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the european idea. most commonly can stand up to the fantasy and contribute to something impulse up until now to succumb to. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. i k. holidays in paradise with turquoise waters that's what the caribbean stands for it's no different on the tiny island of angola. somewhat troubled by the fact that this is being made for us you know 4000 miles away this is early every year here we are polish the moving of all the. despite the sunny skies the dark cloud of banks it looms here too. there are some afraid afraid maps for me but for the youngsters that are coming out.
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it's early in the morning and d.j. hama one of 100 winners of most popular journalists is opening up his radio studio today is the day britain was supposed to leave. good morning good morning is the water shortage last a firm review on b.j. harbor and i mean your company for this lovely morning is also reza day it all breaks the deal of course all eyes and ears of loyal to the u.k. at this time o. you know our ministry power to check what's happening very bad but some believe you me. glass of rum radio 4 will keep good for here all the want to show.
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that many people on the island listen to d.j. ham as morning show. he likens franks it to hurrican the worst natural catastrophe to hit the tiny caribbean paradise in recent times. you could very well be. because of the obvious i was aware was she had a structure that. works and has the potential to be destructive as well depending on how it it alters albeit within the u.k. and the in europe and europe and you would get a. rebuilding continues to this day hurrican swept over the lesser antilles in september 27th
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team with gale force winds raging at almost 300 kilometers per hour it was the strongest storm ever recorded on the open atlantic. since to many the time after the cataclysmic event marks the beginning of a new age the harken took many and will inspire surprise with it sheer force one of them was felix fleming. opened the door. after the down. and to see the destruction you know as a 1st hurricane and i've been through quite a few that. actually. the sea had swallowed up his garden where he grew mangoes and other tropical fruits felix fleming also sees similarities between bracks it and irma. norse them oh my. you know for us because that's why we have people fingers crossed that.
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somehow it will work oh favor but we don't know you know that's the big question for us. on quilla is a 20 minute boat ride from st martin it's nearest neighbor island. while i'm going to is a british overseas territory so it martin belongs half to france and half to the netherlands it's almost like a mini e.u. the legacy of colonialism in the area makes this situation unique. say martin is like an extension of anger because well over the centuries been so many. into marriages and shearing. you know it's only in recent times that the politics of it game.
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divisive instrument. felix is a retired advertising man tonight he's hosting a reading with family and friends of a new play for that amateur dramatics group. felix his daughter laura compares breaks it to a shakespearean drama. but with more facile elements. the discussion amongst ourselves was that we have such a hard time. you know our family members that live and work and say martin you know any sort of restriction to those relationships would be devastating i mean there's grandparents that are buried here and their you know their land then and that. bank accounts i mean how what is going to happen to and we don't know and i think it's very scary sometimes they can i get my medication here in angola meets
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and martin they have to go there to get it and if i don't if i'm not allowed to go there then there will be some problem for people who need medical attention. or has a population of around $15000.00 tourism is the island's economic engine but it hinges on a good relationship with its neighbors and martin. the large planes that shuttle in the bulk of the tourists can't land in. the runways are too short they land on some mountain where the runways are popular for being so near to the beach 95 percent of the tourists who come to angola 1st arrive instant martin. and well as 33 white beaches are its biggest attraction sun sand and seafood that's
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all holidaymakers here are looking for. tourism is the backbone of anglers economy and its chief source of income for. the island's most famous musician banky banks can be found here. on the beach he used to play with bob marley but was but. the bird. is what you see what you look at. you know big. big ocean. but still. great people. people. real people.
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on the edge of atlantis like alexi. the well traveled calypso and reggae singer has a very clear opinion on pranks that he says the british are dishonest and should take this opportunity to prove to the world that they are more than just well groomed hypocritical diplomats. british well the ugly is a small little piece of the earth like this the door of the empire. but. for just centuries they've been dealing in diplomacy which is false. never seen the truth about any situation so no breaks it is the point with. the support in the way they have to say the truth about. to themselves and to the work. they have with them been doing that for years to get a nice a practice in. banking banks is not the only one seeking clarity in the whole
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breaks it discussion. is on his way to meet someone who has been making a living from tourism for 50 years alan gums is a hotel and restaurant owner and used to be the island's director of tourism. rich it is a result of what happens perhaps you don't think something through from the very very beginning. what about their colonies and how to fix their colonies going into the european community or has that been there as that been considered within this brics since you know it was not anybody defend our interests a lot of. analysts saying well there were didn't side well in a better position with the european community is more important to us than then this affiliation with great britain and what we're going in there we want to go
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independent as a country and then all the things that come from that that flow from that that i mentioned earlier where the british said that we cannot take aid from china. the ones will say well we're. maybe we're going dependent and then we can take it from china which maybe morning we're getting hungry but i mean these are these are very these are questions that have not really been thoroughly thought out by the people living world. breaks it is a great divider not only on the island itself. is dependent on imports almost all goods have to be shipped all flown and 90 percent of its oil comes from sent him. imported products are usually paid for in u.s. dollars and will is rather pricey. around 2 thirds of its tourists come from the
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u.s. private jets often land at a small international airport by anglers capital in the valley an extension has been under consideration for years fabienne fi he head of the airport authority has long been dreaming of an airport with direct connections to north america and europe. to be travel overseas to see if relatively good we do medical treatment of us is that is not available on the island and so on so there's a lot of woman by residence and of course the tourism which is the economic engine . if you don't have good communication in terms of passengers by and also by sea we have quite. a hot border between angola and some mountain with import tariffs and border controls would be a night man frank williams and the end of that caribbean many. of these are at the
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heart of texas we believe that we have angola. we have all of it is phone with us to survive so even though it's a challenge we are pretty confident that it was a but if we have a special the language and community understand not and committed both on a desert on the french side. as by and large one community from one. heritage standpoint. a ferry runs to st martin twice an hour. each sunday time for a family outing. felix fleming. and his wife mona a visiting relatives on the neighboring island. they arrive in merry go the capital of the french comforts that mountain.
