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this is the w.'s life problems but i live in a new life the children of islamic state fights as thousands of them account in northeastern syria some european countries some of them just now germany has agreed to take. german fathers. also on the progress of the world through monetary and we look at the work of my talents in syria so i can survive as the protests of the world. jams chunks from opsec historic milestone on the road to have country unification i'm going back to hundreds prime minister to remember the day
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30 years ago i'm told it was open the fatwa to hungary and austria thousands each just to make their way. i felt welcome to the program germany has agreed to take in 4 children born to form a islamic state fights us kushal sources of one of the children to a german delegation in syria the border crossing with iran and children have been living at the albert hall accounting ne in syria 70000 women and children are being it's the 1st time germany has accepted as a green to accept dyess children from syria other european countries including france and belgium have already done so more than $100.00 children not just parents are still there. political correspondent at will have no clue crossed
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can tell us more about today's decision welcome when and why is this happening now . well 1st it should be said this very complicated situation involving potentially many children many families that have been caught up in i s. fighting over the years from people in their families going to the region and syria and iraq to fight for i asked now this particular case deals with 4 children all under the age of $101.00 even is younger than 10 months who's also suffering from serious brain injury now the german authorities agreed to take these children it seems after a berlin court a few weeks ago ruled that these children must be taken back this is after months of the german government dragging their feet in trying to figure out exactly what to do with kids who have some sort of legal right to return to germany these children are said to be going to northern iraq where they're going to be seeing seeking medical care and when they're healthy enough they will continue on to germany ok so this is very much against the german government's wishes it seems
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let's hear some of what the german foreign minister must say today. for lish. it's most welcome that for german children who have been in custody in northern syria were able to leave the country today and will advocate for other children to also be able to leave syria. so this essentially concerned small children and their accommodation is anything but optimal and ultimately they cannot be held responsible for their parents' behavior that's why we want to help their. wm he sounds like he's making the best of a bad job they had to be sued into allowing these children to come to germany now he's saying that they are welcome what's going to happen to the 100 or so other children of german descent who still live. that so far extremely unclear now regional news media in the region around syria iraq they are reporting there are
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some larger plan at foot but that is nothing that the german government has yet to confirm so far this this can concerns just the 4 children the german government said there's no master plan for bringing all the children back or all the families related to i.a.s. fighters so where this goes from here is still very unclear of course you know just for purposes of comparison to how complicated this is germany and the e.u. is having trouble what to do with refugees coming into europe so this is even more complicated situation when you're dealing with children and relatives of heart and i guess fighters and the risk of radicalization is really quite real. no glucose thank you one of the few other european countries that have agreed to take in i asked children is belgium's let's take a look has a look at how belgium rescued many children from squalid kaun in northern syria. children absolutely exhausted starving sick injured children of
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a war not of their making. and they're stranded here in no man's land with the kurds in northern syria. the refugee camp meant 410000 people now shelters 73000 because no one wants them these people might belong to i am. but heidi to power of the belgian children's protection center child focus says that's no excuse for the terrible situation at the camp the guards are very clear that they do not have enough resources to take care of all these international foreign women and children who at a certain point were members of. isis so that's very clear they also feel that the international. coalition is leaving them a little be
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a little behind. after much debate the belgian government decided to send a small group of experts to syria. among them is heidi to power. her assignment to find belgian children in syria to build report with them and then bring them back to their home country. in the end it's 6 out of nearly 50 children orphans. so they are eager to give the children back the only thing is they say a lot of countries are not contacting us are not talking to us so that that's one thing and the other thing they say of course a lot of countries. have the now the demand that only the children can come back not the model. the kurds categorically reject this they don't want to separate mothers from their children and they no longer want to be responsible for these women to have to care for them. the kurds had suffered massively at the hands
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of ins. people who belong to my ass have to live under strict surveillance in a separate area of the camp and with good reason. the moderate and especially runaway women and children are greatly terrorized by asked loyalists they fear for their lives. i did a mistake i came here my children are here if i have to sit 20 years in prison and i have to pay for it even the money for that i stay in prison i would to go turtle years in prison really for life yes psychologic more tests and one ton of. people in the camp who do not submit to i ask are punished torched and women and children are killed. we have to realize that there is a caliphate developing within the camps in north eastern syria and this is it
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potential danger for the children who are dare and for the women who turned their back on isis they will come back illegally out of scope with oil. possibilities of attacking our society so for safety reasons yes for safety reasons we have to get them back the experts say it's the only way to keep an eye on them. you know let's get more on the considerations and behind the decisions to ivory patrick these children and their problematic patterns from a journalist i mean musawi who's written extensively about iris welcome to the doubly so we heard that. this is this is tricky clearly countries don't want these countries these children and their parents to come here to europe for fear that they're going to commit acts of violence or indeed radicalized others so how dangerous are these people phil it is dangerous situation that is the hot spots of
