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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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the 0 starts september 2nd on d w. this is did every news live from berlin britain's prime minister is in the german capital to challenge the chancellor over as the october deadline for the new case departure from the european union approaches boris johnson a once the used to it increased with the previous as a one to scrap its plans to avoid a hard border. i'm
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for girl welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel and british prime minister barak's johnson have agreed to work to resolve key issues regarding britain's departure from the e.u. mr johnson is in berlin to push to use the case full reopening for you face before steel from the european union it's his 1st visit to the german capital since taking office last month at a press conference a few minutes ago mr johnson repeated his demand that the irish be removed from the present deal to answer back the e.u. was united in protecting the integrity of the customs union. so he has more now from boris johnson anglo american on the irish backstop and the prospects of a new deal. yes of course i think there is ample scope to do a deal and diaby sprained i think pretty clearly what needs to happen we need to
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remove those elements of the of the withdrawal agreement that simply don't work for the u.k. i've spoken of the things that i think are sensible the protections of the rights of e.u. nationals but the the backstop that particular arrangement which i do think has grave grave defects for a democratic country a sovereign democratic country like the u.k. that plainly has to go but once we get rid of it if we can change it then i think there is the real prospect of making progress very rapidly indeed so that backstop has always only been a last resort we don't need this last resort. for saying we might find that agreement in the next 2 years but perhaps you will find it in the next 30 days why shouldn't we that would take us to a big step forward and we have to pull all the stars out and make sure we manage to
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do it however this does work on the assumption that we have clarity about the future relations between. the u.k. . and i think this clarity is emerging. everybody agrees but nobody agrees the double is bridget alex forrester whiting is there with me to have talked through what we've just heard so did you hear anything new from the 2 leaders alex there was one. new confirmation from boris johnson which was not to do with the backstop but to do with e.u. citizens living in the u.k. where he said that yes again. e.u. nationals would be protected so this comes off the back of the government the british government suggesting a few days ago that freedom of movement would stop immediately if there was a new deal bracks on the 31st of october many europeans living in the u.k. very concerned about that what would that mean for the status so he has now
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confirmed that those either nationals will be protected so that was new everything else well actually no not really nothing was new we know that boris johnson does not like the irish acts stop he has already written a letter to donald tusk the president of the european council saying that has to go and he is always talking about alternative arrangements he was asked what those alternative arrangements would be and yet again he couldn't really answer there was no detail americal was conciliatory and very keen she said to make sure that that is a smooth a bright sunny doesn't want us to be a a no deal president $100.00 bricks it was said very much that the onus was in the u.k.'s court on how would they do with northern ireland and that obvious border making sure that they protect it protect those 2 countries and that there will not
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be a return to holland border in ireland she talked about that you know if there is a solution maybe if they come up with one within 30 days that would be fantastic but at the moment we know that is no solution boris johnson is this is his 1st trip you carry prime minister. what is his will wiggle room at home it's difficult for him he has a majority of one in parliament and that is because he has 10 m.p.'s from the democratic unionist party the d u p backing up his government otherwise he would not have the numbers to keep the government going so he's got vast issue he also law they lost the conservative party that his party lost a lot of voters to the bracks it party which is led by nigel farage say that there has to be a breakthrough deal or no deal and although boris johnson in the polls appears to
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be bringing those voters back he has to keep them on side which is why he is so keen to say the u.k. will leave on the 31st of october deal or no deal but that he is going to today berlin tomorrow paris and then meeting the g 7 leaders but he's speaking to those 2 main leaders merkel and mock all to say to show these people back home he's done his part it is now in the e.u.'s court and if they won't budge it's not his problem that is effectively what he appears to be trying to do one thing the very were able to agree on worst of the position of russia in relation to g 7 yes and and boris johnson was keen to point out that this is something again that the u.k. and germany will agree on which is that russia should not be readmitted to the g 7 so to become the g 8 at the moment because they haven't proved that anything has
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changed since the problems that they had over the past few years such as the souls bre attack this critical attack last year also the issues with ukraine and there are many more so until something changes that decision won't change but that was good for boris johnson because he could prove that we have so much in common that you know pricks it is just. honestly shu we have 2 nations we have much in common we will be able to make good trade a good trade in the future have good bilateral relationship in the future and this is one example deliberately it's a minister alex for us watching thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the head of sudan's military council has been sworn in as the leader of the newly formed sovereign council it's made up of military leaders and members of the opposition alliance and one leaves that out during its 3 year transition to civilian rule.