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brother frank and system is saying it isn't happy to see them. since her. visits have become less frequent everyone is busy rebuilding felix was born here on the french side and only moved to i'm going to night is the only one out of the month actually. he lives in angola and it wrecks it happens i don't know what will happen to your relationship with a lot and we may not be even allowed to come to said law to me though regular passport we may need a visa. i'm not sure yet what will happen. make a decision you know you had a plebiscite already. if it caught people off guard now everybody knows about the remote no one rather you want to groups the or you want to bring this guy in a relationship that should have been ready you know before you decide to leave. you
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know you should know or you want to believe well that is for us. for your people to say we are still being governed by england said lightens governed by friends and alone you know this and so close together we're proud to be separated for a. time it would be unthinkable the family wouldn't be able to come together as easily as they do now visiting the cemetery together would no longer be to straight forward. to let. the fact that heron's grave they praying for a peaceful future. in we're hoping i really would be able to do this and c.e.o. of families and sheer with say martin french and dutch the way we have for centuries.
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our heart at ease you border would make all of that impossible. d.j. hammer isn't too hopeful about the future after breaks it on the evening of banksy day he meets friends on the strip a small street in the valley popular on the weekends. but. if you if you look at all the bit of usable bricks that's up i'm sure to give you the following developments you know up there what they don't tell it cannot tell us we'll be sent to let them know with us that we've got them separate we don't know what is the local grocer has got here but here we don't the british. that. passed britain because they're in france future 6000 kilometers away and going into film they have been overlooked they talk about great britain's forgotten border with e.u. . but i feel. disrespected because. we're not even
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involved in the fort. we are right next door across all if they have a bottom of the of she had severed ties between the french and the dutch for years and know what a concept of us. brits it. has been done in the last couple of years is that it doesn't make judgement in facet gulf in our legislature and politicians except. d.j. hammers local barber q. joint teams next door anglers national dish is chicken usually with rice and peas you can is the fabric you king of the island. take care of the good of the tree are you doing a good good place for your saying good evening to you have to go to give me what you are going to go back yes or. no. most of the country here is imported too for now it's still cheap normally t.j.
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hammer would order more to eat his breakfast it brewed his appetite regular customers to maggie her cheek you know what normally it's only when i have the ones the. earth. does good. and cooler is not the place for a bustling nightlife ad cans barbecue with a sign of chicken and ribs brax it is the main dish of whatever order to kill you is going to go to the us if we are going to. have a rich don't think that it would never consulted with those we'll be looking to take it it's like you don't have a light year it is reinforce the point of shut them off roach you know with other see. that's the issue right all of the. former british colony the
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island still depends on its former colonial rulers and. and the e.u. when. they have the brics a situation completed really my goal and my goal for not benefit. from the european are really really going down because of the fear actually gets in one way when you're far from the target on how they're going to affect the island directly. just wag their. carrot cans barbecue is where everyone comes to me top canadian farah makita runs an organization which depends on e.u. subsidies she's been living in angola for 15 years the biologist is head of the national trust and is in charge of conservation on the island and good as nature and wildlife were heavily hit by hurricane.
