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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is the. britain's prime minister is in the german capital to challenge the chance. to make. sure. those talks. european union approaches to uni appointed prime minister. to scrap. and avoid.
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welcome to the program british prime minister. to push his case for reopening the u.k.'s divorce deal from the european union these live pictures of the chancellor building. military on his. first visit to the german capital since he became prime minister last month but it's much more. with britain. still out on how to manage. your 1st visit to. expect a day over the next hour or so let's bring in. white. alex let's start with today. order of events yes so as we see that he is that still
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next to the german chancellor angela merkel has been received with full military honors and he will watch that for a few moments and then in around 15 or so minutes the 2 are expected to walk through the chants 3 and make their own statements in front of the media and a few just a very few questions from the press before they have official i lateral discussion over the dinner said that is what we are expecting over the next few hours so clearly a big issue for you carrie big issue in the e.u. not so much here here in germany the challenge for house already outbreeding goes here to this withdrawal agreement the british prime minister insists that the buck stop which is part of it has to go what does if there's any point in the truth about it we are going through all of these motions yet and it's a good point to make i think from the point of angle america she wants to to show
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that obviously europe the e.u. is doing everything it possibly can to make sure that there is a smooth breck's if in fact earlier today she talked about a friction free brics it and she's also talked about trying to find a practical solutions to the issue of the border which will probably talk about in a moment so she's showing willing the boris johnson over the past few years and particularly since she's become prime minister he's made it very clear that she doesn't have a lot of time for the european union and he has made his statement this week particularly clear that he wants to get rid of this whole withdraw agreement deal that was agreed between the european union and his predecessor reason may because in particular they don't like this irish backstop and that he said that he said that has to go but he's proving to people the. he's showing willing he's going to
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meet angela merkel and then tomorrow who see president macro on the front many people are saying though is this really him playing to the domestic audience that he can prove that he's the strong man he's going over there he's also he's being reasonable and if he doesn't get anything back it's just more proof that the e.u. is intransient ok so world let's pick apart some about 1st of all let's start with the withdrawal agreement when we talk about it people often conflate 2 things the withdrawal agreement and the political agreement so talk us through what's the easiest part is the political agreement a political declaration that will kick in in 2020 or 2020 is the end of next year off there has been a transition period that will establish the 3 trains agreement and deal between the e.u. and the u.k. and its future relationship the sticking point at the moment is this withdrawal
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agreement now that is legally binding it's a document of 585 pages so there is a lot of text in information in it and essentially it says that the u.k. must abide by paying a divorce bill which is around about face $9000000000.00 pounds that they must guarantee on both sides citizens right so europeans living in the u.k. brits living in europe that those rights must be guaranteed and also the hardest issue is this so-called stop not the arch backstop would only kick in at the end of next year if there has not been a deal which to about the future relationship between the 2 the 2 that this backstop is to prevent a halt to bordeaux returning in ireland and that is between the republic of ireland which is in the south and northern ireland which is in the north and is part of the united kingdom said that is the tricky. plaint you know one of these discussions
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here so we have the with the withdrawal agreement which is that's that's the divorce deal we have the physical declaration that's what happens after the divorce and it's not sure how that the irish which is the problem child or the that neither parent wants that neither parent can can can find a good place for so northern ireland within the u.k. is within the u.k. as you say but it's also on the island a violent face but still. do you carry has had a problem with since theresa may 1st to carry home with it what's the problem so in a nutshell the problem is that if if it kicks in if this backstop this insurance policy kicks in it would mean that the u.k. including northern ireland would remain part of a customs union with the european union and that is to ensure that there is no hard border between the north and the south so that trade can continue that the trade of
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goods can continue across the border the problem with that is if the u.k. remains in a customs union with the e.u. they will not be able to strike that own trade deals with countries outside the e.u. most notably the united states and that is what many people don't like they feel it is anti democratic that's what boris johnson wrote in his letter to donald tusk the president of the european council this week saying it is anti democratic it is taking away british suffering today and actually he says it will be harming the peace process in ireland all those points of actually been disputed by the e.u. but that is how sensitive it is and with the island we have to remember that until the good friday agreement was signed. 30 or so years ago there was this border between the 2 and there were the so-called troubles there was sectarian violence more than 3000 people were killed in those troubles and nobody
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wants to see that happening again if you have a hard border you can see guards whatever it will be and that could again instigate this violence and the problems that island has experienced over the past few decades versus problem so that's that's the big stumbling block to what to do about the difference between northern ireland which is in the u.k. . on the i have a public which remains part of the e.u. let me just remind people watching at home that we're looking up the live pictures of the german chancellor and this is where the british prime minister the german the chancellor will hold a press conference before they go in to that meeting they'll meet and then they'll come out and then the issue of another statement and take a couple of questions will be a month through the process throughout the next hour will also appear on to you alex so far as to why certain is d.w.
