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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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itself increasingly sidelined mass unrest continues to rock hong kong pro-democracy protesters face off with police again president trump calling the tensions tough but stopping short of criticizing beijing another volatile hot spot the contested territory of kashmir where nuclear powers india and pakistan are on the brink of armed conflict president trumps offered to mediate dismissed out of hand by prime minister modi with america standing back and ceding its global leadership position asian leaders are going it alone on the rock this is the day. the and i. think i. mean everything must be done to prevent by and
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i think. i. can understand that. we express our strongest condemnation of the smear terrorist act and our deepest condolences to the injured can catch rates and police officers. also on the day one of the most celebrated singers in the world of opera placido domingo faces allegations of sexual harassment one of 9 accusers are spoken out about confronting this powerful icon he's almost like god in my experience he puts when he would come up close and say that the 1st thing that goes through your mind is is why but you also think it's. when you walk away and get away you think did i
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just ruin my career. to appears on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world a very warm welcome there's been more on arrests more tear gas in hong kong as hundreds of protesters gathered outside a police station in a yet a nother violent clash in the territory pro-democracy demonstrators marching through a residential district the latest incident follows 2 days of mass protests at hong kong's international airport that shut the facility down and at times turned violent on china's that liaison office in hong kong said antigovernment protesters were no different to terrorists and that language further raising concerns that china may be on the brink of a security crackdown as a bull serves its army troops on the border of the hong kong territory and all this in a part of the world that seems to be laving up with crises in south asia india has
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revoked the special status for the portion of kashmir that it controls but the star is outraged and promises to quote fight until the end meanwhile the administration of donald trump has continued its mostly hands off position it is non-issues the involved parties appealing for calm and that's about it take a listen to what the president said earlier. strumpet speaking of there a little earlier karen chung joins me now here on the set she's a pro-democracy activist based here in berlin good to have you back with us karen presidential we just heard him there saying describing the scituate. in hong kong
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is a very tough situation and saying well we'll see what happens but i'm sure it will work out are you reassured by that but that type of talk coming from the leader of the most powerful country in the world so personally i was disappointed. like the earlier statement today saying that. might lead to a miscalculation of the whole situation in homecoming. what do you believe your fellow activists particularly do in hong kong expect from countries like the united states like all the other western countries here in europe what would be like them to see happen of course they will 1st have to support and then also the some concrete acts like today the finnish. parliament made
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a statement that. they you and to prevent china to use excessive force on hong kong residents and also he's just to have a reverse penned diplomacy so this is the actual act that we are expecting. what does president trump this latest statement that we just heard what does it suggest to you as an activist pro-democracy activists. clearly this is a statement from but. there is a very infin. see you know you as a conflict at the moment and the global market the stock market and showing that so i think the higher the chance that the chinese the chinese government standing army to hong kong and the higher chance that the bill will pass because the also suggest that they want to pass a bill. on hong kong about. human rights and democracy so the higher
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channels also on becoming a higher bill will pass yeah now meanwhile we're going to bring in another example just to show illustrate basically what the effect of this hands off approach by the current administration is on your purchase of the world asia india has this week a move to revoke the special status of the part of kashmir that it controls pakistan is outraged today we heard from the prime minister there china also claims parts of kashmir are countries in asia now thinking twice before acting or do they feel now emboldened by in america which is largely absent from asia i think and this moment every country was saying more than before but also there are critics and also members of congress saying that the u.s.
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should not hands off because it will lose that influence on the wire not just in asia so i think they will slowly act something untoward let's bring our conversation back to the to hong kong and what's been happening today there has been a lot of remorse being expressed by a pro-democracy of protesters do they regret staging a sit in in the hong kong international airport i don't thing they're regretting that because on the 1st 2 days that many flights cancelled in the airport and they feel like they that act is seceding because there's some point and they really tried to shut down the airport so at some point also affects the global market the stock market so they don't see it is at his failure yet do you think there will rethink their strategy and what they will do next. it's hard to win the hearts and
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minds of the supporters of course they actually change the strategy and i was a disguise about what they have done to day at night so i think they will talk about it they are into care and shown the democracy yet activist and based here in berlin thank you so very much. now to the conflict in yemen where the u.s. is in the background as well while 2 of its main allies in the middle east have gone their separate ways the us is part of a saudi arabia led coalition in yemen that is fighting who theory rebels who are in turn backed by tehran iran while the conflict has taken a devastating toll on the civilians in yemen and just last weekend the defacto capital for the united nations backed government in aden was all but taken over by separatists the former capital sanaa felter who 5 years ago the united arab
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emirates was a part of the saudi coalition supporting the government but has now backed out and we should note that the separatists now in aden were trained by the u. . i hope you're still with me i want to bring in now an expert on the region elizabeth kendall she is a senior research fellow at pembroke college of the university of oxford and she joins us from geneva a very good evening professor as you know better than anybody else this is such an intricate story can you untangle it for us tease it out for us and bring it back to the basics so we can understand what is going on in yemen. well essentially we have 3 rival political groupings each of whom wish now to rule yemen we have an internationally recognized government of president handy and he himself
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is based in riyadh. he has however got a temporary capital in agent which is as you say just being overrun by the 2nd grouping which is the stuff and transitional council and they want separatists southern state and then of course we have the who sees they are in the actual capital of yemen sanaa so we've got siri different capitals with 3 different parliaments and backed by 3 different international powers iran the u.a.e. and saudi so it is a bit of a mess to say the least i mean and as if this conflict wasn't complicated anough there now has been inciting among anti coups the forces. that's right the forces backed by the united arab emirates over the weekend took over the southern capital aden and they alternately would like to have their own
