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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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see on and off of losing time. in 60 minutes on d w. i not go out and they will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made some minds. smoke on the water in the alps we will find out more about that later on in the
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show hello and welcome to another exciting edition of your own acts this time full of festivals i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up on the program. women only at europe's a motorcycle event for girls called culture let's bikers come from all over the world cardboard only a french artist constructs gigantic buildings out of this material. but 1st it's coming up roses in brussels that's because roses and other colorful flowers are decking the halls and rooms of the city's gothic town hall for the by annual flower time exhibition more than 30 international florus are taking part to show off their creations during the 5 day event while we accompanied a belorussian flower designer to see how her creations represent the belgian capital. i did and concentration the tiniest account over is making
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a few final tweaks she and her team have a range thousands of flowers with a big opening just around the corner she wants everything to be perfect but she knows how important it is to stay calm. do not assume the gap i run around and check everything if something doesn't work i go over and say what details need to be changed i'm never stressed on big projects because i trust my team i'm gonna keep. today is the big day for natalia. in just a few hours flower time will begin at brussels city hall the exhibition will see the gothic building transformed into a floral paradise the juxtaposition of contemporary design in these grand historic rooms creates a unique work of art around 70 florists and volunteers from more than 13 countries like here this year to offer their own regional spin. like this japanese porcelain
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. and the is woven palm leaves from indonesia. jewelry and clothing can also be seen among the unusual creations. and this room traditionally used for weddings is decorated with thousands of roses and orchids in classic white. the day before the event there is still not much to receive an italian and her team stands by building the supposed to stop this. afternoon east she's originally from bella reduce but head inspiration comes from her new home in brussels which is reflected in her choice of flowers. look easy for me our kids mean luxury the globe are yours the glory also is a tropical flower bun mill is a simple crop plants. so usually i'd never make
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a bouquet with these flowers and the reason i've chosen them for this exhibition is because i think brussels represents diversity comics. this team from beijing also once they flower is to be symbolic. head design a tina has to build bridges between china and the west as a team a duty zhang explains she's not only a local florist an artist also is a young person from the new generation so this generation in china really wants to really like to reach out and make friends with international people. the grand unveiling is about to commence the exhibition will run for 5 days and is expected to attract more than $15000.00 physicians. it's amazing crazy amazing so big sister was so smart so the student is i didn't
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know that's going to exist like the old it's me there's something new and surprising every time it's really impressive into the cook and. the tension has given way to tears of joy. all the hard work has paid off. natalia is the kind of and her team can now sit back enjoy the show and smell the roses. right you want to thank them lord invites are just for boys the petrol let's all make you think again oh these are women motorcyclists from all over the world who gather one thing here for a big motorcycle festival held right here in germany from harley riders to b.m.w. these women show that they have what it takes to ride a motorcycle and what about the guys well sorry mate. only the ladies are in the driver's seat for this event. the smell of gasoline hangs in the end
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there are cooled by exposing plenty of horse power and not a man in some things. the petrol next festival everything is about women and then machines. around 400 motorcycle levels from around the we'll have come to take part in europe's biggest female motorcycle festival. it is. the best festival in all of the world and i go to a lot of festivals right out here for. it's ok to meet so many. and i am so fields off to be here for the festival is being held on the signs of a former open const coal mine close from iraq unless the city of ion. location at roughly a 2 hour motorcycle ride away from berlin the site boasts everything
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a bike a could want the race track and. even. but for the spine because there is no time to relax. now given your role. at moto yoga the festival participants can work on their flexibility balance and mindfulness all of which are important when riding a motorcycle. not a message knows what matters most. to do motocross or ride off road like i do you need to have good back and stomach muscles because you're constantly going up out of your seat and down again so you need to strengthen your back as well as your stomach your entire core has to be firm with them without all . that is what it's all about in off road training these enjoy bikes are slim. street models in the times have to transfer and basically you need to right
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standing up that's unusual even for bikers with plenty of experience. but canadian yvonne ducks worth his while intervention into this new terrain the bikes are completely different than what i'm used to so they're much higher but it's all a lot of balance and the way you move your hips and throw your weight so i mean that's a great practice to which is headed by tina meier one of the very few female bikers to take part in the debt car rally on the famous off road in joran has raced that petra nets she passes on her experience have tacking daunting to rain. as what slides a brown the ground is a bit like a dance partner you don't know you get impulses and you pick them up on the bike and use them on the road you do everything to keep the toys from sliding out but here it's let it slide its funds. among the festival highlights on the sprint
