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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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well wayne lives to fight another day another night and back to the us once again the lanes of ban on doing business with the chinese tax supply are always ready some are far from over. also on the show rushes over to a version of google called uganda wants to put you in the back seat and nobody in the front we take you don't want to go. and put your game face on because it's a game called the world's largest gaming event it's back to their for the opening. this is the w. business i'm joined on in berlin welcome officially u.s. companies are now supposed to already be banned from doing business with chinese tech supplier while way but the u.s. is commerce department has again given wall way in 90 days face its 2nd one in a row the movie about odds with the u.s. president donald trump's harsher messaging towards the company leaving many unsure
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of what to expect when the current reprieve and the november. when the u.s. spawn on one way it was announced 3 months ago it was a big deal for the likes of google as it meant it wouldn't be able to sell updates of its droid software to while away phones many other u.s. companies such as the chip makers qualcomm and broadcom would also be affected. but over the weekend speculation grew that the u.s. would postpone the ban on monday u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross confirmed news of the 90 day reprieve saying it was to help u.s. companies prepare farther for a time when there would not need while with some of the rural companies or dependent in more ways we move turn to wean themselves off with their nose specifically since who is being groomed to truly think the huawei issue has added to the complexity of the ongoing us china trade conflict president trump has
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consistently called the company a security threat and he has tried to use the issue as leverage in the trade negotiations over the weekend he made it clear that he has not softened his position on the chinese company. so at this moment it looks much more like we're not going to do business i don't want to do business at all because it is a national security threat. while we responded to the u.s. move by saying that the reprieve did not change the fact that the ban was unfair but added that monday's decision would have no impact on its business. joining us now as our correspondent on wall street yes quarter yes this sounds a bit like mixed messaging from the white house what are investors the making of the repeated reprieves on the one hand but comments of a continued away from wall way on the other hand. well for now we mostly saw busy some relief on wall street then that was basically true for all the
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chip semiconductor companies that are doing quite some business with you always the chip stocks for example being among the biggest winners but then we also had this dinner friday night between pull. coke and us president donald trump and there to the current administration might think twice about implementing certain tariffs of would also hurt the business. overall we might see this scheme again so that the current administration creates a problem to eventually solve it and get some credit for it so this issue certainly is far from over but we got some more time and that was seen as a positive here on wall street a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering there but one way is doing its best to seem unfazed either way should it be unfazed. well i mean in the
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medium term your way might face some serious issue was at least for now they do depend on certain components pretty much from again the big u.s. semiconductor companies so it might be difficult for your way to continue with certain productions if they actually should get cut off of the u.s. suppliers so it is crucial but it was the whole issue we should not forget that the claims from the us administration that you might have heard of might still be hurting internet troll property rights from u.s. companies might actually be not that far off so if we talk about your why if we talk about the current administration it is not easy to really point fingers and only one side to blame well perhaps is
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acting more relaxed there than it should thank you very much against cortef for us on wall street. many automotive aficionados are just waiting for that moment when the horseless carriage turns into that driverless car on moscow they might not have to anymore yandex russia's ounce or to google has been trialing the technology and hopes to have up to 1000 vehicles in operation within the next few years. for safety reasons this driverless car has someone sitting in the driver's seat but decisions on braking accelerating or any kind of a vase of action are being made by the car for the past year yun decks russia's largest technology company has been testing self driving taxis there are currently 90 in use across russia with 35 of them in moscow in the next few years the number could rise. i estimate that in 5 to 7 years time of to one percent of taxi rides
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will be carried out by robots and will stop reacting to it as if it were some kind of a miracle it will become ordinary. and it's not just autonomous cars that are being trialled in moscow so driving trains are also in an early test phase the train slowed down automatically when people are close by as with the cars cameras and sensors constantly monitor the situation around them. in moscow there could be anything such as a bright sun which can also be a problem sometimes when it blinds the camera similar to when it blinds a person in moscow there could be heavy rain when wipers working at maximum speed are unable to clean the windshields there can also be a very heavy snow storm which covers windshields and in all these conditions the system has to work properly. every kilometer the test vehicles cover provides the company with valuable information but what will these cars cost yandex says
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a single car currently costs around $6500000.00 rubles or about $90000.00 euros that's down sharply from the 1st prototype which cost almost $10000000.00 rubles to build now to some of the other business stories making headlines. u.s. president donald trump has called on the federal reserve to cut its key interest rates by at least a full percentage point over a fairly short period of time he said that would make the u.s. economy even better trump also attacked fed chairman jay powell saying the economy was strong despite his quote aranda lack of vision. germany's central bank says the country could enter a recession in the 3rd quarter the warning featured in its monthly report comes amid a debate about whether the government should increase spending to bolster economic growth. a group of 16 southern african nations has called on western
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countries to lift sanctions on zimbabwe the head of the southern african development community made the comment out a summit in the tanzanian city of daraa salada sanctions were imposed back in 2002 when robert mugabe was involved when president. for hundreds of thousands of video game fans the wait is over this year's games con the world's largest computer games trade fair has opened its doors to visitors in cologne monday's opening was streamed live on the internet meaning viewers as far away as the u.s. and asia could see the glamorous spectacle there were $370000.00 at the event last year and this year even more visitors are expected to check in on the unveiling of several new titles from some of the world's most prominent developers. but this year's game column is also going to big on smaller studios with the indie game village being a new addition we visited one of them in games columns home town of cologne here in
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germany. welcome to the good to have a it's like our super cozy office space. there's lots of computers of course because we do computer games you get the whole tour. as this is our kitchen flesh meeting room it's a tiny operation and the studio is games are no match for major developers but that doesn't bother them it's not to make millions and millions of money but for us it's the profit can still be a profitable business. that we're to gives us the freedom to do. a bit maybe a. nicer games for like a very specific audience that he wouldn't do. to play environment they cherish the freedom to build games for kids under 12 years old all their big projects come with a legal mark up the indie designers used to construct entire worlds from scratch.
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they often ban the this is here. the studio in cologne creates its own graphics animation does its own programming until finally they've got a game ready to play in popular console's like the nintendo switch or p.c.'s to top it all off they also print their own merchandising and design marketing material for squirrel and bear europe their upcoming educational jump and run game about european cultures so there's like the like a lot of preliminary material that for years for building like the area so all these orange and yellow planes they of course need to be houses still was just like hundreds of other in the developers at games come they're looking for exposure and feedback from a variety of players they can't get anywhere else before their game launches next year. and that's it from the end the business theme here in berlin for more business news and feature is check out v.w.
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dot com slash business or follow us on social media i'm joined now by my latin thank you very much for watching.
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