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state say they are coming to blows with the forces of the formally recognized president heady and it's very unclear how this might hand right now things are calm in the polls city of agent in the south but they could easily escalate again because the sudden fulton's all refusing to withdrawal from the minute she decisions that they've taken and although they've agreed to a cease fire and tool the president had he is saying well i won't have to unless you withdrawal from your military positions 1st so it's still very volatile but that said layla and i should say that the leadership at that level of the u.a.e. eat a moment then ziad and the saudi lead it came down and the crown prince mohammed bin sound that very unlikely to fall out publicly they're going to paper over these cracks and and push a good cosmetic face on it this is a ground invasion and i said way this is such a nice segue because i really want us to focus on that and take our conversation to
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that saudi alliance because crown princess has that was a saudi this week to come tensions in the optics were you know there's no trouble here we want to all the warring parties it's a come to the negotiating table but what is the likelihood of the warring tables of putting down their arms and indeed in the political process and were you convinced by the u.a.e. as a leader trying to smooth over the differences that have arisen with saudi. well that's a very potent question in fact the statement that came out of that meeting in mecca on monday was very general it talked about brotherly love and mutual interests and shared goals but it didn't go into any of that detail about the future shape of yemen and what both are there and goals are inside that country and although it's very unlikely that the leaders themselves will fall out and do they haven't fallen out they don't have control over their forces on the ground we were at the scene
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that because they've already come to blows once in 2018 twice in 2017 and now much more seriously in aden so i think that who else has bolted what will be interesting will be to see what happens next because if saudi arabia who backs the head of government decides to use force to oust the suddenness from that military positions then i think we will have another war inside a war. crime let's just all due to the fact that the trump administration is still exercising this maximum pressure campaign on iran has that inevitably pushed the u.a.e. to withdraw from yemen and turn its attention towards managing those tensions with iran that have arisen out. i think the u.a.e. has been planning. a very unpopular and very expensive war against the he sees
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in the north some time and in one sense you could say that the trumpet ministrations maximum pressure policy gave egyptian an excuse because it does now have in place thousands and thousands of troops that it has recruited and trained across the south of yemen and that appears to be whether it's real interests lie and it doesn't want to get involved in a very unpopular war in the north that has driven populations in the west to criticize it so heavily so it's going to leave that to saudi arabia very precarious situation indeed for riyadh elizabeth kendall a senior research fellow in arabic and islamic studies at england's at penn brook a college thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us thanks for having me . there of us classical music companies have cancelled performances with the opera superstar placido domingo after 9 women said they were sexually harassed by him as far back as the 1980s so
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far they've been there have been no cancellations by european opera houses and orchestras 78 year old singer has denied all accusations. he's considered one of the most powerful and celebrated singers in the world of opera the president goes soaring 10 of voice is now said to have long been accompanied by a story surrounding his treatment of women the recent allegations of sexual harassment have resulted in 2 major houses counseling upcoming performances featuring the star the los angeles opera where domingo is general director has also announced an investigation. 8 singers and a dancer told the associated press that they were sexually harassed by domingo in encounters that took place over 3 decades. but only one of the 9 women has allowed her name to be used that's her soprano patricia wolfe. born a man that powerful. he's almost like god in my us
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he put us when he would come up close and say that the 1st thing that goes through your mind is it wasn't but you also think as soon as you walk away and get away you think did i just ruin my career. those who came forward with the allegations said they felt emboldened by the me too movement during their has denied the accusations but no tears still it is painful to hear that i may have upset anyone make them feel uncomfortable. answer to him and journalists king a.j. matthews joins me now from l.a. to fill us in on the very latest k.j. very good to see you what have you learned about these allegations. well what i can tell you is just what a difference 48 hours makes you know it was 48 hours ago that the associated press came out with this bombshell story were 9 individuals came forward and said they
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had been sexually harassed by placid oh domingo over decades soon after that you heard reverberations throughout the opera community you had the san francisco opera rescinding their invitation you had the philadelphia opera getting involved saying they no longer want him you have the new york metropolitan opera saying we hear there's an investigation being put on by the los angeles opera and we're going to wait for the results of that before we make any decisions about future events with class ago now remember possible domingo is still the general director of the last los angeles opera that is right now and they're the ones who are launching an investigation with an outside counsel but in short these women are coming forward and saying there were times where he forcibly kissed them on the mouth one said she was sexually grohl they all felt that their jobs were on the line or that whether or not they would receive opportunities were dependent on
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whether or not they agree to sexual encounters with them so they're saying they were harassed and as you just read the statement plastered though is denying not denying necessarily what they said if you read into what he said and what he's saying is it didn't happen in the way that they presented it not that it didn't happen in all so that's very interesting the terminology that he's using now what will the fallout be i mean for the opera world i mean will they have to now look very deeply into their own houses what's going on there. absolutely you know a lot of people are saying this could never have happened without the me too movement and all the reverberations from hollywood in the last 2 years i mean a lot of the domingo has had been like more than 150 roles more than 4000 performances he really is synonymous with opera so it will be very interesting to see what is ultimate fallout will be but they have to take these allegations
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seriously today because there are so many men and some women who have lost high ranking positions after people have felt forward felt comfortable that is coming forward telling their story and these women that have come forward with these allegations against placerville domingo are saying they felt like now was time and that he had gotten away with way too much for way too long i had him and journalist k.j. matthews reporting from l.a. thank you thank you. want to take you now so brazil and the battle to save the amazon rain forest thousands of indigenous women travel to the capital brasilia on tuesday to rally against president also narrow they say he has in effect declared war on their people by pledging to open indigenous reserve land to mining and agriculture.