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nigeria's president mohamed bihari has sworn in his new cabinet almost 6 months after he was elected to a 2nd term but he remains minister of petroleum it's considered the most important of ministerial positions because exports account for about 90 percent of the country's foreign exchange. the number of wildfires in brazil's amazon forest to set a record this year according to new data there's been an 83 percent increase in fires compared to the same period last year president jaya both sinatras says the government is working to control the blazes and accuses environmental activists of starting the. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have staged a protest at the suburban train station where masked men attacked protesters a month ago activists say they want to draw attention to the lack of progress by police investigating an attack many believe the attackers had links to forgiveness for. president is holding talks with political leaders in rome
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to try and explore possible avenues out of the country's political crisis sergio macedonia is museum of the leaders of italy's 2 houses of parliament and leaders of the country's political parties the main opposition party besides left a democratic party has indicated that it's prepared to discuss a possible coalition with the anti establishment 5 star movement and these talks come after the collapse of the previous coalition between the 5 star and the far right to lead if no new coalition is agreed is we could see new elections before the end of the. reporter matt xander is covering this story from roe is his report. the government crisis here in italy is in force wing after prime minister calling to decided to step down last night and now the ball is in the court of the italian president. his obligation will be to find a new strong coalition government this could be made up of the 5 star movement
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together with the central f.p.g. party instead of these far right to leak. but at the moment it is not even clear if p.d.u. wants to be part of this government. on the other hand has a different plan he wants new elections something he's been rooting for all the law and he is quite popular at the moment he is currently polling at roughly 37 percent but between now and the earliest election date which would be in october a lot can change and president is doing his best to fight a solution as soon as possible as he says possibly even tomorrow. my reporting from rome i will stay in italy for the continuing saga of the migrant rescue ship open arms 5 a use states have now agreed to take in dozens of refugees who've been stranded aboard the boat off the island of lampedusa for weeks it's they had been refusing to allow the ship to dock late on tuesday an italian prosecutor ordered the boat to
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be seized and the migrants and board to be brought to shore. shortly before midnight the rescue ship open arms was allowed to dock in lampedusa many of the 83 migrants had been on board for nearly 3 weeks the sympathizers welcomed them at the harbor and summer break their landing on. the spanish n.g.o.s rescue ship had been anchored a few 100 meters off the coast of lampedusa for danes it wasn't allowed to come to shore. but yesterday an italian state prosecutor visited the ship with 2 doctors to learn about conditions on board the prosecutor then ordered the ship be seized and evacuated in the evening he began an investigation of an unknown person for abuse of office the inquiry is not centered on the spanish aid organization or the unnamed suspect could be italian interior minister monti salvini instead he was
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responsible for preventing the ship from coming ashore more about the man it is highly likely that i am being investigated to state prosecutor and gentle has begun an inquiry against an unknown person and you can imagine the unknown person might be. a spanish naval vessel is on its way to italy it is offering to take some of the migrants to spain. the us president donald trump has comes with an official state visit to denmark because the danish prime minister refuses to talk about selling greenland to the us describing the proposal as absurd agreement as an autonomous territory belongs to denmark it's the biggest island in the world and his government said that haiti is not for sale cancelled by a tweet all the plans were in place in copenhagen for a state visit by the u.s. president but then donald trump announced on twitter he's not coming after all denmark is a very special country with incredible people he tweeted but if the danish prime
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minister doesn't want to discuss selling greenland to him then the visits canceled . it is with regret surprise that i received the news that the president has cancelled visits to denmark. as i have been looking forward to this it. does not change the character of our good relations and we will of course from denmark continue. with the us on how we can operate and deal with. greenland may be geographically next door to united states but it's been in autonomy danish territory for more than 200 years and has its own prime minister kim kielce and made clear what he thought about trump's real estate offer during a meeting with the danish prime minister earlier this week. the
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americans can trade resources with greenland just like any other country they can treat with us but our country is not for sale. there has been a us air base on greenland since the 1950 s. but global powers are increasingly interested in its vast oil gas and mineral reserves. germany's powerful but scandal ridden football association looks like it's getting a new president officials today gave their backing to fritz keller the head of freiburg splendidly you know lead to an association of 7000000 members the largest of its kind in the world because it was the only candidate proposed by an exploratory commission to replace and. it was the 1st chief and he was the 3rd consecutive association president to step down amid allegations of wrongdoing and 62 years old who will be officially announced as the new president on the 27th of september. it's time to remind you the top story at this hour british prime
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minister forest johnson since then for talks with china so i'm going to use. that's about trust johnson not call to help you mean to go sage of breadsticks vale i've got to get you to scrap the blocks coast plot to avoid a hop aboard in time. of next year on b.w. the struggle to build what's called the world stock markets to trade block that's indeed a business that after i'll be back at the top of it i'm going to. there's no. manager to no good today nothing would change you know the banks paying you to lie and so watch the language of the bank running. for speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for.


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