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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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60 minutes. and. video for you. at low and a welcome to the 77 percent as some of you already know this is the show for africa has many of these when. it's great to have you guys here now coming up for you on today's program probably the donkey hour before to even get money and get his residence in a debate on the dockside of currency. i will tell you in fact well that's because if you don't take on an open number one of them at least it is. and finally
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welcome must also only takes a few vibrant home cities but. what do you do if you're poor you want to help you finally financially and someone with loads of money comes along and offers to pay you for 6. that's the difficult question facing many young gun the gandhian and a dictatorship 2017 and even after the leadership change you with unemployment is still over 40 percent so it's no surprise that some young guardians attending to prostitution but how high is the price for a better life. for. the gambia a small country in west africa and a hot location for sex tourism we head to the coastal city of sara couldn't center gambia road is the go to spot for parties and prostitutes at night the bars are
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buzzing with young locals and older tourists both men and women. in the side streets plenty of hotels of the rooms by the hour we want to hear from the prostitutes themselves. why do they do this and how do they really feel about it. we're on our way to meet a bump as the male sex workers are known locally just now we're so lucky someone called us and said we can talk to you so we're driving there now let's see what he says hopefully we get him on camera. right him as he calls himself goes to bed with men and women for money. does anyone know that this is the business you are doing here in the gambia. how it works how it starts how the tourists gets connected to the people here are the people. however. and they will only be able. to people see them to talk to them so it's up
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to them to. nice to them to receive and know how much money were you offered that you thought you know what this is actually one. of my. 500. $1500.00 euros might sound like a lot but it's not for this price brahim is that the women. sex tourist 24 hours a day for a whole month with his money he can support his family and his cannabis habit he smokes to forget their $1.00 point where your brain switched and you said it's fine i have to do it so i might as well enjoy it. and the world. of those groups of business for the money wasn't something you felt comfortable with. the feeling. i didn't. have. the majority of tourists to the gambia come from great britain the netherlands and belgium many are looking for sex the client longs for
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a certain kind of companionship while the sex worker longs for a different life the only politician to get worked up about this is tourism minister how much bar. the. blues let me learn let me learn. in the market is this a big but. i was in new york. and i discovered things that. i discovered that the distance a. reputation for sex tourism is not new but there's little politicians can do about it the bumps just simply offer too much money to refuse but what are they sacrificing in return. to feel good at any point. feel good about on the ground because the force involved after the. start of regrets when they started were. living into about what would you say to people who
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would like to judge you if they do agree that they have all the right across the room. was it worth it the money that did it is help your family a bit and i saw. this but it doesn't. mean that i was mean i think what it was i was offered a story see the. tourists bring in money that much is clear. but can any amount of money really make up for the effect that sex work has on the young people here. wow that's a truth not everyone is happy to hear the minister of tourism criticize us and other journalists for linking the gambia to sex tourism but it's time to bring that issue to the table in farah khuda our reporter edith to money and gates in
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a heated debate with young residents people walking in the tourism sector and government officials however not a single sex worker was willing to participate that just goes to show how talking about sex. it's called the smiling coast of africa and looking at the shorelines across the uk . mantic it's easy to see why the gambia is a very popular destination for tourists but equally those escaping the winter in europe but what are some of the unintended consequences of tourism well i have a group of young people here who are going to help me answer that question and i'm going to start with killer is actually a rapper but he uses his music to amplify the voice of young people and the issues around here so killer ace of heard it said that the gambia is a sex tourism hot spot is a true. absolutely it definitely is
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a hot spot. i could understand if it was only limited towards people who are on the same category as adults but it's even went down to a level where you see paedophilia like on a rampant basis children as young as 9 years old you know being preyed on by tourists you know so it's not just the sex tourism of prostitutes and women beautiful gagnon women you know but also the young generation who are coming up and are being exploited by you know. ok i want to speak to somebody who is actually an official from the tourism ministry mr hummingbird john yoo of the senior product development office saying the ministry you've heard what the young man has said but you minister has said that this is not true so where is the contradiction well if you say it is a sex tourism destination that's where the const contradiction is. nobody is saying there's no sex tourism in the grammar of what he called it a success stories in this nation that it looks like the whole destination is prepared you know. probe developed you know market sex tourism business which is
