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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin and dr baltar is to release the iranian oil tanker seized last month the supreme court approves bring the ship the grapes one despite a last minute cleaved from u.s. authorities it could need a swap with a british flag tanker being held by a wrong. also coming up to the plate the plastic scientists say they have found micro particles of it in the arctic snow we will look at why plastic pollution now litter some of the early earth's most pristine environment.
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i'm sara kelly welcome to the program there's a voter supreme court has ordered the release of the iranian oil tanker seized by britain last month that's despite an application by the united states to keep the ship in detention now to a boat to police and the british navy seized the vessel the grace one at the beginning of july it was suspected of taking a brawny an oil to syria which would violate e.u. and u.s. sanctions down to voters chief justice says that iran has now guaranteed in writing that the oil was not going to syria 2 weeks after the grace one was seized iran captured a british flag to take. a spring and be used to race a trooper who joins us now from iran. and islands on the strait of hormuz
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teresa tell us what these latest developments that we're hearing now from divorce or what does it mean for the stand to imperilled that british flag tanker being held by tehran. well that's the news on iran has been waiting for the past few days because in those days preparations have been made for potential exchange i was source within the iranian revolutionary guards told us that the british tanker has been moved lately from the place it was detained a couple of weeks ago and kept since then to a place closer to the port and bandar abbas and that port is a place we cannot go because we're told that there's an increased number of st paul military forces there so now as soon as the bridge the runnion tanker is released the chances are high that the same will happen to the british here in the strait of hormuz but so far there's no confirmation from any official and we know iran has repeatedly threatened to block the strait of hormuz in the conflict with the united
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states could have blockade happened if the u.s. still tries to seize the iranian vessel in. yeah rouhani has threatened that a couple of times already but so far i run is never done so but detainment of the british ship alone has slowed down trade here in this very important strategic region for international trade a lot i was out in the strait of hormuz today with a boat and i could hardly see any ships the only oil tanker i saw at all was an iranian one so that's obviously the detainment of this ship alone was enough to scare other traders away so it's important to know that the strait of. the global oil consumption so it has a tremendous effect on international trade and we have some positioning with regard to the strait of hormuz internationally we just want to highlight the european union actually proposed sending a naval force to protect merchant ships in the persian gulf what's
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a ron's view. ron totally rejects that altogether because ron considers the persian gulf its own backyard and it feels it is. responsible for the safety of shipping there so iran is willing to put together its own naval mission with other neighboring countries like oman the united arab emirates even saudi arabia but so far that was not access yet but iran says any other country sending military zips through the persian gulf is a security threat and that's not only for countries like the us great britain or even israel that iran consider as enemy countries but it that's also true for european countries iran says and iranians agree here that any other country sending ships here is a security threat to iran debbie used to race a trooper and iran thank you. and let's get more now with scott lucas professor of international politics at the university of birmingham in the u.k.
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welcome to the program scott and what do you make of this decision by the court and baltar to release the iranian vessel. well i think legally it's a pretty straightforward decision and. the 1st minister did not ask for the ship to continue to be held there is an assurance that it was not one to deliver oil to syria which would violate e.u. sanctions and the us are close to the justice department was rebuffed because it has nothing to do with that matter but politically doesn't shoot question does the united states now put pressure on the u.k. which said this is a matter for the courts to try to someway reverse this will modify this and still hold the ship does the u.k. resist do the americans go even further which was not only a split with the u.k. but with the european union. and we know the united states they want to seize the iranian tanker themselves. are those efforts now dead.
