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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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of the biggest names in real estate buying apartment buildings of tells in casinos now could president trump purchase the entire country well trump reportedly wants to buy greenwood land the world's largest island would of course have a lot to offer a real estate developer ocean front property it between europe and the u.s. vast mineral resources and a perfect location near both china and russia of course there is just one small problem greenland says it's not for sale is this a presidential pipe dream or could greenland one day become america's 51st state i'm carl massa number len and this is the day. that it's all about you i thought it was a joke or that it was a for the 1st again you can't just buy a country the way donald trump apparently thinks he can. do this movie and this is
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an insult to the kingdom of denmark and above all the people of greenland who are certainly seen as a commodity that's up for sale she. should do this is definitely not something that we are considering we are part of the unified rail and we have a clear deal with greenland they decide their future. denmark can't just sell it to some rich guy in the u.s. . and the thing that we're seeing if you figure out libya there are 50000 people in greenland are danish citizens and they are not for sale. the colonial era ended a long time ago. also on the day opting in instead of opting out it's a small change but it could make a big difference when it comes to organ donation germany debates a controversial plan to boost its donor rolls as patients desperately wait for a transplant. that's part of the patients like me would like to think that everyone
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just once in their lives would at least consider organ donation i think that introducing a system of presumed consent would do that. a warm welcome to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world we begin the day with reports that u.s. president donald trump could be calling on his prior experience as a real estate tycoon the wall street journal reporting today that as far back as last spring trump has been expressing interest in buying greenlit but of course greenland is an autonomous danish territory and well it's not for sale the dues has been met with some skepticism by many in the us and in denmark but this would not be the 1st time that an american president has purchased territory from another nation in fact much of the united states was created that way in $1803.00 the louisiana purchase this arch chunk of land from france for $300000000.00 in today's
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prices it's more than 20 percent of the total territory of the current united states in 1819 the florida treaty with spain added the territory that you see here and an $867.00 president andrew johnson bought alaska from russia for just $7200000.00 not a bad price that would be a little more than $100000000.00 today so could greenland be next the u.s. has reportedly tried to buy the island before after world war 2 officials secretly offered denmark $100000000.00 in gold bars those plans of course went nowhere but now it seems trump is interested again the people of greenland not so much. if he's group patronizing. it doesn't feel like he. understands.
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the reality. stupid he could buy anything i guess this is what he thinks he can put it. to current. i mean it's the people it's the country. it's the culture. for more on this we have the perspective from washington and from europe joining me from iceland is dumb into joy she's a consultant specializing in greenland and arctic affairs and. joins us from washington d.c. thank you to you both all over i want to start with you president trump has reportedly brought this up multiple times with his own staffers i mean how seriously all recent posts to take these rumors well his aides in the white house in the 1st place thought it was a joke the president made there when he 1st mentioned that he would like to purchase a green land from denmark in according to the wall street journal which broke the
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story in the 1st place he came up with this idea in the various degrees of seriousness time and time again at dinner conversations at meetings and eventually asked his wife's health council to look into the legal ramifications off purchasing greenland so we can take this idea at least behind it quite seriously you also need to understand the bigger picture of course greenland is strategically positioned right between america and europe also it's a gateway to the arctic and many countries are having their eyes on the arctic right now and america is certainly one of them. now damien i want to turn to you you're actually on record as saying this isn't so irrational i mean all of it was bringing up some strategic interest you know you were saying in fact the trumps line of thinking could be something like quote let's buy it before the chinese do i mean can you explain that notion. president.