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i as we are talking about i just fell down and there is no control over territory but still under that place remember. that prison south of wasilla was also hotspots of these lands where from there the back in baghdad and the other came out from that prison because they meet each each day there is no control what are they doing which i don't know gee is going on through that camp and that's why the truth didn't specially taint 8 to 12 years old if we are not going to take them back we are going to deal 56 years later with a new generation of violence this why this is a obligation in front of us legally and also morally so it's the german government was that had to be sued to allow for orphans for children to come to germany there
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are $100.00 more children of german descent out there do you think it is inevitable that those children and perhaps their parents will come back. to cases children and parents to a different thing. i think that children in the have the right to come back to just to have and another chance to live and a normal life just to save them from that i don't know about of all the parents it is another question because we are talking about hundreds of jihads from europe not just in germany also from bridgend and holland and not just in iraq by the way also in iraq and iraq and syria both from that x. i asked her we're talking about hundreds and that's why i think in new york people love all that should be a solution for that whole package how we are going to deal with them through international court or individually each country got back their
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citizens i think in the end of the day we are not going to leave that's a problem for the local partners cords are iraqis because it is dangerous imagine what would happen if turkey attack because they will not have the capacity to guard that people and we will have cows in the end. so very complicated you've taught to search nicely thank you thank you much now state syria as we look at the work of the white house the rescue organization as the united nations marks its annual world humanitarian day it's a tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service why tell me it's a based in the city of idlib where 7 of their volunteers were recently killed as government forces and their russian allies advanced on the city it's the final stronghold of rebels opposed to president bashar assad. racing
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to save lives rescue of mohammad tommy receives details of the incident over his radio a russian warplane has dropped bombs on an apartment block in moderate on a town in syria's province right now every moment counts. they arrive at the scene to look for survivors buried in the rubble who can't get out without their help and the ownership. this time at least it seems no one is being hurt or needs the white helmets assistance. we help injured civilians children women and old people. i work is really important there's no other organization on the scene that's saving lives he was up for when it was shown that. mohammed joined the white house once in 2013 he's one of 180
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volunteers based here at this emergency center. of rescued thousands of people from the rubble that's what inspires mohammed to keep going. still not every mission is a success and the memories of what he's seen still haunt him i. woke up that what they know and the worst was when i pulled 2 brothers from underneath a concrete ceiling they've both been sleeping in the same bed one of them was already dead you know we saved the other not the one that made me cry not by. the white helmet i've been working around the clock since the government launched its offensive. syrian and allied russian fighter jets have been bombing targets here in the last rebel held controlled region in the country. the government says it's only targeting militias loyal to al qaeda but in reality they're also been hitting
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apartments hospitals markets and schools. the white helmets document the reality of this war from the ground sees them as terrorists and that's why they themselves have become a target. in the pain and again as we were rushing to save people's lives russian jets launched a 2nd wave of bombings hitting the rescuers many of our people have been killed or injured in that way thought out and how it's not that the. 9 white helmets have died in the past 3 months alone the group says. a good friend of mohamed's was one of them. and. i couldn't do with what happened for a whole week i couldn't talk to anyone and couldn't understand what had happened i was with him when he was hit we wanted to save civilians that's had with. mohammed has also been injured in the field several times. but he says in the end all
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that pain has just made him stronger. and will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world afghanistan's president ashraf ghani has committed his government to eradicating and destroying the islamic state group in his country at least 63 people were killed there could be kept in a suicide bomb exploded at a wedding hall bombings on monday dozens of us and guns comments come as the united states negotiates with the taliban to end nearly 18 years of fight. an iranian oil tanker seized after bolter in july he said santa after being released by a court in the british territory of the great swan was held on suspicion of smuggling oil to syria in contravention of a new sanctions iran has warned the united states not to try to seize the tac. wildfires are raging across the spanish on the ground canary thirty's have moved
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about 8000 people to safety since the places began on saturday and hundreds of firefighters and more than a dozen planes and helicopters are battling the flames emergency services of one of the situations very serious the fires are out of control. now to a historic milestone on the road to german reunification and the end of the cold war in 1989 the iron curtain still divided europe between the soviets controlled communist east and the democratic west but on this day 30 years ago in the hungarian town of shopfront hundreds of east germans fleeing communists were unexpectedly allowed to cross the border and enter austria months later the berlin wall came down. leaders of germany and hungry have commemorated the opening of the border in shop around today but the bearing struck many as i'm going to medical unfit to really really see eye to eye when it comes to borders and migration.