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dense rain forest in the state of parana an area twice the size of france this is home to many of brazil's indigenous people but it's also the site of many get in posts illegal gold mines the small scale mines use mercury for extraction which subsequently leaks into the surrounding area. but that's of little interest to brazil's far right president j. airball scenario he wants such mining legalized. my mining minister is working on a law to legalize gold mining not just on private land but also in indigenous reserves. brazil's indigenous people live in protected reserves something no previous democratically elected president has ever called into question. now however the areas are guarded only by brazil's environmental all summer teas. their police officers are heavily armed and gold
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diggers one of their main targets. on the government should be supporting the new environmental police so that we can protect the rain forests. shortly afterwards the environmental police drop in on some illegal gold miners. was there making a quick buck at the rain forest sixpence. by animal i work here just like anyone else searching for gold should i go out and steal instead you lot are against it and donate money to greenpeace and co. but such complaining doesn't help the police destroy the machines even though these will almost certainly be replaced in a matter of days president boss ona is critical of the environmental also overseas including best stance on illegal logging. but i will find those responsible
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for these excessive meshes it's on acceptable to set up this property a light to destroy machines and trucks that's how i see it with. much of the land bordering there is a has already been lost to large scale agriculture satellite images reveal how the area has changed over the years any concerns expressed by foreign leaders about the rapid rise in deforestation in brazil are swiftly dismissed by its leader. after going to brazil is like a virgin the foreign is just want a bit of high. euphoric here. both scenarios apparent lack of regard for his own country's natural resources is a bitter blow for brazil's indigenous people say their concerns seem of little importance to him. and we continue to sell paulo now in brazil alexander prado a joins from there he is director of green economy of the world wildlife federation
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in brazil a very good day sir now mr boss know it has been popularly elected and he is on a mission to change the way that the amazon rain forest is perceived in your country is he a man that you can work with or are. you with you tonight. you know it's quite hard to be work together if this president would like to do that before but still hard it's impossible oh i think that what he's trying to do or he's dismantling. here in brazil. as you saw in the video is actually our local communities indigenous peoples and our defer station rates are a lot so of course we need to work with the go federal government but we would like
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to work with the technical technician people does not wish this president. i'm wondering mr prado what does this mean for the rest of the world i mean we often hear the rain forest being described as the lungs of the world with a president also now introducing these measures what will it mean. well no demos and is approaching any radius both tipping point if. not how or. where near almost 20 percent of the amazon forest is already to go. to 1st stated so what's happened after that is that we are going to a process that's me being in some years there far as we're gonna
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ready to go and that we were showing stay with. select. africa 7 up with more wet so for climate change is. it's very dangerous and this is this is special for the word soul because of that i believe that all the cogs in the world need to take care what happens in brazil now a very very grim a scenario that you described there alexander prado of the world wildlife federation in brazil i thank you for joining us. thank you. that's it for the day but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter is there indeed a new score you can follow me at a later lot corrado forget to use the hash tag that day i'll be back tomorrow for another look at the dates even.
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in europe transformed the focus on europe's summer series. razor sharp barbed wire sealed off the balcony how many refugees entered the e.u. shut down. 30 years ago borders were dismantled with both kind of hungary open escapes and let east germans flee to austria.
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hundreds of lives in the mine. where i come from blood your remains an import on the moon soft transmitting news and information and when i was young my country was in brawley confidence the more troubling of people most people would gods of our own drug receivers. it was. 2 in one and not just. everyone. from. intransigent. in john morris on. its way to. make choices. given their
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own way to transport troops. and. a low and welcome to focus on europe with me lara buffalo. it was a symbol of italy's engineering legacy that came crashing down one year ago the morandi bridge in genoa collapsed on august 28th chilling $43.00 people it destroyed homes and up rooted families who had lived under it for decades the bridge that gap in the.


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