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this is the news live from britain's prime minister heads to the german capital to try to persuade him to change the fact that agreements and scrap the irish back to germany suggest. possible here's one of the reasons why. the people. from the. people in northern ireland fear the prime minister's plans will stop going to touch the 5 and off the top also the program. plunges into uncertainty after the prime
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minister resigned well the country's foreign minister. at the general election he's . facing a country. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. britain's prime minister is on his way to berlin to try to persuade the german chancellor to reopen brags that negotiations boris johnson is seeking the removal of the so-called stop this is the policy agreed between mr johnson's ousted predecessor and the e.u. to ensure that there'll be no hard border between northern ireland which is in the u.k. and the irish republic which remains a member of the european union mr johnson claims the backstop would violate british sovereignty but the existing it just doesn't work for the u.k.
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and parliament started out 3 times we can't have this backstop so i'm going to go to see all friends of bottling going off to germany and then to france and then to see the g 7 appear it's and i'm going to make the point that the buck stops going to come out but e.u. leaders have already rejected mr johnson's demands and germany's angela machall has challenge the u.k. to come up with an alternative to the backstop the moment if we get a practical arrangement on how to preserve the good friday agreement while still defining the borders of the european single market we would no longer need the backstop. if this means we will think about practical solutions if you have the will to find solutions you can do so quickly the european union is ready to do that but we do not need to reopen the withdraw agreement least of mom. the chief political that is somebody. who is the german chancellor welcome became
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a chancellor merkel has ruled out renegotiating withdrawal agreement boris johnson in says the backstop has to go so is there any point in the meeting. well there is absolutely because they haven't really met since the 1st time the british prime minister comes here and they clearly have a big issue to debate if there's anything angela merkel wants to make sure is that the you remain stable that it remains united particularly on that issue bracks it and germany still prefers it with a deal to preserve that very stability with germany of course bearing the brunt of the economic ripple effects that no deal bracks it would cause at the same time boris johnson can't expect to come here to see any real movement we just heard angela merkel statement there she says she wants to talk to him about making the brics that as friction free as possible but she certainly isn't moving on that core position that the deal won't be reopened and yet mr johnson seems to have this
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belief that the e.u. will back down if he plays hardball and takes it to the light is any sign of that. you know and this raises the question of what the rhetoric from boris johnson's side is really about he has a way for thin majority in parliament he may be facing 1st elections very soon and he is fighting against the bracks it party of nigel far as who might be a kindred spirit when it comes to bricks it but that's the rhetoric he's up against so the big question is does he really expect to get any kind of ground meeting e.u. leaders i very much doubt doubt so he clearly is already in electioneering mode here so politics diplomacy this is the art of compromise does the you have something up its sleeve that perhaps mr johnson can take back to london and so as some sort of progress. well we're hearing out of paris that there may be debates
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that you might give person once again more time if there were to be fresh elections the e.u. has proven very imaginative in the past it could be some kind of additional documents but there won't be movement on the very core issue because what clearly is not being read. from the message that london is getting out of brussels and berlin is that the issue of brics it of keeping the e.u. together is much bigger than this deal and certainly that will be at the core of the debate will see here behind me in the chancery this evening i mean. the german chancellor here thank you so much. out of well of course and be providing our live coverage of the meeting here. in a moment we'll have more on what is likely to be a difficult meeting between the 2 leaders 1st so we'll go to northern ireland to look at what this boxed up would mean for the people that i'm that fears that had
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no deal bragg's it could reignite the conflict in the province t w teri schultz reports. on what it's like to one of the most popular activities these days for visitors to belfast is a troubles too are a $137.00 people hospitalized there were horrific injuries there were people multiple loss of limbs that were guides like donnelly navigate what's called a history of terror but many fear history can be repeated deadly clashes between protestant supporters of british rule and catholics wanting to unite with the republic of ireland were largely ended 2 decades ago by a power sharing deal known as the good friday agreement but now the looming prospect of a new deal breck's it could mean the return of checkpoints along the irish border and that has people like donnelly warning that former anti british guerrillas known as dissident republicans might have bandon the peace process stops with the interim