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said that analyst is going to be talking us through some of the issues involved let's talk about boris johnson's political agenda this is a prime minister with a majority of just want and you you referred to it in passing a little earlier there is a worry amongst observers that this is just window dressing he's going to be a human knowing that he's not going to get what he said that he wanted in order to so this is him just going through the motions because he is going to crash out of the e.u. but he's looking ahead to a general election yes so boris johnson has made it very clear at the at the hopkins the u.k. will leave the european union on the 31st of october on halloween with or without a deal now that it's been said before by 2 reason may but then it became very clear that she did not want that to be a no deal breck's it the difference here is that boris johnson says that his
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government is preparing and putting billions of money billions of pounds into preparing for a no bret's it to ensure that the u.k. will leave part of the reason for that is that in the run up to the european elections and in the european elections the conservative party that is boris johnson's political party the conservative party. were badly thrashed in those european elections by the brits party now the bracks party have been set up by somebody called nigel for raj who through out the past few years has been the man really trying to push the euro skeptic agenda and get the u.k. out of the e.u. because of that reason may the previous prime minister who was already losing a loss of trust from within her own party she stepped down and then there was an election within the conservative party boris johnson was elected promising that
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would whatever would happen he would basically be taking on niger for arjun the threats that party he would win back those conservative voters and make sure that the referendum of 2016 would be seen through which is that the u.k. will leave the european union one of his. big selling points one of his big messages is that if you if you if you square up to the e.u. eventually very will blink any sign of the votes of absolutely no sign of that whatsoever so far we've heard the words of from an angle america she's probably a little bit more diplomatic what we've also been hearing words coming out of paris because boris johnson will will go to france to mars meet president mark home and the words coming out of there is that no deal is becoming the most likely option and that is what the french are thinking and that whatever happens even if there is a no deal bret's it the u.k.
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must pay the divorce deal so this is a very so in other words france is playing hardball to boris johnson's hardball i think part of this is because the european union wants to ensure that it sends a message to the world that they stand by any member of the european union and the member of the small member who has most to lose from breck said of course is island so they are saying that you can say whatever. you light mr johnson however we are standing by our own we are protecting the 27 countries we are protecting ourselves and we will not if there is a barge at some point remains to be seen at the moment classic are over the past few months they have said absolutely no budge the withdrawal agreement will not be reopened and we will not sacrifice on and very very much alex of us watching the brits analyst you're watching. live from the room and all those backs of heads
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that you can see the world by bill 2 of the journalists sitting in the german chancellor a bar is jobs in the u. 3 prime minister is in berlin he's been met outside by the chancellor he's inspected the only god they have sat through the national anthems are waiting for the 2 of them to arrive on stage and deliver the preliminary statements before disappearing inside again having their talks coming and today they're telling us what they have or haven't agreed on the taking a couple of questions and we'll cover that live here on the deadly. ireland we were just talking like forrest whiting north and south a very very contentious issue with within this whole breadth of process you mention the island has a lot to lose that the u.k. being its biggest i think trading partner within the european union and the south and the north of ireland a province area that voted to remain within the u.k.