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saw a moment to come i'm right in moments in history that changed its cars german chancellor angela merkel and time gary and prime minister viktor orban both came to shop around 30 years ago a picnic in this time darien city at the border with austria led to tearing down off a historic barrier and your. austin picnic will be the picnic became the scene of the biggest breakout of people from is germany since their construction off the wall in 1961. that's the pan european picnic it was organized at the austria hungary importer during the gathering at least $600.00 is germans crossed the border and escapes for freedom in the west by november an estimated $70000.00 have fled via hungary this event was seen as a key factor in the fall of the berlin wall itself 3 months later shock on the stand by its food shop run as an example of what we europeans can achieve when we
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stand up for our core values age. why america went on celebrated the this pivotal moment in the fall of the aaron curtain it was clear that their relationship between the 2 leaders has strained in recent years aren't sess he holds to chairman chance 1st work in high regard to. the. hour is steam is increased by the knowledge that from debate to debate from dispute to dispute from day to day europe constantly needs uniting. but. hold very different views on how europe's borders should be managed nowadays it's known as one of the biggest critics of mcas decision to leave the german but us open and that's hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country. saddam's former president omar al bashir is on trial for corruption the top of the
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country's democratically elected government in 1890 ruled for 30 years before himself being ousted in april following mass protests bush's trial was taking place amid a political crisis triggered by his removal of sudan's military and civilian leaders struggle to form a transitional council to steer the country towards democratic elections. behind metal bars the man who once ruled sudan with an iron fist omar al bashir stands accused of corruption prosecutors say he received over $90000000.00 from the saudi royal family piles of cash were allegedly found at his home after he was forced from office to form a strong man on trial a scene few in sudan thought they'd ever see under bashir is 3 decades of authoritarian rule sudan has suffered a devastating famine civil war and seen his territory split into. the country's fledging democracy was crushed in 1989 when bashir ousted a new civilian government in
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a military backed coup. a crippling drought in the darfur region led to a prolonged famine and fueled a rebellion but she has cracked down was brutal the international criminal court in the hague issued a warrant for his arrest accusing him of leading a campaign of rape hunger and fear that led to the deaths of 300000 people and left millions displaced in refugee camps. the country was divided in 2011 when south sudan declared its independence from the north despite the she is attempts to stop it the multiple elections that repeatedly return bashir to power were dismissed by observers as illegitimate. but it was the rising price of bread and fuel that pushed sudanese out onto the streets late last year demanding an end to decades of suffering bashir attempted to respond. to that or not the whole country is going through difficult economic circumstances it's
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hurt a large portion of our society due to internal and external causes that you are aware of. what that. but it was too little too late for months of deadly anti-government protests culminated in 6 days of mass demonstrations. that after 30 years in power bashir was forced out through military intervention. sudan is now celebrating the country's steps towards democracy under a tentative coalition of military and civilian leaders how they deal with the troubled past may well shape the country's future. for now if you've ever been to london chances are you are captured by one of the city's more than 420000 closed circuit t.v. cameras only the chinese capital beijing moments as its inhabitants but a new type of camera has many londoners what are the big brother may be doing more
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than just watching them. u.w. reporter matthew moore joins us for more welcome matthew so when the average ones are already caught on camera at least $300.00 times a day one wonders what is so upsetting about just a few more comers well it is the difference between c.c.t.v. cameras and new life facial recognition cameras life issue recognition cameras rely on biometric data or unique data that's akin to fingerprints or d.n.a. samples and one of does is they'll take your picture and then cross much thought into the database of existing pictures either a police database or private at the base and not the thing that previously computers so can sound c.c.t.v. cameras more passive and can identify individuals automatically and this story emerged last week which has got computers especially angry is a story about