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. border it goes public and the contemporary justification for their violence you know it's not just ideological it's saying this is not obstruct any more look at those groups along the border this is deferential and what they see is this part of art and from the rest of their look at all of their. worries over a hard border and the loss of other rights are compelling even some former pro british loyalists to consider the once unthinkable uniting northern ireland and the republic of ireland the good friday agreement means northern ireland can take a vote on doing just that belfast new lord mayor johnson who can wants to make sure citizens are well educated about their options while hoping they'll back unification his party shin fein openly lobbies for that it's a cause that colored his life he was just 9 years old when he saw his father a prominent republican human rights lawyer shot dead by pro british paramilitaries
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despite getting death threats himself as he took office in may and you can believe the time is right to move forward and the day breaks it doesn't automatically mean that unification will happen but what i do think is that it means that the conversation hostile because the conversation has already started not just from people within the north but people all over the island of ireland and certainly within europe as well. 50 years after the bloodiest period in northern ireland's history a time when moralize by so many walls in game 3 around this city no one i spoke with believes that addressing the question of a united ireland now will lead the country back into vat kind of sectarian conflict at the same time no one is completely confident it won't. billy hutchinson a city council member from the progressive unionist party served 16 years in prison for 2 sectarian murders hutchinson says he's rejected violence but he's worried others haven't what i'm concerned about is that people will try to use
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a result from breakfast. a result from the border post as an excuse to start another war. at queen's university belfast professor colin harvey says people are anxious about the possible impact of unification but also frustrated britain the british government has behaved recklessly and the response of play in relation to this region for some time people look at what's happened in their own private that's been that's been honestly spin a ball like alter disastrous mess that the british system sees are falling apart and i think there's a real feeling on this island that we need to maturely and sensibly manage and plan a conversation and whatever the outcome of this you know find the sort of agreed way forward recent surveys suggest most people in northern ireland prefer to stay part of britain for now but those who want to united ireland say they are in no hurry expecting. to help their case. they will take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the head of sudan's military council has been sworn in as the leader of the newly formed solving council it's made up of military leaders and members of the opposition alliance and will lead the country during its 3 year transition to civilian rule. my dear as president mohamed you bihari has sworn in he's new capital. almost 6 months after he was elected to a 2nd year mindset minister of petroleum it's considered the most important ministerial post because oil exports account for about 90 percent of the country's foreign exchange. but amber of wildfires in brazil's amazon rain forest is here to wreck or this year according to new data there's been an 83 percent increase in fires compared to the same period last year present drier balls than are says the government is working to control the blazes and accuses environmental activists of starting the. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong of states to protest at the
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suburban train station where masked men attacked protesters a month ago activists very want to draw attention to the lack of progress by police investigating the attack many believe the attackers had links to organized crime. now it's lay has been plunged into uncertainty following the resignation of the prime minister and the collapse of the coalition government had just become to used his speech in the italian senate to attack is far right interior minister accusing meto salvini of provoking the crisis for political gain today it's a this president begins consultations to see whether a new coalition can be formed or if the country will head to fresh actions. i see is and g. is for the italian prime minister as he arrived at the senate in rome for a crucial debate on the government's future. in a dramatic move he resigned from his post bringing italy's populist government to
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a swift end after just 14 months in power can take accused interior minister. of being the sole architect of the country's seemingly endless political crisis. joining you to these are the reasons that lead me to call the decision to spark the government crisis extremely irresponsible. i must say that the interior minister has shown he is acting out of personal and party interest. blasted salvini for breaking up the right wing coalition with the intent of going it alone. we don't need men with absolute power. but people with a strong sense of responsibility. however salvini the leader of italy's right wing league party told senators that he treated
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the government crisis because he's not afraid of an early vote before they win my will do everything that i did all over again thank you if i thank you. everything with the great strength of being a free man. it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian in the. village idiot so that. his supporters were also asked in forced chanting elections now elections now sound the need has made clear his bid for power and his popularity is steadily on the rise because of his anti migrant policy the government collapses plunged italy even deeper into one of its worst political crises in recent years. now for the continuing saga of the
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migrant rescue ship open arms 5 e.u. states have now agreed to take in dozens of refugees who had been stranded aboard the boat off the island of lampedusa for weeks actually had been refusing to allow the ship to dock late on tuesday an italian prosecutor ordered the boat to be seized and the migrants on board to be brought ashore. shortly before midnight the rescue ship open arms was allowed to dock in lampedusa many of the 83 migrants had been on board for nearly 3 weeks the sympathizers welcomed them at the harbor and celebrate their landing. the spanish n.g.o.s rescue ship had been anchored a few 100 meters off the coast of lampedusa for days it wasn't allowed to come to shore. but yesterday an italian state prosecutor visited the ship with 2 doctors to learn about conditions on board the prosecutor then ordered the ship be seized and