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farah meets her staff at sunrise they're building an artificial snorkeling trial for tourists. what happened this week stop them and their spaces between each of these layers and the space this is what provides the habitat to the different marine life so the fish the shrimp the lobsters and then eventually will actually have algae and and hopefully coral growing on these as well to get this really nice and artificial reef happening. sustainable eco friendly tourism also interests guests from the u.s. east coast. people are snorkeling at that there's lots of. if the turtles insurance in my house are funded we've got our european union findings are. almost the 3rd part of yeah i'm going to. like you. i'm. when
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i received 14000000 euros from the 11th european development fund it covers over a 3rd of the island's entire development budget but the funding will run out in 2020. 4 hours that we just have a confused about how it's actually going to affect the other from our perspective the national chess perspective it does mean that we're not going to be able to act that's really important fights for a lot of the work that way down which is quite unfortunate. that. the u.k. will hardly take over the subsidies currently coming in from brussels it seems angler is not a high enough priority to the british government. tourism is and will as livelihood to see its capital. and so the plan for the. islamic follow has been
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a small foldable on the trail she's going to let them look up to the north to break that lead to consider should look i'll be at the bottom while ahmed fahour is small and as they come down i'm going to start putting them together so that's my role for today and then they feel comfortable with the steel cannot prove them to say the fullest so that the current president bush a lot. since november 28th seen there has been a diving and snorkeling trial in the little bay marine park right on the coast it was made with 2 purposes to create a new tourist attraction and to support sustainable tourism and underwater biodiversity. fishing is not allowed here lobsters and turtles have settled fair i think so it
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will take a few more years. as for a real reef to grow with healthy coral. back on land d.j. hammer has found an interesting guest for his morning show a blogger from angola who has been living in england with her family for half a year. well let me assume due to a usually used in the u.k. i'm good due to you how you doing. well you did yammer. really good here on a friday afternoon. i want to hear from you for us for this year you know the below the feedback divide you must be multilingual as in the u.k. b m what's the feedback like what's the vibe back there in the room i am really exhausted by the sceptical. is that this is too much whenever i look at the news you know that it's like the number one story and it's always
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something new so it's just you know i just never know what to expect and i still don't know what the outcome is just a false 1st then you know around the world so it's a pretty pretty scary wish to be sure of thank you for your. blog my angle our experience from a cafe in cambridge she normally likes giving restaurant temps but she can't escape the ever present breaks it calles at the end of the day we called british passport just like any other british citizen and i would hope that the pause that be will make sure that all $100.00 stars are represented we are not supposed to be any less than any other businesses then you know we're supposed to be employed at the very same rate as they are the biggest things and. she wishes her island would receive the same kind of attention that island and northern ireland have throughout the breaks it negotiations hard e.u.
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border would be just as much of a catastrophe for her and her family and williams. husband is studying in cambridge she will be spending 2 years here with him and their son. hi. i'm from and i learned called angle that so actually i'm a blog that. and i'm just doing some research on the fact you know bricks that might affect a country like i do you haven't a thought that there's been that not even a consideration of the fact that there's a united kingdom that you have to represent correct that if there's diverse interests or between the skull of it's not certain but in business certain so when you have that arrogance it doesn't surprise me that they wouldn't consider what the channel islands feels would guernsey feels what feels right to venice that i think we should have left the because apparently trade is going to be way more expensive than most people in england when you go to that to get like foreign people out of
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the country but most the time they say oh they're taken on jobs or whatever but it's been this they're not lazy like most british people and that you do their work and they i don't know i think is a bad idea we should have that and not people trying to say that we should take it but again. there are too many students in the city for cambridge to reflect the average english view in 2 years when her husband has finished his studies she leaves here and the family will return to angola. feels homesick whenever she sees fish at the market. i don't know if there is a week that goes by when i don't think gosh i would love to have lobster or some kong cousins now or you know so i definitely miss the people for me. whether it's asian proms or classic british fish and chips for seafood available here is
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not much of a consolation. even though there was a time when fishing was as important as tourism is today. the good and good i mean ill and italian and refers to the shape of the island according to surveys around 90 percent of residents would have voted remain. as a child of the day i consider a lot of attention and keep your children your child bad with. the other tone from others. when former british prime minister david cameron called the bronx it referendum he spared no thoughts of british caribbean fisherman. if you lose the password we can go to. i let you have to get a visa. to the proper care of the world. so the past was important to us ok so marty good reason but it was even more so because of alter was
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a. situation similar to zohan the tour was getting 20 below and if it goes terribly wrong that 2 could be could be impacted negatively. and could go bankrupt without tourism it's like the island's life line borders and trade barriers may sound abstract but a passport is something quite real. this is my your premium passport this document here allows you to europe around the world and this document is valuable very valuable to the people of a world i cannot imagine the the whole life will be without this document you know once we exit will be a pretty new year i don't know what will please the document and it's done so into
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the most it will freeze today. t.j. hammer i won't tire of reporting on developments in the united kingdom he wants to illustrate the consequences of leaving the hero. breaks a deal would not be good for for us at all in angola and of course the other british overseas territories as well so for some here the morning we are just about $830.00 that's the time here this morning. and we will know cause of for these are the last words. the breaks it has been postponed until the end of october 29th teen it's unlikely that the concerns of british overseas territories will be heard by family meanwhile anglin 6000 kilometers away from britain can only wait and see.
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the boat. dream ask you always have your home right with you. rather than a nightmare. but sure there are big polluters. to dream that. 75 minutes on the w. . staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights.
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play. this is t w news coming to you live from hong kong airport reopens after 2 days of pro-democracy protests today it looks like business as usual but this was the scene just yesterday beijing condemns what it calls terrorist like acts by protesters does this rhetoric signal that crackdown is coming also on the program. please don't use the r word germany releases statistics showing its economy contracted in the 2nd quarter which i.


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