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and then the side of. the white house. about. china's interest in greece which is a critical issue for the united states and you don't. ease about this. you may consider. that's fine between markets. in terms of events. all over let's head back to you mean why just walk us through some of the details here why might the president actually be interested in buying an entire country walk us through these exact strategic interests you were mentioning before well 1st of all the ice is melting the arctic as a whole is warming up faster than any other region in the world and we've seen dramatic footage pictures in recent weeks coming in particular from greenland of
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melting glaciers and ice spurts and still that gives easier access to the natural resources they are there already are minerals on the one hand side but potentially there's even an oil and gas located on greenland in addition to that with the melting ice that would mean easier access to new ship ways like the famous northwest passage that's a short cut sensually between asia and the west for oil tankers for instance for cargo ships that will dramatically reduce travel time for international trade between these 2 regions so america is interested in all of that but so is russia and china and what is trying trying to do here essentially is he's trying to strengthen his hand in the arctic in this study gigli important region. david i want to talk about greenland itself i mean we should definitely tock about the people that live there but 1st i want to show you a tweet now this is coming from greenland ministry of foreign affairs they're
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responding to these reports today and then it says here in part greenland is rich in valuable resources and as a new frontier for adventure tourism we're open for business not for sale i mean about what 60000 people live there in greenland how do they feel that this this could feel maybe to them a bit a bit colonial i mean buying and selling territories like countries is to do in the 18 others whether it was a joke. but it you know these are. huge territory spot 6 times the size of germany population use she's about 1.5 percent one of the security so it's is a. relation mess if challenges a stake and the dream of being a state but the way very far from. damien we heard oliver touching on it there i mean the role of the arctic is changing rapidly with global warming there's new
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natural resources opening up new new trade routes is greenland just the tip of the iceberg so to speak in terms of geopolitics in that region. you know really what is the laboratory of the challenges us taking the ozzie and rio is also the center of the chinese u.s. competition in the arctic you have iceland and actually when don't trumpet this week denmark. this would be. the after and shows america is actually going to iceland next week to discuss obvious issues we've heard a lot of the counterparts how to get him out. right now. all of our back to you on bad official visit by president trump heading over to denmark what do you think will come up in a conversation well it's not on the agenda yet greenland and
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there's also no official statement announced by the wives house as of now but as you know president trying to always up for surprises so we can be excited to follow that event taking place denmark has made very clear that they're not interested in selling greenland and of course you also have to ask the 56000 people living there as well r d w's all over salat joining us from washington d.c. and dom in georgia a consultant specializing in greenlandic and arctic affairs thank you very much to both here. the leaders of nations at risk from rising sea levels have failed to agree on tough new climate change commitments the meeting of pacific states into ball doing to help limit rising temperatures but australia the world's biggest coal exporter blocked a binding agreement in order to protect its own economy. the half hearted
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handshake says it all there's nothing to be proud of here instead of a compelling global call to action the pacific island forum concluded with a watered down plan that opposing nations can easily opt out of the frustrated host scrambles for conciliatory words everybody should move to give the been deferred we speeded up the forum but i think. it's mostly used to start ups to the blade being gay but all fingers are pointing towards australia and its prime minister scott morrison. of the 15 most climate vulnerable states on the planet 7 are in the pacific region in order to protect them the leaders were hoping the forum would commit to action to limit temperature rises and agree to an immediate halt to coal mining these hopes for quickly dampened by the region's powerhouse.
