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and you know what external voice is. on the 77 percent the top ball because you. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. is due to the news a shot coming up on the program a pro-democracy movement. that's the message as hong kong sees more than a 1000000000 protesters on the streets over the weekend but the state sponsored the rhetoric against them grows on the chinese mainland even taking the form for a fee dio's. complete package because. that's video in a communist box of newspapers printed account of the slew of propaganda doesn't end
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there. kind of on his top box 100 years of independence by betting instead we look at why many doubt the p.c. the father bond is the promise of a better future. i'm going to welcome to. it's good to have you with us. now these were the scenes in hong kong on sunday organizers say more than $1000000.00 protesters gathered in a march for democracy it was the 1st time in around 11 weeks that the special administrative region of china witnessed peaceful protests through that time the chinese government has consistently want protesters of serious consequences if their protests continue and those warnings have also been accompanied by state propaganda on t.v.
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social media and even music videos videos such as this rap song by chinese group cd records. playing. michigan. john is certainly there certainly sticking together in criticizing the protesters but video playing out on the protocol of the communist party about these people daily it's just one part of the propaganda blitz launched by the chinese government. state propaganda can seem so harmless at hong kong's border china's communist rulers have rustled up
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a fairy tale 600 illuminated drones hover in the night sky i love hong kong and i love china is their message but propaganda can have another aspect the evening news also has a message protesters are plunging hong kong into chaos. she's the only indian who she thinks who the demonstrators are like you read droppings they have angered the people and the powerful in heaven here in the u.s. . china's state media feed the viewers an endless stream of the same images of violence there's no coverage of peaceful mass protest demonstrators are equated with terrorists under the control of foreign powers no coincidence then that the stars and stripes flooders into the shot. it doesn't strike me as a very young it's very sad that they are being led astray that the most out. of every good tale needs a hero that rules are reserved for. a journalist for chinese state media who is
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seized balland and beaten by anti beijing protesters at hong kong airport whose fate went viral on state controlled social media presented as an assault on all of china's 1400000000 citizens. while the demonstrators say they are defending human rights but they deny journalists their right to enter the airport i give that journalist a big thumbs up for the courage he showed footage of sure we don't get that propaganda is especially effective when it stirs up deeper feelings this side of demonstrators throwing the chinese flag into hong kong harbor triggered outrage on social media and in response an outpouring of patriotic fervor from chinese citizens branding hong kong's pro-democracy movement as an attack on their national pride will soon trollish a city it is a great honor for me to be one of the 1400000 defenders of our flag and i will do
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my best to ensure it is always respected but as you well know it's interesting. in china isn't only flying drones at the border close by and the paramilitary people's armed police has been holding drills this week more propaganda that doesn't seem as harmless as i love hong kong. and you can find ongoing coverage of the hong kong protests on our website after double talk on forward slash. in afghanistan a day set aside for celebration has turned to outrage and grief today marks 100 years of independence for the country but not many are in the mood to celebrate a service i vomited back at the wedding more than 60 people over the weekend this attack claimed not by the taliban but by the local affiliate elevating the threat
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from jihad this group such as i s he said to be part of a peace deal the u.s. and the taliban are working towards under the deal the taliban would guarantee that of baathists and would not be used as a base for jihad just fighters few believe this will be effective but afghan president is clear just how this elements have to be wiped out this is what he said after the weekend attack. we will take revenge for every civilian drop of blood all struggle will continue against our yes we will take revenge and we will root them out to double summed up in just one house report from of gunderson a number of times and has been following events there sandra thanks for coming in now on forces could not ruled out either the bali bomb or for that matter islamic state from of gonna stand along with us forces what johnson of success to the have if u.s. troops pull out as part of the peace to the point is it can really cause that's
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a peace deal because as of now it is maybe getting closer towards a framework agreement between the americans and that means all international troops because nato is in there as well and the taliban not at the negotiating table as of now has been the afghan side which means for present attempts of f. in the afghan government in an official capacity and tiste it can only be done by afghans amongst themselves so in terms of violence that we see that we're pretty much to pretty much depend on this framework agreement whether or not a ceasefire can be incorporated yes or no if the withdrawal of american and nato forces will be condition based and what kind of conditions will that be that is a crystal ball reading as of now we simply don't know right another unknown essentially is what happened to the various parties involved with the conflict but before we come to that i mean the discussions about happening in doha between the