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evacuated in the evening he began an investigation of and unknown person for abuse of office the inquiry is not centered on the spanish aid organization the unnamed suspect could be italian interior minister monti salvini instead he was responsible for preventing the ship from coming to shore. it is highly likely that i am being investigated the state prosecutor. has begun an inquiry against an unknown person and you can imagine an unknown person might be. a spanish naval vessel is on its way to italy it is offering to take some of the migrants to spain. now u.s. president donald trump has canceled official state visit to denmark because the danish prime minister refuses to talk about selling greenland to the united states describing the proposal as absurd a greenland autonomous territory belongs to denmark it's the biggest island in the world its government has said that it is not. cancelled by
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a tweet all the plans were in place here in copenhagen for a state visit by the u.s. president but then donald trump announced on twitter he's not coming after all denmark is a very special country with incredible people he tweeted but if the danish prime minister doesn't want to discuss selling greenland to him then the visits canceled it is with regret surprise that i received the news that their president trump has canceled his statement that to denmark on the 2nd and 3rd of september i've been looking forward to this it. does not change the capture of our good relations and we will of course from denmark continue our ongoing dialogue with the u.s. on how we can develop our cooperation and deal with the many common challenges we are facing greenland may be geographically right next to the united states but it's
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been an autonomous danish territory for more than 200 years and it has its own prime minister kim kielce and make clear what he thought about trump's real estate offer during a meeting with the danish prime minister earlier this week. which is the americans can treat resources with greenland just like any other country they can treat with us but our country is not for sale there's been a u.s. airbase on greenland since the 1950 s. but global powers are also now increasingly interested in its vast oil gas and mineral reserves. let's get more on this story from a v.w. reporter and native david peter doll welcome. so we promise a vast like a schoolteacher so i'm not angry disappointed what else have you been hearing well the prime minister may not be angry but a lot of people certainly are they see this as completely disrespect for the former
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speaker of the parliament peter castro. not long ago well i'll be. president trump. cancel his visit via twitter because we won't sell greenland what an insolent way to treat the danish people and the queen invited him complete lack of respect and class other see this as a huge blow to partnership that says torchwood been very strong head of the danish social liberal party. went as far as saying this is proof that the united states under president simply can't be trusted is saying in a tweet their reality trumps fiction. anyone in the u.s. state department who told trump the answer to this question this is preposterous and it shows why now more than ever we should view the e.u. members as our closest allies the man is completely erratic as a to say. you know others are there's also a sense of relief 1 trump is not particularly well liked and denmark i was there
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just a few weeks ago. when they were discussing his visit in with the danish public broadcaster and the audience i think 70 percent say he should stay away. but i think more than anything this means like denmark has been giving kind of the trump treatment this is kind of what he does in a way he aims he sets of are incredibly high he makes these provocative statements and then he takes it from there stars negotiating this was it when you look at this you think well how did it come to this why was he interested in buying in the 1st place and what made him think they wanted to sell it well it's not quite clear why he all of a certain set his sights on greenland in the 1st place it's not a completely novel idea though i mean at the end of world war 2 when 1906 president harry truman at the time offered to buy greenland $400000000.00. do you politically it makes a lot of sense it's strategically closer to russia it would allow the us to kind of
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keep an eye on china now also but more importantly what we're seeing with especially global warming in the arctic is that there are masses of resource that are all of a sudden now opening up and greenland would be perfectly place she starts hopping into them and that also very much fits in the m.o. of a president trump so has any good come out of it. well i think in the sense that in denmark at least to start it a debate about the denmark's relationship to greenland it has been a kind of trouble relationship colonialism. greenland is feeling like they haven't really been taken seriously and i think i've heard some members of greenland as members of the danish parliament today say well maybe we need to you know use this to put more pressure on denmark and try to get them to treat us also with a bit more spectacle and you know where we're part of martin and let's talk about
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process with the danish told by. oh that's easy. to go. this is day w still to come take a close look at this it's a remind you of anything but explain why this right is a job interviews with prakash feeing around. the head about germany's powerful but scandal ridden football association looks like it's getting a new president officials today gave their backing to fritz katter the head of freiburg bundesliga club to lead an association with 7000000 members the largest of its kind in the well kelly was the only candidate proposed by exploratory commission to replace. it was the 3rd chief consecutive association president to step down amidst allegations of wrongdoing tell it 62 years old there will be