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we stretched very strongly during no exchange and stayed with me it's. as though you are concerned about saving new economy you know your situation in australia i'm conserves about saving my people into a boat. was the leaders of those of this week small and compass morrison has long championed his country's lucrative coal industry he concedes climate change is real but insists it can be managed in a way that doesn't hurt his economy. because try to cancel 1.3 percent of the will to missions a strike here. on its side one cool on. that if we're serious about it we'd better actually understand that emissions don't have a nationality and with the bulk of emissions come from that's what's threatening the world's moment but at this point it's also australia's actions or the lack of
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them that are jeopardizing the future of millions of people living in the pacific destruction of our responsibility morris and won't be able to walk away from. hong kong is bracing for more antigovernment unrests earlier this week protesters forced a 2 day closure of the city's airports one of the busiest in the world china responded by appearing to bolster its military presence just across the border our correspondent charlotte shells and phil has more on what to expect this weekend. thousands of people are once again gathered in this iconic hong kong park this evening this is the 1st in a number of protests planned over the weekend this one is being called the stand with hong kong power to the people protest the organizers demanding that the u.k. and the u.s. take action in solidarity with this pro democracy movement now a lot of people are going to be watching the events of this weekend very closely
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that is after a big turning point on tuesday night when 2 men were detained and assaulted by protesters at the airports protests and then issued an apology saying that they believe that the 2 men were chinese infiltrators they say that they've learned from their mistakes they want these protests going forward to remain as peaceful as possible but the trouble is of course this is the leaderless movement that's been a big strength of the protest movement is also weaknesses there are small factions factions of protesters who do plan on becoming more aggressive protesters here say the events of this weekend will also depend on beijing any action they take and of course the actions of police who protesters say that become increasingly violent over recent weeks. so are you an organ donor i am but many here in germany are not and authorities are trying
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to increase the number of people willing to donate their healthy organs after death at the moment germany's registry is in so only people who've agreed to donate end up doing so officials want to change that to opt out where everyone is an organ donor until they say no critics argue that the system should remain voluntary let's take a deeper look now at the situation in germany the need is growing by a lot in just the last 2 years the number of people waiting for a new organ more than doubles to 95. people most of them needed a kidney transplant germany as 82000000 people but last year only 955 citizens donated their organs after they passed away that means for every 1000000 people in germany just over 11 are organ donors and sadly just over 900 people who were on the waiting list died last year before they can receive
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a transplant that's an average of around 3 people a day there are many people still waiting for an organ and they all have a story one of them is sarah who is currently living with cystic fibrosis here is her story. of breathing operator this is sarah shots constant companion last december she paid yet another visit to the university hospital in the german town of geese and she's a regular patient there. the 23 year old suffers from severe breathing difficulties caused by the genetic disease cystic fibrosis she's wracked by severe coughing technique us restricts her breathing and now seriously damaged. entire these few metres tiring oh gosh i'm going to try and yes it's tiring if i get another coughing fits and the coughing is of course also exhausting but that's just how it is. if i think she'll shrivel up. sarah has been waiting for more than
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10 months for an organ transplant the health of her lungs is checked regularly but during this 6 minute fitness examination she can only manage to walk 145 metres and only with the help of a walking frame for healthy people this would be easy but for sarah it's agony if she doesn't get a lung transplant soon she'll die but there's a massive organ shortage her prognosis isn't good doctors say she probably won't survive beyond 2019. back at home in the town of dine the sarah's parents doris and you're going to shot cystic fibrosis has long been a part of daily life the elder daughter miriam also suffered from the disease she died at the age of 15 sarah was 13 years old at the time. but then the long desired phone call comes whipping the shot household into a frenzy of activity the lifesaving lung donation is there is a step it's
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a perfect timing i'm fitter than i'll probably ever been. driving off to an uncertain future the severely ill sarah has waited for this moment for more than 10 months she knows that her life depends on this organ she also knows that the organ donor had for whatever reason not live to see this summer day sarah arrives at the transplant clinic in geese and it's 9 pm and sarah is that with her mother. it's her father and boyfriend have arrived just in time. as has sarah's best friend with her boyfriend they both want to see sarah for what may possibly be the last time i asked myself so it'll mean waiting to see of the long suitable and then to spend the remaining time with sarah going because it might go wrong in an event happens i definitely want to be there with means and.
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it was finished and. i'm here for you here operation isn't half an hour it's midnight time to head to the operating room her father who is also a doctor wants to will her and himself. sooner or later. hope that she survives this major operation that the london nation actually arrives and that it's a match. everyone waits together in a small hospital room with beating hearts and fraying nerves and plenty of time for contemplation. then at 7 am the news they have all been waiting for from the transplant surgeon. she received a wonderful pair of long as she's already breathing with them. sarah is still under anesthesia but she survived the 5 hour operation.