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u.s. and the taliban who do these discussions really serve to this of the of gone people or do this of the u.s. government when many at the moment they say if the u.s. government and the taliban because those are the negotiating sites that sit the talk and we are getting closer to the 9th round of talks in doha and in one of these 9 rounds afghan government representatives were there and were given a voice. there was a little bit of an icebreaker facilitated by germany you know 16 people from civil society and government in a private capacity sort of rocked up in doha and they had with the taliban so that was a start but nothing official yet so as of now the main interest of the united states obviously is to pull out troops and to stop afghanistan being used as a safe haven for terrorists for future attacks and all the taliban obviously want to
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return to power want to be part of government whether or not that can be a power sharing agreement whether or not afghanistan is on the road to democracy or returning to being an islamic emirate that's going to be discussed later not now a number of our norms and perhaps that is the reason why one large segment of the population you know it's young people have a lot of anxiety about the future and watch this report and continue to. pop concert delighted fans clamor to take pictures it looks like any pop concert almost anywhere in the world but this is afghanistan. much in the country has truly changed since taliban rule ended cafes and restaurants have sprung up and young people live in a way that would have been unthinkable under fundamentalist rule. when i was
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talking to my mom about the situation of the 30 years ago and when taliban were here it was horrible like all these stories are horrible and i am i am not very yeah i'm afraid for fluent english is thanks to the american school she attends sadly who. opened a movie rental store recently and it's doing well his films range from hollywood action to romantic drama the taliban would never have allowed it. if the taliban were to rule. again my store wouldn't be here. they would simply shut it down my. flowers music and intertainment in general would see the same fate this kind of amusement doesn't fit taliban dogma outside kabul in the countryside much less has changed in the past 18 years hardly any education high unemployment and bitter poverty a brickmaker here earns less than a year 0
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a day young people are lucky if they find work at all what will happen when tell a band fighters want to return to a normal life and start demanding work and an income. there's nothing in this entire region except this brick works. and i mean what will happen if more and more people want to work here which is. only a few young people have actually experienced the taliban's rule themselves but they have lived through the groups attacks sue russia lost his father just one week ago in such an attack. anything just not the taliban they will keep killing they are murderers that's all i have to say. to go for from our people forgiveness and reconciliation are difficult to imagine here even for the young people who haven't lost anyone. i am i afraid i don't trust child one at all i don't. because right now woman and the situation of women have been improved and
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especially young generation. afghan youth are fed up with terrorism they want to live like other young people without mistrust and violence moving from that will be afghanistan's most difficult task. sandra have the rights of women and the young people have been given their due in talks between the u.s. and like nolen know that's a very key on certain speaking of women's rights because that's really going to be a sticking point in trying s.-k. negotiations that are yet to come the taleban say we will respect women's rights in an islamic framework what does that mean they haven't defined that and if they think they can take a back to the past to you know when they rule with and women were you know on to the board kind and the houses i think that's going to be a very very difficult negotiations that and dust and desert as well. as one thanks
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for coming in to mr dunn explaining that to us. that's a shot of don't really do not get some pictures from indonesia's independence day celebrations over the weekend with your next i'm about. to. kill the fire more than target and in the end there is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were lions of. what's your story ready ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence and. take part and send us your story you
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are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a very little another year you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. my past. hong kong's business community is beginning to feel of the sheep as beijing is increasing the pressure on western companies to distance themselves from the protests also coming up today hong kong bakery remains defiant even as the city's business beat the bows to pressure from beijing. and an auction gone terribly wrong and why some of the bees couldn't sell ain't been tench. close welcome to asia want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us and we're starting with
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the ongoing protests in. hong kong which are now also impacting weston a company is beijing has taken any creasing a firm tone over the protests accusing foreign countries of inciting unrest the u.s. president on a trunk on sunday want to china that carrying out a ti-anna main square style crackdown on protesters would harm trade talks between the 2 countries beijing has pressured businesses to toe the line and condemn the protesters and a surprising number of big companies comply out of fear of losing access to the chinese market most of the hundreds of thousands of protesters braving the hong kong rain are employees somewhere this makes life difficult for big firms beijing is not happy and seems to be tightening the screws on business signs of pressure over the protests appear in different ways. chinese state media reported public anger after stop.


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