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races here the constant riders compete against one another in various. according to the power of the engine. 200 metres from start to finish one of the compared to this channel to cooper check she finished 2nd in this race but to her having fun comes 1st. and you're kind of outside time and space sort of like you're in the tunnel it gives me the jitters and i feel like i'm floating and. getting the cockpit launched the picture let's festival in 2016. she hopes it will continue to strengthen the female community. for me there's a certain thing i really like the exchange with other women and we see things i see i mean so in my personal. perience you don't have to prove yourself to have sharp
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elbows. here in the head she lets people perceive you differently and accept you so. if you don't know something we can do something they'll help you right away . even away from women you have a motorcycle license to join in on the fun. we've all been faced with the dilemma of what to do with boxes when they are empty well the french a visual artist olivier goals to it has an idea he create structures like this one here and he makes it a collective project while he. has created huge cardboard buildings in cities all over the world bringing people of all walks of life together in the name of art while we went to northern france so what is the latest contemporary installation. from cardboard boxes
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tape and lots of helping hands are all that only means for his monumental art this is urban art of another kind 14 cardboard buildings up to 27 meters tall and weighing one and a half tons each he's having a city built within a city on the waterfront in the after friends his largest cardboard creation to date does that make him nervous. a bit we could build a lot more here without with the weather conditions actually make me more nervous than the construction itself. could hear us remember. that was almost completely destroyed in the 2nd world war later french architect. designed housing for around 60000 people a masterpiece of urban planning. drew inspiration from the an eskimo
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world heritage site for his cardboard installation. and putting. in some pretty. you need to do to get what's fascinating work at the end of it like being an architect. i have kids and as a boy i myself used to play with cardboard boxes but you're right i think that you what you play can be anything you want to a little kid a ship an airplane or whatever he said you know truth. these monumental cardboard concepts would hardly be feasible without plenty of help from the people of new africa the buildings are made of some 3000 rolls of tape and 23000 boxes far fewer than bricks in the originals they take just one week of construction not much to build an entire city but it did require months of planning and precision drawings much like an architect with maybe. the
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46 year old artist's favorite piece is the tower. this is a replica inspired by st joseph's church in l. ever the fear now is to test the limits of the limits we're going to build it's about 26 meters 26 and a half almost 27 meters high can win votes of. participatory art and gets people involved. fabulous year in the open and nice weather it's extraordinary that's all of this talk to others she was like you get outside it's creation. everybody works together so. it's a chance for everyone to pitch in and help out. the artist sees working and building together and the energy that is set free as an essential part of this art happenings now the buildings are almost done. with only
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a few metres to go a strong wind starts blowing with gusts of 60 kilometers an hour some of the buildings start to sway. he could cast a vote. in a 1000000 living here it's attempting to do much business i mean it's too bad we can't get as far as she hoped but at the moment it's just too dangerous to have people working. with. nature puts a premature end to the construction and in the morning down the tower collapses. others fall victim to the wind. only 4 of the buildings came through the night intact the ruins of the others inspire the public to make a few spontaneous creations of their own. but oh yeah we've collected pieces from all over the place and now we've built this piece yeah it's hard. to
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pick. cardboard city stands for just 2 days. and then the big demolition operation begins the only piece not to be torn apart is this tower it's carefully hoisted up and carried away as requested by the people of. the demolition is also a part of all the vehicles ted's concept the cardboard city is meant to be a femoral. well that's it now it's over this is really the end of the project. it only takes a little while before the place is empty. but it's fun to watch the people laughing shouting. and enjoying themselves. even with the inclement weather the happening was a complete success and on t.v.
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cause is already planning his next cardboard city. today if you want to tell something to your friend or neighbor who lives across the alps well you probably reach for your cell phone but back in the day and i'll porn was used to all different sound sequences they had different messages the out form was also used by shepherds to collect their cattle in the mountains while today it is considered a national symbol of switzerland at that country's biggest alpine festival we find out why. switzerland prides itself on stunning mountain panorama breathtaking scenery and the national symbol that's music to the ears of many alpina.
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thousands of al born fans flocked to dance in the canton of valis to pay homage to this instrument that's a whopping 3 and a half meters long. from belgium feel differently spot i come from holland for manchester in the u.k. getting like almost i come from germany from china haven and we really like alcohol music i pod that's why we're here now. there are around 4000 active album players in switzerland here and 150 musicians from around the globe have gathered for the country's largest alcohol and festival most of them over 50 but they are also young instrumentalists with a passion for the alpine who. penned the trend seems to be moving towards younger people. perhaps they're trying to get out of the film and play more jazzy chromatic pitches in order.
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as much as possible. so in this middle his. depending on the horn players can produce 12 to 16 different notes enough to perform contemporary pieces. the international group the alpine sisters specializes in this kind of music. it's not possible to play everything of course but the style. is like if you imagine a trumpet without. limits and. for a while it was like really as i said before it was going to relay but now it's like making a comeback. and i guess that no it's really cool again it's really trying to.
