most high security facilities in the u.s. this is a place where. the drug kingpin from mexico was held without incident he didn't flee like he had other prisons and jeffrey epstein had tried. likely tried to commit suicide just 2 weeks before at the end of july so in that kind of case you
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would assume that they need to keep him alive for the trial so that he can be brought to justice but that's not what happened and it's unclear if he was on suicide watch some people immediately after the death said he was on suicide watch which would mean that there should be no way you could commit suicide others because other people said that he wasn't on suicide watch but of course i begs the question why wasn't he and was there any foul play involved here a lot small details to come obviously i mean i mean yes if thanks so much for coming in there. well it's to hong kong now whether in renewed clashes between police and pro-democracy protesters police fired tear gas protesters who were holding an authorized demonstrations in 2 locations it's the 10th straight weekend of protests that were triggered by an opposition to a proposed law that would have allowed extradition from hong kong to mainland china . activists held a number of other protests earlier in the day that remained pace full including a sit in at hong kong airport. at the airport protesters assembled for
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a 2nd day to greet passengers arriving in the city drawing international attention to their cause saturday morning also saw a rather tranquil rally in support of the pro-democracy movement it brought together families demanding a stable and free future the wave of protests began 3 months ago in opposition to draft legislation to allow suspects in criminal cases to be tried in mainland china but the demands have widened. my i'm worried if the extradition law to china is imposed or this movement of ours is a failure my kids might have no democracy or freedom and a lot of things will be taken over by the mainlanders. a group of elderly people also submitted petition letters to the police and the authorities to stop and investigate what they call violence against the protesters especially at clashes in july normal the reputation of the hong kong police was so good for more than
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a decade but it was completely destroyed on july the 21st i don't know how many years it will take to restore the trust of the people he was always on. at the same time there were smaller demonstrations in front of several police stations in support of the police people gathered to express their fangs and called on others to say thank you whenever they meet officers on friday various business groups also called on the people of hong kong to support the police and to reflect on the chaos and the economic impact of the. testes. the average income of taxi drivers has decreased nearly 40 percent over the past 2 months. so i know i appealed you to stop and think if the situation continues our hong kong really is heading towards a dead end this is probably the kind of thing the communist leadership in beijing wants to hear and once people around the world to hear as it seeks to boost resistance to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong china has issued
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a red alert to its highest warning after typhoon like a man made landfall south of shanghai the storm's battered coastal areas bringing with it heavy rains now heading north wits with the country's most populous city in its path 18 people have been confirmed dead more than a dozen of still missing and more than a 1000000 people have been evacuated from their homes as the typhoon is. it's one of the most powerful storms to hit china in decades type from the kima battered the country southeast coastline early saturday packing winds of nearly 200 kilometers an hour the typhoon also brought to rental rain. the result floodwaters have submerged parts of the province emergency crews have scrambled to rescue residents trapped by the rising water. the flooding also triggered deadly landslides rescuers are searching for people reported missing and feared trapped under the debris sun shoot when floodwaters come down the mountains on converge arians at the
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edge of town a seriously affected. ahead of the typhoon is arrival authorities are back you waited more than a 1000000 people. thousands of flights were canceled at airports across eastern china and train services were also suspended. the country's economic hub shanghai has so far got off lighter than areas further south reporting high winds but no major damage. stow authorities ordered the shutdown of some tourist attractions i know and before i came here i had no idea that a typhoon was headed this way we had to change our plans because of the storm and. the came as expected to weaken as it moves further north but forecasters warn the storm could cause more flash flooding and landslides. all than 2000000 muslims have gathered name macare in saudi arabia one of the islamic holiest rituals the hosh
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brave interventional reigns the faithful asked for forgiveness for the sins of the sacred mount arafat muslim but they visit are expected to make the pilgrimage at least once in their lives stewards marshaled the crowd to prevent the deadliest and aids saying in previous years. now watching data in is live from berlin up next shift our series about living in the digital age maybe more news headlines. at the top of the hour i'm rebecca riches thanks for watching. the world is getting more assuming. more concise tributes.


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