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how boyfriend pascal visits her in hospital 3 days later she's doing well even though she's weak she's breathing without tubes or an oxygen tank. back just you know off. on this if you feel that the lungs want to breeze and want to breeze deeply you can breathe deeply at once. i'm so grateful that the donor's family decided to do this and i also really hope that their decision brings them some consolation and that it gives the death a little meaning that this is. it's only 2 weeks since the operation and it seems like a miracle has occurred now sarah can walk 503 meters in 6 minutes the new organ is working perfectly she's still far from healthy but she can at least finally
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breathe freely. so it's so much fun to be able to walk it's no longer torture the agonizing months of waiting are over the lung transplant is the 3rd to take place in geese and so far this year that by this time last year had already been more transplants the problem is that there are too few organ donations sara says politicians need to act. the part of the patients like me would like to think that everyone just once in their lives would at least consider organ donation i think that introducing a system of presumed consent would do that. sarah can now dance again she had always said that she wants to live and thanks to an organ donation now she can. well certainly a powerful story there i'm joined now by dr andrew old man he's a specialist in internal medicine he's also a politician a member of the liberal democratic party and the german parliament and part of its
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health committee 1st i thank you so much for joining us for having me we heard sarah's story there and that package what's the situation like in germany for people like her that are waiting on a healthy origami as it is to the point that that's getting a bit desperate for those kind of patients well there are a couple of desperate patients out there you actually mentioned at the intro there are about 2 to 3 people die every day on the waiting list in germany and that is just for rationing of course because they are listed high urgency and they're just waiting desperately for the phone call to get new organ how would you put it in perspective and terms of other countries this is germany better off or worse off than any other countries in europe around the world well compared within the european union germany has done to him very well the transportation rate in germany is low compared to the amount of citizens we have here in our country and there's always a big discussion what is the reason behind this why is the transportation rate so low and some people discuss the dollars are not willing to give their consent to
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donate their organs so germany currently has what they call an opt in donor system why do officials now want to change it to opt out what's wrong with that old system well a lot of people think it's very simple they say there are people waiting on the waiting list they're desperate so we need to have more donors but the story's a different story because there was a very interesting study published last year in the german blood from having children keel where the found out that the major reason is special it could demick hospitals like university hospitals is that it's not a problem of donation or the donors itself it's a problem of managing time management and structures of the hospitals where there's a physician who's not set free to take care in the managed. potential donors so there could be a donor out there but there just isn't the system in place to make that happen there may be donors out there and there's the set up in the hospitals good enough
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to get those patients active once they have a brain death let's talk now about opting out so with this proposed system is actually after load would be signed up in a beyond them to then do the paperwork to say i don't i don't want to be part of this why do people object what are some of the reasons why people say i don't want to donate my organs even though i've passed away well donation is something voluntarily actually and when we're talking about the opt out system it's basically a mandatory organ delivery system by people who did make up their minds if they want to be a donor or not. spain for example has the system the opt out system and they have more transplant patients and when actually politicians from the german parliament traveled to spain to listen to those hospital. seniors or physicians why are you doing better than in germany we found out it was not the opt out system
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that they're working with it's not even endorsed in the hospital it's just basically that the managing structure for screening for patients is a lot better than in germany in a word really do you think this will change in germany well we did have a change our transportation laws in april of this year and we have to see if this is going to change situation germany i'm optimistic that the managing and screening procedures in the hospital will get better and they will have more transportations in germany sooner like in spain thank you very much politician and dr andrew thank you thank you. that's it for the day but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or at conde nast month and don't forget to use our hash tag the day. thanks for watching and for making us a part of your day.
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the. most removed from the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week on course we give this week we focus on kashmir one of the most beautiful and most troubled places in the world now india has revoked the region's long held autonomy and suddenly all the talk is of conflict so how bad can things get find out on court riga show. next on d w.
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what keeps us in shape what makes a city and how do we stand down from. my name is dr carlson the time i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your health. state use. and let's all try to stay in good shape. d.w. . the world is getting worse and. more consistency among the problems. of. the global 3000 talked to a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. that while it is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was how. is the world really getting
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better and. a global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on digital. clone a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of burlington this week the focus is on the crisis in kashmir a territory claimed by both india and pakistan making it one of the world's most volatile flashpoints and in the latest development india's government has stripped kashmir of its long held autonomy saying it's time to bring peace and prosperity to the region but the muslim majority is furious.


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