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bridge in the shepherds use the alp own as a way to communicate with one another over long distances and not just in europe shepherdson asia also played similar instruments but there would be close to 500 years of history the alpine one is being heard less and less these days nadal is considered to be switzerland capitol hill almost everyone plays one including patty c.m. one my mother is an icon player also she plays with me in the group and i guess is just. i just started because she was playing it and i thought it was a cool instrument and. now here i am. playing is also of course instruments to play in switzerland some 40 instrument make his specialize in crafting alpine homes once one of us so is one of them it takes him 2 weeks to make an album but the wood from the red spruce must strive for 5 to 8 years before he
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starts working on it. clear she's a tree that grows in poor soil and one that grows very slowly due to the rocky ground. as its brains are very constricted the tree grows quite slowly but that's the kind of what we look for we call it. it's the same kind of wood used to make violins guitars and other musical instruments. the men from the tao proudly uphold other swiss traditions to what's known as khan and. form with huge cowbells. very nice of the festival comes when the $150.00 alpine one play is performed together that's bound to be the case again next year too when al gore and fans flocked to southern switzerland for the 19th edition of the festival. want to learn more
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about european lifestyle and culture. when you come to like. the euro might try to. take the plunge to a restaurant. trying with. lasers crazy joins the race to destroy. your romance. subscribe so you don't miss it. but i learned something of a planet in and of itself with people from all corners of the world living here well some have made it their permanent home opening galleries bars and restaurants we're featuring some of these entrepreneurs in our series planet berlin and today we meet up with venezuelan cooks sharon shell she serves up a south american snack from her food truck here in the capital.
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i mean shell comes from venezuela she satisfies spending it's hunger we don't replace food can meal cakes. but that's something that every business so let me know how to make it at home or not new you make it since you are very very young because it actually like maybe like a playground thing with wooden arcade and i got playing with a half and so this is what you get when you are going for school now and you're along. with this and you have us all that i'm not home. every sunday sharon serves them right most of the free market right next to them our pumpkin prince now the. cakes are filled with chicken and beans so beat that she's prepared so. the free market attracts bell innocent tourists alike it represents the belive that
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sharon loves what i love about and even embarrassing if you have the feeling that you are in a small town but at the same time you are in a big city and many things are happening but at the same time to have. a very quiet life. it is that at the end of the day the young people get it from everywhere and i know that. sherman show was born into venezuelan catholic so cut costs. early on she developed a passion for electronic music and started to d.j. . due to be unstable political situation she decided to leave her home and when she was 16 she went to mexico then to spain and made a name for herself as a d.j. a decade ago she came to berlin and state i thought from syria in my life 5 times including. and i really enjoyed this very not like to jump in the.
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emptiness said you don't know what that. trip to a park in east in berlin is sharon shows away says. she comes here to go for walks and relax. in the german capital she switched professions and has no desire to return to her former life as a teacher it's never easy when you take what you know the most in life and you make it that's your job because of the way you play you're beautiful sometimes do. you know you are not feeling like you want to play and you have to do what you do do for sometimes you feel that you don't want to travel then you have to do it and you have to give your best at some point i wonder through do the stuff work in the nightlife. then lynas can get a no but sherman said replace so now she also says that it's at a kiosk in bed inspecting the district but has stunned at the amount of the market because especially playing scenario. here tonight because before after the day i
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also had an interaction but through music you know i was concentrated playin with that technique and wow what music i'm going to play next and what struck. me here i got to interact more with people and it's amazing because i give people their fair. so this is for me also. now sharon show them and it's way in the can well imagine staying in bed linen for good and introducing many more people to this part of culture. looks worth giving a try and with that we were up another show now don't forget to visit our web site or check us out on facebook to take part in our weekly drop from me and the rest of the crew here as always thanks for tuning in and i'll see you again next week.
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thank you. though things like a breath of sea air to come the song. oh the dawn of the island as the purpose and as journey's longest speech some 1900 hours of sunshine a year. the charm of a bygone era on the magical baltic sea island off the dock.
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30 minutes on d w. the world is getting worse and. moore's could sastre views among the problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. that while it is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was and how. is the world really getting better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on the deeds of the.
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system overall by plying the 5 keys to sea for food use them you also have a role to play. this is the news live from berlin jubilation in sudan as the nation plots a path toward civilian rule the country's military and pro-democracy opposition sign a landmark power sharing deal that should lead soon will lead sions within 3 years we'll find out what's at stake also coming up after a week of violence and warnings from beijing saturday's anti-government protests in
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hong kong are largely peaceful but concerns are mounting about unauthorized rallies planned for sunday and easy rider measure.


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