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the minister's argument ok so potato potato here it sounds to me but when you deny that this is really happening in the country don't you think you also deny people a chance to solve the problem again i insist on what i said in the beginning that there's no denial of sex tourism taking place in the country because we're seeing it what we're denying is people calling. his investigation so it's not potato potato it's this is the difference you need to draw the line between the 2 where the destination is the sex tourism destination or the sixty's sex tourism going on i am not denying it but if the minister says it's not a sex tourism business and i'm not aware of that. ok yeah i mean my point there i believe the minister have to understand that his country is being labeled as a sex tourist destination by who the sex tourists who come there and feed back the information and market gambia as a sex tourist destination so we're saying that it's definitely happening and it's happening openly even in places like restaurants so i just want to ask the because
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we're talking about these stories coming in the stories coming in but they're engaging with gambians so why are gambians participating so that's actually a good point that you make because there is a problem we have to sensitize the gap in communities a little bit more there's got to be a grassroots effort to educate the families because at the end the other day if a family is poor they're making a $1000.00 see a muffin almost certain this white european male or female comes with thousands of pounds thousands of dollars offer to take their child to europe give them a visa give them a better life they turn a blind eye and that is what the issue is and i think it starts with the young people as well because some of them know they're 18 they're 17 they're 16 they know what these people are coming here for but again it's the poverty at the same time though the hotels they can't turn a blind eye the policeman cancer and we've got to make sure that everything is and in place so when these peddle fly it's all these dirty harry's that's what we call them dirty harry's back in the day these dirty harry's are dirty severus when they come to. gambia they know there is a no nonsense policy ok i want to speak to
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a gentleman from the tourism committee whose name is sulaiman johm and is it a question of marketing or is it just that people have become complacent that this is how things work here and this is how they will continue to work days from thing that we call responsible tourism and dispersed. you know who. you know form 6 but we also have responsible tourists who come in here to develop our local communities i think this is something that is a holistic approach that we need to take at least. you know responsible through the tourism board on the ministry because this policy is already in place so come back and ask about implementation but i want to go back to something this is a cause and effect to 6 years in the cause being unemployment can you talk to me about that was a situation like for young people here this courageous because like we were talking about a town we have about 41.5 percent of young people who are unemployed in this country
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so you will realize that there is a high tennessee of young people getting themselves involved in certain acts that can just give them income but also i believe the government will be watching to know that young people are tired and even though we are talking that opportunities are there but we still have 41.5 percent who are still unemployed if we start investing in young people and believing in their potentials i'm sure we have a lot more that we can offer higher than being victims of sex tourism well that's far too illegal it isn't just much she actually has to rush to the airport so if you don't see her again that's why you're a waitress you've been working in the industry for about 3 years have the owners been gambian or have they been foreign most of dems are foreign aren't do many gambians want to invest in their country but due to lack of finances to do it so most of the people who owns this business are foreign mass ok so let me go to mr porter in here because we're hearing that yes the industry is hiring a lot of gambians but the conditions are not great. for. i stood up and said to the minister the minimum wage for for for people working in the industry is so low and
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if you ask people to pay $1520.00 waiter then you encourage them to go. out and this is the problem with our service industry so i said to the minister and i proposed i jokingly said to him if i actually was the minister for tourism and everybody laughed this is what i'm going to do i'm going to put a minimum wage for tourism employees i went up for $7000.00 is. that what i'm saying. that that would actually. you're being accused of campaigning yeah yeah so i just want to bring this to a close and look for solutions because i think it's important looking forward how do we create a balance so that the gambia is not swallowed by the negative effects of tourism and i'd like to hear from you mr slim. could be drawn through. responsible tourism and try to become passage of people who are working in the industry and government to reinforce you know. i have to catch up because our batteries are
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running out so i want to hear from you very quickly well i think the government 1st of all should make sure that all of the money that is generated from our 2nd highest honor goes back to the people so that the people won't be poor enough to always come back here and be exploited one and also for the government to work on all year around torres and i believe that there's more opportunities and there's more ways to fix issues that we are facing i think we can do anything not just one reason well so the gambia is where we are a country named after a river and one that has had a very checkered history but clearly based on what we've heard here there's a long way to go and young people clearly have the solutions thank you for watching . thank you as always for bringing us this discussion you can watch a lot of passion of the debate on youtube. 2 are easy and can have devastating effects as we just saw but not all tories in news but for example tories in revenue