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a private company in london which operates in the state run kings cross a big station in the city and what they started doing or what was a marriage was that they directed life issue recognition cameras without telling anyone that they were being subjected to this new technology and that meant that workers commuters people when tourists who everywhere who were not area you would have been subject to a scan and your your face would be put through a system stored and you wouldn't have known about it and you would of unable to prevent it from happening and now it's nor the 1st time this happened but it's it takes them to a new realm that private companies are now doing less. and it goes a step further than just police and campaigners say it's an infringement on your fundamental freedoms freedoms privacy freedom of expression and we spoke to one campaign who traced these concerns to the. space for the range subjecting them to an intrusive identification check in the
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same way that fingerprints d.n.a. swaps work. additionally like fish or commission as a camera. means people. wouldn't necessarily agree to it so what are the arguments in favor of this technology where there's the public security and as a commercial argument for if you're the police i mean at least 2 police forces in the u.k. of trial tests and the use of life issue to recognition and they say it makes people safer and so there's to use 2 aspects of the business mostly which is allows them to identify no one wanted criminals and then there's that people who might be trying to enter a stadium. and then there's the major prevention of a major crime identifying perhaps would be terrorists before they if they commit an act of terrorism and then there's the commercial angle which is
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a bit less clear but there is one the technology could be attractive to for example casino owners they could use life effect mission recognition technology to identify v.i.p.'s the high rollers as the enter the casino or indeed corner artists and so there's that aspect to it now in the case of king's cross it's not so clear what what the benefit would have been but they say it was a public safety issue they say that the technology could trot individuals didn't see how many cameras were used and they did say that they had the systems were sophisticated enough not to. abuse the process of the public for them to prevent so they say that matthew moore thank you so much for. sports i will start with tennyson the cincinnati masters who had russians that neil medvedev beat david goffin in the final to save his 1st since $1000.00 title medvedev a blue lost in the final and lost 2 told once you've played it despite suffering the cramps nothing is going to stop her because she said bell to the moment when
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she's about to post medvedev i can tell the whim of an ace having saved 2 break points while serving for the match she took it in straight sets 766. 5 i am so exhausted to celebrate like if you would ask me before the tournament what would i do if i win the tournament i would say i would have a ball down on the court or scream like crazy and finally when i made this law states i had no power to even say one word so i just went to the net and i was like ok it's finished i want to. it's your money top sort of as our germany has agreed to take up for show look else brings up so-called not as much respect for account in the movies from syria out of the 400 german father's home office and thousands of children living in the town and the thousands of children caught in the shipping the fact that the flop but if they don't the news live from both up next a look at the bright side to
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a global 3000 sites look at human progress that has been a positive development. a tough call for me to come to. the flop. flop. the be. the 1st to.
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commit. the world is getting more support in the form of kids just a few. a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem a british researchers who take an optimistic view. while it is not always a good point but it's much much rarer than i was apart just the really getting better. global 3000 next d.w. .
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planet earth less global true sky for germany's booming economy i love berlin. 50 nations 50 story and 15 very personal to berlin's very best features. book now planet from our lomax series every week on d w. using the site for some. when there's a flood water comes up doorways close fast to everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. people. so they can
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plant crops and find to meet. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any matter if you want to build a. climate exodus starts september 5th on t.w. . welcome to global 3000 this week's program highlights the sunny side of life it's life affirming and encouraging we set out to reveal the many.


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