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its biggest representation in parliament is with the leave supporting do you pay the. democratic pollster. peter hart what it was they did you prepare was it unionist party thank you. so the people in no doubt of must be bridged bridges tearing their hair out yes yes and it's important that you mention the g.d.p. because those 10 m.p.'s from northern ireland all the ones who profit pop boris johnson's government he said that he has a majority of one well that includes those 10 and pays so if you cannot keep them on side then he has a real problem governing so he and those on the rise of his party are doing everything to make sure that they are trying to appeal to these d u p m.p.'s as you say that the majority of northern irish voters did not vote for bret's it and they
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are extremely concerned about what will happen with them it's to clear the trade because one of the issues if there is a no deal breaks it it would mean that there would be tariffs that would have to be pushed up far flung between island and northern island and it could really hurt some of those farmers in particular i mean many industries in particular bit farmers for example and they are very concerned about what will happen many feeling that in a way they are being ignored in this whole process. the british parliament is part of this process you are boris johnson may be prime minister but he has to answer to some will the british parliament is against the idea of a no deal but it does look as though they have a prime minister who doesn't care what they think yeah i mean there have been calls the moment they're on holiday it's called recess and they have been calls for parliament to come back before recess finishes on the 2nd of september number 10
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downing street boris johnson's office have said no way is that happening so it's now comes down to what can those pro remain m.p.'s across the board across all the political parties what can they do to prevent a no deal breck's it and there are various options the biggest problem is that among those m.p.'s who don't want to know deal breck's it there are many different views and they are not united so for example one of the options is jeremy corbyn the leader of the labor party to call for a vote of no confidence in the party in in the government if he gets that through what he's suggesting is we will have a unity government civil government from across the board which would have to be set up within 14 days of votes of not much time and that includes weekends by the way and we and he's promising that we would then delay breaks it have a general election and the labor party will then vote for say the 2nd referendum
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and encouraging people to vote remain but other parties don't trust jeremy colvin and that is because jeremy corbyn has himself not particularly been against brett said i'm not going say he's pro bracks it but he hasn't come out against it and has certainly not been vocal about a 2nd referendum before so there's that issue that there's also talk of politicians trying to seize control of the house of houses of parliament by taking control of. the all. of the day from the government that would be complicated and they would yet whether that could happen no one is quite sure or not the possibility is by trying to put an amendment on the government piece of legislation so when they come back in september there's a particular bill actually on northern ireland there's talk about whether m.p.'s could perhaps put down the men mint which would in some way help them to delay
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breck's it of course the government is well aware of this boris johnson and his team around him a well aware of what parliament is trying to do so they're trying to do everything to stop that from happening but even there even threats saying that even if that is a general election it would happen off to the 31st of october off to bracks it said by then the deal is done the deed is done this is a special edition of d w news we're looking at a conference room inside the german chancellor we're expecting a statement we're speaking to here from up boris johnson british prime minister the german chancellor angela merkel boris johnson is in berlin meeting with the chancellor to discuss residence trying to get some changes to the deal that was done by his previous as a series of me here with me in the studio is that abuser breaks into alex forrest white saying there has been much talk alex about. a brave new world for you
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carried out once or breaks it is with america amongst those countries saying that's right yes we are likely to do a deal with the u.k. or the us president or don't trump is a big fun record he's a big fan of backs an almost takes responsibility for it happening saying that he's always been in favor of it and of course part of the reason for that is that he really dislikes the european union and he wants to use a man he likes a good deal he feels that it's all about america 1st and america doesn't need these rivals like the e.u. and the block the single market bloc that is so very much in favor of the u.k. and brics in particular no deal breck's it promising the best deal ever with a year with the u.k. as soon as brics it has happened then in fact even the the us national security advisor john bolton visited the u.k. last week where he said hey we don't even need to wait for this all to happen we
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can do it by sector so we can decide how we want to do it because we really want to help you guys many people though concerned about what does that actually mean if that is this free trade agreement with the u.s. because there are areas such as health and agriculture that many in the u.k. are concerned would mean the u.s. would be to swamp them with with some of those items particularly agriculture as much talk of chloroform is chicken and wood would that be the same high standards that the u.k. is used to and so many people are concerned about it and feel that while the brics it is a saying particularly the likes of boris johnson and knowledge of fraud just say trump is here to help us many others say he only wants to help you so he can get a good deal you are not going to do well out of this it is interesting as well how the northern ireland issue affects. even vassar have the speaker of congress saying
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that if well what did you tell us which is yes that's right nancy pelosi and others saying that that they will stop any free trade agreement between the u.s. and the u.k. if there was any chance that there would be a return to the hop old across ireland or the peace process in any way will be endangered so they will make it difficult difficult for mr trump and his allies and for those bricks it is you want this to happen very quickly said that is not a done deal even though mr trump is talking about it like it is so as we wait for the german chancellor angela merkel and british prime minister boris johnson to assume at this stage in the chancery in vain to discuss their various. approaches to bret's it which was just taking a moment alex forrest was in looking at breakfast as an issue which in the united