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can also help save off because precious x. system sees a band that is a south african marine biologist student who is guitar means to protect my real life while also providing a decent income for locals in the tourism industry. off the shore of south africa's cape peninsula lies a picturesque marine protected area it's a large zone of around 1000 square kilometers species which were once under threat in this region are now able to thrive. in biology she's helping to identify which areas should be given petition status this will also benefit locals as well as marvin life going forward how i am proposing to design marine protected areas is to incorporate also the social aspect the social benefits that people can derive from marine protected areas so we're not just
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protecting the natural environment but we also protecting the benefit that people can get out of marine protected areas now and in the future vision is a traditional industry along the coast the tourism could provide residents with even better paying jobs. archaeological artefacts have been discovered a line for example in table mountain national park that dates back thousands of years caesar says these sites could also be incorporated into an even larger protected area and it would assure you have tracked plenty of visitors i found that some communities didn't realise that there was tourism potential in the area and that they could switch from harvesting to thumb thing like tourism taking people out teaching people about the area using the indigenous knowledge which people are so hungry for $4.00 to $5.00 tourists in south africa come to visit protected areas
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tourism is a cornerstone of the national economy in $2181500000.00 jobs were linked to the tourism industry. as a dive my stuff when we pick people. to dive in the empty areas the reaction after diving is just amazing most of them will be like you are you from me using this invite it makes me feel good adventure of cape town sees a composite on modern biodiversity and coastal sites of interest just to estimate the social impact of creating protected areas a lot of the time what we do is we go into knowledge that people are part of the system we think conservation has to be on the one side people on the other side but we are part of a system. sees us research will help authorities decide which areas should be given protection status making sure that south africa's natural beauty remains untouched
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while also creating revenue through tourism it's a win win for people on nature. what an inspiring. now let's head not far away from south africa's coast to miley's capital bamako it's a vibrant city moves to its all the local sound here is a mixture of modern music blues and people don't take my what for we. must assume we played tough guy for a day and showed us around his home city. your side must. be the street noir the voice of the voiceless the marco my character the city of the 3 came and come with me i discover my city. is my logic a my stuff for me it's one of molly's most famous records he was born in bamako in 1803 and has lived here all his life around 3000000 people call the slaves
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home but pretty much everyone knows this rough place name and it's no wonder over half of mali's population is under 18 in their own love that music clearly my people kate has taught you can accommodate 35000 spectators would be allowed their march and march is many conservative bent to help here there's a lot of huge concerts the stadium is named after him what they were kids the 1st president of the republic of mali have also performed many types you molly better than i mark your book or 3 she. loves playing in the city which was built on the banks of the rebbe niger is one of the fastest growing metro police in the world sometimes at the expense of those who will read below the poverty line. must assume any comments on the social change in bamako or in his news wrap up or
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not. want to go through. when he needs to recharge must assume a heads. to the national park in the heart of comical this is why he filmed a very personal video back in 2011 a doctor a muslim and midwife the piece is dedicated to my mother it was my way of honoring all midwives get to college and he doesn't shy away from political topics in his either that. explain your islam he condemns the jihadists creating fear and violence particularly in the countries not after they were of another song even received death threats. before i wrote my career i have used music to speak out. at times i have been so critical that people have even wondered whether i work for the opposition. who has never complained for any political party no matter how much money. we tackle the poor independents to get to must assume
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a studio here he gets the creative energy he meets the wrap it sinks in french and molly's most widely spoken language. his country's musical heritage is a huge source of inspiration for him. to give my music an authentic turner used traditional instruments because you say down 40 there's. no question about which traditional instruments to fit best my goal is to create a symbiosis a mix of the modern and the traditional music you know you say music. is the traditional. must assume he grew up in socorro. and he's never forgotten his fruits he often organizes festivals and invites produces as a way of giving back to the young people in these communities and yes i must say i am. system i hope you've enjoyed this tour through my capital the city of the 3 k.