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oh enough he's dead under the trumpet ministration what it's trying to reduce all iranian oil exports does iraq which is why they very much wanted to keep holding on to the ship but i think the question is whether they keep pushing this particular matter given that the british are looking for the release of their u.k. fly tanker possibly later today or whether the americans say ok we lost on this one but now we'll try to find out otherwise to try to cut off iranian ships. burn us all of this leave because i mean it appears as if the united states is trying to sink any behind the scenes efforts made by british diplomats to end the tanker dispute in and really go its own way. it gives britain a huge choice and that is either it stands alongside its european partners it stands alongside the decision of the gibraltar court and says no we have to proceed with this would have to proceed then with diplomacy over this matter or does it
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only 48 hours after the u.s. national security adviser the hardliner john bolton was in london do they surrender almost or give way to the united states which will distance themselves from the europeans which may force a showdown with the iranians i think the new johnson government which has only been in office in a month has a big choice and which way it goes will say a lot about the new prime minister and whether he's really to basically give up europe to side with washington scott lucas thank you thank you. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world israel has barred 2 u.s. democratic congress women from visiting the country. representatives rush either to lobby who is palestinian of heritage and omar have both been highly critical of israel's treatment of palestinians it comes after u.s. president donald trump tweeted that the congresswoman hated israel and all jewish people. a russian passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing in
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a field after one engine sucked in a flock of birds the collision caused all the engines of the airline to fail shortly after takeoff from a moscow airport all 233 people on board survived although dozens of passengers were treated for injuries. the pakistani army says at least 8 soldiers have been killed in a border clash in kashmir is well above said that 3 of its soldiers and 5 indian soldiers are dead kashmir has been. in lockdown for 11 days since india revoked the special status of the region and sparked an international crisis the indian army has not yet confirmed commented on today's exchange of fire but local media quoted officials in delhi denying any deaths on their stuff. and his prime minister narendra modi has been defending his decision to and kashmir special status he was speaking at independence day celebrations in delhi marking 72
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years since the british raj was dismantled and divided into india and pakistan. india's national flag unfolds at independence day celebrations in delhi a symbol not only of 72 years of freedom from british rule but now also perhaps of the country's nationalistic shift months off to his landslide election when prime minister narendra modi defended his recent decision to strip kashmir of its special status he said the step would restore the disputed regions past glory. oh it can greatly contributed india's development journey. we should all make an effort to restore their old glorious days. the new arrangement is a result of these efforts. and it will work directly in the interest of citizens.
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who. spoke indian controlled kashmir spent it's an 11th day under a lockdown and communications blackout authorities there have cut internet and phone links detained more than $500.00 leaders and activists and restricted movement with police roadblocks. meanwhile in pakistan black flags flying at half mast the country observing what it called a black day to protest modi's decision on kashmir and express solidarity with residents that tensions between india and pakistan hanging like a dark cloud over the region. the oceans are filling up with plastic of dealing with it poses one of the great challenges of our time now researchers have shown that the problem isn't just confined to the world's waterways tiny pieces of plastic are increasingly entering the atmosphere as well and air currents are spreading them to some of the most pristine environments on earth. millions of tons
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of plastic end up in the oceans every year where the sun and the waves eventually break down the waste into microscopic pieces these so-called micro plastics now blanket the marine environment they found and sediments floating free in the water and inside practically every organism that lives in the sea now micro plastics have also been found in snow the researchers looked at how it got there or they want to have. eyes on the beaches. but also want to link it to the of. the tiny pieces of plastic are so light that if they leave the water and dry out they can be picked up by air currents and carried high into the atmosphere once they're like dust or pollen they act as a core for coalescing raindrops or in colder regions ice crystals when they grow
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heavy enough the rain drops or snowflakes fall back to earth as precipitation taking the microscopic pieces of plastic along for the ride. the polar end marine scientists from the alfred begin to institute in germany looked at snow samples from a range of sites in europe and the arctic. they discovered that even in some of the most remote areas on earth like the arctic ice pack a single leader of snow can contain thousands of pieces of micro plastic the discovery that the atmosphere likely plays a key role in transporting plastic has implications not just for pristine environments but also for human health. sports now in the long wait is nearly over for football fans the bundesliga kicks off this weekend in rb leipsic go under the season into the season excuse me under new coach healey and noddles men that 32 year old joins them from rivals hoffenheim and has previously been linked to some
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of the top jobs and football 3 years ago he made headlines by becoming the youngest ever bundesliga coach and despite still being younger than some of his own players he's expected to leave the club to new heights he's in the driver's seat though. the most in demand bundesliga coach in recent years in leipsic he has set himself clear goals while also calling for patience here on problems i've said before the aim is to win some silverware here or some gold or any metal. he also has a clear footballing philosophy and aims to build on predecessor rolf run next aggressive attacking system by adding more possession based play into the mix. is a deal we've covered all bases so that every player has heard the ideas at least once every player has animated tactics instructions on their phone and were happy to help them out any time now goes man likes to train with high intensity putting
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an emphasis on mentally testing his players and demanding only the best there's a lot of new stuff. he's having a lot of new ideas that we are training here in the preseason but i think it's. yeah interesting start hill so inject plenty of passion and team talks even as a youth team coach he was known for his motivational skills in the nickname mini marine yo he. said. get was done by the key new arrivals on the pitch french midfielder christopher. english when i the look man who had previously played for like securing a loan spell in 2018. put this beautifully with him overall i'm happy with the squad there's lots of potential my job is most interesting when there's room for development if everything was perfect on day wanted to be
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a boring season on you leonardo's money and i'll be light sick are a match up with bags of potential sunday's game against promotion side on your belly will provide the 1st test of this new era the next it is business africa with their hard l. 1st. thanks for watching. s.o.s. euro the european. crisis. gets to have a future it will meet champions young champions. for activists.


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