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kingdom seems to have clips even the notion of left or right it's not you can't even say that if you if you're on one side or the other you're for one side or the other images and an issue that is dominating pretty much every day absolutely i was back in the u.k. over the summer and you have to be what you notice it's everyone you have to be very careful because. people have very different differing views on this and people who you might think would be. perhaps vote for the labor party you might think that they therefore would want to remain in the u.k. that is not necessarily the case they are divided and particularly with the conservative party and conservative party votes is. a so many people saying that this is such a big issue that they just can't talk about it and i have to tell you phil that that was that was my experience even within my own family. we do not talk about
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bricks it because we have such different views and we cannot agree and we all love each other we don't want to have rao so we have to take the decision that the word to back that would come out to be talks about when i go to visit the i meet is so divisive but people are even talking about the break up of the union it's worth bearing in mind that the united kingdom is england scotland wales northern ireland scotland is talking about going so away northern ireland there is still that option under the northern ireland agreement and there is even talk about wales doing it it's very very divisive very divisive very divided and even a poll in the summer of conservative policy members and votes is when they were asked what would you prefer would you prefer for that to be a bracks it even a no deal bracks it or the possibility of the breakup of the union they say we want
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it to happen so that is it is just how contentious and divisive this whole issue has become with many in scotland now saying this is proof because again they very much voted to remain in scotland they did not want that to be bracks it so they are very much saying look if that is a brics it then we want to become painting too for number one for independence and also to rejoin the european union because we don't like this at all and similar things are now happening in wales so it's very very difficult to see you know it is difficult for anyone to say that the that the union as in the united kingdom is safe because at the moment there is an accounting. of the british prime minister another in charge but i've got a matter now take me to this last gentleman to what's going on because i'm very pleased that the british prime minister boris johnson. is visiting us for the 1st time. and berlin and would like to extend your very warm welcome to him at this
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point. but when we're. not really into markets almost we have packed agenda as you can imagine including a number of different items not least the exit of the u.k. from the european union we have often said as germany that we think this is a very unfortunate fact but it is a fact nonetheless and this is why we need to structure this withdrawal such that we continue to have close ties even after the break between the u.k. and. the e.u. but also in terms of our bilateral agreements because the bilateral relations between germany and britain are on the basis of friendship they are very close and i hope they will continue to be so in the future and we have many. things that
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connect us from the german perspective and that's what we're talking about here i would like to see and negotiated with drawl of from the e.u. but at the same time we have also said that we are equipped for a no deal option should this plan out so that we would be able to be prepared for such an event. naturally we are thinking of many of the british citizens living in the european union member states we also have a thinking about how to deal with the situation when britain from one day to the next is no longer in a new member state but rather a 3rd states and that in the time following this is at least what the european union is offering to negotiate another kind of free trade agreement but above and beyond that there are a whole range of other issues that we need to discuss. one another because these
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are turbulent times in the world we'll be meeting in france for the g. 7 summit and so i'm very much interested in hearing how britain and its your government assess the situation in iran the situation in libya and syria and north korea as well and i'm sure we'll also be discussing the situation in hong kong house fall and we'll be talking about other challenges facing us in today's world and very much in the spirit of friendship and the wish to achieve agreement and in the spirit of common values. and common attitudes at least on my behalf and a very warm welcome to you prime minister you very much trying to get a thank you so much for that amazing welcome that i've just had i did the guy had one like it in my in my life and it's wonderful to be here in berlin in germany on
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my 1st overseas trip as as prime minister and it was obvious really that we should come here to see you and gala because this is a relationship that is so important for the u.k. there are so many areas in which we collaborate in which we work powerfully together whether it's standing up for the rules based international system standing up for democracy for human rights for equalities of all kind germany and the united kingdom are shoulder to shoulder we work together to preserve our collective security whether through nato or other institutions we work together in tackling the challenges of the environment climate change the loss the threats to our on natural world and as you rightly say ok we will be talking about a wide range of subjects tonight we'll be discussing russia. iran.
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china what's going on in hong kong many other subjects including of course as you say the small matter of rex's. which we are fated to discuss and i just want to be absolutely clear with all the german friends and with the german government that we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do in this shop and us i think is the is the phrase but clearly. clearly. we cannot we cannot accept the current withdrawal agreement arrangements that either devalued the u.k. or lock us into the regulatory and trading arrangements of the e.u.
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the legal order of the e.u. without the u.k. having any sane on those matters so we do need that backstop removed but if we can do that then i'm absolutely certain that we can move forward together and i want to make one crucial point which is that we in the u.k. are absolutely dedicated to the protection of the rights of the 3200000 e.u. nationals in our country who do so much to contribute so much to our country and of course in particular our job and german friends so that's why i'm here tonight thank you very much for that wonderful welcome and i look forward to developing our friendship and our relationship.


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