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officially at and now is that his new position on the 27th of september. let's get more important and what it means for the german game from a crevice harrington from t w a sport are welcome presence here as we should put any money on this this guy last that long to tell us what his appointment means or what it tells us about the state of german football it is basically says that the german football association has an extremely short list of who they believe in because he's the only candidate you know back when the predecessor right are grindle stepped down last april to grow old and chairwoman of a small club in dusseldorf submitted her application to become president saying the german football association could be used in a role model function say the why not someone independent and not someone from the good ole boy network well clearly you know he's a like god in my guy friends kelly is there was another name that was mentioned possibly out there philip what was the name he's a former munich in germany international and world cup winners well you know but
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all of those things you know obviously didn't come to fruition and for its color was the man after the nomination he had this to say following the press conference . for me the clubs were the 1st pieces of democracy here i wanted at the makati and football clubs i didn't like and those also for music culture and for workers that's where people learn democracy. and the clubs nowadays give their members their girls and boys their young people so much more than simply going to the commercial gym for training. so let's look at this poison the chalice that he's in the last 3 presidents of the german football association all embroiled in scandal is he going to be any different well you know he has the support he's been called a very down to earth person an extraordinary personality and someone who can bring people together but in terms of the shady past of the presidents you know you
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mention right our grendel he stepped down for a questionable income and before that the us wants to go as well as. were tied up into this vote rigging situation for the 2006 germany world cup you know he's really going to have to steady the ship i mean he has the support obviously he does it he's a known guy you know president former president at freiburg you know has experience of a little bit of success in the top flight but they were regulated as well and he's been a member of the supervisory board since 2016 so he sees in terms of understanding the inner politics the plan always was for the german football association to kind of have a foundation that they can stand on to move forward you know given the 3 previous presidents in the scandals involving them obviously the foundation needs to be built so yeah. going to look at this is i guess what he's drinking from the side while they say he's from the same pool of talent that the other came from and this
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is an organization that supposedly takes pride in its diversity and it's racism but what's looking at another good old boy yeah that's what it appears to be you know. got to hope for the best and prepare for the worst i guess you know it hasn't worked out well in the past but you know there aren't any major tournaments coming up like the world cup you know germany's already secured the right to host the. 2024 tournament euro so you know all that all i think that obviously they're under pressure and scrutiny you know to do things the correct way and france. you know right now is supporting me just be watching it with a magnifying glass. it's quite a quite an image. the nazi symbol is beyond me but sometimes it crops up unintentionally for example in this case i'm newsman pock in the black forest. as it starts up this
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ride called the eagles flight looks unassuming enough once the eagles take to the air they seem to form a sinister shape few seem to notice at the park until the video of the eagles made it online now the park's owner is repentant. so the possible i would like to emphasize that on apologize in every way i can belong to anyone who feels disturbed and insulted by it is often. visitors to the tasmanian park seem to take it in their stride but. you wonder how you can develop something. new because it really is still a sensitive topic only other hand is just the engineering and just happens to look like. i'm not all that i didn't even notice that they might not like swastikas. and the children they think nothing of it is used to bully the owner is talking to the ride's manufacturer about a redesign until then the eagles are grounded. this is day w news
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live from baghdad up next maybe they will take a look at the pros and cons of sanctions against russia i'll be back. with more. of the day.
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the trouble challenged. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the working world. your business may seem made in germany next on d w.
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s o s europe. is in crisis. the future will need champions young champions. of optimists but i bet spot speer know for a long time i took pieces of the things we value about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we don't people in particular need to fight acknowledge god. comes. before activists from for a few countries. they are fighting for the dream of a united europe. stand a chance. and they saved the european idea.
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more spontaneous and stand up to my pain than most and contribute to something important i know to succumb to. the future of europe to start september 2nd on d w. iran russia and north korea have an is a way that one of these nations have in common well targets of economic sanctions.


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