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months. later we are one thank you martha 3 for showing us around that was really cool now let's talk about something a little more private. how how be with you 6 have you ever wondered if having more than one could tell i was a sex and relationship expert has is bought to share have thoughts on how to build and maintain a fully feeling love life. hello there and welcome to the spread a safe space where we get to this has everything revolving around sex and relationships and i just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you guys for all the e-mails you've been sending in the love and the support we really do appreciate it today our question comes from a gentleman by the name tobias all the way from a bus a kenya and his email goes dear cats i've been married for over 15 years now and as
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much as i love my wife things have been a little bit dead in the bedroom for a while i don't know how to spice things up anymore and have been considering opening the marriage but i don't know where to begin i truly love her but i am extremely unhappy in that department help oh my dear tobias you would be surprised how often i get this question so many people are under the impression that opening a marriage is the solution to a sexless marriage but it's not let me explain couples who agree to an open relationship have a really strong lines of communication and more often than not have been having these conversations from the beginning of their relationship an open relationship is a beautiful concept and i support it completely but it requires so much more love and support than a monogamous relationship you and your partner have to be clear as to the reasons why you want to start seeing other people and not we're trying to save our marriage imagine asking your wife to open the relationship so that you can satisfy your
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sexual needs there are so many different responses that you get to that question and i warn you not all of them will be pleasant 1st she could think that you are already in a relationship and were just looking for a way to tell her this might make us feel unwanted or neglected maybe she'll think that you're looking for a way out of the. a relationship and regardless of how many times you tell her that you love her she might not believe you but i understand it's a tricky situation so here are a few suggestions that will help you strengthen your marriage tobias go to therapy i know therapy is deemed to have you in so many different african context but to be frank sort open honest relationships a therapist can act as a mediator between you and your wife and help you fix any underlying problems you might have before you decide to make the next big move let your partner know that you're willing to work together to fix things chances are she's dealing with her own issues and she's not even letting you in on the most important thing is that
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she feels loved and respected and if after you've fixed all of your problems you still feel the need for an open relationship ask your wife in a kind and respectful manner if she still eager to pursue an ethical non-monogamous relationship put everything on the table and be ready for her response from me cavs good night. what do you guys think about that you can connect with us through our facebook page all by email and you can always watch more content on our you tube channel in our next edition our reporter travels to south africa. in many other african countries young people yeah i expect to support their policies financially as long as they have a job is this just call you directly or does if they see my special to the races well it's still that father. that's it from me but don't go away yet i we are in the show must assume you was your tour guide are
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all and now you get to hear what this music is he's trying. enjoy. the music one is the be. the born explain. the books look at. the back . then like. sort of like. what did.
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i say. the best. to expose it. to. the budget. song but the budget. cuts.
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the mom sees a muslim man storing single mom this millennium and among. them was some great fun. for you education once more with feeling. very fast goes off the season.
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30 minutes dogs. not all think out of the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i still often when. thinks deep into german culture looking at the stereotypes claxton here think the future of the country that i not. need to change from taking this drama day out to me it's all about. looking good my my show join me for me the german fun d.w. . post the world is getting more soon. more's catastrophe among the problems. the global 3000 talks with a team of british researchers who take an optimistic view. the world is not always a good quote but it's much much better than it was on the top against the world really getting better. click global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on
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books. this is news live from berlin hong kong protesters defy of police ban to march again police used tear gas as a tense weekend of anti-government demonstrations turns into a confrontation we'll get the latest from our correspondent also coming up. as separatists take control of yemen's temporary capital there former saudi backed allies call it a coup and launch airstrikes. and lawmakers in the u.s.
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